Return to Growth Chapter Sixteen


Author: Willohand
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Willow, Tara, Buffy & any of the other BtVS characters that might pop up belong to Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and mutant Enemy, which they all became by killing off Tara and breaking up everybody's favourite wiccan couple. All original characters are the creation of my own imagination. Oh, & the university really does exist.

As Tara lay asleep her senses were sending her all kind of wonderful scents which had her stirring. She sat up in bed and realized Willow was gone. But with all the smells she had a good idea where her wife was and what she was doing. She lay back down and a smile came to her face. I have to ask her to marry me. And soon. But at a Britney Spears concert? Ah no worries there, not like Buffy is actually going to be able to get tickets to a sold out concert, let alone get me to meet Britney to get her to help me surprise Willow. But then her smile was slowly fading. Oh no. No, no, no, no... sh-she... oh SHIT!

Brain to Tara. She's a C I A special agent for the government... and she has so tricked you.

Flashback to a conversation they had

"Oh Tara you're being silly. So what a few thousand people will probally be at attendance for the concert... ppfftt, so what? You just get up on that stage and propose to Will. Or are you just chicken? I never pictured you for being a chicken," Buffy signed.

Tara glared at Buffy, signing "Who're you calling chicken? If there was any way I could somehow get to propose at the Britney concert I'd hop at the chance."

Buffy smiled, and thought to herself Oh Tara this is going to be to be too easy. Okay I need to call in some favors and make some phone calls. Tara, Tara, Tara you have no idea what you just got yourself into. "Okay Tara I will see what I can do, but no promises."

End flashback

She slowly sunk back into the mattress with a weird feeling in her stomach. Just then she felt the music. She sat up and concentrated on the feel of it. Will's playing Britney. Tara Rosenberg-Maclay you can and will propose if Buffy pulls this off, and something tells me she's going to.

Tara lay back down and closed her eyes with thoughts of her night with Willow. She felt a warm sensation that was only associated with one thing... she opened her eyes to find Willow standing in the bedroom doorway balancing a big tray of food just watching her. Tara got up to help, lost in green eyes. She forgot she was wearing not a stitch of clothing. She was naked.

Willow's eyes slowly took in this beautiful body coming towards her, almost dropping the tray. After staring Willow pulled her eyes away to help with the tray. They sat and Willow took off her large shirt and put it around Tara who looked down at herself and turned as red as Willow's hair. She tried to apologize but a single finger to her lips she stopped talking and dropped her head. Willow lifted her chin so that she could look into those baby blues.

She signed "Tara you're so beautiful.I still can't believe I'm with you. God I love you so much." Tara pulled Willow in for a hug which she gladly accepted. They kissed slowly and deeply. Willow finally broke the embrace, knowing if she didn't it would lead to another six or so hours until her needs could be met. They were expecting company soon. Dream Lover called saying she was going to be in the area and that she would drop off the special CD Tara ordered for the Tango classes.

They ate, talked and laughed during their breakfast. They showered together. It turned into a lot of tickling, kissing and holding. Oh there was some washing of body parts taking place but that lead to more kissing. Finally the two was through showering. Henny was there by two in the afternoon. Tara could tell something was wrong but wasn't able to really place it. Then as she watched Willow and Dream Lover talking she was struck by something. She thought perhaps it was her imagination but she could see a bit of Faith there. Not fully understanding what she was really seeing she didn't say anything. She continued to chat it up with her new friend. It wasn't until about three that the topic of Faith happen to come up. Since Buffy seem to have also made friends with Dream Lover it didn't seem out of place for the conversation to go toward Buffy which led to talking about Faith.

Tara left the room and it was upon her return that she suddenly was at a loss of breath. As she walked back into the living room she looked at Henny and it was as if Faith was sitting there.

Tara quickly signed to Willow, "Will come here, okay." Willow walked into the kitchen only to be told that she wasn't really needed.Tara was hoping that Willow saw what she saw. Upon returning to her seat Willow was struck by the similarities too. Dream Lovers profile...

"Faith?" Willow whispered.Tara walked up behind her slipping her arms around her waist. "Tara what's going on? Why am I looking at Dream Lover and seeing Faith?" she signed.

Taking a deep breath Tara signed "Sister?" They both continued to stare at the woman. Henny then stood up and introduced herself. Extended her hand forward, "Hi. My name is Henny Spencer and I'm Faith's older sister." Willow jaw just dropped while Tara read lips, she was taken back too.

Walking up to Henny, Tara looked directly into her eyes and saw Faith's deep brown eyes. "How long? How long have you know?" Willow asked. Henny sat back down and went into her bag pulling out an envelope. "This came to me last year ago in June. It's from our mother. I figured they couldn't find Faith so I was next to kin and it was sent to me. Willow you're her close friend. Can you help me to meet my baby sister?" Henny asked almost begging.

