Return to Growth Chapter Thirteen


Author: Willohand
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Willow, Tara, Buffy & any of the other BtVS characters that might pop up belong to Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and mutant Enemy, which they all became by killing off Tara and breaking up everybody's favourite wiccan couple. All original characters are the creation of my own imagination. Oh, & the university really does exist.

It's been three days since Willow asked Tara to carry her children. The goofy big smile has been there since that night, while Tara herself was beaming with love and pride. Buffy noticed right away. She wanted to know everything, but felt it was an invasion of Tara and Willow's privacy. Then during her speech lessons, Tara opened up about it, completely catching Buffy off guard. "Buffy did you read what I said?" she asked her wide eyed friend.

Buffy's mouth was hanging open as she shook her head yes to the earlier question. "Oh Tara that sounds so romantic! She actually drew that on your stomach? That's my Willow, the true romantic." She walked across the room and gave Tara a big hug. "Kids? She wants you to carry her children..." Buffy's mind was off and seeing her best friend a nervous wreck of a new mommy.

Across town in the gym where Willow was working out with Faith, Faith was asking about the sappy grin on her friend's face. Willow continued to smile and remember Tara saying yes to carrying her children. "Alright Red, spill it. What's put that goofy doofus of a smile on your face? Or should I ask who? Tara I'm guessing." Willow still continued to finish her set of lunges. She could tell the silent treatment she was putting out was making Faith annoyed. After finishing her set she stepped aside to let Faith work out when Faith playfully grabbed her from behind and demanded some info. "Hey Red, I bet Buffy is getting all the information from her friend Tara. Cut me some slack. Spill" she pleaded. "I asked Tara to carry my children once we get married... and she said yes." Willow beamed with pride. "You what? RED? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?" Faith yelled causing other gym goers to stop and stare.

Willow pulled away facing Faith with cold green eyes. "What's your problem Faith?" Willow demanded to know. "Well for one, you asking Tara to carry your kids knowing there is a chance they could be deaf. I mean Red, come on, if she didn't want to have the operation to give herself a chance to possibly hear then I know she's going to be the same with the kids. What the hell Red? What was going through your head when you asked her to mother your children?" Faith was getting more upset by the minute. So much so they had to be separated. Buffy and Tara walked in at just that moment. Buffy could read Willow and knew something was wrong. She ran over. “Willow? Faith? What's going on here? What the hell are you two doing? What happened?" Buffy was holding both Faith and Willow with both hands by their shirt collars. Neither Faith nor Willow volunteered any information as to what was going on. Tara stood back reading Buffy's lips. Finally stepping forward she signed to Willow, "What's wrong? Are you alright?" Seeing this Faith went to brush past Tara, but Buffy caught her by the arm. "Hey? HEY!? What the hell is wrong with you? You almost ran into Tara."

When Faith didn't answer it was Buffy who lost her cool bumping hard into Faith as she went leaving the gym. Tara, Willow, and Faith all stood and watched as Buffy sped out of the parking lot. Tara stepped up to Willow and kissed her. "Can I have some time with Faith... alone?" Willow was about to argue until Tara walked right past her getting in Faith's face, totally ignoring Willow trying to sign. Willow looked as her girlfriend/future wife and closest friend stood face to face. Willow had never seen this side of Tara. Both Faith and Tara kept up the staring contest until Willow stepped in between them, signing "Forget it Tara. It's nothing." But Tara wasn't buying it. She put both hands on Willow shoulders and gentle moved her from in front of her. She stepped even more closely into Faith's personal space. Willow backed away and slowly walked out the gym. Once outside, she saw Buffy's car just a short distance away. She opened her cell phone and asked Buffy to pick her up, and she would explain more when she got there. Buffy was there in a matter of minutes. She was out asking questions before her car was at a full stop. "What the hell was that back there?" Willow pulled Buffy in for a hug. "That was Faith's old childhood wounds surfacing. She's all worked up about my future kids being hurt by others teasing and taunts." Buffy shook her head remembering how Faith told of her childhood and what she suffered. "Wait, you left Tara with her?" Buffy asked. "No I didn't. Tara left Tara with her." Both Willow and Buffy walked back to the gym and looked through the large glass windows to see Tara up in Faith's face. They looked at one another. Tara looked like she was talking. They both stared again and to their surprise Tara's mouth was moving. Willow went to run in when Buffy tackled the redhead. "Whoa there, Will. Where are you going?" She asked. Willow fought her off, but then thought before taking another step. She dropped down next to Buffy with tears in her eyes. “Buffy, Tara is in there saying something, probably not so nice to Faith. Did you see the look on Faith's face?"

Back inside Tara was indeed speaking. "I-i-i-i asked y-you a question." Faith was so surprised, but she wasn't sure if it was the fact that Tara was talking or the question she had asked her. "LOOK I'M SORRY ALRIGHT? THIS IS JUST ME. My own things coming to surface. I got scared for your kids..." Faith dropped her head. Tara reached out and grabbed Faith into a hug. Faith was trembling and Tara was concerned. She lifted Faith's face so she could see her eyes. "T-t-tell me." Faith's eyes went wide with fear. She backed away from Tara, but was cornered and had nowhere to go.

Buffy and Willow wanted to run in, but Tara liked to fight her own battles. Buffy knew Tara would kill her if she was to charge in there to try to get Faith to do anything. Both Willow and Buffy knew their fate and decided against doing anything to get Tara's wrath in their direction. "That's some woman you have there Will. Anyone who is willing to stand up to Faith when she's angry like that..." Willow turned to look inside and saw Tara holding Faith and tapped Buffy to clue her in. "Yeah she's something else."

