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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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Disclaimer: I don't own Willow and Tara, if I did I would set them free...

The cold September rain bounced off the tin roof of the renovated farmhouse. It was just a light rain, but it fell heavy enough to stir the red head on the floor out of a blissful sleep. Willow looked around the room trying to figure out what had awakened her. As her mind cleared she realized it was raining.

A sleepy smiled crossed her face as her green eyes fell on the blonde still sleeping on her couch. Willow contemplated getting up but decided to stay still and just soak up the vision of beauty in front of her.

The deep and steady rise and fall of Tara's chest told Willow that the blonde would not be waking up for some time which was quite all right with her. She propped her head up in her hand and lovingly gazed at Tara. The blonde had ignited something deep inside Willow. Something she had never experienced.

<It must be love...>

The phone rang and Willow silently cursed the talking device. Tara rolled onto her side and continued sleeping. Willow tried to get up without making too much noise and ended up banging her knee into the coffee table.

She would have cried out in pain but Tara turned the red head's injury into a sweet moment by mumbling in her sleep.

"Watch out for the puppies..."

Willow stood frozen in place, the phone ringing and her knee throbbing... as an almost uncontrollable fit of giggles racked through her body.

"Puppies... ?"

Willow listened as the machine picked up and the caller left a message.

<I hate telemarketers...>

The red head straightened up and took a long, unguarded look at Tara. The blonde was dreaming and still mumbling but Willow couldn't distinguish words.

<Tara Maclay... you are so beautiful...>

Willow decided that since she was up she might as well get some breakfast going. She wondered what Tara might like and settled for pancakes.

<She looks like a pancake girl...>

Tara smiled as she felt herself coming out of a dream. The first thing she noticed was that she hadn't slept in her bed... the next thing she noticed was the fact that she could smell Willow.

<Mmmmm... Willow... and... pancakes...>

Blue eyes fluttered open and slowly the night before came flooding back to her. She was still wrapped up in Willow's jacket and noticed that a blanket had been added.

<She tucked me in... and I don't even remember...>

Tara heard noise from the kitchen and guessed that Willow was making pancakes.

She sat up and tried running her fingers through her hair but it was no use. She could only imagine how scary she must look at the moment. She pulled Willow's jacket up to her and took a deep breath.

<Mmmmm... Willow>

"Hey sleepyhead..."

Tara jumped as Willow came around the corner. Whether she was startled or afraid of being caught sniffing her jacket like a total dork, she just couldn't tell.


"I hope you like pancakes... that's all I've got..."

The blonde nodded and tried to stifle a yawn.

<She is a goddess...>

"Well... the table is set... if you're ready..."

Tara stood and the blanket fell away from her wrinkled clothes. She still smelled like horse and desperately needed a shower.

<After breakfast...>

The two women sat around the table trading shy glances and soft smiles. Willow finally spoke up.

"So... what do you do with the horses on a day like this?"

Tara swallowed and took a drink of milk.

"Well... actually when it rains... unless there is an emergency... we usually just come in and feed them and then go home. Not much to do on a rainy day..."

Willow felt her heart swell.

<No working in the barn... means... more time in the house...>

"So... you got any plans for today..."

"Actually... if you don't mind... I would really love to take a shower and get some clean clothes on... after that... I guess I'm yours all day..."

Willow couldn't hide her smile and quickly decided she didn't want to. She wanted Tara to see what the thought of spending the day with her caused.

"I mean... if you have plans... I can go home...>

"NO... I mean... no... I want you to stay..."

Tara nodded her head.

"It's settled then... I'll just head to the shower... then I'm all yours..."

Willow felt her breath catch as all kinds of naughty thoughts entered her mind.

<Stop that... focus... focus...>

"Great... maybe we can watch a movie or something..."

A crooked grin spread across Tara's face and she couldn't help but flirt with Willow. It just felt so natural.

"Yeah... or something..."

Willow tried to speak but ended up sounding very much like a caveman.

"Shower... upstairs... clean clothes..."

Tara stood and headed up the stairs and Willow forced herself not to watch the blonde go. She just knew she would have crawled after her continuing to mumble incoherently. Just as she felt her heart rate return to a normal pace, Tara's sweet voice rang down the stairs.

"Willow... where are the towels?"

Willow closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"She's going to be the death of me..."

A few minutes later Tara emerged from the shower feeling clean and refreshed. It thrilled her beyond belief that she was actually going to be spending the day with Willow. She toweled off then secured the towel around her and walked out into Willow's bedroom

The redhead had left a t-shirt and pair of sweats on her bed and Tara grinned. The shirt would be a little tight but the sweats were perfect. She brushed her hair and headed back down the steps.

Willow looked up when she heard the blonde coming down the steps and found herself mesmerized by the sight that greeted her.

<I never knew my t-shirt could look so good...>

"Feel better..."


Willow grabbed the movies she had picked out and read them out loud. Tara watched as the red head displayed different emotions concerning each movie. She had seen them all, that was evident.

<She's so cute when she gets excited...>

"So... which one..."

"You pick... the first one..."

<First one???... that means there will be a second one... woohoo...>

"Okay... how bout... this one?"

Willow held up the box with the web-shooting hero and Tara smiled. She liked Spider-Man. She was just about to say so when she noticed Willow had a very strange expression on her face.

"Willow... are you okay..."

"Fine..." Willow squeaked before clearing her throat and trying again.

"I'm fine... are you ready..."


"Well... we'll have to go back upstairs... the tv is in my bedroom... I can move it if you want.."

Tara looked at Willow as if she had sprouted wings.

"Move it?!... Ahhh... I don't think that is necessary..."

"Oh... well... then... .let's go..."

Tara sat on the edge of Willow's bed. <No chairs... just bed... okay... it's just a movie... calm down and breath Tara... it's not like you haven't kissed her yet...>

And that seemed to be part of the problem. Tara wasn't sure that if she climbed up in bed with Willow that she would be able to concentrate on the movie.

<Slow... go slow... slow...>

Willow seemed to sense some of the blonde's anxiety and felt the need to put the girl at ease.

"Tara... if you're uncomfortable... we can do something else..."

"No... it's just..."

A warm blush crossed Tara's face as she continued.

"I'm not sure I'll be able to concentrate on the movie..."

Willow smiled as she walked up to the blonde. She ran her thumb over Tara's lips and leaned in for a kiss.

"I know what you mean..."

Tara closed her eyes as she felt those warm Willow lips descend on her. She never knew a kiss could be so tender. Willow wrapped her arms around the blonde and pulled her closer. Their bodies pressed together causing both girls to feel weak in the knees.

Willow pulled back only to recapture Tara's lips a few more times before reluctantly suggesting they start the movie.

After a few more kisses, Willow finally popped the dvd in and crawled up on the bed. She fluffed her pillows and leaned back against her headboard. They sat side by side, both afraid to make a move in fear of what might happen.



"You want to snuggle while we watch the movie..."

The blonde just smiled and scooted in front of the red head. She felt Willow's arms go around her and she leaned back into the warm body behind her.

The credits started to come up and the rain started to fall harder.



Tara turned around and looked deep into Willow's eyes.

"I don't want to watch the movie..."

At that moment Willow became enslaved to the blonde.

"Me either..."

Willow ran her fingers through damp hair and captured the blonde's lips in a slow kiss. Neither one knew where the moment would lead, but they were certain that it would go no further than what they both agreed on.

There was no rush to reach some high in the sky summit. No urgency to find release for the desire that grew inside them. They moved slow and deliberate. Taking in every touch... every kiss... as a lifetime of memories began on that rainy September day.

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