Return to Growth Chapter Fifteen


Author: Willohand
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Willow, Tara, Buffy & any of the other BtVS characters that might pop up belong to Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and mutant Enemy, which they all became by killing off Tara and breaking up everybody's favourite wiccan couple. All original characters are the creation of my own imagination. Oh, & the university really does exist.

Tara's POV:

So much had taken place in the last week... my sweet Willow met her breaking point last night with Faith's situation. God she was being so strong for Buffy and for Faith. But I could clearly see how much she was hurting. Of course she didn't let on, so as to be Buffy's support.

We arrived home from the hospital... Buffy stayed, though Willow tried to get her to come home with us. Buffy refused to leave Faith's side, on the chance she would wake up and find herself alone. We learned she's been alone for far too long. Buffy wasn't letting Faith wake up to an empty, cold hospital room. When it was time to leave Buffy ended up getting into it with one of Faith's nurses. The doctor had to step in, reminding everyone this was still a hospital, that anyone wanting otherwise should take it outside. To our surprise Buffy all but challenged the much larger nurse to go settle this off hospital premises. Seeing this the doctor gave Buffy permission to stay in Faith's room. They brought in a bed for Buffy.

While that was being sorted out I couldn't help myself, I had to be alone with Willow. I found an empty room and pulled her in. I just needed to be holding her. Once alone she turned the tables on me, shoving me up against the door and pressing herself into me. I felt her trembling. She was crying and I knew she needed it. I held her to me and let her cry. Try as I might I couldn't stop myself from wanting to be with her. I wanted to soothe her heart. I wanted to show her just how much she meant to me.

After a few minutes her body stopped trembling against me, only to be replaced with more trembling. But there was no tears associated this time. No, I could feel it rising inside her. And it was raging. I was consumed by her wants and needs. She lifted her head from off my chest and our eyes met. What I saw frightened me, but in a good way. Our mouths met in a hungry kiss that seem to fuel our fire. This one kiss went on forever. Hands began to roam all over body parts, trying to get closer still. I needed my girl just as much as she wanted me.

But as we slowly parted I could feel her. "Oh god Tara I'm sorry. What am I doing? This is the last thing I should be doing with all that's happened," she signed as she was walking out the room. I had to let her know it wasn't just her and it wasn't wrong. I grabbed her arm, pulling her to me. Kissing her hard I tried to let her know that it wasn't a mistake, and that when we get home we were going to make love. Pushing her away from me her eyes said it all. She understood my message loud and clear.

We somehow made it out the of the room. Inside Faith's room Buffy had the beds pushed together and was fast asleep, holding Faith's hand. I could feel Willow breathe a little easier. She wrote Buffy a note. We were off. Once outside in the cool night air, holding hands with Willow as we walked to the car was making me burn up. I needed to be with her something awful. The drive home was with lots of hand play. She was teasing me as she drove. I signed for her to not touch me that she was going to have to pull over if she kept up her teasing. She pouted and dragged her hand away. I was instantly cold, not having her hand touching me. We slowly exited her car and took our time getting to the house. We stopped twice to kiss under the night sky. Her mouth was all over my neck mouth and face.

Our bodies were indistinguishable. Overcome with passion, I grabbed her. There was so much more of me I wanted her to know, to explore. My body throbbed with the excitement of a ticking bomb. She lifted me up and threw me on the bed, tackling me. Her hands were ripping off my clothing and I loved it. She had me half naked in minutes, and she was still fully dressed. My shirt was half ripped just clinging to my shoulder and breast. She was looking at me with pure love but she was also circling the bed like I was her prey, just waiting for the right moment to attack.

But she started to do a slow strip tease just for me. Watching her undress was making my asshole quiver and ache to have her inside me. I couldn't take the teasing anymore.I jumped up grabbing her hands, falling on to bed bringing her on top of me. She grabbed for my thighs, roughly pulling them apart with one hand as she reached for the side table with the other. I already knew what was going to happen. She was going to fuck me in there, in that place, and I wanted it, I wanted her to so bad.

