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Jaws of Hell

Author: SavageWaters19
Rating: R and up
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters of BtVS, they all belong to Joss Whedon, and the Jaws theme is Peter Benchley's. The Jaws setting is basically an island off California, and I took the chief of police idea and the marine biologist - those are all Jaws. Other than that, the story's mind and such. Made up characters are mine as well.

Once inside the apartment, Tara pinned Willow against the door. Their lips found each other again and were soon joined by both the women's tongues. Willow moaned into Tara's mouth, which only spurred Tara on further.

Willow pushed them back deeper into the apartment, keeping contact with the blonde the entire time. They headed toward Willow's room. Tara's hands found Willow's waist and decided the wanted to vacation there forever.

Well, not forever ever...

Between short kisses Willow mumbled, "We're....mphm... moving fast...ahh...we need to wait...," she finally got out. Tara finally broke away and nodded. She ran a hand through her disarrayed hair.

Moving reluctantly, she walked to her room. The pair shared a glance and both sadly went into their separate rooms.

Two seconds after they retired to their rooms, they both simultaneously came back out and found each other in a passionate kiss. Making a solemn vow to actually get some sleep, Tara this time pulled away.

"Willow, I would like nothing more than to keep kissing you all night, but I really think we need to get sleep," she stated firmly. Willow pouted cutely and Tara almost caved on her statement. The redhead nodded to Tara, agreeing with the disappointing fact.

Giving her one last peck, Tara kissed Willow and turned to go to her room. Willow finally sighed, both from content and regret that Tara was right. The cop turned on her heel and went to bed as well, dreams of the blonde in her head.

The morning arrived much too slowly for Willow, but she couldn't sleep much anyway. Her nose caught the distinct smell of pancakes. The cop bounced up immediately and followed her sense of smell into the kitchen.

The blonde biologist was busying herself over a pan when she heard the thump of feet hit the ground. Smiling to herself, she reached up into the top cabinet, hoping to grab some coffee beans.

Willow walked into the kitchen to see Tara's bare stomach while she reached for the top shelf. Even though Tara had meant to tease Willow, the coffee jar was way back on the shelf and she couldn't reach it. Willow noticed the woman's troubles and stepped in to oblige.

The redhead stood behind Tara, towering over her. She placed her hands on the blonde's hips. Tara's struggle ceased when she felt the gentle touch. Willow then gently hoisted Tara a little above the ground, not tremendously though. After all, Willow was only a girl with a tiny frame, but the little amount she did pick Tara up was enough for the blonde to reach back and grab her supplies.

When the blonde landed back on the floor, she turned around swiftly, almost knocking Willow over. The two stood still for a moment, just gazing intently at each other.

The biologist smiled shyly, as if she was embarrassed about needing help. Willow brought a freckled hand up and cupped Tara's cheek. They closed the gap without even second guessing their actions.

Willow's lips moved slowly against the soft flesh of Tara's. Their lips began a rhythmic dance of their own as they shared domination. Willow was first as she battled with Tara's entrance. Her pink tongue slipped through Tara's awaiting mouth and caressed the opposing tongue. After Willow accidentally slipped out of her mouth, Tara took charge and jutted her tongue in Willow's mouth. The redhead certainly didn't mind and willingly accepted the offering.

After a few minutes of battling, the girls pulled back, breathless. Tara leaned her head on Willow's shoulder and the cop wrapped her arms around the blonde's perfect waist and rested her chin on Tara's head.

"You ready for today?" asked the blonde, letting her eyes close. She noticed Willow's increased heart rate and pulled back, looking into pools of green.

"The world 'gulp' comes to mind really, but I know these guys. They push people around to get their way. But Riley knows the summer's over. Unfortunately, some people don't care about the past and will continue to fight for their own damn income. Maybe I should throw one of their kids in the water with it - see how they like it!" she said spitefully. Tara forced the snicker that was threatening to erupt down.

"Sweetie, you're the cop. You don't kill the people - you save them," she said in an extremely mocking tone that made Willow pout.

"Well that just wasn't in the job description at all was it?" she said, sticking her tongue out at the blonde as Willow extracted herself to go get changed. Before she left, however, she kissed Tara one last time so the blonde wouldn't think she was actually mad at her.

