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Laguna Bitca

Author: Trista
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

Join me, won't you, as we head over to the prep side. So the same day at lunch Tara was staring at Willow from afar.

"What are you looking at?" Cordy asked.

"Nothing," Tara said.

"Hey babe," a man said to Tara.

"Hi Angel," Tara said - in this story Angel's the high school quarterback, and he's Taras boyfriend.

Another brunette girl joined them.

"Hey Hillary," Tara said. "What do you guys think of the new girl?"

"Well," Hillary said, "she's hanging out with the Goths for one thing, that's never a good sign."

"Let's not forget one of those Goths (Trista) is your cousin," Cordy said.

"Don't remind me," Hillary said. "At our family get-togethers she always talks about vamps and lycans.

"What the heck is a lycan?" Cordy asked.

"It's another name for werewolf," Trista said, overhearing the conversation. "Gosh," Trista said, "you pops-" (the word I use meaning popular people, as used in this story) "-you really need to watch Underworld more often."

"Yeah," Lone said. "And while you're at it, watch Gingersnaps."

"Why would we want to watch a movie about cookies?" Hillary asked. Trista and her friends started cracking up.

"Please," Cordy said, "tell me you won't go out with her okay? Besides Hillary said everyone knows redheads are naturally witches."

"You mean wiccans," Trista interrupted again.

What should I do? Tara thought. Should I listen to my friends and keep Angel as my boyfriend, or will the Goth side take over me, and so Willow will hopefully become my girlfriend... what to do, what to do?

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