I then felt myself becoming more wet. Together we lubed me down as needed. The whole time she demanded that I read her lips. "I want you to sign it... tell me how much you want me there. And sign everything you want. Tell me how bad you want me up in there." I was so hot for her. She knows I love it when she talks/signs dirty to me. I learned that I get so turned on at being talked/signed dirty to. And my shy little Willow is one hell of a talker in the bedroom. I think her family and friends would be surprised at the things that she says and means.

When she was satisfied she turned me on to the point I couldn't think, then she turned me over and slowly entered my asshole. As she took her time sliding in she said the things that I find myself responding to. "You want it don't you you little bitch? Oh you like when I call you that don't you? Oh yeah I can tell just by the way your body responds." Reading her lips I completely lost control and the room was soon filled with what I believed to be my sobs. A actual sound rose from my throat - almost like a cry.

She stopped fucking me and touched my shoulder. When I looked back she was signing, "Am I hurting you?" I looked into her loving eyes and shook my head no. I pushed myself back onto her dick. She smiled a wicked smile. My breathe came in heavy rushes as she entered me again and again. I could even feel her heart beat against my back. The further inside she went, the more I liked it, the more I felt like I would explode. As she pumped in and out of my asshole I could feel the sheets underneath my breasts getting drenched with my own sweat.

I felt her slow down. We learned that when she thrusts deep in my ass then pulls almost completely out, only to thrust back in again and again and again fast, my asshole swallows her up. And just when I thought I couldn't take it any more Willow pulls away turning me around and shoves her dick in my asshole from the position of us snuggling. With a few good deep thrusts I was coming again all over the bed. Willow just kept up her in and outs as I was coming, which made me come again.

But last night she really rode me, building up speed. I kept pushing back needing more and getting it. Then she slid her fingers into my soaping wet center, playing with my clit. By now my entire body was a bundle of nerves. When her thin strong fingers entered me, squeezing my clit, it was then I exploded onto her hand and dick. No sooner had I climaxed than I lost consciousness. It's like my orgasm was ripped from my body by Willow's hand and cock.

When I opened my eyes Willow was curled up next to me touching my face. She was my sweet, shy Willow. I think it's why I get so turned on when she's talking, because she is so controlled otherwise. But in the bedroom this side of her comes out that's so dirty and kinky, willing to do or say anything we want. Like when she calls me her bitch... oh god it makes me so wet to read her lips or to have her sign that one word... her calling me this is so out of character for my Willow Rosenberg. My normally semi-shy, quiet Willow saying 'bitch' is so kinky. But God I am so her bitch. The thought of being Willow's bitch makes me...

In my bitch state I will do anything sexually no matter how kinky or dirty. In my bitch state I will do it all. She only need to ask,.but it's better when she demands it. Or even takes what she wants. God what that woman does to me is as intense as anything I've ever experienced. So as I lie watching her sleep I can smile to myself, knowing that old cliche is true... it's always the shy ones.

Two hours later:

As Willow lay still sleeping, Tara stood, just watching her. As she walked away she couldn't help but to thank whoever it was who brought Willow into her life. Wrapping her arms around herself, Okay girl, it's official, you have created your own little ass monster.
Tara to Brain: W-what do you mean?
Brain to Tara: Oh yeah like we don't still feel it.
Tara to Brain: I know. It's kinda different right? A good pain.
Brain to Tara: That it is. That it is.

Tara looked down at Willow with a warm smile. Leaning forward she kissed Willow softly on the forehead. Just as she was pulling away she was pulled back down by Willow. Tara let herself be pulled down.

She landed softly on top of her partly sleeping girlfriend. They snuggled into one another and simply enjoyed the other's presence. No words were signed. They simply held one another close. The contact was just what they both wanted. Willow fell back to sleep wrapped around Tara. After untangling herself Tara decided to get cleaned up and make something to eat. She headed to the bathroom taking everything but a robe.

Willow sat up and looked around for Tara. She stood and walked around the room. She opened the bedroom door and heard the shower. A dirty thought came to mind. She stood contemplating her next move. Mnnn Tara in the shower, wet...

