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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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Tara slowly opened her eyes and noticed that the rain had almost stopped. She glanced at the clock and sighed. It was time to check on the horses. Time had completely escaped the two women and sleep had claimed them for the afternoon.

Tara smiled at the petite woman still sleeping soundly wrapped around her. She ran her fingers over a smooth shoulder covered in freckles.

<How cute...>

Willow stirred in her sleep and Tara took the opportunity to untangle herself from the red head. She picked up a t-shirt and started to put it on then realized that it was Willow's. She smiled as she looked over at the sleeping beauty.

She didn't know how this California native had managed to move here and capture her heart so quickly. But Tara knew without a doubt that Willow was the one. She had known it the moment their eyes met and everything that felt undone in Tara's life slid into place.

Tara grabbed her t-shirt and pulled it on. She guessed that if she was a bit cold, then Willow must be even colder. She pulled a blanket over those freckled shoulders and placed a kiss on Willow's head.

"Where you going?"

"Hey... I thought you were asleep..."

Willow turned towards the blonde and smiled a sleepy smile.

"I was until my heater left... now I'm cold."

Tara handed the other t-shirt to Willow.

"Put this on... I'll turn the heat up before I go out..."


Tara tucked a stray hair behind Willow's ear and lovingly caressed her cheek.

"I have to feed the horses..."

Willow wanted to pout but she didn't. Those horses were Tara's life and there was no way she would try and take her away from them.

"Coming back... ?"

"As soon as I'm finished..."

Willow grabbed Tara's hand and brought it to her lips, placing warm kisses all over it.

"Take your time... and be careful..."

Tara could only grin at Willow as she got up and made her way toward the door. She looked back and saw Willow pulling the t-shirt over her head.

"Get under the covers... you'll be much warmer..."

Willow smiled and did as she was told, knowing that she should get up and get something warmer on and even fix them something for dinner. Not to mention her bladder was screaming at her to make a trip to the bathroom.

<I'll wait till she's out the door... then I'll get up and surprise her when she comes back in with lot's of yummy goodness...>

Willow listened as Tara went down stairs and out the door. She quickly got up and headed to the bathroom.

<First things first...>

Tara walked to the barn in hurried steps. The temperature had definitely dropped. She would need to make sure that there was plenty of hay for the horses before she left the barn.

The walls of the barn were very sound and kept the air off the horses, but she really wished that they had a way to heat the barn. But until that day came she could only do the best she could with what she had.

She opened the barn door and stepped inside, thankful for the shelter from the cold wind and rain. She walked down the stalls checking on the horses. She called each one by name and they all greeted her as she walked by.

She gave a little extra food to the mom-to-be and then headed upstairs. She charted their feedings and then decided to call Doug.


"Hey Doug... it's Mac... I just wanted to let ya know that you didn't have to come up to the barn today..."

"Well... you caught me just in time... I was ready to head that way..."

Tara smiled into the phone.

"Well... I've got it all under control... so go do something fun..."

Doug just laughed and teased the blonde about wanting to be on the farm alone with the red head and was a little surprised when all he got was a shy laugh.

"Well... get out of that barn and back to your honey... I'm sure it's much warmer in the house..."

"I'll see you tomorrow Doug... if you need me call my cell..."

"Okay Mac... bye..."


Tara hung up the phone and double-checked the horses before leaving them. They all looked very content as they chomped on their grain.

"I'll be back later my little babies... ."

A soft snort was all she got from Frankie as she closed the door and took off for the house. She pulled her jacket tight around her and picked up the pace.

<Maybe I'll fix Willow something good to eat...>

Tara stepped through the front door, momentarily lost in the happy feeling of not having to knock but just walking right on in like she lived there too. Her thoughts began drifting towards that happy scenario.

<I wonder if she leaves the cap off the toothpaste?>

The blonde walked into the living room and could smell something cooking in the kitchen.

<Well... looks like she beat me to it>

"Honey... I'm home..."

Willow smiled as the blondes voice floated through the kitchen and wrapped around her followed by arms that were still chilled from being outside.

"Ohhh... cold... cold..."

Tara just smiled innocently.

<I am so whipped>

"Are you hungry?"


Willow stirred the vegetable soup that had begun to boil.

"Well... wash your hands and I'll set the table."

"Yes... ma'am..."

Tara placed a quick kiss on Willow's cheek and headed to the sink to wash her hands. Willow pulled down some bowls from the cabinets and grabbed some spoons.

"You want crackers?"


The two women worked side by side pouring soup, getting drinks and whatever else they could find to munch on. They decided to sit in the living room in front of the fire and warm their backs as well as their bellies.

Dinner was comfortably quiet as both Willow and Tara ate their soup. The fire crackled and the room glowed from the red and orange flames. Who knew soup could be so romantic.

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