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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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Willow smiled as she snuggled further into the warm arms wrapped around her. She had fallen asleep so quickly after being ravished by her lover and now, she found herself drifting somewhere between blissful sleep and euphoric wakefulness.

Tara smiled as the red head shifted in her arms. She placed a soft kiss on Willow's freckled shoulder and allowed her lover the time to wake slowly. Willow grinned when she felt those warms lips press against her.

"Mmmmmm... good morning..."

Tara let out a quiet laugh.

"Sweetie... it's still evening..."

Willow stretched as she turned and faced the love of her life.

"I know... just felt like saying... good morning..."

The two girls lay in comfortable silence just smiling and looking deep into each other's eyes. There were some moments that just didn't need words and this was definitely one of those moments.

Willow snuggled closer as she tossed her leg over Tara's hip. There was no place on earth or in the universe that either of them wanted to be at this moment except laying here... smiling... snuggled together.

"I love you Willow..."

The red head reached out and caressed her lover's face.

<so soft...>

"I love you too..."

The day had been wonderful... beyond wonderful and now, they were beginning to embrace their last night in Phoenix.


Willow smiled and nodded her head as she watched those pouty lips in front of her move and form words.

"Do you want to get some room service?"

Willow leaned in and just before capturing those gorgeous lips, she whispered.


Tara closed her eyes as soft lips pressed against her own. The kiss was soft and slow and both women found themselves lost in the moment. Tara parted her lips when she felt a warm tongue slide across her mouth. She couldn't believe what a kiss from Willow could do to her.

The blonde shivered as Willow's tongue slowly slid across her own. The kiss deepened and before Tara knew it, she found herself on her back with a very a gorgeous red head above her... smiling oh so seductively.

"This does count as room service... right?"

"Oh yes..."

Tara closed her eyes and surrendered completely to Willow's touch. The blonde had always wondered what it would be like once she gave herself to someone in such an intimate way and now, as she felt Willow trail kisses down her stomach, Tara realized not even her wildest fantasies could come close to what she felt at this moment.

Willow smiled as she crawled her way up Tara's body and came face to face with her lover.

"You are amazing..."

She watched as Tara's cheeks deepened to a rosy glow.

"You shouldn't be embarrassed you know? You are an incredible lover, a beautiful woman, the love of my life... shall I go on?"

"No... please stop..."

Warm laughter filled the room as the two women continued to bask in the moment. They rolled playfully across the bed... giggling and tickling one another without mercy. Finally, Tara gave in and begged for Willow to stop. The blonde simply couldn't take it any longer and her bladder was screaming for the tickling to cease.

"Oh god... Willow... please... I've got to go..."

"Go?... where do you think you're going?"

Willow smiled playfully as she released her hold on the blonde. She laughed as Tara leaped from the bed and ran to the bathroom slamming the door behind her.

<Ohhhhhh... what a view...>

A few minutes later, Tara emerged from the bathroom and found Willow propped up in bed reading the room service menu.

"There's some good stuff on here..."

Willow lost her place on the menu as her lover jumped back into bed laughing as she did so.

"So tell me..."

The red head laughed as she found her spot and began reading down a list of options. Finally, they decided on a salad, a fruit plate and some deep fried mushrooms. They placed their order and began flipping through the tv channels.



Willow tossed the remote to the foot of the bed.

"I guess I should get dressed before our food gets here..."

Tara nodded her head.

"Me too..."

After they dressed, the two of them stepped out onto their private patio. The sky was a deep purple as stars began dotting the sky. A small sliver of the moon could be seen and the evening air felt warm against their skin.

Willow wrapped her arms around Tara from behind as they stood silently looking up at the western sky.

"It's beautiful..."

"Yes it is..."

Tara turned in her lover's arms and wrapped her hands around Willow's neck.

"Willow... thank you for bringing me out here with you and for giving me so many moments which I will never forget..."

Willow leaned forward and kissed the blonde softly.

"It's been my absolute pleasure and honor to spend this time with you Tara..."

A soft knock on the door pulled their attention back inside.


The two girls bounced toward the door and greeted the startled doorman with bright smiles and happy hello's. The young man wheeled his cart in and tried his best not to look around the room. However, it was hard not to notice the clothes strung about and the covers all over the floor, not to mention the glowing young women in front of him. He simply emptied their cart, gathered his tip and headed on his way silently wishing that somehow the door would swing back open and the two gorgeous women would invite him in to join them.

Willow closed the door and the two of them instantly busted out laughing.

"Did you see the look on his face..."

Tara laughed so hard that she had to wipe the tears from her eyes.

"I thought he would faint..."

Their laughter continued as they uncovered their dinner.

"Mmmmm... this smells delicious..."

The blonde popped a mushroom in her mouth and smiled at her lover.

"They are delicious..."

Willow swatted the blonde's behind and picked up their food.


Tara gathered what Willow couldn't carry and followed the red head outside.

"Sounds good to me..."

"Great! How bout when we're done we get in the hot tub?"

Willow nodded her head in agreement as she stuffed a fork full of salad into her mouth. The two girls ate as the sun finished its decent in the Arizona sky and gave command of light to the silvery moon. Both girls wondering what kind of excitement the hot tub would bring...

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