Oh god she loves driving me crazy with... augghhhhhhhhhhhhh... oh god don't stop. Eat me. Oh god her mouth. She's going to make me come if she keeps that up. The temperature was hot in the shower and none of it was from the hot water. She grabbed Willow's hip and threw her leg over it so she could balance her weight. Tara then dove back into Willow, slurping up any and all wetness she tasted.

"I'm going to make you scream out my name. You understand? I want to feel you screaming it out," she signs as she goes about making her girl do just that.

She slowly licked her way up Willow's body. And for the first time she wanted one thing, and to taste one thing only. She was kissing Willow so passionately. She surprised Willow by paying attention to her ears. For Willow, breathing was becoming harder. God this feels so good.

I cant believe Tara. I-i-i oooooooohhhhhhhh goooooogdddddddddddd... She grabbed Tara's head and pressed her ear more into Tara's waiting hot mouth.
Brain to Willow: Whoa what the hell is this?
Willow to Brain: I-I-I um huh?
Brain to Willow: Um I... that is um... oh my this feels...

Tara was smiling to herself at Willow's reaction to having her ears ravished.
Brain to Tara: Something tells me we just discovered something here.
Tara to Brain: I believe we have. But wait a minute she has another.

Tara kissed her way to Willow's other ear. When Tara started to suck on Willow's earlobes she could her body go weak. Tara had to really grab Willow and hold her upright. Willow's hands traveled from the back of Tara's head to play inside her golden locks.
Tara to Brain: I think we have now discovered a weakness in our lover. You feel that? She's trembling.

Willow was loving every moment of this new heavenly torture. She wasn't able to talk. Tara was in control and Willow loved it. Willow tried to sign but... Vixeny Tara has now entered the psyche.
Vixeny Tara to Tara: Hey. Wanna have some fun? Want to blow her mind?
Tara to Vixeny Tara: Oh yes... how?
Vixeny Tara: Just let me lead for a while.
Tara to Vixeny Tara: Um okay.
Vixeny Tara to Tara: Now your learning. But for what I have in mind we need her bed. So we need to get out of here.
Tara to Vixeny Tara: Oooooh I see what your thinking.
Vixeny Tara to Tara: So what do you think? You want to blow her mind?
Tara to Vixeny Tara: Let's do it.

Tara helped Willow out of the shower. They got to Willow's bedroom and sat on her bed. Willow was so turned on from having her ears ravished she could barely think. Vixeny Tara took full advantage of this. She put Willow into the position she wanted her in. Willow let herself be handled.

Tara to Vixeny Tara: This is going to be fun.
Vixeny Tara to Tara: After you. Lead the way.

Tara's breathing had become heavy as she walked around the bed to check her handcuffs. She wanted to make sure they were loose enough, while Vixeny Tara wanted to make sure they were tight enough. Once satisfied Vixeny Tara wanted to go back to making Willow squirm by teasing her to the brink of sexual madness. She began by brushing her full breasts lightly against Willow's face, lightly slapping her with them. Willow was trying to figure out how she could catch and capture them in her mouth. The nipples was so close to her if she could just...

Then Tara stood directly in front of her in a thong only. Her wet center only inches away from Willow's mouth. So close she could smell her. Tara's scent was strong. Willow was having difficulty thinking. She stepped even closer pressing her wet center against Willow's cheek, wetting it with her warm juice. Willow on instinct went to involve her hands but was reminded she was restrained by the handcuffs. Tara started to move to the music hitting Wilow as she moved. With every thrust there was some kind of contact between Willow's face and Tara's very wet center.

Willow bumped her head on Tara's thigh to get her attention. Tara stopped dancing and looked down at Willow. Her eyes were a much darker shade of green. The shy Willow was no longer looking up at Tara, but there was something else in those normally light green eyes. Willow started to beg Tara. As Tara read her lips she was smiling the entire time. Tara just kept on lightly pressing herself into Wilow even as the redhead begged her to stop. Then the song 'Slave 4 U' was on again. Tara could feel the song. Her eyes closing she lost herself to the song.

