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The Rosenberg Institute

Author: Pipsberg
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: The characters Willow Rosenberg and Tara Maclay and the property of Mutant Enemy.

It was after dinnertime as I sat on my bed. I had just assured that the last of the girls were in bed and turned down all the lanterns in the halls. I glanced at my pocket watch on the bedside table. It read forty-five minutes after 9 o'clock. The floor was quiet. I strained to hear anything from Willow's room next to mine, but I could not. I wondered to myself if she had already gone to bed.

I stared down at my left hand; clutched around the key that Harris had given me earlier in the day. My right hand lay atop my right leg, which bounced nervously. I was contemplating using the key. I was both nervous and excited. Would Willow be pleasantly surprised or aghast? I had not had the opportunity to speak with her alone since my newest deal with Harris. However, the few looks we had shared that day spoke volumes - clearly she missed me as much as I did her. I can still remember her eyes boring into mine at the dinner table. I shivered as I remembered the look.

I sighed and stood up, still clutching the key. I walked toward the wall between Willow and I, trailing my fingers lightly along it as I paced up and down. I felt caged. I needed to see her. It had been several days since I'd felt her touch and I'd done nothing but obsess about feeling it again since our night in the cave. I wanted her lips on me again.

I stopped my pacing in front of the seam which I now knew was a door to Willow's room and eyed it critically, looking for the keyhole. Not finding it along eye level, I first followed the seam down toward the floor. About a foot from the floor, there was a small bronze flap, which swiveled stiffly to the side. Behind it was a keyhole.

I slowly inserted the key into the lock. My hands were trembling and it took several attempts to properly fit it in the lock. I held my breath anxiously as I turned the key. When I heard a slight clink, I exhaled shakily with relief. I had briefly thought this all might be too good to be true. I looked heavenward and said a brief thanks to Harris, then laughed at the absurdity of my recent alliance with her.

Placing both hands lightly on the secret door, I pushed until I felt the entire section of the wall begin to move. It creaked rather loudly, but slipped forward several inches, at which point it stopped moving. I pushed harder, but it did not move any more. Standing from my crouched position, I eyed the door contemptuously and crossed my arms. Perhaps there was another key.

While I was contemplating my quandary, I heard a scraping, then a swoosh as something flew across the floor toward me from the direction of Willow's room. I glanced down in confusion and brief concern, until I saw that it was only a note tied to a string. I bent to pick it up and opened it curiously. There in Willow's precise script were a few sentences:

Tara, I cannot sleep. I am thinking of you always. What was that noise just now? Are you all right? Yours, Willow

My face automatically split into a huge grin and I scrambled to my writing area to locate a pencil. My hands still trembled as I wrote:

Willow, you will not believe me, I think, when I tell you what I am doing. I am attempting to open the secret door along the wall. I negotiated a key from Harris today. It seems to be stuck though. My plans to see you are thwarted and I am crushed. I need you always, Tara

I folded the paper back up quickly, walked back to the door, and slid it under the space there forcefully. I heard nothing for a few moments, then a dull thud. I waited anxiously. I pressed my ear to the secret door, trying to hear what Willow was doing. Then the note came sliding through again. I picked it up quickly and unfolded it frantically. It read:

The door is on a slide. Push it in, and then slide it to the left. Hurry!

I laughed shakily, discarding the note on my writing area, then rushing back to the secret door. Before, my hands had trembled from Willow's unknown reaction and nerves; they trembled now from excitement. I once again pushed on the door, but this time to the left. It slid with some resistance until there was about a three-foot gap in the wall; darkness beyond it.

I stepped cautiously into the opening. There was about two more feet of space before I encountered another wall; presumably Willow's. I rapt lightly and my heart sped up when I heard Willow knock back. I searched along the wall for another keyhole but could not find one. I heard Willow knocking lightly again toward the bottom of the wall. I crouched down to where there was a small space between the bottom of the wall and the floor.

"Tara!" Willow whispered as loudly as she could "You'll have try to slide the key under to me. The locks are only on the room sides."

I immediately scrambled back to my room's side of the secret wall and removed the key from where I had left it in the lock. Crawling back to where Willow had whispered, I lay the key on the wood floor and slid it under the wall.

"I have it!" I heard Willow whisper excitedly. Then I heard her fumbling with the lock, muttering as she dropped the key with a clatter. I couldn't help but chuckle at our shared frantic attempts to get to each other. Finally, I heard the wall on Willow's side begin to slide open, and I stood up. Suddenly, I had an armful of Willow as she launched herself through the opening toward me.

Our combined weight and the force of her rushing into my arms propelled us backward against the wall on my side of the passageway. My back landed against the wall abruptly and a small gasp rushed out of me with the impact. Before I had time to react, Willow's lips were on mine and I surrendered to her, all around me.

