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Author: Willohand
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Willow, Tara, Buffy & any of the other BtVS characters that might pop up belong to Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and mutant Enemy, which they all became by killing off Tara and breaking up everybody's favourite wiccan couple. All original characters are the creation of my own imagination. Oh, & the university really does exist.

"People. PEOPLE PLEASE!" The room went silent. "All right, this is something we all worked hard towards so I want you all to go out there and have fun. All your family and friends are there to see what had you away from home... let's show them."

The room exploded with cheers, yells and lots of excitement. Willow was a nervous wreck. It was here. This evening she was going to surprise Tara by dancing, and dancing the flamenco no less. Oh boy I don't think I can do this.
Brain to Willow. Ssshhh... we are ready for this. Hey our fifteen minutes of fame awaits us. Tara is going to be so surprised. Can't wait to see her reaction.
Willow to Brain. Gulp, uh, yeah, right, Tara. My surprise for Tara.

Suddenly Willow was standing taller. I can do this for my wife.
Brain to Willow. Now you're talking.

Willow`s outfit was in another area of the hall, on the other side of the building where she practiced in secrecy with Chris.

Everybody was helping one another with hair and make up. Outfits were in the areas of each dancer. Raven was very particular when it came to order. Each of her participants knew where his or her outfit was just by looking at the color-coded symbol. Tara and Willow came up with the system to keep things moving. As Raven explained earlier on, changing into and out of outfits was going to be crucial. Willow volunteered to help behind the scenes with any help Raven needed.

Her only concern was Jamie. She tried to be polite when Jamie asked her out. But the woman wasn't getting the hint.Willow didn't like the fact that Jamie's behavior was disrespecting Tara. But she explained Jamie coming on to her to Tara. She didn't want Tara for any reason doubting her feelings for her.

Earlier today.

"I love you. I'm in love with you. That Jamie woman is flirting with me. I'm with you. I'm yours only. So if you see anything don't pay it any mind okay? Don't let her talking to me upset you. It's just that on my part, talk," she told Tara.

Taking Willow`s face in her hands she kissed her softly. "I know already you're mine. And as far as that Jamie person..." Tara stopped signing and pinned Willow`s body to a wall and kissed her hard, leaving Willow`s lips quivering. She winked then walked away. Willow was short of breath as her eyes took in the sight of her half naked girlfriend getting dressed.

Willow was brought back from her thoughts by a pair of arms slipping around her waist. But right away she knew it wasn't Tara. She pulled away quickly.

"Jamie what do you think you're doing? Tara damn it. What if my girlfriend sees this?" Jamie stood smiling at Willow.

"We could go to another room if you like," Jamie said, smirking as she spoke. Willow took a step back.

"I'm not going to cheat on Tara. I want you to stop this. Because to tell you the truth Jamie, with your attitude and behavior... bored now." Willow walked away leaving a shocked and angry Jamie.

Jamie herself took off to find and hurt Tara. She was stretching in a corner by herself, trying to calm her nerves. She opened her eyes to a pair of shoes in front of her. Tara looked up to find Jamie in front of her. Jamie knelt down by Tara`s side, smiling. She slipped her a note and walked away.

The note read: 'What do you think its like, for Wilow I mean, her not having a complete lover? I can't imagine what it must be like to not have your lover hear you while you're in the thrills of passion. She doesn't say anything I'm sure, but it has to be in her mind. You two making love and she`s calling out your name, but you can't respond because you don't hear her. I can see you two together doing your little signing. That must be exhausting while you're trying to be together. If you really love her you would give her one night to be with a whole woman who can give her the night of full passion she deserves.' Tara was trembling from anger so badly she was unable to get up..She tried to get up but her body was already numb.

Buffy was just finished talking to Wilow so she came to see Tara. She wasn't sure what was going on with Tara. Tara was slumped on the floor laughing and talking to herself. Buffy quickly ran over before Willow could notice. She gently touched Tara`s shoulder, causing Tara to jump. "Tara what is it? Whats wrong?" Tara simply gave Buffy the note. Buffy read it then helped Tara up and into the bathroom. Tara had a look on her face.

Once inside Buffy helped to steady Tara. Then she put her fist through a wall. "She can't talk to you this way. I'm not letting her get away with this." Tara's head was down and she was too upset to look Buffy in the eyes. Buffy lifted Tara`s chin.

"Hey you don't think Wilow feels this way do you?" Tara didn't answer. Buffy was now beyond angry with Jamie. "I'm going to kick that SKANK`S ASS!" Buffy yelled. Tara just watched Buffy rant. Finally she grabbed Buffy pulling her into a tight hug. "Aughhhh T-Tara cant bre-breathe here." Tara smiled and stepped back.

"What`s that look on your face? Tara what are you up to?" Buffy asked with wonder. Tara smiled, trying to look as innocent as possible, signing "Well you read her little note. She`s after what's mine. Now what's a girl to do but fight for what's hers? Or should I crawl up like some easy push-over as she goes after my Willow?" Buffy hugged her friend.

