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New Places, New Faces

Author: Malorie Matos
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.
Note: Thoughs in italics.

"Hey Tara" Tara turned from her locker to see who in their right mind was greeting her.

"Oh, h-hi A-Amy" She said when she saw the girl who was talking to her.

"Yeah..." Amy started "Let me sort of cut to the point here, my friend Michael likes you, okay?" Tara's face reddened a little.

"Oh, h-he d-does?"

"Yeah, but here's the thing, I told him I think you're... um... gay." Tara looked down at her feet, letting her hair cover her face.

"Well," she said to the floor, "I-I um s-sort of a-am" Amy nodded her head.

"See, and you like that Willow girl right?" Tara's head shot up in surprise.

"W-what? Y-you can t-tell?" She wondered if Willow or her friends could tell also. Then Tara became worried.

Amy answered "Well yeah, but don't worry, I'm sure Willow hasn't noticed." Amy smiled and walked away. Tara just watched, stunned, concerned, and a little confused. Great. This is just what I need. The blonde sighed and slammed her locker shut.

As Tara walked down the hallway to lunch, she kept an eye out for her red-headed crush. She had made up her mind. The only way for Tara to get Willow out of her system would have to be to have an actual one-on-one conversation with her. Sure enough, the love of her life was standing right by the door to the cafeteria with her two best friends. She and Buffy were laughing as Xander balanced a lunch tray on his head. Tara couldn't help but smile as she approached. The red-head's laughter was absolutely adorable. She took a deep breath and made her way over to Willow. Her timing couldn't have been better. Buffy was walking closer to where Xander was still doing his balancing act, leaving Willow leaning up against a wall.

"Um, h-hi W-Willow." Tara gave a sort of half wave as she greeted the other girl. Willow looked over to see who was speaking to her.

"Hey Tara" her face broke out into a huge grin as she returned the hello. Tara thought she would melt at the sight of the girl's smile. It never ceased to amaze her how totally gorgeous she was.

"Uh... hi. I w-was w-wondering if..." Oh Crap. At the thought of speaking to Willow, Tara hadn't really given much thought to what exactly she would say. She struggled to find something to say that wouldn't make her sound crazy. "Uh... in g-geography, if... AH!" Tara jumped as she was unexpectedly covered in food.

"Ahh... oh god! Are you okay?! I'm sorry!" Xander had lost his balance and ran directly into her, his lunch tray falling right on her.

"Y-yeah, I'm f-fine. It's o-okay."

"Are you sure?" This time it was Willow asking.

"Um... y-yes it's j-just food." Tara started to brush nachos out of her hair when suddenly, she felt her arm being pulled another direction.

"Come on, I'll help you." Willow was pulling her in the way of the bathroom. At first, the blonde resisted, she didn't want to inconvenience the girl. When Willow noticed that Tara wasn't coming, she smiled her oh-so-Willow smile and tugged gently on her arm. "Don't you want to get all that stuff off you?" she giggled

"W-well yeah, but y-you don't have t-to go with m-me." Willow shook her head slightly and waved her hand.

"It's no problem." She then turned to where her two friends were standing. "Hey guys, I'm gonna go help Tara, okay?"

Buffy responded, as Xander was still a bit embarrassed by his balancing skills, or lack-there-of. "Yeah, sure Will, See you next period." The red head nodded and pulled Tara off down the hall and into the girl's restroom.

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