Almost an hour later, though it only felt like minutes, we lay snuggled together in Willow's bed. After many minutes of kissing frantically in the passageway, our lips bruised and our breathing rushed, we had let reason dictate closing one side of the passageway and retired to Willow's room. I now lay on my back, sunk comfortably in Willow's goose down blankets. Willow lay against my side, her head on my chest, rising and falling as I breathed. Her legs entwined with my legs and her feet rubbed playfully on mine; we had abandoned our shoes, coats and stockings earlier.

I sighed blissfully and continued my current fascinating task of stroking Willow's hair. My fingers weaved in and out of her smooth, silky red locks; they flowed over my hands like a cascade of water. I stared at my hands in wonder as they moved through her hair over and over again. With every lift of her hair, my hands also brushed the back of her neck, causing her to murmur and press herself more fully into me. Willow hummed and shifted her head up to look at me, our eyes connecting.

"That feels so good Tara" Willow whispered, smiling gently at me.

I smiled lovingly back at her and softly stroked the back of her neck with my fingertips in response. Her eyes fluttered shut, then opened again to stare into mine. Her green pupils were impossibly darker.

"I've missed touching you so much Tara," as she spoke, Willow drew her hand down my bare arm, raising gooseflesh in her wake, "...thought about it all day, every day..." she continued.

I swallowed convulsively and simply nodded my head. Her teasing touch on my arm and the timbre of her voice brought me back instantly to the aroused state our frantic kissing had earlier produced. My skin tingled with awareness; where she touched me, where I wanted her to touch me.

"I want to stay with you tonight Willow" I blurted out. It had simply bubbled up, without conscious thought. I couldn't stand the thought of not being able to touch her as I slept.

Willow paused, then shifted to prop herself up on one arm above me; she looked into my eyes. I stared at her, my blue drawn into her green. Her eyes spoke to me before she did - they were loving, concerned, reassuring. Her free hand traced my cheek.

"Of course you'll stay, there was never a question. We should be together." Her response was so simple and raw. Willow, ever the pragmatist, simply stated what was. I smiled and nodded emphatically like a small child to stress my complete agreement. Willow laughed lightly and leaned over me, kissing my left cheek, then my right; next lightly skimming my lips.

Willow returned to my side, her head propped on her hand. She rested her free hand on my stomach over my dress. She smiled at me again lovingly and giggled.

"What?" I smiled in return, running one arm up to stroke her hair again, the other meshing with her fingers on my stomach.

"I can't believe you entered into another unholy agreement with Harris! You are so naughty and I have to properly thank you for it."

"You thanked me already Willow. In the passageway. Exhaustively." I grinned and swatted her hand playfully.

"You're exhausted? I haven't even tried to tire you yet Tara."

I grinned yet wider, my face surely splitting with the joy I felt, "Well then try all you can Will". I tugged on her arms to pull her on top of me, but she hesitated. My grin faltered and I raised my eyebrow in question. Willow's face grew pensive, almost serious, and her voice broke as she spoke.

"I want to see you Tara".

"You see me all the time Willow."

She looked down and picked lightly at the fabric of my dress. Looking up, she swallowed once before speaking again.

"I want to see all of you Tara. Your skin."

My initial response was embarrassment and shame. I flushed; red fanning out on my cheeks and neck. I closed my eyes briefly and looked back at Willow's face. My second response was lust. I did want Willow to see me. I did want Willow to touch me. I wanted the same of her.

"I want that as well Willow."

Willow sighed in relief and leaned more firmly over me, framing my face with her arms. I rested my hands on her back and hugged her to me. She rubbed her nose against mine, then her cheek against the side of my face, resting her head in the crook of my neck.

"I have a confession to make Willow."

"Oh?" she responded, her voice muffled by my neck.

"I've been reading the book you showed me, the one in the secret library."

Willow's head shot up and she stared at me, a look of happy astonishment on her face.

"You have?"

I nodded, grinned and bit my lip lightly. Willow grinned back at me. She then sat up, straddled my hips, took my hands and pulled me to her so that I was sitting up with her suddenly in my lap. I grinned yet wider and wrapped my hands around her waist.

"And what have you learned Tara? What makes you curious?" Her eyes searched my face.

"It all does." I whispered pulling her more tightly to me.

"All of it?" Willow squeaked, her eyes wide. "You want me to do all of that to you?"

"Yes. With you. To you. Yes, all of it." I was blushing madly, yet held eye contact with her.

"Which one do you want me to do to you right now Tara?" Willow's voice was thick and deep, and her breathing was getting increasingly shallow. Her lips drifted more closely to mine, our rapid breath mingling.

"I don't think I can say it Will."

Willow nodded slightly and brushed her lips against mine. She ran her hands soothingly up and down my back.

"What chapter Tara?"

