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Author: Willohand
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Willow, Tara, Buffy & any of the other BtVS characters that might pop up belong to Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and mutant Enemy, which they all became by killing off Tara and breaking up everybody's favourite wiccan couple. All original characters are the creation of my own imagination. Oh, & the university really does exist.

As Buffy was bringing Faith through the doors of her place, Faith smiled for the first time in days. It was good to see her smiling again. Faith was in a very confused state. Her mind was saying that talking to her mother wasn't possible, while her heart knew differently.

Okay what the hell is going on? I know those blue eyes. I was looking in my mom's eyes. Oh am I insane? Have I finally gone over the edge about my mom's death? Is my guilt eating away at my brain cells? Just then Faith felt a hand on her shoulder. She blinked once, twice, and finally she was looking into a pair of warm hazel eyes. Worried eyes.

"Buffy? Buffy what is it? Is it Willow? What happened to Tara?" she asked as she tried to climb out the wheelchair. Buffy used all her strength to keep Faith seated.

"Faith? Fai... Buttercup, stop," Buffy whispered the name but Faith stopped her struggle instantly. Her eyes watered as she looked up at Buffy.

"What did you just call me?" Faith asked in a heavy voice. Buffy knelt down in front of the woman she loved and repeated the nickname Faith mother had given her.

"I said Buttercup, please calm down. Willow is fine. And Tara is also fine. It's you we are worried about."

"I have to... go." She struggled to stand up due to the medications. Buffy held her down so she wouldn't hurt herself. Faith fell into Buffy s waiting strong arms. After finally getting Faith seated Buffy just held her, kissing her all over her face. Faith melted into Buffy's arms.

They spent their day holding one another, talking about Faith's childhood more. Faith cried as Buffy held her to her tightly, letting her girlfriend finally get rid of all that bottled up pain she had been harboring for so long.

"Tara?" Faith asked. Buffy wasn't sure just how to respond, so she let Faith continue. At first Faith lay still and silent.

"Buffy? Buffy who is Tara? I mean is she... I don't know. I get the feeling she's... she's special in some way. Do I sound crazy? Is it just me?" She looked at Buffy with a smirk. "I know what I'm about to tell you is going to make you to take me back to the hospital, but promise to hear me out first. I think that Tara, Willow's girlfriend, your new buddy is magical... okay that does sound insane." Sitting up she stands up. "Okay you can take me back to the hospital. Another flew over the cookoo nets. Sign me up baby," she smirked at Buffy but was serious.

Buffy pulled her back into bed. Oh boy. Now how do I say this to her? Oh um honey its not you. Tara really is magical in a way. She somehow got you to see your mother as you looked into her eyes. Hey that's not bad.

"Buttercup. Hey can I call you that really?" Buffy asked with a child like humor. Faith pulled Buffy into a hot heavy kiss. "Yeah you can, but right now I want you to call out Faith for a few hours." She pulled Buffy in and kissed her again.

"Faith, wait. Are you sure? You just got home from the hospital. Aren't you tired?" Buffy asked, hoping otherwise.

"Damn it Buffy I need to be inside you. I need to hear you screaming out my name. I want to feel you digging your nails so deep in my back that you mark me for life. Please Buf', let me love you. Make love to me Buffy." And that's what Buffy did. She made love to her girlfriend for the rest of the day into the night.

Willow called Buffy to check in on Faith. They made plans to stop by after work and Tara's dance rehearsal. Tara was feeling especially confident this morning as she was picking out an outfit to wear to work. It was casual day and for the second time in her four years teaching at the college she'd decided to go casual. As she stood in front of her full length mirror she knew the color already. It as just what to wear.

Well now lets see... what have we to wear that Willow will be drooling over? Oh she would love me in these low cut Levis.
Brain to Tara. Whoa there Missy we are still going to be walking into a college where you work as a professor.
Tara to Brain. Oh um right. No low cut.
Brain to Tara. How about the black boot cut Calvin Klein's? With your baby blue t-shirt? And carrying our blazer just to wear while standing in front of your class.
Body to Tara. Hey why not those?

Tara looked over at the pants her body wanted to be in.
Tara to Body. Um gulp... I'm not sure about those.
Body to Tara. Oh come on. Why not? Look, you can wear them to work with a long sleeve shirt and still look professional and afterwords you can keep them on to dance in. You know where that Jamie person will see you. And see Willow's reaction to you in them.