"Are you going to show Willow the note? You know she's not going to like this, that she hurt you. I could beat her up if you want." Buffy signed.

Taking a deep breath Tara said, "I know. I heard for a petite person you kick ass." They both laughed. There was a knock on the door.Willow popped her head in. "Can I come in or is this a private party?" she signed. Tara practically dragged her in and kissed her passionately. Buffy left.

Tara signed, "So how's my girlfriend doing back stage? Is Raven nervous? Does she have my poor Willow up and down?" As she backed Wilow up against the wall, she went on, "Hows Jamie? Still chasing my girlfriend? I have to say I'm getting pretty bored with this game. She wants you. Oh she gave me this a little while ago."

Before reading it Willow signed, "Oh my god you're babbling through sign. Who have you been hanging out with?" Willow read the note. Tears were in her eyes. "Tara, oh baby, I'm so sorry. I'm going to kick that woman`s ass."

Tara grabbed Willow, and signed, "Oh no you don't. First you're going to tell me what happened between you two, if anything. When she approached me she was angry. I could feel it coming off her. So what happen to make her so angry?" Tara gently but firmly asked. Willow leaned against the wall and told Tara what happened. She kissed Willow lightly on the forehead and calmed herself.

"Are you telling me she had her arms around your waist? Around the waist that belongs to me? She was touching you intimately? Oh that's it. Nobody touches my girlfriend without her permission. Willow are you okay baby? She didn't try anything right?" Tara signed frantically.Willow stopped her hands.

"No but her coming up behind me like that is enough. She invaded my personal space." Tara cringed at the thought of any part of Jamie being that close to Willow and from such an intimate position...

"You are you know?" Tara signed.

"What?" Willow asked.

"Mine." Tara stated simply as she walked out with note in hand. I'm going to talk to Jamie. Okay, I can do this. Just remember what Buffy taught me. First I have to control my breathing. Tara took a few minutes to go through what she went through with Buffy.
Brain to Tara. We have to do this and I'm ready.
Throat to Brain. I'm ready.
Vocal chords to Brain. I'm ready.
Brain to Tara. We can do this. She has to know she can't do what she did and we say nothing.

Willow could sense something in her girlfriend and it was getting her more than a little excited. She recovered to realize Tara had left the bathroom.

Taking some deep breaths she walks around until she spotted Jamie with her girlfriends in make-up. Tara walked right up, brushing one of the other woman in the process. Jamie got up from where her make-up was being applied.

"Hey Tara.How`s it going?" she said as she smiled towards her friends. Tara got in Jamie`s face and spoke slow and clear, without her stammer she got when upset.

"You have crossed the line this time. No other woman dares to walk up behind my girlfriend putting her arms around her waist in such an intimate manner if it's not me." Jamie`s friend got in Tara`s face, and said in shock, "You can talk? I thought.... I didn't know deaf people talk. You can talk." Tara ignored the stupid comment and continued with Jamie.

"I'm the only woman who has that right. You, Jamie, touched my girlfriend. Don't do it again. You want to play these childish games by going after her when you don't stand a chance that's your business but don't you ever," (Tara stepped even closer to Jamie) "let her tell me of you putting your hands on her again." One of Jamie's friend tried to get up close on Tara but was cut off by a strong hand holding her back. The group of women looked around to find a angry small blonde with a brunette standing off to her left.

"Hey Tara is this where the party`s at?" asked Faith as she took position in one of the two friends' face. Leaning in she bumped the woman.

Breaking eye contact with Jamie, Tara answered, "Oh hey Faith. I guess it is.You didn't happen to bring any party favors with you by any chance?" Tara signed jokingly.

"Is everything okay here Tara?" Buffy signed.

"Oh, what, this? Yeah I got this. Can you and Faith give me a minute?" she signed. Buffy and Faith turned and walked away leaving Tara alone again with the three woman.

"You think I'm just going to let you take my girlfriend from me, you're wrong. I will fight you for her. And Jamie, you started it here today by touching her like that. So be on your toes because I'm going to show you what a deaf woman can really do." She side stepped to ensure there was no physical contact and walked away. She caught up to Faith and Buffy. Grabbing Faith she pulled her into a hug.

"Shit Tara I guess Buffy is a great teacher.You were talking back there. And by the look on their faces..."

As Faith was speaking there came a voice over the speakers: "Ladies and gentlemen, please start to make your way to your seats. The fourth Annual Ballroom Dancing In The Park will begins shortly. Take your seats."

Tara froze on the spot. Both Faith and Buffy saw the look of fear on Tara's face. Buffy was there to calm her friend.

"Tara you're going to be fine, but just in case let me show you the breathing technique one more time, something a bit more advanced. I was taught this one while learning how to fire a gun for the first time. Okay Tara? Can I show you this to help you calm down?" Buffy signed. Tara shook her head yes. Buffy took Tara into another room away from everyone else. After a few minutes they walked out with Tara a different person.

"Thanks Buffy, and you too Faith, for being there to have my back with Jamie," Tara signed. They shared a group hug.