Willow looked into those brown eyes and saw her close friend Faith. Tara took Willow's hand and nodded a yes to Henny. Willow softly said "Of course, but it's not going to be easy."

No one really got much sleep last night. Lucky they have distractions to keep them sane.

At the Summers home, Buffy had a moment to distract herself. She was online finding all she could get on the Britney Spears concert, which was well secured, mostly with connections Buffy knew. I need to find out about security details and speak to my superior about this so this doesn't come back to bite me in the ass. And have to get in contact with Ms. Spears people and Ms. Spears herself. Whoa... what am I doing? Am I really going to do this? And all this for Tara? Well yeah but for Willow too.S he loves Britney Spears and what better way to be proposed to by the woman you love then at your favorite singer concert? Okay there are a few calls I need to make. Need to call in some favors. Ohmygod Tara is going to want to kill me. My new friend who feels as if I've known her just as long as Willow.H enny is right about Tara's aura, there is something about that woman's personality that pulls you in. And she makes Willow so happy. I've never seen Willow so much in love like she is with Tara. God I remember all those months back when she called with news about meeting Tara. Not once did she mention the reason she was even at the college. Of course I had to help her breath so she didn't pass out.

Flashback to Willow's call months ago.

"Hello Buffy it's me, you know Willow. Well I need your help. I'm at the college and just met this amazing woman and I'm pretty sure she likes me because when I didn't let her hand go she didn't pull hers away so that's a good sign right? Tara. It's such a beautiful name to go with a beautiful woman who I happen to think I love. Now I just met her for only a few minutes but Buffy, I-I love her. I could fall in love with her if I could spend time with her and heh heh heh thats where you come in my friend, my best friend since second grade and that should count for everything. Oh yeah she's a woman of the non hearing kind. Oh yeah she's deaf. Now I'm not and she was signing and I just watched her sign my name is beautiful wishing I was able to respond with a little hand gesture of my own and that sounded so not like a good thing but rather, um, you know, which I didn't mean at all. So can you?"

Buffy dropped down behind her desk tired from Willows super babble. "Um Will what? Can I do what?" Buffy asked smiling into the phone.

"Oh, heh heh, I need to learn to sign of course. I need to be a part of Tara's world so please Buffy help me."

Buffy paced around her office until she thought of who to call, going through her Rolodex she pulls out a number. "Okay Will I have a connection that might be able to help. We can meet at your house this evening. Oh and Will,the job interview?" Willow stopped dead in her tracks.

"Shit Buffy I, uh, don't remember if I actually got the job. I have to go back and speak to the secretary. Bye Buffy."

Buffy sat at her desk in disbelief. "Oh she's got it bad. I have to meet the woman who's knocked all the common sense from my best friend's brain in only meeting her for a few minutes."

End flashback

As Tara pulled into the parking lot of the dance rehearsal hall she saw a car with three women that entered the hall also. They all were other dancers that RaVeN hired as backup. They watched the routine she wanted them to do then were asked to perform it. Tara had been there dancing and getting instructions from RaVeN for nearly three hours. RaVeN loved most about Tara her energy level. It wasn't like anything she'd seen in a dancer in a while. She complimented Tara during and in front of the others and in front of the three new dancers.

One of the dancer's names was Jamie. And Jamie looked at Tara with jealousy in her eyes. If looks could kill, Tara would've be dead. RaVeN gave them their first break after hours, but Tara didn't need one. She kept dancing. Jamie didn't like it that Tara was trying to show her up in front of RaVeN. Of course Tara wasn't. Anyone who knew Tara knew she was most free while dancing, so she never liked to stop. The fact that there was a crowd watching... she tuned them out anyway. But the three new dancers were feeling envy. When they found out Tara never studied dance they really took a disliking towards her.

Willow showed up with a big basket of fruit for everyone. Jamie took one look at Willow and was attracted to the redhead. She was flirting with Willow as she stepped up to get her fruit. But Willow was too busy watching Tara swirl around the dance floor. Jamie watched Willow watch Tara and walked off in disgust. Jamie asked some seemingly casual questions about everyone. She got the information on the sexy redhead. She didn't like what she heard. As she sat with her two girlfriends they all were watching Willow and Tara touching each other and laughing. She found out Tara was deaf and knew that was her way to get Willow away from her.

As she joked and teased about Tara being deaf it was Tara who happen to be passing them when she went to smile she read something Jamie was saying. She gave no hint what had happened. But once in the bathroom... Oh god she wants Willow, my Willow. What do I do? She is everything I'm not. She is a hearing person like Willow. What if... god I -I... I can't lose my Willow. Tara calmed down and went back out to the hall. Upon entering she saw that woman talking to Willow. She got a knot in her stomach at the sight of her touching Willow's arm.

