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Resident Evil - Buffy Style

Author: Tru2urheart
Rating: R
Disclaimer: The "Resident Evil" plot and stuff that I use from the movie isn't mine. Also, Joss owns the Buffy characters so, yeah. Blah blah.

Just then there was a loud thump on the top of the train. At the side of the train a huge scratch came through and hit Angel's arm. He had 3 gashes in his arm now. Right after this, Spike was wipped out of the front and thrown off the train, landing dead on the tracks behind. The monster came through the roof and everyone backed away. It's long tongue whipping round.

Buffy was the first to recover from the shock, "Did the computer thingy mention how we're supposed to kill this thing?"

"No, but I have a feeling asking it to go away nicely won't work," came the yelled response from Xander.

"It's worth a shot," Dawn said turning to the monster, "Will you PLEASE leave us alone and go back to your, uh, home?"

It paused and turned to Dawn. Angel looked at it fearfully, "I don't think it..."

The creature turned and went out the door, "worked?"

Anya did a double take, "How did you do that? How can you do that? That's cheating. Someone is supposed to fight it and then die as the hero along with the monster. You cheated!"

"Well, it's GONE isn't it?" Dawn looked at her like she was insane.

Before anyone else could reply, the long tongue whipped in and grabbed Willow around the waist, whipping her out once again, but Willow wasn't going without a fight. She took the monster with her, along with a brown case that no one had even noticed. The train moved on and Willow was left with the monster.

Tara looked out the door that Willow had vanished through. All she could see was a few lumps in the dim lit tunnel. Neither of them moved. She looked at the remaining group. As soon as she finally registered what had happened, she sank to her knees in tears. Dawn was the first by her side, then Buffy. Riley looked at her hazily and whispered, "I'm sorry."

Willow shook her head as she was trying to come back from the fall. She looked around and saw the monster on the floor. Then she looked ahead and only saw remaining dust of where it had been. She wasn't too far behind, but she couldn't run that fast. She looked down at the brown case, but before she reached for it the monster awoke and rose quickly. It lashed it's tongue around and grabbed her foot only to throw her against the wall right where the case was. It broke open, but Willlow hadn't noticed.

She got up and jumped away from the tongue this time, quickly kicking the monster in the head.It grabbed her other ankle and threw her behind where the case was and then advanced on her ready to make the kill.

Willow kicked it away from her, rolled away before something in the case had caught her eye.


"It's the latest in the department. It takes the virus to a whole different level. It makes the virus a part of you. The strength, and the speed without the death. The only thing is, is that we don't know if it works," a scientist was saying," It was tested by someone, but this person was killed awhile ago before he could finish these notes. People wanted the new breakthrough for money. Ya know, the usual."

Willow had just nodded her head and took the case. She got on the train and waved goodbye. Oz was there, "What are we going to do with it?"

"Nothing. I fight with guns or my own hands. What would I ever need it for?" She had asked.

End Flashback

Well she needed it now. She didn't know what would happen, but if it was the only way to stop this creature from getting back to the others than she would take the risk. Even if it meant her life. Tara was worth that all on her own. So with the rest of them there she didn't have a slight hesitation in using this gadget.

She took it. It seem to go on like a wrist band. It started to melt into her skin and something that felt like a needle plunges into her arm. She cried in pain. Great. A new tattoo. Maybe I should get a motorcycle and a leather jacket if I live through this. As soon as the needle feeling was gone, she looked at the creature and the creature saw her eyes blaze a blood colored red. Then they went back to normal.

Willow had no idea that this was the version of the t-virus that the Initiative actually hoped for. That it was what they were trying to design in the first place. If this was mixed with the t-virus that the zombies had in them, it would surly be dangerous. And it would be. But not now.

The train came to a stop at the mansion entrance. Everyone filed out as fast as possible. They all sat down on the floor and just tried to adjust. Tried to gather all that had happened. They set their weapons down right inside the door.

Dawn gave Angel some of the anti-virus while Anya and Buffy sat with Tara. Faith and Xander right next to them. They all sat there with one goal. To Forget. But the world wasn't about to let that happen. Riley fell into darkness. A minute later he got up a quietly and slowly crossed the floor.

He reached them as they turned around. Dawn was the first to notice his face, "Get away. He's dead!" The group scrambled away but Riley caught Tara's ankle. He was about to bite her when a gun shot sounded and he dropped to the floor. Willow stood at the entrance to the train. Angel's pistol held out in front of her, "Goodbye Riley. Hope you're happy in heaven." She said quietly to the pile of flesh on the floor, "I'm sorry."

Tara couldn't believe her eyes. She rushed to Willow right away, kissed her with all her might before pulling back. They sank to the floor just holding one another. Willow was still trying to pull everything together so the only thing she could say was, "He asked me as a friend to shoot him. To make sure he wasn't one of those creatures. So I hope he isn't mad. Are you ok?" She looked into Tara's eyes.

Tara nodded, "Let's just get out of here. You can crash at my place. You probably don't want to stay here."

Willow also nodded. The sound of the alarm that Buffy had placed broke the silence. The doors closed. Hopefully for good. They headed out. The group following behind them.

The camara followed their every move until the squad van that the team had used to get here was gone.

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