As the redhead headed out of the room, Tara smacked her ass playfully. Willow spun around quickly, but Tara was looking away innocently like nothing out of the normal had happened.

Choosing to let it go, Willow disappeared into her bedroom and reappeared with her officer uniform. Her hair was pulled back in a half-ponytail, but her eyes were covered with sunglasses. Tara could tell that Willow was in full-police mode.

Willow's nervous tendencies started to show and Tara decided that now was the time to really lay the flirting on thick. She sauntered over to Willow, who was sitting at the table deep in thought. Setting the plate of food in front of Willow, she firmly sat on the redhead's lap, wrapping her arms around the redhead's neck.

In a childlike voice she said, "Whatcha thinkin' about?" She grinned sexily and Willow felt a shock spread throughout her entire body. The blonde gently pushed the sunglasses up onto the top of Willow's head so she could look into her emerald eyes.

"Well, ya know, impending death to swimmers, impending death to my career, uh...ah...well, um...board of selectmen..." her thoughts were hard to formulate because around the part where she said 'swimmers', Tara had taken the opportunity to suck on Willow's pulse point. Willow's eyes closed; she gave up all attempts to speak. Tara trailed her kisses all the way up to Willow's earlobe and sucked softy. A sigh escaped Willow, letting Tara know she wasn't as nervous as before.

Finishing off her work with a kiss of Willow's cheek, she got up and fixed herself a plate of food. Willow's eyes flew open when her body realized Tara was no longer on sitting on it. A whimper escaped Willow and it didn't go unnoticed by a certain blonde.

As Tara sat in the chair next to Willow and began eating, Willow did the same, vowing to get her some way.

The two finished quickly and Tara changed into simple jean shorts and a white T-shirt. Grabbing the keys, Willow and Tara left the apartment, both still uneasy about the upcoming meeting at one.

Willow told Tara that she needed to stop by the office first to grab some paper work and to make sure everything was running smoothly. Tara agreed and they both reached for each others hands as the turned onto the road. They smiled at each other for a quick moment, but only a quick one. After all, Willow was driving and the red head knew she could get lost in those eyes. And being lost while behind the wheel of a truck going 55mph on the road wasn't a good thing.

Officer Harris greeted them at the parking lot and immediately, Willow stiffened. Her mind instantly thought of a worse case scenario.

The frightened look on his chief's face made Xander regret coming out to meet them. He quickly silenced her fears saying, "Nothing's wrong Will. It's ok."

Willow let out the breath she had been holding and almost hugged Xander. But the nagging of her superior job prevented her from finding comfort in the man. Tara stepped out of the car to join Willow who had hopped out of the car hastily after she parked the car. Not sure if Willow wanted people to know about their new...relationship?...she held back behind her, but made sure Willow felt her presence.

"Hey Tara," Xander said, smiling at the blonde, "I never got to tell you how what you did yesterday was so cool..."he paused seeing the glare from Willow, "and scary! Bad Tara!" he said, trying to save himself from his best friend. Tara giggled slightly.

"Alright, well, we arrested a couple of teenagers this morning. They tried to go swimming. They're asking to call their parents, get 'em out. What do you want to do?" Xander inquired as the three walked into the station.

Willow saw the four teenagers. She recognized one from a make-out bust she made last January. They have a curfew on the island for teenagers under 18. They actually enforced it for once and a few unlucky couples had their date ruined.

"Guys, it would be redundant to ask if you saw the Beaches Closed signs. It would be ever more redundant to ask if you know about the problem on the beach-especially after yesterday. So I'll save you time and myself time. You can call your parents, but you will spend 24 hours in a cell. That's a law for first time offenders for anything; it shouldn't be different for you. In addition to the time, bail will be $150 each. If your parents are willing to pay that or you have the money, then you will leave when tomorrow morning comes about. If not, well, Officer Harris will take good care of you," Willow said very diplomatically.

Xander stood stunned. In all the time Willow was chief, she had never personally sentenced someone to jail. Fine maybe, but jail - never. She once told him that a fine should do it for first time offenders.

One of the boys began to protest, but Willow gave him a silencing look. She then looked up at the brown-eyed man.

