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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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The unmistakable sound of a helicopter engine firing up broke the hungry kiss between Willow and Tara. They stood smiling at one another as the air around them crackled from the excitement flowing between them.

"I think that's our cue..."

Tara nodded and grabbed Willow's hand and headed out of the barn. She couldn't wait to get off the ground and get a birds-eye view of the wild horses living free on the reservation. It was something she had always dreamed of and here she walked, hand-in-hand with her beloved across the paved lot to the helicopter.

<How did my life take a turn towards heaven>

She looked over at Willow who was smiling ear to ear. There was no one else on earth Tara would rather have shared this moment with. She squeezed Willow's hand as they made their way into the office; neither one letting go of the other.


The two girls said their hello's to Sarah once again and waited to see what they needed to do. As if on cue, a voice rang over the radio signaling to the main office that the chopper was ready to be loaded.

Sarah took the two women through a back exit and sitting on the giant helicopter pad was a bright yellow chopper. The three of them ran to the chopper and Sarah showed them where to board. They strapped in and found themselves even more excited once they found out that they could communicate through their helmets.

They watched as Sarah ran back to the office and gave the thumbs up sign to Mike.

"Are you girls ready?"

Mike watched two very happy heads bob up and down. Willow watched as the earth faded farther and farther away. She looked over and found Tara looking far off into the distance. Her blue eyes already searching for the wild horses.

<She's an angel>

The helicopter steadily carried the two girls over hills and valleys. They could easily see the creeks and waterways that flowed through the land below. The colorful wildflowers that dotted the plains and the pine groves that served as a sometimes-temporary shelter from wind, rain and heat.


Willow's words rang in Tara's ears, causing the blonde to look at her lover. Willow's eyes were fixed on the blonde and Tara could see love shining at her through those emerald gems.

She mouthed the words I love you and watched as Willow returned the sentiment.

"Okay ladies... we've got some mustangs up here on the left..."

Tara leaned over to get the best possible view she could. She felt her heart swell as the horses came into view. There had to be at least forty or fifty in the herd grazing in the meadow below them.

The pilot passed over the herd and swung back around. As he did so the rumbling of the propeller spooked the horses and caused them to take off running.

"Willow... look at them..."

Willow looked on in awe at the sight below her. The horses were running against the wind with their mane and tail swishing in the air around them. She could almost imagine what it must have been like hundreds of years ago... long before reservations were needed when these majestic animals roamed wild and free from captivity. In that instant she understood how Tara could so easily fall in love with horses.

"They're amazing..."

Willow looked over at her lover and saw tears streaming down Tara's face. She knew that a part of the blonde's heart was down there running wild and carefree with those horses.

<Run... Tara... run...>

Tara felt Willow's fingers entwine with her own. She quickly looked over and smiled in an effort to reassure the red head.

"I know baby... I know..."

Tara looked back down as she wiped the tears from her cheeks. Willow had single handily made a dream come true for her. She would never forget this moment as long as she lived and she vowed to somehow find a way to give back to Willow this amazing feeling that she felt deep inside.

The chopper followed the herd for a short distance before heading on out. They circled the reservation and saw many other smaller herds but nothing compared to the first group they saw.

The pilot announced that it was time to head back to the office and slowly swung the chopper around. He told them about the different areas they were flying over and how the horses had come to live on the reservation. Both, Willow and Tara listened in rapt attention as Mike explained how the safe-haven for the horses had came into existence.

Before they knew it they had landed back at the office and were now climbing out of the helicopter.

"Thanks Mike... that was the most amazing thing ever..."

"Your welcome... you girls come back any time."

"We will..."

They walked through the office and back out the front and climbed into their car. Willow wondered why Tara was so silent, but she figured the blonde was somewhat saddened by the thought of leaving... or maybe just overwhelmed with the whole experience.

<I hope she's not sad... just overwhelmed... but not in a bad way... a good way...>

Willow put the car in gear and took out down the long lane. As they rounded the corner and made their way down to the main highway Tara looked reached over and put her hand on Willow's leg.

"Pull over..."


Willow looked at Tara to make sure she had heard her correctly.

"Pull over..."

The red head quickly pulled the car to the side of the lane.

<Oh my god... she's sick... I knew it... it's bad... bad overwhelming...>

Willow barely had time to put the car in park before Tara had climbed over and sat straddling the red head. Tara captured Willow's lips in a fierce kiss as she claimed the red head as her own. Her tongue sliding not so softly into Willow's mouth caused the red head to moan in pleasure. Tara deepened the kiss further as she felt Willow's hands cup her backside.

Willow felt Tara's hips slowly start to move against her.

<this is good... very good overwhelming... oh yeah...>

Slowly Tara brought the kiss to a less passionate fury to a more gentle exploration.

"I love you... .thank you so much for today..."

Willow tried to catch her breath.

"I love you too..."

Tara's arms were wrapped around Willow's neck and she couldn't help but giggle as she looked down and smiled sheepishly at her position.

"Sorry... .I just... couldn't help myself..."

Willow just smiled as she gave a little squeeze to the two hand-full's of Tara that she still cupped firmly.

"You don't ever have to apologize... I'm yours for the taking..."

Tara smiled playfully at her lover.

"Oh really... ."

Willow swallowed hard at the hungry look in Tara's eyes. The sun would soon be setting and both Willow and Tara knew that the night held the promise of tender caresses and soft kisses.

"I've created a monster..."

Tara just smiled at her lover.

"You have no idea..."

"Maybe not... yet! But the night is young Miss Maclay..."

Tara reluctantly made her way back to her seat.

"So it is lover... so it is..."

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