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Jaws of Hell

Author: SavageWaters19
Rating: R and up
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters of BtVS, they all belong to Joss Whedon, and the Jaws theme is Peter Benchley's. The Jaws setting is basically an island off California, and I took the chief of police idea and the marine biologist - those are all Jaws. Other than that, the story's mind and such. Made up characters are mine as well.
Author's Note: Warning: Character Death!!!

The night was calm, the waves were still and the shark roamed freely among the tiny fish that fluttered about whenever it glided near. A sudden movement to the north caught the shark's attention, consequently changing its course. About a hundred yards north from the shark's location was a mild under current of splashing and kicking.

Dawn Summers was enjoying her summer break so far. The first year of college was a bitch; there was no covering about that. However, now she could relax with her boyfriend, Carlos and best friend Kit. They swam nude, mainly because Dawn and Carlos where hoping to secretively fool around under the water, but also because of the free and almost naughty feeling it gave them.

As Dawn and Kit continued talking, Dawn felt something tug on her leg. She screamed loudly and a laughing Carlos surfaced the dark waters.

"Carlos, you asshole, I can't believe you! That's fuckin' scary and you know that!" yelled Dawn, half upset but also wanting sympathy.

"Aww baby, I'm sorry, I was having some fun, come 'ere," he cooed.

Dawn happily swam over to him, feeling his manly hood rub against her. At Kit's exasperated sigh, Dawn turned to face her best friend and continued their conversation. Meanwhile, Carlos entered her with a finger and gently massaged her with his hand. Feeling caught in a trap, Dawn stroked him, knowing they couldn't go further without Kit knowing.

The teasing continued on for ten more minutes before Dawn became annoyed.

"God damnit Carlos, will you stop that!" she shrieked.

Carlos was stunned. He thought she was enjoying it, he certainly was.

"Sorry, I just assumed because you were responding with the stroking that it was alright for me to-" but Dawn cut him off.

"Not that! You know what I'm talking about. The bumping up against my leg with your legs and feet. It's creepy and your skin is so rough," Dawn commented.

Carlos was frozen for a moment before he was jerked under the water. He came back up and choked on some water. "What the fuck?" he coughed just before the force pulled him under again.

"CARLOS!" screamed Dawn, searching for him under the dimly lit moonlight.

Kit and a reluctant Dawn began swimming toward shore, but Carlos resurfaced once more. Dawn reached to grab a still conscious man. She kicked wildly, her destination the shore. Kit, who was about three yards ahead of them suddenly screamed as a force hit her from the side, knocking her under.

Dawn froze mid kick, but Carlos spoke, "No, we n-need to g-get a-ashore n-now. W-we h-have to con-continue." With that, Dawn swam rapidly, covering as much ground as possible. The only thought that registered with Dawn was when her feet hit land, but even then she kept going until she collapsed on the sand of Sol Island's main public beach.

Carlos was gasping and wincing at the sheering pain he received. Dawn rushed over to their clothes and pulled out her cell phone.

"Hello, 911? I need an ambulance out here ASAP. We're on Main Beach, yeah, and there's something out there," her tears spilled from her eyes as she wrapped her T-shirt around the nub that used to be Carlos's left leg. Dawn Summers looked out into the now still waters for a sign of her best friend. Finding none, she tore her eyes away from the scene and focused back on Carlos. The distant siren of the ambulance was just background noise in her mind, even when they arrived and carried away her boyfriend. The questions they asked, the comments they made-she never heard. Her eyes, like glass, stared out into the abyss of the ocean where her friend was. Her first friend in high school and her college roommate. One man wrapped a coat around the still nude woman, but she hardly cared about her presence. Her mind just focused on the water, hoping-praying, that Kit would resurface and yell 'It was all a joke!' Even that would be better then the pain she felt shooting through her veins.

She tore her eyes away from the water and looked down the beach. A form, washed upon the shore, was lying there, unattended. Dawn sprinted down to the mass, a young med chasing after her.

"Kit!" Dawn screamed as she arrived at the mangled body of her deceased best friend.

"Miss don't, she's not alive!" screamed the man who almost caught her before she turned over the body. Dawn shuddered and screamed at the horrific sight before her eyes.

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