"Take 'em to the holding cell. They don't need to go downtown to the town jail. Keep them here, it's just easier and less paper work that way," she instructed. Officer Harris nodded and led them to a backroom with two cells.

Willow stepped into her office and dug around the stacks of papers on her rapidly disappearing desk. She found the petition for closing the beaches signed by Carlos and Dawn and met Tara at the exit door.

"Chief Rosenberg!" Xander called to the redhead as she opened the door for Tara. She looked back expectantly at him. He half jogged over to them. "I'm coming with you Will, I can't stay here knowing where you are and what you're doing," He stated lowly.

"Officer Madison," Willow said firmly, never wavering her eye contact with Xander, "You're in charge while Officer Harris and I handle the board." Amy nodded dumbly and the three walked out of the truck. Willow tossed Xander the keys telling him it was the price he paid for tagging along. He grinned like an idiot and hopped behind the wheel. Willow sat in the middle and held Tara's hand at her side. Unbelievably, Xander didn't notice the hand holding, but then again, he sometimes was just oblivious to everything.

The trip to the town hall was short. Tara guessed it was twenty minutes. The tan truck pulled in front of this building that looked like something out of Cesar. Xander got out first and walked around to help Tara and then Willow out. Willow smoothed her shirt down involuntarily. Xander led the way, while Tara and Willow fell back. Tara decided she needed to reassure the redhead one last time.

"Willow, the press is just media. They can't hurt you. Just remember, I'm here. I'll be in the room, ok?" The redhead nodded and opened the door for the blonde. They saw the Mayor's secretary, Mrs. Walsh. She was up in her years, but extremely sweet. Loved gossip.

"Oh Willow dear, how are you? How's this shark thing coming along?" she asked, being her nosey self as usual. Willow smiled courteously at her.

"You'll know after the meeting," she said as she turned to the double doors that led into the main hall, where the Board of Selectmen would be sitting, the press from surrounding California would be yelling, and the families of the victims would be weeping.

Tara noticed something about Willow. Something that she felt a sense of pride for. The redhead took a minute to compose herself before she opened the double doors and strode down the middle isle of the hall. In that moment when Willow composed herself, she no longer was Willow. She was Chief Rosenberg of the Sol Island Police Force who was going to demand something that would completely piss the greater population of the island off. But Chief Rosenberg didn't care - couldn't care. She had to remain numb throughout the ordeal to keep the community safe from themselves. In a moment of odd comparisons, Tara thought of Chief Rosenberg as a mother who just told her kid that they couldn't play in the street because it was dangerous, even though the child loved playing in the street. But the odd comparison phase passed and Tara saw Chief Rosenberg for who she was - a woman trying to do the right thing, no matter the ridicule she was sure to get.

The Chief walked straight back to the podium where she turned and faced a crowd of people that Tara didn't recognize. Xander and Tara leaned on the back wall, waiting for Chief Rosenberg to speak.

"Thank you for attending this board meeting today that Mayor Finn called. As all of you are aware, there have been a number of attacks on swimmers in the waters of our beaches. Over half of these attacks were fatal. We brought in a marine biologist, Dr. Maclay, to help identify the species of shark. The identification was horrifying. We may be dealing with a monster from the past. I have sat up nights thinking of the best possible course of action to prevent these continuous attacks from occurring. I have called a Shark Hunter. She will supply the boat and the equipment we need for tracking down and destroying this predator. What we are paying her will be classified information. As for the beaches, due to the severity of this situation, we will keep the beaches closed until I personally see this Hell of a creature dead for good," she spoke, firm and unwavering.

A frenzy of commotion erupted from the audience and Tara saw Riley drop his head with finality of her words. Finally, Tara saw Anya uneasily raise her hand. Willow nodded to her and Anya asked her question which was floating around the minds of Tara and Xander.

"In order to see this shark dead, it would mean you be there for the destruction of it. Does that mean you're going to go on the journey to kill the shark with the Shark Hunter?" she asked, trying to remain composed, but failing as tears began to drip from her eyes. Somehow, everyone already knew the answer, but no one wanted to hear it - especially Tara.

Willow looked directly into Tara's eyes as she answered her friend's question, "Yes, Anya. I wouldn't have it any. other. way."

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