Willow watched as her wife became one with the song. Oh god... thank you Britney. I have to meet her and thank her in person, Willow thought to herself, as Tara moved her hips seductively right in Willow's face. Willow just got hornier watching Tara. After the song ended Tara came back. Only now she was really sweating and her scent was stronger and Wilow was on the brink of...

"Okay now where were we?" Tara signed to Willow, who was now trembling because she knew the look in Tara's eyes. Vixeny Tara opened her thighs and pressed herself into Willow's face. Willow turned and her mouth was on Tara's hot volcano. She was kissing it hard. Tara turned fully into Willow and spread herself. Willow was smelling and kissing like a hungry animal. Tara was the one trembling now. Wilow slid her tongue inside, and Tara was grabbing the back of her head pressing it into her more. Wilow wasn't getting any air. Tara had her in a tight grip hurting Wilow's head. Willows could feel Tara's body trembling. She knew it wasn't long until Tara... without warning Tara came in Willow's face and mouth. The grip on Willow's head was gone to be replaced by fingers lightly stroking her face. Both Willow and Tara/Vixeny Tara were taken to a place by the other they never thought possible.

Tara's POV:

My mouth was actually watering at the sight of Willow handcuffed and completely naked, giving herself to me. While at the same time my heart was busting through my chest from the trust she was showing me. I couldn't breathe at some point and I hadn't even touched her yet. Just the thought of being on top of her riding her ass with no dildo but with just my wet hot center... this was the first time my alter ego and I actually agreed upon something.

Vixeny Tara POV:

Look at her laying there handcuffed, soon to be blindfolded and she completely trusting us. At the sight of this sexy little redhead I wanted to simply devour her but to my surprise without the use of any toys. Now this is a first. Then again this redhead is the reason for so many firsts in my life. I've never felt so wanted, so alive as I do when I'm with her. She seems to not only want me but call for me. She lets me know without a doubt that I'm a part of Tara that she loves. There have been others before her but none like her. She is the one. She has me wanting her to fuck me like an animal. I never like to not be in control, but this adorable naive smart sexy redhead is under my skin. I'd gladly give up control and let her do anything to me she wants. And in turn do anything she wanted.

Tara's POV:

The sight of her round tight ass excites me. As my hands roam over her butt, I feel my center ache with desire. I grab and squeeze her ass and Willow responds with more movement, torturing me. My heart is pounding as she squirms towards me, spreading her legs wider for me to see how wet she is too. She wants me to know how much this is turning her on too. Oh god she's soaked. Her body is calling me and my body answers.

I open her up and easily slide two fingers into her while caressing her outer lips. I watch her face and read her lips and body language. She's wet and warm all at the same time. As my fingers slip in and out of her she starts to thrash around all over the bed. I can feel her muscles squeezing my fingers. I continue to fuck her non-stop. I don't give her a chance to even catch her breath. I can feel it, her eruption waiting to happen. Her stomach muscles are twitching and contracting. My hand becoming a tight fit inside her due to her about to come.

And without warning she did just that. She exploded all over my hand, covering it. Along with the sheet and her own thigh. She was trembling trying to get up, forgetting she was handcuffed. When it suddenly dawned on her, she teased me with that ass of hers. I calmly got up and grabbed the remote for the stereo. Hitting the on button and then the volume so 'Slave 4 U' was now blasting throughout her house. Playing Britney was the best idea. She was moving about but it was not of her own free will. I have discovered what Britney does to her. I use it to my full advantage.

After blindfolding Wilow, Tara/Vixeny Tara just stood watching Willow squirm some. Slowly Tara climbed on to the bed. Her body was shaking. This was the first time she'd ever done this. Oh god I'm actually doing this.
Vixeny Tara to Tara: Yes we are. I can't believe I'm doing this without a dildo.
Tara to Vixeny Tara: You ready?
Vixeny Tara to Tara: I think I am
Tara to Vixeny Tara: O-o-okay wait your nervous? Um, aren't you my so-called sultry side who lives for moments like this?
Vixeny Tara to Tara: Uh yes. Yes I am, but Willow has this way about her... I-I love her. I'm in love with her too. This hasn't been about sex since, for a while now. I want to make love to her. I want to caress her and love her gently too. I don't just want to be fucking her. I cant do that anymore. Okay? Is that alright? I mean yes, you can call on me when you have the need to just ravish her but I need to be able to make love to her. Okay?
Tara to Vixeny Tara: God of course. Why don't you start now? Come on, it's the perfect time.

