Return to Labyrinth Chapter Two


Author: Willow Watcher
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own anything having to deal with BtVS. They all belong to Joss Whedon and the other people out there who have a claim in the series and all things dealing with Buffy. I however did write this story and the other characters are mine.

Willow sat in the interrogation room drumming her fingers on the table. She stood when she saw the door open and two guards escorted James in chains in the room and sat him in a chair.

"Anything else, Agent Rosenberg?" One of the guards asked.

"No. Thanks guys." Willow said dismissing them.

She looked down at James who had a smug look on his face. "Well, Willow Rosenberg. Ah, the memories."

"Look here you bastard, I don't have time to play your sick head games. Tell me what you know about this." Willow pulled ransom the note out of her pocket and placed it on the table.

James read over the paper. "Sorry. Don't know a thing." He sat back.

"For some odd reason, I thought you would say that. I tell you what James, tell me what I want to know and I'll make sure the guards keep you from becoming someone's bitch. How's that suit ya?" She said as she crossed her arms over her chest and smiled in her smug way.

"I said I don't know a thing." James wouldn't budge.

Willow slammed her fist against the table. "Listen here you piece of shit. I didn't drive out here for you to tell me nothing. You will talk even if I have to beat the shit out of you!"

"Oooo, Agent Rosenberg. Is that a threat?" James looked behind him at the mirror.

Willow followed his eyes. "I don't make threats, only promises."

"I said I don't know a thing." He swallowed audibly. "Can I go now?" He asked nervously.

Willow motioned for someone to come in at the mirror. Two guards came in within seconds. They picked James up out of his chair and headed for the door.

James stopped and looked at Willow. "How's Tara?"

Willow sneered. "Better now that she's away from you. Get this fucker out of here." She said to the guards and they followed her directions.

"Damn it!" She slammed her fist on the table again.

The door opened and a familiar face appeared.

"Hey Danny." Willow greeted her first and only male crush from years ago.

"Hey Will. What's going on?" Detective Daniel Osborne asked as he approached the redhead.

"Can't say. Just that if James starts talking, in anyway about a certain note, you let me know."

Danny looked at her confused. "Alright." He said shrugging her shoulder.

Willow started to leave, but the man stood in her way.

"Hey. You want to go out sometime? I know it's been awhile since we have seen each other, but I thought, ya know, we could...see each other?" He asked.

Willow smiled. "You're still sweet but I have someone waiting for me. She's beautiful and I love her." Willow said noticing the shocked look she received.

"Did...did you say she?" He asked crinkling his brow.

Willow nodded.

"Wow! You have changed." He said lowering his head.

She gave him a peck on the cheek. "I'll catch ya later Danny." And she left out.

Willow walked back in the door to the investigation. She walked into the living room and Buffy was sitting on the couch with her legs folded up to her, biting her nails.

Willow sighed and sat down at a distance. She looked over at Buffy and then down at her lap, then over at Buffy again and then back at her lap. "You still mad at me?"

Buffy spit a finger nail across the room. She looked over at her oldest friend. "Not so much, now. Upset, but not mad."

"Buff, we were just trying to not make it so hard for you. We all love you and care." Willow scooted a little closer.

"Will, no matter what, it's hard. My baby's gone and whoever has her wants money that we don't have. I love you all too, but I don't want to be left in the dark anymore." Buffy said making her point clear.

"Tara told me that she will give the money over." Willow stated.

Buffy looked at Willow wide eyed. "She did. She'll do that."

"Yes she will and you know she will Buff, but you know how this works as well as I do. You've been in the business long enough to know that it just isn't simple like that."

Buffy's heart fell. She knew it was the truth. "I know. But can't we just try? Maybe that's all they want."

"We don't even know who the 'they' are." Willow took Buffy's hand.

"Did you find out anything from James?" Buffy asked.

"No. He won't talk. He's scared of something. I could tell." Willow looked around. "Where's Tara?"

"She's upstairs in my bed. I took a nap and asked her to stay with me and so she took a nap too."

A tiny bit of jealousy ran through the redhead, but she knew how close friends Buffy and Tara have become over the years.

