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Latter Days/Lonely Nights

Author: Willownut
Disclaimer: Blah, blah, blah. Many characters are Joss Whedon's. Yada, yada, yada. No harm intended with the use of these revered characters. Peas and carrots, peas and carrots.
Italics are thoughts. For those who could excommunicate me or send me unwanted literature, I wish you no ill will. My thanks to LVK for the use of her song lyrics, you have my deep respect, and I would have asked first if I knew where you were.

(Day 7 - Wednesday, November 14, 1984)

To say that Tara was amused would be the understatement of the decade. The last few days had been a roller coaster of emotion for her, and everything seemed amplified in her mind. She had heard Willow's bellow when she dropped the shampoo bottle and then the cold-water yelp that trailed behind. She tried not to spy, but if she were honest, that was a lie. She was mesmerized just simply watching Willow.

Tara almost laughed. She knew the cold-water salsa, had been caught herself a time or two. She admired Willow for jumping back under the chilly spray. The movements behind the curtain seemed to mirror Michael Jackson. Tara knew she should go, but she just couldn't drag herself away.

Willow watching was wonderful. Willow's movements were fluid behind the opaque curtain. Tara stared at the silhouette as she rinsed off her hair. She was hypnotized by the scent of her shampoo. The moment, this moment was permanently imprinted in her mind. She just continued to stare.

Tara thought she could almost see the girl considering whether or not to use the cream rinse. Just walk away, walk away, walk away.

When the water stream stopped, she knew she should quit staring, but she seemed stuck in place. She couldn't help it.

When the fluffy toweled girl stepped out of the shower, Tara's jaw fell open. She swallowed hard and licked her lips in Pavlovian response. As Willow did the spider dance, Tara finally broke free from her trance. When Willow gently shooed the spider, Tara smiled. The redhead's kindness moved her. Not even a pesky bug could incur her wrath.

Tara was finally ready to turn and walk away when the girl knelt to pick up the willful bottle. Her resolve to leave was ruined again as she saw the freckled skin on Willow's shoulder. As a rabbit in an open field discovered at morning light, she hoped to hide in plain sight - to evade Willow's watchful gaze. She froze. As if in slow motion, Willow reached out her hand, stretched out like a cat and pawed at the shampoo.

Tara took a sharp breath; she felt weak in her knees. Willow had her enraptured; she just could not leave. The towel wrapped ‘round her showed all the right lines. From the front, from behind, Willow was divine.

Tara's mind raced ahead imaging the way she wished it could be. In her montage, she was happy; she was free.

She ran to her and held her fast; Willow welcomed her advance. Backed against the cool hard tile, Willow melted into her. Lips, tongues, hands, hearts folding into one. The tender touch of love gave way to passion and fire. She lost herself in that moment. She was overwhelmed by her desire. Her body pressed firm against the supple breasts, lithe met luscious, exquisite and delicious, Tara lost herself in the moment and for an instant, she believed.

Willow was startled again when she realized someone was in her cubicle. There she stood in fluffy towel, barely covered and all wet, and someone was watching her! She looked up and was sweetly surprised to see Tara.

For a moment, Willow felt awkward until she realized Tara was breathing hard, her eyes were deep blue with desire. She seemed lost to an image in her mind. Her eyes glimmered in the light. She was breathtaking. Willow thought Tara had never looked more striking.

Willow's heart fluttered with delight and in a flash, she was ablaze. Willow was amazed when the pulse of heat shot through her and threatened to bring her to her knees. She put her hand against the wall to steady herself. How does she do that? I'm a little wet Willow puddle.

Willow knew it was too much to hope that Tara would set aside her dreams so easily after the big rules talk. She tightened her towel to ensure she wouldn't further distract Tara with any accidental slippage. She tried to put her own passion away. Willow quickly contemplated her next move.

"Well I spy with my little eye..." She let a slow grin emerge on her face, "a Shimai!"


She dropped her voice to a whisper, "Tara, you gotta stop looking at me like that or I'm gonna need another shower." She let a little snort hoping that would break the trance.

Still nothing.

Willow was afraid, but she took a step forward. "Tara?" She glanced around to note any activity in the room. Seeing no one, she took another step. "Tara?" she whispered again.

Tara returned to reality with a blink. Willow was two steps in front of her. She was a vision. She had heard the words but they had taken a moment to register. How cute, she rhymed. Tara took another moment to replay the last sentence. You gotta stop looking at me like that or I'm gonna need another shower... wait, what?

"Huh?" Tara voiced her confusion.

"Tara," Willow husked, "This is making it very hard for me to follow the rules." Her heart was in her throat, and her eyelids took on a slumberous expression as she melted under Tara's gaze.

Tara licked her lips again and tried to focus on Willow's face, but her eyes were fixed on her inviting mouth. Just a little taste. She thought the girl looked absolutely scrumptious. It was private in the stall, she'd shut and locked the door. What would it hurt, it couldn't hurt, just a little one to get me through the day. Tara took a labored breath and stepped closer.

Willow held her towel firmly in her grasp, her knuckles were white she was squeezing it so hard. Willow saw where Tara was staring and she was afraid that if Tara moved closer her own resolve would be broken. She wanted to be true to Tara's wishes, but the blonde was too much of temptation. Willow took a step back.

Tara took another step forward. Her desire for Willow was all she could see. In her mind, her montage had melded in to the now. She took another step.

Willow backed away once more; she wanted to be firm in her commitment. "Tara?"

With one final step back, Willow's heel had hit the wall. "Tara?" Tara continued to slowly advance.

