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Laguna Bitca

Author: Trista
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

So Friday at 6 Trista declared: "Gather 'round everyone, join hands as I say the prayer." The girls did as instructed. Trista started the prayer: "Oh Goddess of the Lycans, hear this howl from us, your daughters. Make those preps learn a lesson they'll never forget, for they've good reason to fear what lurks in the shadows of the night when the moon is round with blood (full moon), blessed be."

"Blessed be," the other girls finished. They heard a car pull up.

"'Tis Lone," Amy said, they rushed to the car.

"Come on!" Trista said. "Let's make this prom one for the yearbook, and for years to come."

When they arrived Trista met up with Angel, Willow with Tara, Amy with Lone, and Harmony with Cordy. Soon 'twas time to announce king and queen. Hillary was going over her thank-you speech for when she and her boyfriend Mitch won.

"And the winners are: Trista and Angel!"

Hillary looked really pissed off as her friends told her they must have made a mistake. When Trista put on her crown she looked at her friends who were flashing her fang-baring grins.

"Thank you," Trista said. "Now, it's time for you all to get what you deserve." Willow grabbed Tara's hand and they rushed out the door.

"Why are we leaving?" Tara asked. But soon she herd the tearing of clothes, the screaming of pain and loud howls.

"That's why," Willow said. "I couldn't let them kill you. Trista promised they wouldn't harm you anyway."

"Huh," Tara said. "I guess they really were lycans."

Soon the screams were over and they went back inside to see Willow's friends, still in lycan form, ripping off whatever flesh was left on the bodies. Then they transformed back.

"Wow," Trista said, "we did it! Now we never have to worry about them anymore." They laughed, then headed home leaving behind bodies, blood all over the gym floor, and the memory of a prom no one would ever forget.


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