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Driving Sideways

Author: Suzy G
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon et. al. are the owners. I simply write non-profit work.

(Continued from last chapter)

She rolled me over onto my back, slipping a thigh in between mine. The next thing I knew she was sucking my pulse point, with a hand on my right breast, and I was frantically rubbing myself against her thigh, and she was rubbing against mine with the assistance of my hands on her ass. As quickly as all that had happened I was arching up against her as the most powerful orgasm of my life ripped through me all the while whispered in my ear "cum for me tara cum for me" and all that I could say was "yes, yes, yes, yes."

And it was at that very moment that I woke up.

After getting the room we went in and got settled. She said that I could use the restroom first so I changed into my pajamas, washed my face and brushed my teeth, and tried to make myself look as sexy as possible being as tired as I was. When I came out of the bathroom though Tara was fast asleep in a tank top and shorts. When I saw her lying there over the covers I gently woke her up just enough to help her under the blankets and sheets. Then I shut off the lights and climbed under the covers myself. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow, and the last thing I remember before entering the world of dreams was Tara mumbling something about my pajamas being cute.

I woke up and I swear I could still feel my skin tingling from my dream. I wasn't sure how I got under the covers or when I fell asleep but my dream stayed fresh in my mind. I looked to my left where Willow lay. Sometime during the night she had stolen most of the covers, half my pillow, and my left arm, which she was now holding to her chest.

As soon as I fell asleep I began to dream, wonderful dreams, dreams of Tara and me together, kissing, holding hands, making love. I can't say that it was the first time I had ever dreamt about her, but my dreams had never been so clear, so vivid. In my dream, it was the middle of the night, and I could hear Tara softly calling my name. I woke up in the dream and she was there above me, she was beautiful, with the moonlight casting an angelic glow around her. I could feel her delicate fingers brushing across my cheek. She was just looking down at me, staring into my eyes, as her fingers moved across my face, tracing my cheekbones, lips and eyebrows. She brushed her thumb across my bottom lip and I softly kissed the tip. She smiled down at me and her hand moved from my lips to cupping my face. She kissed my forehead, then each of my cheeks, before capturing my lips in a tender, exquisite kiss.

"You're so beautiful Tara"

"Shhhh" She kissed me again, and again, and again, until I was panting for breath, and calling her name.

"Tara, Tara, Tara, oh yes, Tara does this mean..."

"Shhhh let your body do the talking," she whispered before positioning herself above me, slipping a thigh between my legs.

Slowly she let her body lie on top of mine, forehead to toes. I ran my hands up her bare thighs and she giggled turning her head to the side. I took the opportunity to suck on her earlobe, to which she responded with a moan. The next thing I knew her right hand was in my pajama bottoms bringing me extreme pleasure, her left hand was in my opened top massaging my breast, and her lips and tongue were paying special attention to my neck. While all of this was happening, I on the other hand was quickly reaching orgasm.

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