Without another word Tara picked up the pants. Tara was also talked into wearing her hair out by her scalp.
Head to Tara. Aahhhhhh this feels good. I love the wind and the sun touching me like this.
Hands to Tara. This does feel good playing in your soft hair.
Hair to Hand. Thanks. You feel nice doing it.
Brain to body. Alright, alright she gets it. Everybody is feeling happy and perky today. Brother where is this coming from?

(in unison) We think a certain redhead spent lots of time showing every bit of us she loves us all.
Body to Brain. And don't think we weren't paying attention to what she was saying to you too.
Brain to body. Oh you heard that huh?

Tara's body started to giggle at brain.
Brain to Body. Oh shut up.

Tara pulled into the parking lot of the university and took her time getting herself together. Willow watched from a short distance. She couldn't believe what she was seeing.
Brain to Willow. Are you seeing what I'm seeing?
Willow to Brain. Ppfftt... I uh... WOW!
Brain to Willow. Oh yeah that's putting it lightly.
Willow to Brain. S-she's wearing black leather pants right? It's not just you playing tricks with me right?
Brain to Willow. Oh, you're seeing correctly. Tara is wearing a pair of black leather pants with a white fitting shirt. And Willow he-her hair... omg she's...

Willow stumbled backward into a tree. Tara caught a glimpse of red. She fully turned to face Willow. Walking towards her Tara was feeling rather naughty this morning. Looking around to make sure no students or her co-workers were around she pinned Wilow to the tree.

"You like? I wore it just for you. I just love how leather feels against my body. Don't you?" she signed. She then took Wilow's hand and placed it on her ass cheek. She squeezed Wilow's hand on her as Willow's eyes fluttered closed, then shot open as Tara guided that other hand down her neck to her breast.

"You should know because of you I'm so at ease with showing myself more. Thank you for this." She kissed Willow and walked off. Willow couldn't move. She just watched Tara's ass, hips and thighs, drooling.

Later that evening.

Raven had the class in groups this evening. But one person wasn't able to make it to class so Raven asked Willow to sub, promising her she wouldn't have to do much dancing as to not give away Willow's surprise about learning to dance. Raven was sure Tara would notice.

It would be Jamie needing a partner. She secretly smiled to herself. Giving her friends a wink she was all ready to start her plan to steal Wilow from Tara. That was until Tara came walking into the hall from the bathroom. It was like slow motion for Willow... Jamie's friends lost their smiles as they noticed Tara. Ordinarily her hair was up in bun. Today she had it out. They also noticed how well the leather pants showed off her muscular thighs. Tara came to rehearsal in sweats all the time. They didn't even know Tara had such an incredible body. Jamie jaw dropped. At first when she saw the blond in the parking lot she didn't know it was Tara.

Willow's eyes followed Tara's every move. Her legs looked great. She knew Tara had a hell of a body but it was nice for other woman to see it too and know she was with Wilow. Wilow couldn't help herself, she walked over to Tara, who was in the middle of lip reading what Raven was saying. Willow walked up, excusing herself for interrupting. She pulled Tara over and signed something. Tara blushed and leaned into the crook of Willow's neck. Wilow leaned back and saw Tara's blushing, lifted her chin and kissed her. It was noticed by some of the others but they keep it no secret that they were a couple. But they also don't go around giving attention to themselves either.

Raven gathered the entire class in a circle and made the announcement. "Okay if I could get your attention for just a moment? Thank you. I was given some information on an upcoming open call audition for a new video thats going to be out soon. Now the singer is Britney Spears and she's announced it to certain dance troops or companies, this one included." To Raven's delight the class went wild. Hands started going up.But the one hand she was hoping for didn't. Tara was standing thinking about what she was going to go over in her class in the morning.

"Oh and just one more thing from here there are two spots. One to audition and one for the best dancer in my summer class." The room exploded again. Everyone was asking who it was, who was the best dancer, though some already thought it was Tara, even with the addition of the new dancers.

"People can I have your attention please.We are going to have what I call a dance off with the ten people who are interested in trying out for it. But first I need to say something." Raven walks over to Willow and Tara and asks Wilow to sign to Tara what she's saying. "As a dancer myself and now choreographer I have never seen a person who is as good as Tara and as talented. It's for this reason and more that I politely demand Tara try out for this Britney video." Then she starts to clap. Then others join in.