"Alright. If you could, tell Angel what I did or what I didn't find out." Willow patted her knee.

Buffy sighed and nodded her head. Willow patted Buffy's knee again and headed upstairs.

Willow carefully opened the door to the bedroom. There Tara lay with her back facing the door. Willow quietly slipped her shoes off and crawled in the bed. She took her arm and gently slipped it around Tara's waist. Tara woke up, but didn't move. She smiled knowing who it was. She could smell the light fragrance of Willow's perfume and even though it had been a long time, she still remembered the gentle touch of her love. But Tara wanted to have a little fun.

"Buffy," Tara moaned out. "I told you that you need to snuggle closer. But we don't have much time. Willow will be back soon."

Willow shot up. "Uh, Willow happens to be right here!"

Tara laughed. "Doofus, I knew it was you."

"You are evil Tara Maclay. A beautiful evil goddess." Willow said placing a light kiss on Tara's cheek. "And now, you must pay."

"And what shall my payment be, missy." Tara rolled over.

Willow made her hand into a claw. "Remember this?"

"You wouldn't?" Tara's eyes widened.

"Tickle monster!!!" Willow yelled out and began her attack.

Tara squealed as the redhead moved her hand over her sides, belly and thighs.

"O.K." Tara breathed out holding Willow's hand still on her thigh. "I give up. I give up." She said still laughing.

Willow smiled with victory. She smiled even brighter when she realized where her hand had stopped and Tara holding it still. But she knew that things had to go slow, so she took Tara's hand and moved them both up to the blonde's stomach.

Tara smiled but sighed. She really didn't want Willow's hand to be moved, but she appreciated that the redhead was respecting her wish.

"I love you." Tara said.

"And I love you, baby." Willow leaned in for a kiss. <Please let this one last longer.>

Their lips grazed one another. Tara moaned as she moved in. She wanted full contact. They kissed, enjoying the feel. Tara moved on her side without their lips parting. She placed her arm around Willow's waist and pulled her closer. She let her tongue slide out and licked the red lips. Willow didn't hesitate. She opened her mouth and sucked gently on the blonde's tongue. Tara moaned and rubbed her hand up and down Willow's back. Willow moaned as well, enjoying every minute she could spend with Tara, especially like this. Willow moved her tongue around Tara's as their breaths became faster. Willow decided she would make a bold move. She moved her hand around to Tara's back and then down to her ass. Tara's eyes widened, but she enjoyed the feel.

The arousal that was growing inside them was more than evident.

At the same time both of them pulled back and placed their foreheads together.

"Slow." Both breathed out.

They gave each other little kisses on the lips, but going no further.

A knock came on the door. Both women rolled their eyes then separated.

Dawn came barreling in and plopped on the bed making all three bounce. "Hey guys."

"Hey Dawnie." Tara and Willow said at the same time.

Dawn tilted her head to the side. "Were you all doing it, or about too?"

"Dawn!" Willow yelled. "We were not about to do 'it' and even if we were do you think we would in you're sister's bed and have the door unlocked?"

"I don't know what you crazy lesbians do." Dawn shrugged her shoulders.

Willow's mouth dropped.

"Dawn, sweetie, we are in love and when the time is right, 'it', as you seem to phrase the term, will happen and will be beautiful." Tara had always tried to explain everything she could to Dawn as if she were and adult, not just a silly teenager. "And plus were not crazy." Tara giggled

"O.K. Sorry guys." Dawn said as she looked at them both and smiled. She has loved Willow and considered her basically her aunt, but Tara, she saw her more or less as a mother figure since Joyce died. She knew all the hurt and anger Tara suffered when Willow was gone and conversing with Willow over the phone, she could tell the normally spry redhead was not herself. Over the years, Dawn wanted nothing more than to tell Willow about Tara, but keeping her promise to the blonde she kept everything to herself. And now, the sparkle was back in Tara's eyes and the joyfulness was back in the redhead.

"It's alright Dawn." Willow said as she rose up and gave the young brunette a hug.

"How was school today Dawn?" Tara asked as she got off the bed. She bent down straightening up the blanket and pillows.