Faith pulled away. "Hey, thank that wife of yours. She sent us looking to make sure you didn't kick Jamie's ass and ruin all her hard work behind the scenes." Faith laughed. Then Tara was dragged away by the others to go to wardrobe, make-up and get out on the floor on their assigned spots.

Okay baby, you can do this. You were meant for this night. Just let yourself go. Just feel the music and remember how much I love you.

Momma? Momma, is it you? Ohmygod how did you get inside my head? Tara asked.

Oh Tara, I'm always with you. I'm out in the audience with Lanetra, seat in the first row to your far left. If you need to you can focus on us. See you out there. Buffy noticed and asked what was going on. But Tara smiled and assured Buffy they were happy tears.

Willow came in the room with clipboard like someone in charge. "Okay we have thirty minutes until we're to start. Just spend time relaxing. With about fifteen minutes before the show I will come and tell you how much time. With five minutes you all are expected to be line up in a single line outside the corridors leading to the dance floor. Ladies, you first, followed by the men. Okay, once out on the dance floor your spots will be marked with tape. Uh, the men's markings will be in red tape while the women's are in black. So just stretch, relax or whatever. Oh and good luck to you all it was my pleasure watching you all this time getting ready for this night." With that Willow turned and left the room.

It was all a buzz with excitement. Tara came running after Willow. She pulled her into a room and pinned her to the door, kissing her.

"I am so turned on by you right now. You're so in charge and running everything. So sexy, Will," Tara signed before moving in to undo her own pants button. "Will, I need you so much right now."

Grabbing Tara and lifting her off the floor, "You have me. And Tara I'm the one who`s on fire right now because of you. Faith told me what happened back there with Jamie." She ripped down Tara's pants and then her panties. "God baby, Faith told me you told that Jamie about putting her hands on me." With that Willow inserted two fingers inside Tara`s wet center. As she pumped into her she held Tara tightly to her. "I love you so much Tara Rosenberg Maclay. You are so sexy." Willow slid another finger into Tara. Tara did the same only she just unzipped Willows pants and pushed her panties to the side, making her fall against the door.

On the other side Jamie stood listening. She could hear Willow moaning out Tara's name over and over again. Tara could sense something. No not something but someone. She concentrated and sniffed a bit. Jamie she thought to herself.

Jamie was about to walk in disgust but was stopped by a voice. It was Tara calling out Willow`s name. "Will... Oh god Willow I'm coming. Oh Will you know what I need. Do it. And do it deep. Please..." It was silent except loud bumping against the door.Then Tara and Willow both screamed out one another's name. But Tara wasn't done yet. She snatched Willow's head around and licked and sucked her pulse point hard and long. Willow whimpered in pain for a second. Tara went to move but Willow held her there so Tara sucked harder. She finally pulled away seeing her marking already. She then dropped to her knees and slowly began to lick Willow's wet center. Willow's hips bucked forward smashing into Tara's face. This just made Tara want her girl even more. Their bumping and their hitting the door almost threw Jamie off balance. When Tara was done Willow's hair was soaked to her forehead and she was sweating as far Tara she was thankful for the empty rooms all over. Hmmm, maybe after the show I can find another room where I can... ravish her one more time before we leave.

Minutes after Tara, Willow came in. She looked...

"Uh Willow you alright? You look a bit unraveled," Buffy said with a smirk, as she looked in Tara's direction. Willow was trying to make her hair presentable. As she reached her blouse opened giving clear view to a dark red and blue mark on her neck. Faith had to hold her mouth to stop anything from coming out. There was small giggles across the room. Tara was smiling and licking her lips. Oh Willow, you are mine. I'm not sharing you with anyone. I'm going to make you my wife. I'm not sure I can wait until the Britney concert to ask you to marry me. Buffy is going through so much trouble. But I can do it there too. Yeah that way the whole world will know you're mine.

Willow looked in Tara`s direction, and Tara was giving her a look that made her entire being just melt. Getting flustered she quickly looked away and went into stage manager mode. Clapping her hands together she yelled, "Okay people, we have a show to put on. You all know where you should be for whatever it is you need." Tara gave Willow a sexy smile and a wink at her last comments. Willow gulped and looked at Buffy with an 'ohmygod she`s driving me crazy' look. Buffy and Faith both started to laugh.

Everybody was walking out excited that the time was finally here. Tara stayed behind and once again had Willow pinned. "Will, I can't wait for you see me dancing. Just remember it's you I'm dancing for." As she finished signing she looked shyly at Willow. "I-I-I hope you like the d-d-dress. I had it especially made with you in mind." She pulled Willow in and held her.

Willow pulled back, signing, "I love it. If it's going to be on you I know I already love it. Now go and get ready. I want to see my wife in this dress," she said smiling. Willow then checked her watch. "Shit," she cursed as she realized the surprise she had for Tara was already there. She took off. Buffy gave her the thumbs up which meant everything was on schedule. Willow smiled and calmed herself.

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