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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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Disclaimer: I don't own Willow and Tara, if I did I would set them free...

Willow felt herself sink into the warm hot tub. She reached and pushed the button that brought the water to a comfortable swirl and relaxed against the jets softly dancing across her back. The night air smelled of honeysuckle and just a touch of chlorine from the pool. This would be their last night in this private paradise and Willow wanted to enjoy every second she had left with Tara.

Willow watched from the hot tub as Tara pulled on her two piece swimsuit and grabbed a towel. The blonde was completely unaware of the emerald eyes following her every move. As she stepped out onto the patio and walked toward the hot tub, Willow's eyes slowly drifted from the top to the bottom of her lover's body and back again.

<She's a goddess...>

Tara flashed the red head a very sexy crooked grin as she came to the edge of the water.

"Room for two?"

Willow grinned up at her lover.

"Even if there wasn't... I'm sure I could find a place for you to sit..."

"Are you getting saucy with me..."

Willow simply wiggled her eyebrows as Tara stepped into the hot tub.

"ohhhh... this feels good..."

Willow quickly moved toward the blonde and settled herself comfortably between her lover's legs.

"Mmmmm... .yes you do..."

The red head smiled as she felt Tara's smooth leg's wrap around her.

"I knew you were getting saucy..."

"Tell me you don't love it..."

Tara tilted her head to the side and smiled as Willow took the invitation.

"Ohhhhh... but I do love it..."

Warm lips pressed against soft skin and the blonde closed her eyes as she felt her lover bite down softly on her neck. A soft whimper floated to Willow's ears and she knew in that moment that Tara was hers for the taking.

Willow trailed hot kisses across her lover's collarbone. Her hips pressing into Tara, building a slow rhythm. The blonde leaned back against the cushioned side of the hot tub as Willow continued to rock against her. The weightlessness of the water allowed Willow's hands the freedom to worship the two firm breasts in front of her.

"Oh yes..."

The red head gently cupped her lover's breasts and squeezed softly. She felt the blonde's nipples harden under her touch. Tara arched her back offering all she could to her lover. Willow's breathing hitched and it was all she could do to keep from ripping the swimsuit from Tara's body. She continued rocking against the blonde as Tara wrapped her fingers in wet, red locks.


Willow trailed kisses down between the two breasts held tightly in her hands. She pinched and rolled each nipple between her thumb and finger, causing the blonde to cry out.

"Unghhh... Will... Oh..."

Willow could take no more. She quickly pulled the top piece of Tara's swimsuit off and tossed it aside. Her mouth immediately latched onto a swollen nipple.


Willow felt Tara's leg's wrap around her tighter and her hand pressing against the back of her head. The blonde urged her lover on.


Willow obliged her lover's request and began to suck with a hunger born from desire. She could feel the blonde's legs shaking.


The red head looked up at the blonde as she gently bit down on Tara's nipple. She watched as the blonde's eyes darkened even more. Willow could feel the heat coming from her lover's body. She slowly released her captive before quickly capturing the blonde's lips in a searing kiss.

Tongues fought for dominance... lips crushed together... bodies moved in perfect time as water splashed over the sides of the hot tub spilling onto the patio. Tara ran her fingers down Willow's back and under the red head's swimsuit. She gripped a firm behind and pulled her lover hard against her.

"Willow... baby..."

The red head leaned back and quickly pulled her top off slinging it across the patio to some unknown destination. Both girls moaned as their naked bodies pressed together.


Willow smiled at the urgency in her lover's voice. She slid her hands down the curvaceous body of her beloved and quickly untied the last of Tara's swimsuit. As she tossed the garment aside she felt familiar hands tugging at her own swimsuit and quickly discarded the last piece of clothing between her and the blonde.

Their bodies slammed together and soon they found themselves lost in a familiar rhythm. Their wet centers pressed together, sliding against each other. The feeling was incredible.

"Ohhhh... Tara..."

"Don't stop Willow..."

The red head had no intentions of stopping. In fact, she wanted to hold on as long as she could and make this feeling last forever. It was the most intimate kiss she had ever known and it was making her dizzy with desire.

She rocked against the blonde... harder and faster. The sounds of their lovemaking drifted in the night air. Although, Soft moans and gentle sighs had quickly given way to more primal sounds as both women edged closer to their release. Their breathing grew ragged as thrust after thrust the sensation of their bodies sliding together caused both women to tremble.


"Oh God Willow... I'm coming... I'm... com..."

The blonde's words sent Willow over the edge and Tara quickly followed. Cries of ecstasy filled the night air as both women found release in each other's arms. Their bodies slowed together... shaking... trembling, but neither released their hold on the other.

Willow looked deep into her lover's eyes. She had never seen such love shining at her before. She reached out and ran her finger down Tara's cheek. Slowly, she leaned in and captured the blonde's lips in a tender kiss.

"I love you Tara..."

"Love you too..."

Willow leaned in once again and placed a soft kiss on her lover's lips... brushing... biting... sucking. Soon, the kiss deepened and tongues began to dance... slowly sliding one against the other. Willow felt the heat rise in her body and a deep thirst take hold of her soul, a thirst that could only be quenched by the sweet dew of her lover.

The red head slid her arms beneath her lover's legs and lifted her out of the water so that the blonde now sat on the edge of the hot tub. Willow leaned in and showered her lover's thighs with hot kisses.

"Oh yes... Willow..."

Tara leaned back on her hands and spread her legs as her lover began to feast on her. The feel of Willow's tongue sliding through her slick folds caused the blonde's legs to shake. Willow closed her eyes and lost herself in the feel and taste of the blonde. She slowly explored every inch of her lover before latching onto the sweet spot that she knew would cause the most erotic sounds to escape the blonde's lips.

"Ohhhh... yes... harder baby... suck harder..."

Willow sucked harder and brought her fingers up to tease the blonde's opening. She felt Tara's fingers wrap in her hair and pull not so gently.

<God she turns me on...>

"Willow... ."

Green eyes were held captive by dark blue.

"Fuck me..."

The red head came instantly as those words echoed in her ears. She plunged two fingers inside her lover and began thrusting in and out; setting a rhythm that was hard and fast. She watched as Tara's head fell back and her breasts bounced in the night air.

"Unngghh... .yes"

Willow could feel her lover tighten around her fingers and she knew the blonde was close to release. She moved her mouth back down between Tara's legs and began sucking hard on the swollen gem she found.

"Ahhhhh... Willow..."

Tara screamed out her lover's name as she came over and over again. She felt tears begin to slip from her eyes and she desperately needed to feel Willow holding her.


The red head looked up and saw the tears streaming down her lover's face.

"Oh baby... are you okay... .did I hurt you?"

"No... you didn't hurt me... that was just so... intense..."

"I know... c'mere..."

The blonde slid back into the water and into the loving arms of her soulmate.

"It's okay baby... it's okay... cry if you want too. Sometimes that happens..."

Tara wrapped herself around the red head and felt herself calming down. Her heart pounded so hard she just knew Willow could hear it. They stayed in the hot tub a while longer. Just wrapped around one another in the bubbling water. Willow continued to whisper sweet words of love as she held onto her lover.

This place would always be special and she knew without a doubt they would come back for many years to come. They quietly held onto to each other, as if their lives depended on it. And perhaps in some way that was true. Once your soul finds its mate life begins and nothing is ever the same. Willow and Tara were now forever changed and the road ahead lay wide open...

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