"Nothing big. But, I don't think I did too well on the math test." Dawn said as she started helping Tara.

Willow took the hint and stood up. She took up her part of the bed making.

"We studied for that test for a week. You should have aced it." Tara said.

Dawn sighed. "I know. I just had other things on my mind."

Tara walked around and took Dawn in her arms. "I know sweetie. We've all been a little or make that a lot distracted."

"Hey Dawn, you need help with math, come talk to me. I'll help ya out as much as I can." Willow said trying her best to give any type of comfort to the teenager. Her eyes went wide. "Not to say that Tara has been doing a bad job, I mean she's smart and I'm sure she is great with math and English and whatever other subjects you can come up with, but I'm here if you want me."

Dawn chuckled. She walked over to Willow and hugged her. "Thanks babble queen. I might take you up on the offer, but its Friday and there's no homework."

"Oh well, you're safe then." Willow said smiling.

"Yep. I've gotta go downstairs and start dinner." Dawn bounced on her feet and left out of the room.

"Dawn's fixing dinner?" Tara asked frowning.

"It's O.K. I have antacids at hand." She whispered.

Both headed out the door.

Tara took in a deep breath. "How'd it go?"

"What?" Willow asked thrown by the question.

"How'd it go with James?" Tara stopped and turned to Willow.

"Nothing. He claimed he didn't know anything. But he does, I could tell." Willow said. "No matter what it takes, I'll get something outta him."

Tara nodded having confidence in her determined love.

"Let's go see what the others have come up with." Willow said taking Tara's hand in hers.

Willow and Tara walked into Angel's office. Xander, Anya, Cordelia, Buffy, Angel and Faith were all talking at the same time. Willow couldn't determine who was talking about what.

"Hey!" She yelled making everyone quiet. "What's going on?"

Everyone looked and they all started talking to her.

"One at a time, please!" Willow yelled out again. She pointed at Faith.

"Alright, I went to the lab and Clem couldn't find any prints or any determination of who might have sent it. I went to the Giotti's. They swear they don't know about Lacey, but when I mentioned James Maclay, they suddenly became real quiet. They didn't say anything about it, but something's fishy."

Willow nodded. She pointed at Angel.

"Xander, Anya and I went to Lansing's. They don't know anything about Lacey. They claim they're clean and trying to stay that way."

"Alright," Willow started. "I'm taking on the Lavar's. Everyone keep posted. No hiding anything. She looked over at Buffy and nodded.

Buffy smiled and mouthed 'thank you'.

Willow smiled back.

"What should the rest of us do?" Anya asked.

"Take notes. Look more into files." Willow answered. "Cordelia, did you find out anything from the police or the agents downtown?"

"No and they both don't know anything or so they say. I hate those guys. All about themselves." Cordelia said rolling her eyes.

"Sounds like you should go work for them." Anya piped in.

"Bitch!" Cordelia spat out.

"Whore!" Anya retorted.

"Like you have room to talk." Cordelia came back.

"Both of you shut the fuck up!" Tara demanded. "We have a case to solve here and all you two have done ever since I have known you is bitch and argue. Get with the program or get the hell out!"

The entire room fell silent with surprise. Anya and Cordelia looked down at the floor like scolded puppies.

Willow smiled with pride. She clapped her hands together. "Alright people, let's get to work." She exited the room.

"Will." Tara stopped the redhead in the corridor. She bent down and kissed her with such passion and caring. "Be careful."

"Can I get that reaction when I come back without a scratch?" Willow said in a seductive voice.

"Maybe even more." Tara whispered in Willow's ear and gave it a slight lick.

Willow shuttered.

Tara pulled back. "I think I'm gonna go and see how Dawn's coming along with dinner."

"I love you." Willow said.

"Love you." Tara said and walked away.

Willow stood there for a moment watching her beauty walk towards the kitchen. Her heart swelled with love. <This time, this time it's gonna be perfect.>

Willow rang the doorbell to the huge mansion of the Lavar residence.

A very tall, large built man answered. "Can I help you?" He asked in a deep voice.

Willow pulled her FBI badge from her pocket. "I need to speak to Joseph Lavar."

