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The Amazing Kitten Race

Author: watson
Rating: Episodes are PG-13, Recaps and Behind-the-scenes are R or more.
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"You're the genius, so tell me why we see so many more stars in Africa," Tara asked as she settled down on the blanket they had spread on the grass in front of their tent.

"They're always up there, but usually most get drowned out by light pollution," Willow explained as she joined Tara on the blanket.

"Hmmm, I feel so peaceful, so quiet. I know tomorrow it's back to the stresses of the race, but I want to enjoy this moment," Tara said, snuggling closer to Willow.

Willow turned and kissed Tara on the forehead, cheeks, nose, lips and finally along her neck.

"See any new constellations?" she whispered into Tara's neck.

"Too crowded, can't even see the Big Pineapple or Pile o' Crackers. Best description I can think of is Giant Bowl of Popcorn," Tara laughs.

"You think of the funniest thing to say."

"Do I really?"

"Yes, except you're wrong about one thing."

"What's that?"

"I'm not the genius, you are. For thinking of coming out here, taking advantage of the surroundings."


"Your sap."

They laid close together, Tara's head on Willow's shoulder, watching the sky. Tara's hand absent-mindedly made circular patterns on Willow's stomach. Willow's hand traced a path from Tara's shoulder down her arm to her elbow, then up again. The touches that were at first gentle and fluttery turned sensuous slowly. Touches from the other had the tendency of doing that lately.

Willow suddenly giggled.

"You're spoiling the mood," Tara complained.

"I just had this image," Willow said, still in a chuckling mood.


"Mud and cow dung. All over us, like we'd been in a mudslide."

"Or mucking out at the stalls."

Willow made a face. "Nah, you'd never catch me in a stable, horse fear, remember?"

"I take it as a challenge," Tara had the beginnings of an 'evil' grin, or at least, 'planning something' grin. "What about I promise you a real hose-down after riding? Not like the few buckets of water from a barrel. A real, full-on, outdoors-y, get-water-all-over-us shower. With clothes."

"You're giving me images that are totally not commensurate with the peaceful African safari environment," Willow pouted.

Tara had a good idea what images were in Willow's mind, she was entertaining similar images herself. She made many mind pictures earlier at the village, when they were cleaning mud off themselves. They had taken advantage of some rare privacy to douse each other liberally with water and to express their admiration of the resultant sight. She and Willow had taken to sleeping in just panties since Switzerland, and so she was familiar with how easily the redhead's nipples could harden. It was a different view, and sensation, to feel them through a wet T-shirt though. She purred in appreciation at the thought.

Willow shifted and Tara slid up a little so they were face to face.

"MFEO," Tara said.


"That's us, MFEO."

Willow's brows knitted in concentration as she tried to work out the meaning. "Oh honey, not another abbreviation test, my brain isn't working right now," she said.

"Made for each other," Tara smiled.

Willow had this stupid grin on her face. "Oh. Really?"

"Mmm," Tara sighed happily.

"You know what else we are?" Willow asked.

"No," Tara replied, still dreamy.

"Let me show you," Willow murmured as she moved in to capture Tara's lips.

Soft lips against soft lips, the intensity of emotions grew with each moment. Tara felt like her being, her core, her love were being drawn from the depths of her soul towards the kiss. Towards Willow.

She wanted more, she could sense Willow wanting more, their yearnings apparent by the heavier breathing, the increased heartbeat, the obvious tint of arousal in their eyes.

She slipped one hand inside Willow's loose T-shirt, easily cupped one breast in her palm, and was rewarded with the most pleasurable sigh.

They had been there before, with the touching and stroking, but now was time for more. It's time. She just knew.

She eased Willow's T-shirt up until it was bunched at her shoulders. She lowered her mouth to one nipple while rolling the other into a tight point.

Willow let out a whimper. "What if-, other people-" she managed to squeak out.

"It's dark, we're in a secluded corner," Tara hummed into the center of her attention.

"They'll hear."

"You'll have to be quiet then, no screaming unless it's my name. And then you can be as loud as you like."

"Scream-, baby, are you sure?"

Tara showed her lover her certainty by switching breast and biting down onto the hard nub. Her hand strayed to grasp Willow's ass tighter towards her and she slipped one thigh between Willow's.

Willow somehow managed to gather remnants of her wits. She took Tara's hand and eased her head up from her breast, sighing at the loss of contact.

"Are you sure?" she asked seriously.

"Yes, yes," Tara nodded. "I know I said we should wait for the perfect time, but I can feel it, Will. Remember your journal entry from last night? About how everything about Africa is different - the smells, food, people, even flowers? I want to make it Special, I want us to look back at Africa and remember it as the place where we confirmed our love. I love you so much, I want to show you how much."

Willow's babble seemed to have conveniently gone into hiding. "Oh wow, Tara. I love you too, I can't even come close to describing how much," she could feel tears welling up.

Tara's eyes shone with the certainty of their union. No need for words anymore. She stood up and took Willow's hand in hers, their tent was only a couple of steps away but even so they felt like they could hardly wait. As soon as the flap was closed they were tearing at pesky clothes and falling to the soft safety of the bed. Lips, mouths, hands, fingers and feet were everywhere.

Legs wrapped around the other, slick centers sliding and rubbing against taut thighs, or each other, shooting bolts of pleasure that threatened to turn into uncontrollable screams. Firm fingers brushed against wetness, then plunging deep inside, thumbs firmly lodged against swollen clits.

As the flush of heat grew at the bottom of their stomach and flowed down their bodies to where their passions were being held, literally, in the palms of their hands, they knew they could come together. That their first time together, making love, would be so perfect, so in sync, so effortless, made the sensations even more powerful, their need for release even more intense.

They were seconds away now. So close. Coming, coming. Inner walls contracted and clutched, bliss took over as orgasms rode over one crest, then another, then another, seemingly not needing to stop and rest. Happiness spread from toes to fingers inside, moans turned into screams and screams turned into an endless torrent of unfettered laughter.

They came down slowly, savoring the gentle tremors that still buzzed through them at short intervals.

"MFEO," Willow sighed.

"Yes, my love, MFEO," Tara affirmed.

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