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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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Willow propped her head up in her right hand as she slowly reached out to draw tiny circles on Tara's exposed stomach. The feathery touch gradually brought the blonde out of a peaceful sleep.

"Good morning beautiful..."

Tara smiled as she reached out and ran her hand up Willow's arm.

"Hmm... .Great morning..."

Willow smiled as she watched Tara close her eyes and then begin stretching the sleepiness out of her body. The red head's eyes drifted down the curvaceous body twisting and arching its way into full consciousness. Willow's mind quickly filled with images of Tara writhing and calling out her name while she made love to her over and over again last night.



Tara opened her eyes and slowly looked around their bedroom before letting her baby blues come to rest on the grinning red head beside her.

"How did we get back in here sweetie...?"

"You don't remember?"

Tara just nodded her head no.

<She must have been more spent than I realized>

"The last time we made love last night..."

Willow watched as Tara's cheeks turned a light shade of red.

<She's so cute...>

"You fell asleep... under the waterfall... and I didn't have the heart to wake you. But after awhile I figured you were getting cold... so I woke you up and you wrapped around me and I floated to the edge of the pool..."

Tara remembered wrapping around her lover and the feel of warm water pouring over her but everything else was simply a blur.

"Then I carried you in here..."

Tara's eyes popped wide open.

"Willow! You carried me...?"

"Well... yeah."

The blonde watched as Willow grinned sheepishly. She ran a fingertip down Willow's arm making a point to outline the small bicep of her lover's arms.

"You brute you..."

Willow just laughed.

"Please... I may be little but I am strong... and besides that you weigh absolutely nothing..."

Willow quickly claimed Tara's lips in an effort to steal any comment that had a mind to escape the blonde's mouth.

"You really are amazing Willow Rosenberg..."

Willow traced Tara's full lips with her thumb.

"Tara... if you see anything amazing in me... it's only the reflection of what I see in you..."

Willow leaned down and captured Tara's lips in a sweet kiss. Kissing Tara made Willow feel alive inside. Like she could take on the world and nothing could even remotely stand in her way.

She slowly ended the kiss with smaller kisses. She wasn't quite sure she wanted to end the kiss at all. But she had made plans for the two of them today and Willow knew that if they were to experience those plans then she needed to quench the building fire from within.

"So... do you have any big plans on your agenda today Miss Maclay?"

Tara smiled as she tangled her fingers in Willow's hair.

"Only you..."

Tara claimed Willow's lips in a scorching kiss causing the red head to give up the notion of getting out of bed. The plans she had made could wait a while longer... it wasn't like the place she wanted to take Tara to was going anywhere.

Willow gave into the kiss and found herself on her back with a gorgeous blonde looking down at her.

"I believe I owe you a little something from last night... seeing as how I fell asleep and all..."

Willow started to speak but was quickly silenced as she felt the blonde grind against her.

<Plans what plans...>

"Tara... .ohhhhh... oh yeah..."

An hour and a half later, Willow lay spent on their bed. She couldn't believe that Tara... shy little Tara... had someone found her inner vixen and unleashed her newfound talents on her.


Tara was about to respond when all of a sudden her tummy announced its need to be fed. Both girls giggled, as Willow's tummy seemed to echo the call for food.

"Well... I guess that answers my next question."

Both girls climbed out of bed and began gathering their clothes for the day. Tara watched as Willow contemplated which top to wear with her jean shorts. She smiled when the red head chose the green Adidas tee.

"That one really brings out your eyes."

Willow flashed a quick smile to the blonde who had been watching her then looked towards the bathroom.

"You wanna go first... because if we go in there together..."

"Mmmmmm... yeah. I know what ya mean... sure. I can go first."

Willow nodded and watched her lover disappear behind the bathroom door. This would give her time to call ahead and confirm her appointment and make sure they still had transportation to and from their destination.

As Willow spoke to the front desk clerk she heard a low hum coming from somewhere around her. She listened as best she could as she secured their ride and could not figure out what she was hearing. As soon as she hung up the phone her senses easily identified the hum.