She could of easily read their lips but she 100% trust Willow. I'm going to call Buffy anyway just for some advice she thought to herself. But she kept sneaking peaks at her girlfriend and the new girl chatting and laughing. She knew better but her insecurities were surfacing. If you look up the word insecure in any dictionary it reads as follows: Not confident or sure. Beset by fear and anxiety. Tara Maclay has never been any of those in her life. But when it came to her being deaf...

So she was lost in thought until she felt it, more of feeling her, Willow. She looked up to find Willow just smiling at her. Then Willow signed "You care to dance with me? I'm no Raven but please..." Tara breathe was caught in her throat as Willow approached her. Taking Tara by the hand she led her through the class to the middle of the class. Chris noticed and got RaVeN's attention. As Wilow and Tara danced other dancers started to stop dancing and just watch. Willow and Tara didn't notice, all they saw was one another. Their bodies were so in sync with one another. Tara led. If anyone didn't know they were a couple just watching their bodies mold and caress one another they knew now. They danced for no more than ten minutes but in those minutes it was clear to everyone there that Willow and Tara are a couple.

Jamie's mind was coming up with many ways to break up the happy couple. But what she didn't understand was that Willow Rosenberg was meant for Tara and Tara only. She didn't understand they were soul mates. Since finding Tara, Willow hadn't seen another woman. Other women didn't exists. But what Jamie didn't know about and would learn to regret was not so much Faith but a little petite blonde name Buffy Anne Summers, best friend of Willow and close friend and adopted sister to one Tara Maclay.

Jamie would learn of Buffy.

If you look up the word insecure in any dictionary it will read: Not confident or sure. Beset by fear and anxiety. All these things Tara was not. Tara had always been strong willed and independent and courageous. But this Jamie woman... she was bringing out all Tara's fears of hearing and not getting the operation. Willow loved her but a small part of her silly mind is playing right into her own insecurities about not getting the operation. Now she was with a lot of what if's walking around her head. That Jamie woman is a hearing person. Oh she was talking and laughing with Willow. Something I do in a really desperate or passionate moment. And Jaaaaaaamie seems to love to talk. She had Willow cornered for a while That B... she's after Willow. I didn't imagine reading her saying she's going get the sexy redhead in her bed. Oh god she can hear my baby's silly jokes without her having to sign an answer.

Brain to Tara. Stop it. Just talk to Willow about what you feeling. You know she will give you assurances. Just talk to her.
Stomach to Tara. Listen I'm not feeling good. You have me in knots and I hurt.
Tara's body to Tara. Are you kidding me? Willow with some other body? It will never happen. What we share... our love is stronger than just something physical which is all it can ever be with Jamie. And you know Willow is not that kind of person. That body is trying to know Willow's body. Besides she already promised it to me forever. Well I'll talk to Willow's body and see whats going on.
Tara to Body. Um are you sure? Wh-what if...?
Tara's body to Tara. What if what? I don't doubt what we share. Our times together from the first time we touched it was intense. So much to the point where... um well... I can't tell you.
Tara to Body. You what? You're part of me... what is it?
Body to Tara. Do you remember the first time you and Wilow, her body and mine, the first time you made love...?

It only took Tara a second to realize what her body was saying. Her mind drifted back to their first time. A small gasp escaped her mouth. She remembered Willow helping her to make love to her.

Body to Tara. She felt your nervousness and your insecurities and what did she do? She was the one who helped you to know what it was that you did to her.
Brain to Tara. Oh I remember that too.
Heart to Tara. God I will never forget that night... all the things her heart let me know... it was so magical. This Jamie person doesn't stand a chance with our Willow.
Body parts, Brain, Heart to Tara. We don't know if you noticed but we are freaking hot. I think collectively we are what you call 'a hottie.' I mean look at you. Shit based on looks alone that Jamie doesn't hold a candle to us. And as far as brain wise...
Brain to Tara. Oh surely you're kidding. We had a scholarship offer to MIT... uh hello... not many people can say they turned down an MIT scholarship and decided to follow their heart. You're a professor at a college. You have a job you love at a college moulding minds. So enough of this bullshit about this Jamie woman taking our Willow from us. And just because we don't use our ears, because we are deaf? It's going to take much more than that to get Willow away from us.
Brain to Tara. If you remember correctly it was Willow who went out and signed herself up for the signing classes so she could talk to you. She went out of her way to learn to be a part of our world. How many other of the woman you dated did anything even close to that?
Tara to Brain. She loves me.
Brain to Tara. Yes.
Tara to Brain. She's in love with me.
Brain to Tara. Yes.
Tara to Brain. Jamie who.
Brain to Tara. Exactly.

