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In Sickness and In Health

Author: Wiccanbotanist
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine (you know the drill) just playing with them.
Note: Tara's turn talking to the magazine.

I really don't get sick that often. It's kind of surprising though because whenever anyone else gets sick I'm always helping them out. By them I am referring to everyone... the entire extended family of ours. Usually the bug sweeps through hitting almost everyone but me. And they all request my soup.

The tea? She told you about the tea? Oh complained to you about the tea... right. No, no one requests the tea. Don't worry though you aren't likely encounter it at the store. Very few are willing to market it and those that do only do so market to places of herbal remedies and Chinese medicine. I've seen some at the co-op here but it is very expensive and most of the ingredients you can grow yourself. Those you can't well you can buy in bulk from the co-op.

What you're serious? Yeah, I can get it to you before you go. I'll have to write it down though because I've only got it in my head. Sorry... it's just strange. I'll have to amend my statement. No one before now has ever requested my tea. I've always had to force them to drink it. Occasionally I'll be sneaky about it. Willow enjoys tricking the others into drinking it. She figures if she is forced to suffer with it she won't suffer alone.

Right so a story about me when I'm sick. Well like I said it doesn't happen very often. But that doesn't mean I have stories where I get spoiled with a little extra TLC from Willow every now and again. In fact not just two weeks ago I got a good dose of special treatment.

I had just received a large stack of papers to read over for work. The museum coordinator for San Francisco had brought the list and associated reading of exhibits that were touring. She also wanted to talk to me about an exhibit she is proposing. It is nice to be in the Association of California Museums. It is a good deal for us smaller museums in the smaller towns. It gives us access to more artefacts and larger exhibits.

So I had brought the work home with me because there was a lot to go through and I had a decision to make within the next couple of days. Willow and I try not to bring work home, with the exception of when Will is actually working at home but she's good at keeping it to her office and within normal working hours. It was convenient however that Willow had a large project herself so she took advantage of the extra work time.

I was at the table reading when the pain started behind my eyes and was slowly spreading throughout my head. I had been getting the headaches often as of late, but had failed to tell Willow about them because I didn't want her to worry. In fact I hadn't really been worrying about them so I figured why should she worry? Willow tends to worry too easily and I didn't want any undue stress on her especially since she had recently gotten over a cold.

She immediately started worrying however when she entered the dining room to see me with my head cradled in my hands obviously in pain. So she rushed over and started fussing of me. I tried to wave off her attentions saying that I was fine but she was not so easily dissuaded. So I admitted to the headache and she went into full TLC mode.

She turned on the electric kettle for tea. Not the tea, but willow tea. As in tea from the bark of a white willow tree... not Willow tea. Yeah, it's a pain killer, essentially it is aspirin. Anyway taking away my stack of papers she told me "No more reading." She lit the candles on the table and turned down the lights. By then the tea was ready.

As I sipped my tea Willow stood behind me and started massaging my temples. She is actually very good with her hands. They look soft and dainty but she actually has a lot of strength in them. Must be from all that computer work.

As soon as she sensed I was no longer severely suffering from the pain she started asking questions hoping to find the culprit of the headaches. When she was satisfied that I agreed to see the eye doctor as the pain often happened after prolonged periods of reading, she moved the massage to my neck. She could tell my pain had subsided completely and I was now just enjoying my massage. Before I was completely relaxed however she decided to move away from the dining table to continue her work in the bedroom.

Willow had read once that the old excuse "I have a headache" was no longer viable because an orgasm would release natural pain killers into your body, or something like that. She explained it to me, the chemicals and everything but I don't remember the specifics. Let's just say that my determined Willow and her magic hands made sure the headache was definitely not coming back that night.

So, Yes, my Willow does take good care of me. And she enjoys every minute of it too. I think the real point is, the moral of this story if you will, is that we take care of each other. It was what we were meant to do, me and her taking care of each other forever.

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