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The Myth Killer

Author: Nika
Rating: R to NC-17
Disclaimers: Based on the characters created by Joss Whedon for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer T.V show and comics. None of the canon characters are mine, I have never claimed that they are mine and I never will claim that they are mine. I'm just borrowing them to have some good clean fun (well that is until I get to the NC-17 and R rated parts then it gets a little dirty.) Any other characters are mine like the 'Myth Killer' for example. I swear I don't make money off any of this, though I must confess I really wish I could cause writing this stuff is so much better than work.

Willow Rosenberg hummed a tune as she packed up the contents of her apartment. She was merrily color coding boxes and checking items off lists when her front door was abruptly thrown open. "Jesus!" She yelled, dropping her colored pens.

A sophisticated looking woman took off her Gucci sunglasses and rolled her eyes in a sign of distaste. "Really Willow don't you know any better than to leave your door open in this neighborhood." It was more a statement of fact than a question.

The startled woman felt the color coming back to her face and she picked up her pens as she answered, "Really mother, don't you know any better than to barge in unannounced? I thought good manners were your specialty. And there's nothing wrong with this neighborhood."

Sheila Rosenberg paid no mind to her daughter's semi-snarky comments and looked around the apartment for a place to sit. She settled for a dining room chair that had not been covered in plastic yet. "So I see it's true. You're really going to do this to us?"

Willow Rosenberg counted to ten in her head as she pushed some boxes towards the wall. She really didn't want to fight with her mother before moving away but the possibility of them parting ways in amicable terms wasn't looking likely.

" I'm not doing anything to you or dad. I'm simply living my life."

The older woman scoffed while making a dismissive gesture with her hand. "Living your life? It's more like ruining your life if you ask me."

"But I didn't ask you did I ?" Willow silently thought without a trace of humor in her mind but she was determined not to let her mother get the best of her.

The redhead had to fight to keep her tone of voice cool and even, "You've never wanted to accept my choices and I'm sorry but that's exactly what they are, mine."

Sheila looked at her perfectly manicured nails as if they were the most fascinating sight in the whole room. She sighed seeming bored with the conversation. "Yes unfortunately so." She answered dispassionately.

Willow felt her face becoming as red as her hair. She rubbed the back of her neck and bit her lower lip buying some time, trying to cool off before speaking or else she had the feeling that she would finish the conversation with her mother by uttering words solely beginning with the letter 'F'.

"I know that you can't phantom me wanting a different life than the one that you and dad envisioned for me since birth but..."

Her mother stepped in, "But what? What's so horrible about us wanting a better life for you? Willow you had the highest grades in one of the best schools in the country. You could've picked any career at any university in the world. You would've probably landed a teaching position with tenure by now. You..."

This time it was Willow who interjected, "I know I could've also been married and had children and learned to play bridge and joined the Hollywood housewives club but I didn't and I won't, not ever. It's not who I am. Why can't you understand that? I haven't made my choices to piss you or dad off. I've made them because they have to do with what I want out of life."

Sheila sighed heavily. "I wish you wouldn't use foul language in my presence. That's not how I raised you to talk. In fact I didn't raise you to be a mere civil servant either yet you expect me to just be happy and fine about the fact that you decided to ignore all the advantages that your father and I offered you so that you could have a brilliant career."

Willow shook her head while thinking, 'No mother you didn't raise me for this life in fact you didn't raise me at all, Nana did, thank god.'

"Listen mom I'm not ungrateful. I appreciate what you gave me in the past but let me also remind you that when I chose Psychology over Psychiatry and Medicine dad refused to pay for my tuition and I got a full scholarship on my own merits. And after graduating early when I applied for the police academy you both tried to get me blacklisted and I had to fight an uphill battle the whole time I was there. Then, not happy with that you also had to interfere when it came time for my assignment..."

Sheila rose from her chair. "What were we supposed to do let you get assigned to East L.A or worse so you could just get yourself killed?"

"I'm a grown woman and I can take care of myself. I'm tired of trying to prove that to you. I'm one of the youngest officers in my department to ever make detective did you know that? Of course not, it's not the type of thing that you make your business to know. You're only interested in wallowing in your disappointment of me. I suppose it makes for good tea-time talk with the girls, all of them looking upon you with saddened faces and agreeing on what a horrible daughter I am."

"Well I never..." Sheila tried to interrupt again but this time Willow stopped her cold.

"No mother, you came here to talk, alright I'm talking and for once you're going to listen. I know dad put up firewalls all over so I couldn't get out of Beverly Hills but I guess he can only reach so far. I've got my ticket out and I'm taking it; not out of revenge or rebellion as you call it but because I'm sick and tired of you trying to control my life.

I've got no hang-ups; I know who I am and what I want. I'm not a bad person. I chose the job I did because I want to do my part to make the world a better place. I'm damn proud of being a civil servant, even though you say those two words like they should bring me shame.

You don't get it and you're trying to stop me from becoming the person I know I can become and that just won't do anymore. Despite all our differences I love you guys, but I'm not willing to compromise anything anymore. If you want to be a part of my life you're just going to have to accept me as I am."

Willow's words seemed to impact Sheila and she was rendered uncharacteristically silent.

"Willow I...I..."

Willow was emotionally drained and she knew that there was nothing left to say.

"No mom...let's just leave at that, think about what I said and...I don't know...I'll leave you my new number with your secretary or something."

Sheila nodded and put on her sunglasses as she walked quickly out the door, closing it behind her as she left.

Willow watched the woman go and swallowed a lump that had formed in her throat. She sat on the chair and looked around at the scattered boxes. Although the brief encounter with her mother had been painful she couldn't help but feel optimistic about the future. She had the inkling that something good was waiting for her in New York and that her life was about to change forever.

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