Pushing Wilow more into the mattress Tara climbed on top of Willow. She pressed her weight on to Willow's body. The moment her wet center made contact with Willow's ass it felt like she was losing consciousness. The pleasure was so different for all involved. Straddling her she gripped Willow's waist with one hand and her hip with the other. She started to grind her wet center on Willow's ass. She was sliding all over it.

And Willow was moving like she was Tara's horse. She was bucking and pushing herself more into Tara. Tara bent more into Willow's body letting her breasts bounce off of her back and shoving them into Willow's sweaty skin. This action was turning them both on more than they each could have imagined. Tara's nipples grew hard with every touch of Willow's warm, wet skin underneath them. With her right hand Vixeny Tara held Willow down and with her left she was taking her breast and rubbing it all over Willow's back. Again it was more than they could take, this action was bringing to life new kinds of feelings and thoughts. All three were lost to the sensation. Vixeny Tara was left speechless. Tara was aching to put her tit other places.

Willow eyes were rolling to and from the back of head from the sweet sensation from Tara's breast rolling around on her skin. But it got to be not enough for her. It was Tara, not Vixeny Tara, who now took control. Having her one breast wasn't enough. So naturally she switched breasts so they both could know this wonderful feeling of slipping and sliding on Willows back. Oh god... this feels soo...
Body to Tara: It does. It does. God please don't stop
Tara to body: Uh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
Body to Tara: She feels so goooooooood.
Tara to Body: Mnnnnnnnnnnnn-hmn.

Tara couldn't seem to get enough of this position. Her hands went down between her legs and separated herself. She nearly passed out on contact.
Tara's body to Willow's body: Y-you feel so... oh god you feel really... Ohgod...

Tara grabbed a hand full of Willow's hair and pulled it hard.
Tara's body to Willow's body: Oh god you're making me feel so fucking good.
Willow's body to Tara's body: Really? You like what I feel like? Then show me. Show me how much you really like how I feel under you.

What happened next was beyond her control. It was as if her body was now in charge.

Body to Brain, Body to Tara (in unison): I'm just going to take charge for a while. I need to do this alright?
Both Tara/Vixeny Tara and Brain understood.
Body to Brain: I'm still going to need you.
Brain to body: N-no problem.

And for the next few hours thats just what happened. Tara's body showed Willows body just why and how much it was wanted, how much it was loved and needed.

Later that evening, Willow's POV:

First let me say I will never listen to Britney's greatest hits CD the same again... the way she was dancing and moving. The things she did to herself and what seeing her do them to herself did to me... and speaking of me. She teased me so good. I was aching for anything she wanted to do to me. It didn't matter what she could have done, as long as she was touching me and I was touching her. But it was only certain songs she had programmed to play. Seven songs will forever be imprinted in my body and in my minds eye. Starting with Slave 4 U, Oops I Did It Again, Stronger, Toxic and Over-protected, Crazy and ...Baby One More Time.

The way she was moving and playing with herself... so close I could smell her. Just out of my reach. Oh god I have never felt like that in all my life. Not with Oz, especially not while with Oz. Then she blindfolded me. But even blindfolded I couldn't imagine a more beautiful sight just from the noises her body was making. God she was soaking wet. Her center was making that squashy sound with every move. Then she was pushing her hip on my face. I know her body so well. I couldn't help it. My tongue came out and I was kissing and licking her hip. The way she switched was just so... she dragged herself across my mouth so that I'd have to feel her on my lips. I hungrily licked up her juice from my lips until her hip was there again being offered.

