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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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"So... every year you have a two-day camp out, bon-fire included... with trail rides... live music... pumpkin carving contests and games for the kids... ?"

Willow was impressed and couldn't wait to invite Buffy and the rest of the gang to Ohio for the weekend festival. <Maybe by then I'll be able to show them I can actually stand close to a horse without freezing up like a Popsicle.>

"And we also take different age groups through the barn and let them pet the horses... kinda get them used to them..."

Tara ducked her head and gave Willow the most adorable crooked grin and softly added.

"So... that way they don't grow up with a fear of them..."

Willow could only grin as that last comment came flying at her. <She's so cute when she smiles like that>

"I know... I know... but it was a mean pony... a possessed pony... I'm telling ya it would have scared you for life too."

Through her giggles Tara promised to take Willow riding.

"It will be fun... safe... and... did I mention fun?"

"If you say so"

<I can't believe I'm actually considering riding a horse. But then again if I ride with Tara... there is the whole chance of me getting to wrap my arms around her and hold on... or maybe I'll sit in front of her... and she can wrap her arms around me... ...does it really matter as long as there is arm wrapage... I think not!>

Tara watched as different emotions played across Willow's face. She knew that the wheels were turning and as much as she wanted to stay here in Willow's company she knew she had to check on the horses.

"Well... I better get out to the barn..."

Willow's heart dropped as soon as Tara mentioned leaving. She could see hesitation on the blonde's face as well.

"Yeah... and I gotta finish getting my computer set up..."

Both girls stood and silently wished for the other to make some kind of move. A hug... a squeeze of the hand... anything but neither one made a move. They just stood in front of each other: lost in the moment and scared to break the spell they both seemed to be under.

Tara found herself lost in pools of green. Willow's eyes were the most incredible eyes she had ever seen. It felt as if she could see the red head's very soul, shining through and reaching out to her: wrapping around her like a warm blanket on a cold winter's night. <Now or never Mac>

She decided to take a chance and so she slowly reached out and took Willow's hand in her own. <She must feel me shaking>

"Lunch was great..."

She gave Willow's hand a squeeze and was delighted when she felt a gentle squeeze in return.

"I have had an absolutely wonderful time Willow... thank you for everything."

Willow locked her knees when she felt Tara's hand slide into hers. She knew if she didn't she would have surely hit the floor. <Her skin is so soft... so warm... I wonder if she can feel me shaking>

"Me too... I mean... wonderful time... had by me..."

Tara smiled another crooked grin. Willow was so cute. She could definitely get used to spending her lunches... and dinners... and possibly even breakfast's with the adorable red head from California.

Slowly their hands slipped apart and Tara made her way to the back door, with Willow a short step behind her wearing a million dollar smile. Tara turned and gave Willow one last look.

"I'll see ya later..."

"Without a doubt."

Willow stood in the doorway and watched Tara walk towards the barn. She knew in that moment that she wanted to get to know everything there was to know about Tara Maclay.


The blonde turned and saw Willow running to catch up with her and she couldn't help but smile as she held her hand up to shade her eyes from the bright sun.

"I just wanted... I mean... if you would like to... maybe we could..." <Just say it goof head>

"I think you are a wonderful and beautiful woman... and I would love to get to know you better... that is if you wa..."

Willow couldn't finish her sentence. Tara leaned over and placed a small kiss on her cheek.

"I would love that..."

Willow stood in stunned silence. All she could do was nod her head and watch as Tara turned and disappeared inside the barn. Slowly she reached up and touched her cheek.

<It tingles... >

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