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Red Ace

Author: Nika
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimers: I don't own them, I won't make money off them, I'll leave that to Joss Whedon and the rest of the gang. They've been sanitized for your protection. I'll put them back when I'm done.

They entered my office and I stood to greet them. Donald Maclay had a smug look on his face from the moment he set foot through the door, just like I imagined he would. My eyes shifted unconsciously up and down Tara's perfect form. She looked stunning as always and slightly nervous as was to be expected. I could read in her eyes that she was trying hard to remain calm. I extended my hand, Donnie had a limp shake, it figures. When I touched Tara's hand I tried giving her a hidden, reassuring squeeze to let her know that everything was going to be all right. As usual the simple touch electrified my skin. I smiled and cleared my throat to buy some time before speaking, just in case I choked on a word.

"Mr. Maclay, Ms. Maclay, how may I help you?" I asked in my best 'boy scout' voice, motioning for them to sit down.

I wished I would've had popcorn at the time cause little Donnie sure could put on a show. He never even batted an eye slash while spinning his yarn. He went on to explain in a grave voice how his family had received threatening letters from an unknown source and how concerned he was, specially for his sister's safety. He had business to attend to here and his sister had begged to accompany him, since she had never been to such a big city before. He of course hadn't had the heart to say no. Being a small town boy himself, he didn't know the ropes and preferred not risking her safety. He said our agency came highly recommended by a friend. He knew he would be busy meeting with several associates and he couldn't be at these meetings with Tara, 'Boy's Club' business. he said. So basically what he needed was someone to escort his 'helpless' sister in the city just in case the letter fiend had followed them and maybe try to find a clue of who the culprit was, if it was possible.

Tara sat quietly for the duration of the speech, merely nodding when Donnie made dramatic pauses and took her hand gently asking, "Isn't that right sister dear?"

He said something like "As you can see she's a bit on the shy side and I do worry about her. Besides this lunatic who's taken an interest in our family there are dangerous people out there in the world, just waiting for a chance to prey on the innocent."

I thought "You got that right buddy. I oughta..."

His mock seriousness was making sick. I couldn't wait for that phony to get the Hell out of my office, unfortunately he still had some more lies to spew out.

"I won't spare any expense to assure the safety of my family. I must confess that when I heard that you were a woman detective I was a bit shocked and had my apprehensions about it. You know coming from a small town and all. But the more I thought about it, the better I liked it. Like I said I worry about my sister and well I think she might be safer in your hands. Someone else might try to take advantage if you know what I mean."

"Oh brother!" I thought. I had to chew on the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing out loud. I also had to pull my eyes away from Tara cause I knew that if I looked directly at her we could both break out in a fit of laughter. I was trying so hard not to bust my sides that I nearly missed out when he finally got to the point.

"So would you be willing to assure my sister's personal safety for the duration of our stay?"

I went through the motions of asking the right kind of questions before committing myself to the so called 'case' so he wouldn't suspect that I was on to him. I asked about the letters and he even produced a couple of copies for me to check out. I asked about the conditions regarding Tara's safety and of course discussed the standard fee for the job. What he said about the accommodations was what really sparked my interest. He seemed eager, too eager to get me to agree to move into Tara's double suite at 'The Plaza'. That could mean a few things: one, he wanted my full attention on Tara so he could move around town, two, he wanted to keep his eyes on me himself, that meant he could have a partner, or three, he wanted me out of my place. I chose number three. I had to gauge his reaction and made him a counter offer. I stated my reasons for why it would be so much better to have her stay in my place and how I could better guarantee her safety. He looked rattled for a moment and then he seemed to have a second thought. He smiled and coolly said. "All right. We could do it your way. So we have a deal?" he asked extending his hand.

I responded and couldn't help giving him a steely glare. "We have a deal." I felt like I was shaking hands with the Devil. I wasn't making a fake promise though, cause in my heart I had already promised to safeguard Tara from any and all danger.

He looked at his watch and started to rise, putting on his hat looking quite satisfied with himself. I couldn't wait to get the chance to wipe that smug look from his face. "Detective, I have a business appointment now. Would you mind starting on the case right away? I'll leave you an advance for expenses."

Good, I was hoping to get Tara alone. I agreed to the money because it would've looked fishy if I didn't. I wanted him to shove it but instead I politely nodded. "Of course I don't mind. You go right ahead, I'll drive Ms. Maclay to her hotel and get her things. Don't you worry about a thing, I've got everything under control."

He smiled again. "Of course you do," was what he said before placing a kiss on Tara's cheek and a wad of money on the desk. He exited the office with a confident stride and I straightened my tie praying for my five minutes alone with him.