The man stepped aside and allowed Willow to come in. She was in awe of the beautiful marble floors and the art statues and paintings that adorned the entrance.

"This way." He said as he walked down a hallway.

<Sure thing, Lurch.> She thought as she followed.

He opened a door to a huge office. Willow walked in and took a seat in front of a desk. She turned around when she heard the door close. <Ooo! I so don't like this.>

A man wheeled himself into the office and parked his chair on the opposite side of the desk.

"I'm Joe Lavar. Is there something I can do for you Agent...?" He looked at Willow for her to finish.

"I'm Agent Rosenberg with the FBI. I am here to ask you some questions regarding a kidnapping."

"Well tell me Agent Rosenberg, who sent you here?" He propped his arms on the desk.

"I am currently working with Angel Investigations." Willow said.

The man sneered at her. "I will have you know that Angel and his little agency put me in this chair."

"His daughter has been kidnapped and I need to know if you have any information regarding the situation." Willow wanted to avoid the subject about the man's condition.

"I'll tell you something. Angel deserves to be in hell for what he did to me, but I cannot stand the idea of someone hurting children. I have kids of my own and I know how precious they are. Unfortunately, I can't tell you anything. If I did, believe me I would." The man said sincerely enough.

"Do you happen to know a man named James Maclay?"

The man crinkled his brows together and shook his head. "I'm sorry. It doesn't ring a bell."

Willow determined there wasn't any other reason to stay.

"I appreciate your time. But if you do hear of anything, call Angel Investigations and ask for me." Willow said as she rose from her chair to walk out.

"I'll help out for the little girl, not for Angel."

Willow nodded her head. "Thank you."

"And that's all he said?" Angel asked sitting at his desk looking across at Willow.

"That's it." Willow answered sitting back in her chair with a sigh. "So, I suppose we can scratch him off the list?" She asked.

Angel sat back in his chair. "Looks that way." He said rubbing his temples.

"One down and two to go. The Giotti's and possibly the Lansing's." Willow said.

"Honestly Willow, I think the Lansings are off the list as well. I checked a few resources and apparently they are staying clean."

"Then we go after the Giotti family." Willow stood up ready for action.

"Will, calm down. We really have nothing to go on. The only thing that Faith reported back was their negative reaction about James Maclay." Angel said trying to take this as calm as possible.

"But Angel, there has to be a link somewhere." Willow sat back down.

"And we will find that link, but for right now, we have to think before we react. O.K."

Willow sighed. "O.K." She looked at the dark gloomy man. "Are you and Buffy alright now?"

Angel nodded. "I shouldn't have kept the note from her or other things. She needs to know what's going on so she won't pull her hair out, or mine." He smiled.

"So what's the deal with Faith? I mean, I know you gave her badge back to her but I hope she doesn't abuse it like last time." Willow said thinking back how she, Buffy and Angel had to bring Faith in for selling and abusing cocaine. She tried to convince them that she wouldn't do it again, but nevertheless they had to turn her in. She was a great agent, a little violent and leered away from the rules, but she always seemed to get the job done.

"She'll do great. In fact I think she'll do better than before. She's trying and wants to help out as much as she can. She loves Lacey and I know she's not going to rest until we find her and bring down the son of a bitches who are doing this." Angel said with confidence.

"That's great Angel." Willow said with a smile.

A knock came on the door and Tara peeked her head in. "Hey. I hate to say this, but dinner's ready."

"What is it this time?" Willow and Angel said at the same time.

"Potato and cabbage casserole." Tara said and cringed.

"Might not be so bad. I like potatoes and somewhat like cabbage." Willow said trying to take up for Dawn.

"Yeah but if you come across something hard, don't bite down if you intend to kiss me tonight or possibly tomorrow." Tara said wrinkling her brows and giving a half smile.

"What would the something hard happen to be?" Angel asked.

"Raw garlic cloves. I did however convince her to cut them in quarters, but she insisted that they were not to be cooked." Tara cringed again.

"Eww and eww." Willow frowned.

Angel picked up the phone. "I'm ordering pizza."

"Angel, you'll hurt her feelings. She worked hard all afternoon on it." Tara said in her motherly tone.