<Tara's singing in the shower>

A smile crept over Willow's face as she stepped to the bathroom door. She had never heard this particular song before but she was quickly falling in love with it... and the sound of Tara's voice drifting to her ears... .

Good morning beautiful... how was your night
Mine was wonderful... with you by my side

Willow heard the water shut off and decided to not make her presence known to the blonde. She stepped back to the bed and picked up her clothes. So far everything was going great and they hadn't even left their room.

The bathroom door swung open and Tara stepped out clad only in a towel. Willow thought she would have to pick her jaw up off the floor but somehow she managed to make it to the shower without losing total control of herself.

<Shower... must shower... .focus on shower... don't want to be a stinky Willow... resist... resist...>

Finally, Willow and Tara made their way to the front of the resort where their car awaited them.

"Nice wheels..."

Tara let her eyes take in the sporty silver convertible in front of her.

"Sweetie... .what kind of car is this?"

Willow smiled as she answered.


"Oh... very nice."

Before long the two women were on the road with the warm desert wind blowing through their hair. The sky was a deep blue dotted here and there with the smallest of white puffy clouds.

A quick stop at a roadside diner to grab a bite to eat was the only stop they made before pulling into the drive that led them to Willow's surprise for the blonde.

"I thought you might like this..."

Tara smiled at her lover as they continued down the paved drive. The anticipation was driving her crazy.

"I'm sure I will... no matter what..."

Tara found herself at a loss of words as they turned the corner and the full view of their journey's end came in sight. A giant welcome sign hung above the entrance gate that was swung open in cordial invitation.

Welcome to the Wild Mustang Reservation of county Arizona.

Willow looked over just in time to see the beautiful woman beside her wipe away a few fallen tears. She knew they were happy tears and she couldn't wait until they were actually out of the car and roaming the reserve. At least the area's they were allowed to roam.

Tara's blue eyes were darting everywhere. She could see a few of the wild horses off in the distance and wondered if she would be able to get a closer view. She felt the car come to a stop and her eyes quickly focused on Willow.

"I love you..."

Tara leaned over and captured Willow's lips in a kiss that could only express a fraction of her happiness. She would just have to find another way to fully express her joy later after they returned back to their room.

"I love you too..."

A young woman stepped out of the main office and walked over to where Willow and Tara sat... kissing. She cleared her throat and tried not to smile to big at the look on the two faces in front of her.

Willow just reached out and squeezed Tara's hand... never letting go.

"I'm Sarah... and I'll be giving you the grand tour today..."

Both Willow and Tara were grateful that the young woman wasted no time getting down to business. They got out of the car and followed Sarah as she walked across the parking lot to a row of barns.

"We have some of the injured horses in this barn over here... and there are some new foals in this barn."

Willow felt Tara squeeze her hand and she could only imagine the rate at which the blonde's heart must be pounding.

"We've got the whole day..."

Tara smiled at her lover. She couldn't believe that Willow had done this for her... brought her to this special place to witness with her very own eyes some of the last wild horses of north America.

"I know... I just can't believe it..."

Sarah walked ahead of the cute couple giving them some space. She could sense it was a special day for the two of them and she by no means wanted to impose on a private moment.

"Well believe it... I love you and I want to give you everything I can... everything that is in my power to give to you I will... happily."

Sarah led the two women inside the barn and pointed out the two red phones on either end of the stalls.

"Whenever you're ready to go up... just call the office and I'll let Mike know..."

Tara looked at Willow and the red head couldn't help but grin at the look on Tara's face.


Sarah looked to Willow and waited to see if she wanted to break the news to her partner.

"Yeah... we can go up in the helicopter if you want to... we'll be able to fly out over the reserve and see all the horses..."

Tara nodded her head.

"Oh yes..."

"Great! You ladies take your time... and just call when you're ready."

"Thank you..."

"Sure thing."

Tara watched as Sarah walked away. As soon as the woman cleared the door she pounced on Willow. Willow never knew what hit her but that was okay. Tara was happy so that made her happy. So far the day had been a super success and they hadn't even gone through the first barn...

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