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Resident Evil - Buffy Style

Author: Tru2urheart
Rating: R
Disclaimer: The "Resident Evil" plot and stuff that I use from the movie isn't mine. Also, Joss owns the Buffy characters so, yeah. Blah blah.

"There's a cure! There's a cure for the virus. We can help you Riley." She charged into the room and unlocks another door. Everyone else follows. She goes into the room and goes to where the virus is. It isn't there!

A rumble starts in the empty tunnels as the wall starts to crack and a monster emerges, with long claws, looking around. The same exact thing that Willow had seen in the tank down in the place known as dining hall B. It looks fiercely around before continuing on, cracking the wall as it takes each step.

Willow looks around the little lab. The case that she had seen with the virus was gone. The only thing left was a few traces that it actually had been there. Like the needle they used to put the virus into the rabbit's bloodstream.

The young girl that had floated over into the window stood up in the corner she made her way over slowly before anyone could notice and bit Oz in the shoulder."Ahh." Buffy shoots her quickly in the head. Oz is tending to his shoulder. Willow takes a cloth and puts it on the wound.

She looked back at the rest of the team. Dawn was sitting down next to Faith on the steps. Anya and Xander were supporting an almost fully pale Riley. He was getting even worse by the minute, and Buffy and Angel were both holding their guns pointing them straight up at the moment. Tara was right next to Willow, looking concerned.

Oz was about to say something when he stopped. He looked like he was in a daze.

Willow knew that look. She had had it many times when she had seen pieces of her life working for the company. Like the flashback with Donny.

Oz's Flashback

"I can get you access codes, keys, the works," Willow said. She was somewhere outside the mansion talking to Donny Maclay, "But it's going to cost you."

Donny answered, "Name your price."

Oz was using a listener like those you see in spy movies. He was hiding in the bushes.

"You must promise me that you'll bring The Initiative down, "Willow continued, "I want them gone. They're hurting people."

Donny smiled, "You got it."

Oz is getting out of bed with Willow asleep right next to him. He gets dressed in some gear and writes on a little notepad on the dresser,'All your dreams come true today, Willow.' Then he leaves.

Oz is down in The Hive. He is putting the virus into the box along with the equal amount of anti-virus. He closes the case and takes another glass sample of the virus and throws it, quickly shutting the door. He runs through the offices and shuts the door sealing the train station to the mansion off.

End Flashback

Willow looks at Oz with wide eyes. What did you see, she wonder to herself. Willow takes a slow step toward him. She seems unsure, "Oz?" He snaps out of his vision. Looking at her with an almost cruel smile. She looks down and sees a gun on a stool. Quickly she reaches for it, but Oz gets ther first and grabs Tara. Pointing the gun at Tara's head. Willow looks at him, "You did this."

"I did it for you. I made it to the train, but I didn't know that the stupid bitch of a computer had defenses outside The Hive," Oz said slowly advancing toward the door. Everyone else was now next to Willow. Angel and Buffy had guns pointing at Oz, "If you shoot, I'll shoot and you lose two more people," he looks at Willow and speaks agian, "We can still get out of here. We can still be together. The virus is on the train. We can sell it and live happily ever after."

She shakes her head 'no'. He tilts his head, now right next to the door, "Fine. I'll get it and live happy and you all can die." He opens the door and throws Tara back into the room. Quickly he shuts and locks the door.

Willow looks down, "Shit!"

"Fuck this," yells Faith. She goes over to an axe that had come out of an emergency case. She grabs it and goes for the window. Before she tries to pick at it with the pointed end, she sees that whoever was in here before seemed to have tried the same thing, "Shit." She reapets Willow's short, but known sentence.

"Well, that's just great," Dawn finally says, "He's going to get away with all of this and we're stuck in here with a bunch of zombies out there. Of course we can't really get out there so it doesn't matter. We'll just starve to death. We have plenty of water. It seems that this place flooded," She said looking down at the water that everyone was standing in, "Well, at least someone lives."

"He's not exactly going to get away," the Red Queen suprises everyone by speaking through the computer in the corner," There's something out there that's more dangerous then the walking dead." The computer screen shows the train station camera.

Oz runs into the train station quikly locking the door behind him. He goes over to the second train car and pulls a silver case from a pile of old junk in the corner of the car. He took the case and unlocked it.

Taking a sample of the anti- virus out he took the cloth Willow had put over his wound and uses it to put pressure on his arm. He flicks his arm until a vein is seen. He takes the needle, but before he puts it in something sounds, like a clap of thunder. Looking around he doesn't see anything until it's too late. The monster jumps down on him and eats.

"What is that thing. It's worse than bunnies," says Anya in a worried, squeaky voice.

"It's an earlier version of the t-virus. It is a sample of the virus being injected into direct living tissue. Now that it has fed on living prey, it will become a faster, much stronger hunter. It's only minutes before it finds you," states the Red Queen in a normal tone.

Buffy's eyes widen, "Well, then get us out of here." She looks back at the screen but the creature was gone. She looks at the door," I don't want be creature food. Especially like that. Eew."

The Red Queen wasn't about to make it that easy, "I can give you the code, but I cannot allow the virus to leave The Hive. You must kill who is infected."

"It's five by five. The anti- virus is right there on the train," Faith tried.

"I cannot take risk. It may not work. I must be insured that the virus will not leave this place."

Riley had enough, "Just do it." He handed the axe to Willow, then dropped to his knees in the water waiting for it.

"I can't, "Willow shook her head.

The pressure was on. Suddenly the creature was at one of the windows. It slammed into the glass, but the glass didn't break. It kept trying, "It's reinforced glass, but it won't hold for long. You must do it." The Red Queen pressed.

Willow shook her head. Tara looked at her worriedly. The Red Queen pressed again, "Do it!" Willow lifted the axe and smashed the computer screen. The team looked at the window. It was cracked but the creature was gone. The door suddenly opened. Slowly as ever it revealed what was behind it.

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