Hanging up the phone, Angel and Willow sighed.

"I was so going with Angel's idea for pizza, but, once again my dear, you are right. I'll avoid the hard chunks." Willow closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue in disgust.

After choking down dinner and drinking plenty of water, tea and whatever else the group could find to wash down the concoction of one of Dawn's infamous dishes, Willow lay on her bed rubbing her stomach. "I think I might have eaten one of those cloves. I brushed my teeth. Used an entire glass of mouthwash, breath strips and chewing gum and I can still taste it." She rolled on her side curling herself into a ball.

Tara, sitting on the bed, was trying her best not to laugh. "Aww baby, you want me to rub your tummy?" Asked with sympathy

Willow rolled on her back. "That's sounds nice."

Tara placed her hand on the redhead's stomach and began to rub in little circles. "Does that make you feel better?" Tara asked, noticing the smile on Willow's face.

"Y'huh." Willow whispered out.

Tara made larger circles. "How about this?"

Willow nodded. She took in a deep breath. An evil smile came on her face that Tara didn't notice. A thought of getting Tara back from the blonde's teasing earlier, came to her mind. "I was asked out today." She laid there with her eyes closed.

Tara stopped rubbing. "Oh really?"

"Uh huh." Willow opened her eyes and noticed the 'not so liking the idea of someone asking her Willow on a date' look on Tara's face.

"And did you accept?" Tara asked, picking at a string beside the button on Willow's shirt.

"Thinking about it. I mean it being an old crush and all." Willow said seriously, stifling a giggle.

Tara leaned over and came face to face with the redhead. "Willow Lee Rosenberg, do I have to go all butch and kick someone's ass."

"Well, it would just be a friendly little date. Dinner, dancing, and maybe take in a movie. I thought it might be nice." Willow smiled, knowing that the blonde was getting very frustrated at her 'beating around the bush' attitude.

"And does this certain person have a name?" Tara asked with her lips puckered and her brow rose up.

"Danny." Willow said with a short answer.

"Danny? You were asked out by a guy?" Tara asked as she sat up straight. Reality hit that her love was teasing.

Willow nodded.

<You wanna play hardball doll, you're playing with the wrong chick.> "Well, I don't see anything wrong with that. After all, it just would be a friendly little date. I have to confess that I was asked out this morning, by a nurse. Ya know, before they let me come home? I told her no, but I think I might give her a call. It would just be a friendly little date." Tara smiled her famous half grin.

Willow's eyes widened. " were? Who? Who was the little skank? I'll totally tell her straight up that you are mine, Tara Maclay, you are mine! Baby, there would be no way in hell I would go out with anyone but you, especially with a guy. Except for maybe Xander, but he's my best friend guy in the world and that certainly wouldn't be put in the same category as a date, date. Tara, please don't go out with her." Willow started to tear up. "I couldn't stand to lose you again, especially to another woman."

"Baby, aww darling, I was just teasing." Tara rubbed Willow's face. "There wasn't a nurse that asked me out. I just said that because you told me about that guy and I knew you were teasing me and I thought I would just play along, but I didn't mean to make you cry. I wouldn't do that to you. You are mine and I am yours." Tara eyes welled up with emotion.

Willow smiled. "You picked up on my babble disease."

"Anything with you happens to be very contagious." Tara leaned over the redhead again.

"Well, you might need some type of medication for that." Willow said seductively.

"What would you prescribe, Dr. Rosenberg?" Tara leaned in closer.

"A kiss." Willow said raising her head, making there lips connect.

Tara's hand moved from Willow's stomach up and traced under the redhead's breast.

Willow moaned quietly. She moved her hand down and felt the skin at the bottom of Tara's shirt. She took her finger and made small little circles. Tara rose up. She smiled taking her shirt off and throwing it in the corner of the room. Willow's breath was taken away. Tara's body was so muscular and her white lacey bra was literally see through.

"Oh god, Tara." She whispered out. "I thought I would never..."

She was interrupted when Tara forcefully took her lips again. Tara rose up again. She straddled the more than shocked Willow.

"I don't want to complain, but I thought we were taking it slow." Willow said, making sure that she didn't do anything either one would regret.