"Yes, Willow." Tara nearly hissed. Her response was not an acknowledgment of Willow's question. It was not a simple indication that she had heard Willow say her name. It was an answer to an unasked question and displayed the desire and yearning that Tara had for Willow at that moment.

Tara took another step and in response, Willow put her hand out flat in front of her hoping only to stop the girl. When Tara took another step, Willow's hand met Tara's chest. Her palm rested gently against her sternum. Willow could feel the rapid heart beat, and labored breath. When Tara took another step Willow left her hand in place, but let her arm relax into the advance.

Willow was in heaven. It was an intimate touch, but not outside the lines and Tara was still coming closer. "Tara?" She felt like a broken record. She dropped her voice another tone, "Are you sure?" It was as if they were moving in slow motion.

Tara was so close Willow could feel her breath. Tara whispered softly, "Just need..." she took a tiny breath, "a little..." she moved within inches of Willow's face, "...taste."

Tara's gaze had finally broken free from Willow's mouth and she was searching Willow's green eyes for any hint of resistance. She reached up with her left hand and covered Willow's right that was still resting against her chest. She wrapped her hand around Willow's so her fingertips were in her palm. The action sent a tremor through Willow and intensified their bond.

It was Tara's turn to ask the question, "Okay?"

Willow saw nothing but desire and love in the blue eyes that were searching hers. She allowed herself to look at the luscious lips that were so near. When Tara saw Willow's eyes shift, she took her right hand and gently placed it on Willow's bare shoulder.

The simple touch was the catalyst for a hidden fire Tara did not know burned within. Her montage had not prepared her for the passionate moment. She wasn't ready for the effect being this close to Willow would have on her.

Willow felt Tara's hand on her shoulder gently caressing her. The other hand still trapped between them. Tara's thumb trailed circles of fire with each pass. Willow held still. She was afraid to move and break the spell.

Tara flipped her hand over and let the tops of her fingers feel the smooth skin. She looked down and watched her own hand trailing along at will, she felt like she was painting a masterpiece. She was so lost in the hope of loving Willow.

She took a slow breath and picked up Willow's scent. She struggled to keep from falling. She waited for Willow to reply. Willow simply nodded.

Her chest heaved with another labored breath. The rush of air pushed their breasts together and when they met, Tara couldn't hold back anymore. She closed the distance between them and gently placed her lips against Willow's.

Willow felt Tara's hand gently travel up her arm to her shoulder, caressing, touching loving her. She had never felt such immense sensations. Willow trembled with her touch. Willow's other hand was still trapped between them with Tara's hand firmly holding hers close to her heart.

Warmth. Heat. Passion. Desire.

Willow closed her eyes and was lost for just a moment. She wanted to feel every second of the kiss, to be swept away by Tara's fire. Her center burned. Her hand was so close to Tara's breast. She stayed as still as she could and held tightly to her towel. She knew that the kiss was not going to last.

It was a sweet kiss, full of longing but chaste. When they parted, their lips seemed to have melted together as though their skin was resistant to breaking free. Tara felt unsteady as she took a moment to process what the kiss had been.

It took everything that Willow had not to descend upon Tara and take her into a steamy embrace. She was still reeling from the kiss, her hand still in place safely tucked between Tara's mounds. She felt the flutter of the heartbeat of the beautiful girl a hairsbreadth away. She inhaled deeply trying to cleanse herself, to free herself from the passion welling within. All it did was inflame her more.

"Oh Tara," she heard the whimper and barely recognized her voice. She felt herself being pressed against the tile again.

Tara pulled Willow's arm away from her chest, and looked down at their hugging hands. She unwrapped her fingers from their grasp, and gracefully placed Willow's hand back where it had been. She covered it with her own for a moment in gesture. She wanted Willow's hand to stay as if she held her heart. Tara moved forward closing the small gap between them.

Willow's breath hitched again. Her own body met the soft form that was melting into her own. Tara seemed to be everywhere all at once trailing fire with her fingertips as she took Willow into her arms and wrapped her in a firm embrace.

Willow felt the heat rising between them and knew she was naked without her towel. She wasn't sure why she didn't feel more self-conscious. She surrendered to her touch.

Tara stroked her hands along Willow's shoulders. She seemed to be making lines between freckles and down to the top of her towel. Tara had drawn that line. In her mind, that towel kept her from breaking all the rules. She bent a little one this time, but the draw was just too much, she had lost herself in the ecstasy of simply watching Willow.

Tara took a breath when she realized that in a few moments she would not be satisfied with the touch. She backed away from her just enough to kiss her brow. She left the redhead standing near the shower in a daze.

Willow regained her composure after at least five minutes and debated taking another shower. In the end, she decided against it, gathered up her things and headed out to start her day.

With the kiss still fresh in her mind, she sat in the gym doodling in her notebook. The drone of the girl's feet lulled her into her own thoughts. She was lost in the memory and the feelings of Tara. She felt renewed passion as she remembered her touch, her taste, her smell. She breathed deep in the moments of Tara.

She started to hear a tune in her head and absentmindedly started to doodle. When she recovered from her daydream, she looked down and saw the words she written.

When Tara smiles
I can see forever
When she's with me
I know I am alive

When Tara sings
She's like an angel
And when she's gone
I feel alone

What would it take
To be forever
To shine with fire
Of love brand new
I can only dream
That she will hold me
Without her, I am alone

When Tara dreams
I dream along with her
If she's with me
I can do anything

When Tara cries
I feel her tears
And when she's sad
I lift her up

I can see forever
I can feel her heart beat
I walk beside her
and I'm alive

If she's with me
I can do anything
Without her
I am alone

What would it take
To be forever
To shine with fire
Of love brand new
I can only dream
That she will love me
Without her, I am alone

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