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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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Willow's gaze followed the blonde until she disappeared through the automatic doors of the grocery store. Tara had insisted that Willow wait on her and spend the time getting to know her new ride. Willow decided to obey and began flipping through the pages of her owner's manual.

She recognized words and pictures but her mind was completely focused on Tara and the night ahead. She wondered what exactly would happen, if anything, between the two of them.

She knew she wanted to make love to the blonde, but it was still early and Tara had never been with anyone and there was no way Willow was going to rush her or push her into doing something she didn't want to do.

<I'll let her take the lead... or maybe she wants me to take the lead... she might not even know what the lead is... do I even know what the lead is... am I going to sit here and drive myself crazy thinking about it...>

Willow let out a deep sigh.


Her eyes kept returning to the exit door and finally Tara walked out. Willow watched as the blonde stopped to help an elderly lady get a newspaper.

<Her heart is as big as the universe...>

Tara looked up and spotted the shiny new Jeep right away. Willow was smiling at her and waving from across the parking lot. Tara smiled back and crossed the parking lot with her groceries in tow. She pushed her cart up to Willow's window and watched the power window roll down smoothly.


"Hey yourself... I bought a bottle of white wine... I didn't know if you liked it or not... so I thought I would check before we left the store..."

<She bought wine... hmmm... special occasion...>

"I love it..."

"Great... if you're ready we can head back to the house."

"I'm ready..."

Tara rolled the cart to her truck and placed her bags in the back. She could feel her heart beating faster at the thought of getting back to the house and spending the night with Willow. She wanted to make it romantic... a night to remember. She just hoped that she didn't make a complete idiot out of herself.

Willow smiled as her driveway came into view. The trip home was not nearly as fun as the trip into town. Even the thrill of a new car couldn't overpower the thought of spending the night with Tara.

The two girls pulled into the drive and shut their vehicles off. Willow hopped out and headed to the back of Tara's truck and grabbed the groceries.

<I can at least be... gentlewomanly...>

Tara smiled at the red head as they walked up onto the porch.

"I could have helped carry those ya know..."

"I know... but you loaded them... so..."

Willow scrunched her eyebrows together as they stopped in front of the door.

"What's wrong..."

Willow grinned as she nodded at the door.

"The keys are in my pocket..."


Tara stepped closer to the red head and smiled a most naughty smile.

"I'll get them..."

Willow's eyes went wide as she felt Tara's hand slide into her front pocket.

<She's trying to kill me...>

"OOPS... wrong pocket."

All Willow could do was swallow and enjoy the sweet torture.

"Got em..."

Tara couldn't resist the opportunity that she had. Willow with her hands full... at her mercy. She leaned in and captured the red head's lips in a kiss that almost sent the groceries to the floor. For Willow the kiss ended way to soon.

"I'll get the door."

The red head could only nod and hope that her legs would carry her into the house. She followed the blonde into the kitchen and placed her cargo on the counter.

"What should I do with these?"

Willow turned and saw Tara grinning like the cat that ate the canary. She had the key ring hooked around her finger dangling them in front of Willow.

<Two can play this game...>

Willow grabbed the keys and tossed them on the counter. The next thing Tara knew she was pressed against the refrigerator with Willow's lips claiming her. A thought quickly passed through Tara's mind of the contrast between the cool refrigerator door against her back and the warmth of Willow's body against her front. That thought quickly dissolved though as a warm, soft tongue slid across her lips.

<Dinner can wait a few minutes...>

Finally, the kiss ended and Willow felt rather pleased with herself after seeing the look on Tara's face. She could see that her eyes were a bit darker... her cheeks were flushed and her lips were almost begging for more.

"So... what's for dinner..."

Tara took a moment to calm her racing heart.

"Chicken... and rice..."

"Sounds great... I'm starving..."

The two girls went to work fixing dinner. They laughed and talked a lot about the farm, music, and the crazy weather that seemed to be normal for Ohio. Willow set the table as Tara finished pulling their meal from the oven.

Tara sat the dish down on the counter and felt Willow's arms wrap around her from behind.

"Oooohhhhhh... it smells delicious."

"That's because it is..."

The conversation easily flowed through dinner and Willow found herself totally addicted to Tara's cooking.

"That was the best chicken I've ever ate."

Tara blushed at the compliment as she stood and carried her plate to the sink. Willow noticed and couldn't help but ask.

"Why do you always blush so cute when I give you a compliment?"

Willow carried her dishes to the sink and watched as the blondes blush deepened.

"I'm just not used to it... I've never really had anyone tell me those things before..."

"Well... you'll just have to get used to it... because I could find something to compliment you about everyday... perhaps even non-stop..."

Tara reached out and caressed Willow's face.

<So soft... and beautiful>

This time the kiss came as no surprise. Neither one would ever be able to recall who leaned in first... but what that kiss led up to would never be forgotten...

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