Later that evening

It was Willow who brought up Jamie. She looked Tara in the eyes and spoke.

"Can I tell you something? Well the new dancer, um Jamie... she was flirting with me. Actually she was more than flirting. She's a bit too... well way too... um whats the word I'm looking for?" Tara placed a finger on Willow's lips to silence her. She then stood up and walked over to Willow, kneeling in front of her. She placed herself between Willow's thighs and put her head on Willow's lap. Willow looked down at her girlfriend and ran her hand through Tara's hair. Tara seemed to purr. Willow pulled Tara up to her.

"Why don't I clean up the dishes while you shower, get changed and meet me on the couch for some serious snuggling time?" Tara shook her head and they kissed softly.

Brain to Tara. Oh yeah she's a keeper.
Tara's body to Tara. Oooooooh snuggle time.
Tara's heart toTara. I don't even have to say.

Tara heads upstairs to get herself snuggle worthy.

Willow quickly got the kitchen in order and made her way upstairs for her shower. As she passed the couch she was stopped dead in her tracks by how beautiful Tara looked. Tara was on her side with her back to Willow wearing a simple pair of grey sweat pants with a torn and ripped half shirt. Willow recognized it right away. Oh shit thats the shirt she wore the first time we...

Willow took off running towards the bathroom. Tara turns over on to her back with a smile on her face.

Body to Tara. Something tells me she remembers this top.
Breast to Tara. Oh god we do. We remember her reaction to us.
Brain to Tara. You're so bad.
Tara to Brain. What?
Brain to Tara. Oh yeah you have no idea what I'm talking about.
Tara to Brain. What, she wants to snuggle and she told me to get changed for some serious snuggle time.
Brain to Tara. Mmmnn-hmm. Right snuggle time.
Breast to Brain. Uh hey... we deserve to be snuggled just like the rest of you if not more. I mean she does like to really give us attention.

With that Tara's nipples began to get hard.
Breast to Tara. Where is she?
No sooner had Breast asked than they felt themselves being gently held.
Breast to Tara. Ohgod ohmygod...
Tara leant back into Wilow's waiting body.
Willow's body to Tara's body. Mnnnnnnnnnnn... hey you... I've missed you. It's been a whole twenty minutes.
Tara's body to Willow' s body. Well damn a whole twenty minutes? Way too long. Come here you.

Tara turned her body towards Willow's. Her nipples brushed up against Willow's body. Willow's eyes dropped down and saw two luscious deep pink nipples looking up at her. Her hands automatically sought them out and...
Tara's breast to Willow's hands. Oh god touch... touch us please.
Willow pushed Tara on to the couch on her back and hovered above her just taking in the beautiful sight of Tara's eyes half closed and her chest heaving up and down. She slowly lowered her head. As she did Tara's hand grabbed the back of Willow's head getting a handful of hair. She used it to guide Willow's face where she needed it. Tara guided Willow's head to the middle of her breast. Wilow inhaled Tara's sweet scent and just kissed the entire area, but not the nipples. Oh god she's going to make me... feels so good. Ohohoh yesssssssssssssssssssssssss... please god don't let her stop yet oh keep licking, oh right there. Oh god don't move please... so close.Mnnnnnnnnnnnnnn oh yeah Will... suck me oh bite too ohgod bite me hard. Cant let her move that fucking mouth.

Tara grabbed hold of Willow's head and guided her.She held her head so her mouth didn't move from where it was. Willow was having a feast on Tara's breast. Finally Tara could take no more. She started to tremble and Willow could feel Tara's stomach muscles tense up then relax, tense up then relax. Then Tara's legs wrapped around Willow's hips while her arms slipped around Willow's waist. Her mouth found the crook of Willow's neck which she sucked as she came. She's not sure but it might leave a mark there later.

Willow held Tara as she travelled back from her ride to the clouds. Willow pulled away slightly, looking into a pair of loving but very cloudy glassy blue eyes. Before she could sign Tara was switching their positions. But what Willow wanted more than anything is to just hold on to Tara for the rest of the night. That's exactly what she signed. Willow begged her . "No Tara. I-i just want to hold you. I'm tired and I just want to feel you in my arms. Please baby just come here." Tara scooted away and stood to take off her messy sweatpants. She was about to go put something else on when Willow stopped her.

"Tara no. Don't. Come here. You don't have to," she signed. Tara climbed back on the couch into Willow's waiting arms. They curled up around one another tightly.
Tara to Brain. Jamie who?
Brain to Tara. Exactly.

Tara loved when Willow held her tight with her smaller frame. She somehow always felt bigger as she crushed Tara to her. They both slept in a deep sleep. They both were thinking one thing. Jamie who?

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