After he left I was finally able to look straight into Tara's eyes. They were wide and expectant. I came around from my desk and crossed my arms over my chest. I leaned back on the edge and tilted my head to stare down at her lovely features.

She shied away and tried hiding her eyes. I bent forward and put my index and thumb under her chin gently making her look up at me. She looked worried and scared.

"Hey. You can breathe now you know."

She let out a breath I guess she wasn't aware that she had been holding. "Oh. God Willow. How did you do that?"

I smirked at the awe in her voice. "Do what?"

"Just stay there looking so calm, like nothing was going on. I felt like I was going to burst the entire time."

"It comes with the trade sweetheart. Though if you really want to know the truth, I wasn't really that calm the whole time either."

She looked up at me and blinked like a kid. "Really?"

"Really. You know when he stated his reasons for preferring a woman detective I had to choke back a peal of laughter like you wouldn't believe."

She let out a musical laugh that lit up my face. I would have to remember to make her laugh more often. "Gosh! Do you realize I couldn't even look at you? I stared at that wall clock for what seemed like forever," she said in between little chuckles.

She looked beautiful. I couldn't help myself I leaned down supporting my weight on the armrests of the chair and kissed her. She blushed a lovely shade of pink that made my heart stop for just a brief moment. "And do you realize that I couldn't look at you for more than a full ten seconds cause I was afraid that your brother would see straight through me?"

"Why?" she asked softly in a shaky voice. "Why would you think that he'd see straight through you?"

I didn't want to say too much, but I couldn't help answering her with honesty. "Because what I feel when I look at you is so strong that every Joe on the street can see it just by taking a quick glance."

She smiled that half smile that made me nuts and pulled my head in for a long and deep kiss.

Somehow in the middle of heated kisses we made it to the leather couch on the left wall. I was almost lying on top of her, caressing her breasts over the soft material of her blouse, just inching my hand up her skirt. That's when Anya decided to come in for a situation report. I heard the doorknob turn just in time to jump away from Tara's arms. She sat up and tried composing her disheveled clothing, blushing to the roots of her hair and looking everywhere except at me and my inopportune secretary.

Anya arched her eyebrows. "Hey boss. Busy now?"

I coughed and addressed her in a serious tone. "Anya what do you want?"

"Well I would think that you'd be in a better mood," she said looking at Tara. "Just came in to tell you that Xander is on the case and I got that other thing we needed, Giles is running it over to his pals right now and Buffy wants to know what she can do in the meantime, since that other thing didn't work out."

She was being cautious around Tara. That was good, it was better that what I was doing. Well maybe not better, just more appropriate. I debated with myself just how much Tara should know and decided that if she was going to stay with me all day it would be unavoidable for her not to know some details.

I stood and tried acting normal so Anya wouldn't give me too much grief later on. "Tell Buffy to get over to the docks and see if she can find out where Mr. Maclay is getting his spending money. With the kind of dough he's throwing around there's got to be some shady name involved. You can go out to lunch now if you like. Ms. Maclay and I will stay here for a while working on... some details of the case."

Anya snickered and tapped her pad. "Sure Boss, I'll tell Buffy. By the way it's only eleven thirty, a bit early for lunch, but I'll go anyways, oh and that excuse of 'working on the case' would sound a lot more convincing if your pants hadn't just dropped down to your ankles."

I'm pretty sure I turned redder than my hair as Anya left the office laughing and I'm pretty sure singing something like "The boss and blondie, K-I-s-s-I-n-g..."

I turned to Tara and she had huddled up in the corner of the couch and her shoulders were shaking. Oh man! Anya made her cry from embarrassment. I thought. I pulled my pants up and scooted over to her side. I tried to comfort her. "Hey...look kid... it's o.k. Anya didn't mean any harm. She's just Anya, she never knocks and hardly ever knows when to shut up." I turned her around expecting to see a pained expression and instead I saw mirth. She let out a hearty laugh and I scrunched my eyebrows in annoyance. "Hey wait a minute..." I tried to protest, but soon I was also laughing as I finally grasped the humor of the whole situation. "You had me going for a minute. Say why didn't you warn me about my pants?"

"I couldn't. First, I wasn't looking at either of you and then when I did look I was busy covering my mouth so I wouldn't laugh out loud," she said nearly out of breath, looking highly amused.

We both laughed again. It felt really good to relieve the tension I had felt all morning.

"You sneaky woman, when did you slide off my suspenders?" I asked accusingly.

She caressed the sleeve of my shirt. "Some where between you kissing my neck and putting your hand up my skirt." Suddenly Tara stopped looking amused and stared looking positively feral.