I blushed again, surely fiercer than the last time, and looked down. Willow raised my chin back up with her right hand and kissed me softly.

"Don't worry Tara; you don't have to tell me. I'll figure it out on my own alright?"

"Chapter four!" I exclaimed. I felt possessed. It seemed that I had neither sensory nor inhibitory abilities around Willow.

Willow's mouth gapped open and her breath rushed out in a shaky sigh, her head falling lightly against mine, our foreheads touching.

"I know the chapter Tara, and I can give that to you all you want."

"A-Alright" I whispered.

"Kiss me Tara" Willow sighed.

I eagerly leaned forward to kiss Willow, my lips immediately opening. Willow's tongue rushed into my mouth in response, a ragged moan following. Her arms tightened around me. My own arms wound around her neck, my hands buried in her hair. I needed to be closer to her. For a few moments, we kissed frantically as we had earlier in the passageway. Abruptly, Willow pulled back from me, her hands moving from behind me to rest lightly on my collarbone. She paused there only a moment, and then reached for the buttons at the top of my dress.

Though she hadn't asked a question, I nodded my encouragement. I reached out to unbutton her dress as well. After a few moments, we had both managed to help each other pull our dresses over our heads and discard them on the floor. We were now in our shifts and petticoats. Willow slowly ran her hand over my newly exposed skin; my chest above my breasts, the tops of my shoulder. She then lightly traced my breasts through my shift. The touch electrified me and I yearned for more.

I reached to the hem of my shift and pulled it rapidly over my head, giving myself no time to think about what I was doing. I wanted Willow to see me; I wanted her to be touching me without any barrier. I tossed the shift to the floor and waited for Willow's reaction. She did not disappoint, first gasping loudly, then verbalizing her awe.

"Oh god Tara, you are so beautiful. So amazing."

Her eyes were trained on my ample breasts. I could feel that my nipples were pebbled from her gaze and the cold air in the room. My chest was rising and falling quickly, my excitement increasing with every moment. I felt the now familiar wetness between my legs, brought on so easily by Willow. I was sure that I was beginning to soak my petticoats by now. Moments passed, and still Willow stared at my breasts, her mouth hung open.

"You like them Will?"

Without looking up, Willow nodded dumbly. I reached out for Willow's hands, which rested limply on the bed, and brought them up to my breasts, cupping them around me. The feeling of her hands, directly on my skin, was exquisite. Her fingers reflexively squeezed me and we both moaned. I fell back on the bed, my hands still holding Willow to me, weak from the sensations coursing through me. She now sat above me, still straddling my waist, as her extended hands rubbed and kneaded me.

My back arched to press into her hands more firmly and I groaned when she began pulling at my nipples with her thumb and fore fingers. The pulling sensation traveled straight through my body, down my torso, and between my legs. An impossible amount of wetness gathered there and I throbbed. My hands, which had initially been guiding hers, fell to her hips. Instinct had again taken over, and I was unconsciously pulling Willow into the juncture between my legs and rolling my hips at the same time.

"Oh Willow, I love this, love how you feel, love you" I murmured.

Willow shift above me then, pushing her legs behind her and laying between my legs, her waist resting against my throbbing center which I continued to rub on any part of her that I could reach. She leaned down, kissed me once fiercely, then moved to my ear, taking the lobe in her teeth and sucking lightly.

"I love you too baby, so much" she rasped in my ear "and I'm going to show you how much right now".

"Right now. Please." I moaned. Her hands trapped between our bodies still rubbed my breasts and her heavy breathing in my ear was like another invisible link to the wetness between my legs. Hearing her react to me was almost as good as feeling her touch.

Willow moved her lips from my ear to my neck, leaving small open mouth kisses in her path, occasionally fluttering over my skin with her tongue. She then traversed my collarbone, letting her tongue paint my skin in longer strokes as she neared the top of my breasts where her hands were busily driving me insane with need.

Still cupping the underside of my right breast, Willow moved her mouth and I felt her hot breath on my nipple there. I tensed in anticipation of the new sensation and could only groan in pure pleasure when I felt her mouth and tongue engulf me. I felt the vibrations of Willow's own groan around my nipple as she sucked greedily at my right breast, her other hand still kneading my left one. The suction of her mouth on my breast, her tongue fluttering over and cupping my nipple, was so intense that I was powerless against the cry ripped from my throat.

Willow slowed her sucking, then removed her mouth. She lovingly licked the stiff nipple and replaced her tongue with her hand, rolling my nipple with her fingers again. She moved up to my face, where I was panting frantically, my back arched as she thoroughly loved my breasts with her hands.

"Tara, baby, you have to be quiet. We can't yell like we did in the cave. Can you do that baby?" She kissed me softly on the corner of my mouth, never ceasing the action of her hands on me. I nodded quickly.