Then I felt her hands in my hair. Softly at first. Then she was pulling it roughly as I bit her hip, marking her. The next thing I know I'm being pushed over. Then she was straddling my face. All I smelled was Tara. All I felt and ate was Tara. 'Slave 4 U' was on again as she opened herself and let me eat. She was thrashing and banging my face with herself. She even busted my lip with the intensity of her need. I didn't care. I was feasting on my wife giving her pleasure. It didn't take long. She grabbed the back of my head and was fucking my face at a fast pace. When she exploded it was so much and so hot. I could feel it everywhere on my face. I could even feel it in my hair. She cried out my name so loud. God I was making her scream out and it was my name on her lips.

But I wanted more. Needed more. So I adjusted myself under her. I began to feast on her asshole too. She nearly jumped of the bed when I slid it up her ass. But god she recovered fast. She was holding on to the headboard so tightly I could feel it hitting me in the back of my head as she came. Her sweat was dripping from underneath her beautiful breasts. My chest was covered with our sweat. I was thanking everyone and whoever for having this goddess as my wife. Then she was just gone. I didn't know what had happened. I was suddenly cold even though the house was hot. Then I heard her moving. I tried to talk to her but my hands... Then she was on me separating my thighs with her knee. Something warm trickled down between my thighs. She started to play with me. Opening me up. She then slid her way deep inside me. She fucked me deep and for a long time not letting me come. Just as I was about to she stopped. Only to start up again. This went on for god knows how long. Only Tara can say for sure. When I did come it was so blissful.I'm not sure if I'm describing it correctly. It was just... Oh god Tara, what we did.

By the time she took off the blindfold and handcuffs we both were emotionally as well as physically tired. She was on top of me slumped over me kissing me. That was nifty is all I could think of before passing out.

It took both Willow and Tara all day to recover from this new experience they had discovered. They sat curled up on the couch snuggling and talking. Tara was having great difficulty thinking straight. All her mind kept flashing was Willow's body tied up and blindfolded. Willow could only think of was Tara's very wet center coming all over her ass. And Vixeny Tara...

In the active psyche of Tara Maclay, if you listened very carefully you would hear it. It was small and faint but it was there. The muffled cries like that of a child. Walking and listening, the sound would lead you to a door. If you slowly and carefully opened the door, what you would find would come as a surprise. It's Vixeny Tara, sitting on the floor talking to no one, and partly crying. Inside her mind scenes replay themselves over and over again. The women who came before Willow. The other women Tara dated saw her without clothes but never truly naked. She never allowed them to see Vixeny Tara. That side of herself she kept hidden. And yet Willow has not only met Vixeny Tara but she reached out to her. (in a small childlike voice) I want to make love to her.

Without realizing it Tara was signing, "Making love to you is something I want so much." Willow read her hands and just snuggled deeper into Tara's arms. The sound of Willow's door bell startled her. Willow signed, "You stay put and I'll get that. And whoever it is I'm getting rid of them." Tara just smiled and shook her head in agreement.

Willow walked over and opened the door. It was Dreamlover. Willow was a little surprised to see her at the door. "I'm sorry for just stopping over but I need to talk to you. I was in contact with Tara when she didn't show to the record shop to pick up the CDs you guys ordered. Um, she mentioned something about your friend Faith being taken to the hospital."

Willow motioned for her to come in. They walked into the living room where Tara was laying on the couch waiting. "Oh I'm sorry you look cozy. Um here, I was in the area so, um, I thought I'd drop this off." Dreamlover handed Tara the CD and talked for a few minutes then left. By the time Willow returned Dreamlover had left.

"Sooooo...." Willow reaching her hand out to Tara. They went upstairs and kissed, snuggled and talked until they fell happily to sleep in one another's arms. Both ladies dreaming of their wedding day and night. Willow snaked herself around Tara as she dreamed of saying her vows. Tara in turn was reaching out and almost crushing Willow as she dreamed of their first night as being married. Mmmnn... I'm Mrs. Tara Rosenberg-Maclay. In Willow's mind her thoughts are similar. She saw herself having to sign important paper work at the job, Mrs. Willow Maclay-Rosenberg.

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