I gulped feeling very much like a woman in trouble.

Her gaze was intense and it caused my body temperature to rise quite a few degrees. It seemed that she had forgotten about the embarrassment caused by Anya's intrusion. She seemed to be transforming before my very eyes from a shy country girl to a sensual predator. She kept her eyes on me as she toyed with the edges of my sleeves.

"I still can't believe how calm you were before. I had to remind myself to breathe. Every time I looked at you I couldn't help remembering..." she said reaching out and loosening the knot on my tie.

I in turn inched closer and began to slowly undo the buttons of her blouse. "Remember what exactly?" I asked in a playful manner.

She tossed my tie on the floor and began to slowly undo the buttons on my shirt as well. "Everything. I couldn't even look at your desk without my heart wanting to pound straight out of my chest. I wanted to reach out and run my hands through the wooden surface right over the spot where you took me for the first time. Where I came and screamed out your beautiful name."

Her words were soft and heavy they were caressing my skin and making me tingle from head to toe. I sighed deeply, "Oh Tara," and pushed the blouse off her shoulders. I thought, Has she read my mind?

"When I woke this morning and you weren't there I kept thinking, please God let it not be just a dream. I hugged the pillow and it still had your scent on it. I nearly didn't make it out of bed." She pushed my shirt off and brought it up to her nose inhaling deeply. She set it gently down on the floor and brought her hands up to my chest, lightly tracing her fingers through the edges of my bra straps. "I even wished I didn't have to shower so I could keep you on my skin," she said, running her fingertips right down the middle of the valley of my breasts. My skin rippled in response to both her touches and words.

I was speechless. How could we be so connected? Somewhere in the back of my mind I thought, I should stop this. It wasn't the right time for this. I was a professional. I had things to do, there were leads to chase, clues to discover... What was happening to me? Am I under some kind of spell? I wondered. I just couldn't stop. Instead of stilling her hands and my own I started to deftly bring the down the zipper of her skirt as she unbuttoned my trousers. She pulled the pins from her hair and let it cascade down her shoulders while she continued teasing me with her voice. A voice rich in desire that left me powerless in its grasp, "Every time I see you I feel you inside me, filling me up completely, yet making me want more."

My mouth was dry and I had to focus on breathing as she raised herself from the couch to step out of her skirt. She stood before me in her white bra, panties and garter stockings. She was about to bend down to take of her high heels when I finally found my voice. It was so scratchy I could hardly recognize it as my own. "No, please leave them on."

Tara complied. I stared unwaveringly. She was a wet dream come to life. She knelt in from of me and pushed her body up on mine as we kissed long and deep. I could feel our breasts brushing against each other, making my nipples and hers hard as diamond peaks.

I ran my hands up and down her back and she kneaded her fingers up and down my legs. I felt the hairs in the nape of my neck stand on end when she pulled back from my mouth and gave me a sultry look while bending down to slip my shoes and socks off one at a time taking her time. She then pulled my trousers down and took my underwear with them. I felt moisture accumulating in between my legs in copious amounts. She caressed my ankles and calves with her hands and then with her mouth. She kissed and bit every inch of skin, from my heels to the back of my knees making me shiver with delight. Caressing and massaging my thighs she began to part my legs softly, kissing around my mound and licking at the apex of my thighs. She stopped only to look up at me as if asking my permission to continue, I was transfixed by the sight of her smoldering blue eyes on me and I could only nod my assent. She licked her full lips and had her tongue sneak out just enough to tease my opening with its tip. I could feel my eyes roll inside my head. I clutched at the leather couch beneath me and let out a strangled groan.

She pulled out and said "I've wanted to have your taste in my mouth all morning," before swiftly re-entering her tongue as far as it would go. I thought I would pass out from the pleasure of feeling her swimming inside me. She pushed in and out, making me throw my head back and moan wildly. "Oh God Tara..." I said grabbing the back of her head and tangling some of her blonde locks in my hand. She pulled out and stroked up and down my slit in long and thorough motions. I pushed her head down harder and she quickened her movements. I was so hot and wet I knew I had to be close. She knew it too, she stopped her motions for a second and again looked up at me. She licked her lips coated with my juices and descended on my hardened clit, sucking on it with fervor. I spread my legs wider, draping one over the armrest of the couch and I raised my hips slightly in the air. "OH, YEAH BABY LIKE THAT..." I cooed and croaked out loudly. She sucked me harder and I clutched at her shoulder with my free hand, my body tensing and then finally releasing in her mouth.

I crashed down on the couch, my body slumping and my breathing erratic. I was right the first time. I was a woman in trouble. Who knew trouble could be so much fun?

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