"I can be quiet, I swear. Please just keep doing that."

Willow laughed against my cheek and moved back down to my breasts. I grabbed a pillow with my right hand and pushed it against one side of my head so that I could turn into it should I need to cry out again. With my left hand, I cupped Willow's head as she switched to my other breast to lave and suck it with abandon.

"Oh god, yes" I hissed as she lightly bit down on my nipple, soothing it with her tongue. My hand on the back of her head gripped her even stronger, my nails scratching her scalp. Willow groaned into my breast and sucked more of it into her mouth. I continued to move my hips against Willow, but I wasn't able to get much friction. I mewed in frustration and clawed at her back, wanting to press her entire body into me.

Willow's hands left my breast then, trailing down my sides. Her mouth followed suit, and she kissed quickly down my stomach, pausing when her mouth lay just above where my petticoats started. She tilted her head up then, her chin resting on me, and caught my eyes. We were both panting heavily and my entire body was taut with need. Here hands at my sides crept further south to rest on the waist of my petticoats. She kept eye contract with me as she dragged them down my hips, over my legs, where I was able to kick them off with her help.

I was now completely naked under Willow and the air hitting my exposed skin let me know how very wet I was. Willow rose up slightly on all fours above me. She leaned forward to give me a deep kiss, her tongue rubbing fiercely against mine. She then moved back a bit and tilted her head down to explore me with her eyes. Where I should have been nervous and embarrassed as I was before, I was only anxious to feel her touch on me again. I watched her eyes roam over my body, stopping finally at the patch of hair between my legs.

Her nostrils flared and I knew she could smell me. The thought made me wetter and I felt an answering throb, causing my hips to roll slightly as she looked on. Willow groaned deeply and turned her head back up to stare at me.

"I can smell you," she practically growled.

I nodded slowly and ran a hand down her arm where it braced her weight over me. I clutched at her forearm, trying to silently communicate my need to her. She pushed back with her arms, moving completely between my legs. Willow brought her hands to the insides of my knees, and slowly opened my legs wider. Her hands then began to slide down the inside of my thighs and my eyes slipped shut at the sensation, a long sigh slipping from my lips.

She moved back further on the bed, laying between my legs, with her body pressed into the mattress. My eyes fluttered open and I watched in awe. I saw her looking at me from between my own legs, her hands resting on the inside of my thighs, inches from my heat. I reached down to run a hand through her hair again, leaving it resting on the back of her head. I watched, as if in a dream, as her head descended toward my open wetness and I sighed her name in anticipation. I felt her urgent breath first, fluttering over me.

Then, I felt everything at once. Willow's mouth was on me and I turned into the pillow to muffle my shout of pleasure as a climax ripped unexpectedly through me. I clutched at Willow's head.

"Oh my god baby, oh god" I moaned as I rolled my head back and forth. "That is oooooh my god, yes - so good!" I gasped, unable to form more of a coherent response to Willow's mouth, lips and tongue on me.

She was lapping my entire core from bottom to top, her tongue and lips seeming to be everywhere at once. When she reached the top and rolled over my bundle of nerves, I jerked uncontrollably into her face and moaned louder. I felt myself already cresting toward another climax, as she lapped my wetness more urgently. I could distantly hear Willow moaning as well, as she seemed intent on licking every last speck of wetness from me.

My hips, already rolling against her face, increased in speed and strength against her and I clutched harder at her head, pulling her hair. I felt such pleasure that I did not realize what I was doing. I was groaning and chanting Willow's name now, I knew that much, because I could feel my lips moving. I could hear nothing with the beating of my wild heart in my ears.

Willow shifted her focus then, lapping at the bundle of nerves exclusively. My hips jumped frantically and my groans began to disintegrate into grunts and gasps. I lifted my head slightly to see what magic Willow was working, when I noticed she had moved one of her hands from my thigh to between her own legs and was rubbing herself rapidly there. My head snapped back immediately and I rolled my face into the pillow as a new wave of pleasure washed over my body; more wetness pooling at my core. I yelled Willow's name into the pillow as my hips began to jerk against her face. Then Willow groaned so loudly into my core that I knew she was climaxing.

Her tongue stopped on me then, and her lips wrapped around me and sucked. I screamed again into the pillow, clutching helplessly at her head, as I was awash with the most intense pleasure of my life.

I woke several minutes later, having blacked out, to find Willow laying on me, my stomach as her pillow. My hips still rolled underneath her. I looked down. She seemed to be asleep, but her lips moved and she was grinning. I reached to my side to pull a blanket over us, then gently pet Willow's head. She sighed and began mumbling again.

"When you wake up, we're doing chapter four again and then, yes, then on to the last paragraph of chapter five in the morning..."

I laughed quietly before falling into a deep slumber of my own.

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