"To me, this is slow. We aren't going to make love, yet. But I did say we had to discover one another again. What a better time to start?" Tara turned her head to the side, giving Willow a look of understanding.

Willow smiled. "You don't get it do you? Every time I touch you, kiss you, look at you or even think about you, I am making love to you. You are my love and my life." Willow looked in the darker blue eyes she adored. "Kiss me Tara."

"Touch me Willow." Tara said, taking the redhead's hand and moving it up to her breast.

Willow slowly massaged her hand around as Tara resumed her kissing.

Tara straightened up again, but Willow's hand didn't move.

The blonde ripped apart Willow's shirt sending button's flying in every direction.

"Well, that was my favorite shirt." Willow said giggling.

"I'll buy you another one." Tara said as she laid back down, ravishing the redhead's neck with kisses.

Willow moaned out louder.

Tara pulled at the shirt separating it, exposing Willow's breast covered in a light green bra.

"Nice. Matches your eyes." Tara licked the crevice in the middle of the bra, licking her way back up to Willow's neck.

Willow's hips bucked. She moved her head, sucking on Tara's neck. She moved her mouth between Tara's neck and shoulder, sucking even harder, making a mark.

Tara groaned out, as she began massaging Willow's breast.

"I so missed this." Willow mumbled out.

"You'll never have to miss it ever again." Tara whispered in the ear of her love.

Tara sat up again. She was happy that the clasp on Willow's bra was in front as she opened it, exposing the pert breast. She took them both in her hands and began to move her hips back and forth. She stared at Willow in the eyes. "I love you."

"I love you too." Willow moaned out.

Willow sat up, holding onto the grinding blonde. She reached behind and unclasped Tara's bra, removing it and flinging it in the floor. She kissed and licked the nipple of one breast, while massaging the other.

Tara ground herself even harder. "Yes baby."

Willow placed one arm behind herself for support as she bucked her hips into the blonde. She put her hand behind Tara's head and pulled her in for a hard passionate kiss.

Tara wrapped her arms around Willow's back, clawing at the pale skin.

Willow threw her head back and hissed with pleasure.

As their grinding became faster, their kissing became more passionate, both women were reaching their peak.

"Oh Willow, I'm gonna...Willow come with me." Tara moaned out loudly.

"Yes baby, yes." Willow hissed out.

Tara threw her head back. "WILLOOOWWWWW!!!"

"TARRAAAAA!!!" Willow screamed.

Willow collapsed back on the bed, taking the blonde with her. Kissing with care and love.

"Just what the doctor ordered." Tara said breathing heavy.

"Well, this might have to be treated again and very regularly." Willow said as she wrapped her arms tight around her love.

"Oh, I definitely think that this is a very contagious disease. I might have to be put on that particular medication for the rest of my life." Tara said as she slid off top of Willow and snuggled up to her side.

Willow's eyes widened. "Do you mean it?"

"What?" Tara asked.

"What you said. You said the rest of your life." Willow said trying to make sure of what she heard was correct.

"Willow, I wouldn't see myself with anyone else but you. But baby..." Tara started.

"I knew there was a but." Willow said dejectedly.

"BUT!" Tara continued, "For now, we are taking things slowly. What just happened was a small expression of love. When the time is right Willow, I want to make love to you." Tara reached up and kissed Willow softly on the lips.

"I just want you to know Tara that I love you more than anything. As long as I have you in my life, everything is perfect, right in here." Willow confessed placing her hand over her heart.

Tara removed Willow's hand and kissed her chest and laid her ear there. "That is the most beautiful sound in the world."

"I love you, Tara." Willow said and she kissed the blonde's forehead.

"I love you too, Will." Tara said as she kissed Willow's chest again. "Stay here with me tonight?" She asked.

"I thought you'd never ask. I just need to go to my pj's." Willow started to get up.

"Keep still, you. I want more snuggle time and those cute pj's of yours can wait." Tara said smiling thinking about the funny novelty characters that Willow can pick out for her clothing.

Willow was overjoyed that Tara was back in her life. She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms tight around the blonde, swearing to never let her get away again.

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