Tara was speechless. She didn't know what to do. She blushed and looked down at her sneakers. "I want you, Tara, to be in this dance off as the eleventh dancer." The room went nuts as people started to hug her and congratulate her. "Okay let's break it up.Who wants to go first?"

A woman named Sharon volunteered to go first. By the end of the class it was narrowed down to five, Tara and Jamie in that group. On the ride home Willow was so exited as she watched Tara in her video phone. She was also pointing out what she thought was things Tara could get better. Tara was feeling just how proud Willow was of her. She felt the redhead's love. She pulled off the street and slowly pulled Willow to her.

"If I was of the hearing I would of heard you cheering for me the loudest right? I saw your mouth movements and you were calling out my name weren't you? You're so proud of me it's contagious. I'm proud of myself too. I still can't believe that Raven wants me to try out at that open call. Me?"

Willow looked Tara in the eyes."Yes baby, you." Willow eyes started to get watery. Tara kissed her with short kisses, then they grow longer until they both need air.

Tara signed "Okay let's go tell my momma and Lanetra. They are not going to believe this." Willow winked at her. Tara started the car and headed for her mother's house. Only half-way there Willow asked if they can go home. "Tara I want to make love to you for the rest of the night.Can we stop by your mother's tomorrow?" Her hands were trembling. Tara grasped Willow's hands and started to kiss them.

"Come on. Let's get home so you can show me just how proud of me you are." Tara signed as she wiggled her eyebrows.

Once inside Willow called Buffy to let her know about what happened and she was told of Faith's update. At hearing about Faith Willow was starting to want to go be with Faith but Buffy talked her out of it.

"Will she's, um, not up to company. We were, um, busy all day and now all she wants to do is sleep." Willow got the message.

"Okay Buffy I will give her call tomorrow." Tara was taking her nails and raking them down Willow's back causing her to squeal. Buffy smiled into the phone.

"You know what Will? I'm going to help Tara with this dance off. I'm going to get her a special CD made just for her. I'm going to have a guy I know who specializes in computers make it where Tara can actually see the music. Don't ask me to explain it tonight. We'll go into it another time. Go be with your wife." Buffy closed her phone and lay down next to Faith.

"Will are you okay? We don't have to do anything tonight. I know you're worried about Faith." Tara signed. She kissed Wilow softly on the lips. As she went to pull back Willow's hands held her by her waist, pulling her back into her.

"No. No Tara I want you so much. Please baby I need you tonight. Especially since we have celebrating to do. It's down to just you and Jamie. Did I forget to mention how sexy and sensual you were today?" she spoke without signing. Tara just smiled and hugged Willow. She was trembling.

"A chance like this doesn't come along everyday. What's going to happen to you when I kick Jamie's ass? I mean who's taking care of you when I'm not here? I might have to travel." She signed with a look of confidence about her. Willow was all smiles and kissing Tara's face. Willow was getting more and more turned on by Tara.

"I want to see you. Again. Did you see the looks you received? I was watching their eyes as you walked in. Jasmine, you know the woman with the orange hair said to me 'Oh my god... where did Tara get that body from?' I was saying yup thats my girlfriend," she signed with a huge smile. This made Tara only want to make love to her more. "Will you relax and let me love you for the rest of this night, letting me show you how proud I am of you?"

With that Tara began slowly undressing in front of Willow. First she held her for a while until Willow cried about everything concerning Faith. Seeing her pain Tara knew making love wasn't what Willow needed. She instead spooned Willow holding her, pressing their warm naked bodies against one another. Willow allowed herself to be sheltered by Tara's strong arms and giving heart. Tara lay awake touching Willows face and playing through her hair. Tara's mind was on the first day she saw Willow standing in the door of her classroom. She was staring with those beautiful green eyes boring right into me. God I felt her there. I can sense people around me anyway but Willow was different. I-I was trembling as I felt her eyes roaming all over my body. It was so powerful. When I gathered my nerves and was able to finally stand I lifted my head and was looking into a beautiful smile, that also spoke to me in volumes. I knew we were attracted to one another, right from the start. Her eyes and her handshake gave her away. Neither of us wanted to end the handshake. So I continued to feel her long fingers. I still say damn secretary...

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