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Author: Wiccanbotanist
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine (you know the drill) just playing with them.

What is your funniest morning moment?

Let me guess by funny you mean embarrassing. Most of those stories are 'caught with your pants down' kind of stories. Yeah we've had our share of those especially since our dear friend Buffy has an amazing knack for interrupting us. She said that, practically the same phrasing? Well must be one of those great minds think alike.

We weren't interrupted much in the mornings. Oh not because there were less mornings to interrupt it was just that the rest of the house was not very morning friendly and it was often a hassle to get them off to school and work. The weekends they slept in, and they slept pretty soundly. So it was more of they just interrupted us less.

So on to the story. I had woken up early like I usually do and noticed the lack of light in the room. I checked the clock noticing it wasn't that early but then I remembered the weather forecast. I reached for my lamp to spread some light on the gloomy day and to my concern it did not turn on.

Oh she told you that one. That isn't fair; she wasn't even awake for most of it. I guess that is what I get for opting to go second. No, no, I've got other stories. Actually I have a more recent story, its super embarrassing for me and it involves Dawnie.

Now let me give you a little background info. We moved in with the Summers shortly after Buffy... Buffy's Mother died to help take care of Dawn. It was the first official 'our room' before that we had separate dorm rooms although we pretty much were always together in one of the rooms. Actually now that I think about it we seemed to spend more time in Willow's room that school year.

Sorry getting sidetracked. The point I'm trying to make is that we sort of adopted Dawn. Most would think we took her in and accepted her like a sister but it was more than that. Buffy we accepted as our sister, but Dawn was like our child. I don't know if it was because she was young, innocent or that she just needed a mother. I seemed to fit rather well in that role and she accepted me in it.

So we watched her grow into the young woman she is today and I'm pretty sure I cried the most when we sent her off to college. But it was nice in a way. She was getting a chance to get out from our protective wings and try out her own.

Willow the ever optimist had another positive point on the situation. There was one less person to interrupt us. Since Buffy wasn't home a lot either we took full advantage of the empty house every chance we had. That included loud and screaming sex.

This is the embarrassing part for me. I am a screamer. No Willow is a moaner though she sometimes grunts. She is pretty good at keeping quiet if that is what the situation calls for. I however require large amounts of concentration to keep the screaming under control. Usually I'd have to bite down on something, often this was Willow, and I think she still has marks. Willow always thought it was funny that someone so soft spoken could be so loud. This made things difficult sometimes.

Eventually I had given up trying to control it when we were in the dorms. I had come to the realisation that I really didn't care what my dorm mates thought. But when we moved into the Summers' place I felt the need to be quite again out of respect for Dawn and Buffy. We of course took advantage of when they both were out but they were rare.

So it was just in March when this story takes place. Buffy had left early that day to pick up Dawn from college. Her plan was to arrive in LA shortly after Dawn's last final they would stay there that night and head back in the morning. Buffy told us she wanted some quality sister time before she brought Dawn back to where she would have to share the attention. I knew her ulterior motive was to give Will and me some extra alone time.

Yes we took full and complete advantage of that. Willow certainly knows how to push my buttons. I even enjoy those cheesy lines like "come for me, baby." It adds to our crazy passionate sex helps bring me out of my reserved nature. But that night she said "scream for me, baby." I think I redefined multiple orgasms that night. My wife completely devoured me and when I thought there was nothing left she kept me going.

We both were in such an exhaustive sleep we were unaware of the front door ever opening that night. By morning however Willow was hungry again. She really has quite the insatiable appetite. I gave in knowing we had a few more hours to take advantage of before Buffy and Dawn got back.

Well it wasn't long before I was screaming like I had been the night before. Not just once, twice. It was during that second time when we realised we were not alone in the house. I was in the middle of my second chorus of "Oh Willow" when we heard the pounding on the wall. We both paused and looked wide-eyed at the source of the sound.

I told Willow later that I felt like we were a cartoon. The brief moment was captured still for all eternity, our eyes bugged out. She brought up that she could picture it too, Though she elaborated it as some illustration for a men's magazine that has a blonde partially sitting up against pillows spread eagle and wanton with a redhead between her legs. Their shocked expressions only are coming from the fact that their husbands are walking in. And the liner has some crude joke involving fishing.

You probably didn't want to hear that but I didn't want the only one to be disturbed by that image. Sorry, back to the story. I think what shocked us more was where the pounding had come from. We have on occasion had Buffy pound on our door to tell us to please be quieter but this wasn't on the door. This was coming from the wall that separated us from Dawn. And that is when we heard Dawn's voice ring out "Give it a rest! I'm on vacation and I'm trying to sleep!"

Dawn and Buffy had an argument so they came back early. Trust me you don't want the details. I was thoroughly embarrassed. Willow and I kept off of each other for the rest of Dawn's Spring Break keeping ourselves busy looking for a house.

The timing was convenient. We had planned our ceremony for the summer when Dawn would be done with school. It was a thrill to have the house and marriage at the same time, and also expensive. The house was ready when we got back from our honeymoon. Willow even carried me over the threshold. She set me down, kissed me full on the lips and whispered "Honey, we're home."

I really love the house. We have a decent sized back yard where I have a garden. It's a four bedroom so Willow has her office and we've got two extra to spare. In my younger days I didn't dare hope to dream of anything. Especially marriage and a house and a family. But then I met Willow and I found that all those dreams I never dared were coming true.

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