Faith was partly crying. She was apologizing and babbling. Oh shit, do we all babble after being around Willow for a certain amount of time? Oh this is contagious. Tara felt Faith pull away. She spoke softly. "Alcoholic for a mom and a dead beat for a dad who left me. My mother died due to her drug habit. I was teased about my mother being different, about my not being able to fit in." Tara read Faith lips carefully, and Faith spoke as clearly as she could so Tara would understand. "Come F-faith. Home." Tara hugged Faith as they walked towards the door.

They saw Willow and Buffy sitting in the doorway off to the side talking. Tara tapped Willow. Both she and Buffy jumped up. Tara put Faith into Buffy's strong waiting arms. Buffy was about to question Faith until Tara said "Home first." Buffy asked "Whose?" Tara smiled and said "Mine and Will's." Buffy, Faith and Willow all stood with their mouths open. Tara just walked out to Willow's car and waited for them. Tara drove with Buffy while Willow and Faith paired up. Faith felt bad about saying everything she did. Willow wanted to talk about it but was still angry at Faith's treatment of Tara and even more angry for the things she had said. Faith couldn't take the uncomfortable silence another second. "Will I just... I mean you know me. My anger gets the best of me and I sometimes do or say the wrong thing. You have to forgive me. I like Tara. I love Tara for you. It's just... I was having flashes of...well you know." Willow stopped the car abruptly. "Get out. Let's go. You and me right now." Willow jumps out the car and goes into her fighting stance. Faith couldn't believe it. "Red? Red come on, I'm sorry alright? I'm not fighting you." she stated calmly as she got out of the car. She walked around to where Willow was. She went to speak and Willow let go with a wicked left hook, catching Faith full in the face, causing her to stumble backwards. She hit the ground hard.

Buffy's tires came to a screeching stop as she and Tara jumped out, running to where Faith was laying, stunned. Her lip was cut open and bleeding. She and Willow were staring one another down. Tara ran to Willow hugging her tightly. Buffy was comforting Faith. Faith, with Buffy's help, was able to stand up right. Faith jerked her body away from Buffy and was in Willow's face. Neither Faith nor Willow said a word. Finally it was Buffy who ask what was going on. Faith just said "Let it go Buffy. It's all good. It was my fault. I had that coming didn't I Red?" Willow stepped forward with tears in her eyes. "Look what you made me do you big dummy. Oh god, are you alright?" Willow asked as she pulled Faith to her. Tara and Buffy both stood quietly by as the two close friends patched things up. "And Red if you ever hit me like that again you better be ready for a beat down. Got that?" she said while smiling a grin that had the group of friends nervous. Willow didn't even flinch. "I got it." Willow stepped up "And if you ever hurt Tara again..." Faith hugs Willow, "I got you Red." Tara and Buffy slowly walked back to the car looking back a few times to make sure things were alright. Buffy signaled for Willow to follow her car.

The girls had eaten lunch and were now talking about the strained events of the day, with Faith speaking quietly as Buffy held her close. When she finished, the room was quiet. Buffy was crying as she held her girlfriend. To lighten the mood, Willow squeaked out “I'm a closet Britney Spears fan." Everybody looked at her. Buffy signed to Tara what Willow had said. Willow got up and went through her nap sack and pulled out her cd player. "See." She turned on Buffy's stereo and out blasted Britney's song 'Lucky.' Willow started to sing and shake a bit forgetting where she was. Buffy's laughter brought her back. "Oops. Heh heh sorry." She sat down. Then Buffy confessed something. "Um when I was a kid I was um afraid of um... (really softly) Mr. Clean"' Faith head popped back up. "Honey what? You were afraid of who?" She asked trying to hold in a laugh. Willow didn't hold hers in. She fell to the floor laughing. Then Willow started to sing the song to the commercial and Buffy's inner child freaked. Buffy jumped up and put her hands over her ears screaming “LALALALALALA I cant hear you." The room erupted in laughter. Buffy stood with her hands on her ears laughing too. Then Faith spoke up. "Buttercup." Buffy walked over to Faith. "What?" Faith stood up and walked into the middle of her friends and repeated it. "Buttercup. I said Buttercup. My mother use to call me Buttercup...coz of my favorite doll."

Tara was the first to respond. She signed, "Doll? You use to play with a doll?" With her hands on her hips she corrected Tara. “Not used to. Do." Buffy spat out the soda she was drinking. Willow dropped to the floor in tears. Faith walked into Buffy's bedroom and came back out with her knapsack. After a few minutes she pulled out a doll. Right away she was talking baby talk to it and straightening its clothing. When she realized what she was doing they all were laughing with her and at her, but she knew they would be shocked. She wasn't ever expecting them to understand but they did. "Buttercup huh?" Tara signed as Buffy translated. "So what about you Tara? Tell us your secrets and childhood trauma's." Faith said. As Willow signed Tara couldn't think of anything. “Well next time we all suffer emotional breakdowns you owe us a meltdown." Faith said smiling. Tara shook her head smiling. "So what's to eat tonight? Will you and Tara are staying right? Why not order some Chinese?" The room was in agreement. Willow and Buffy walked to the kitchen to find the menu and call it in. Tara was now cradling Buttercup as Faith kept a watchful eye. Tara handed Buttercup to her mommy and stood up feeling the music. So my baby is a Britney Spears fan huh? She's too cute to believe some times. Wait, wait a minute. Didn't I read that Britney is touring? Oh my god... if she comes to D.C. I have to get Willow into that concert. AH and with help from a certain blonde hair government agent... Oh this could work.

Brain to Tara: Okay calm down. Willow is going to be able to read you.
Tara to Brain: Oh um okay.

Tara asked Faith if Buffy had a laptop she could use. Faith walked her to Buffy's study. Tara went online to a few sights and couldn't find anything. Just then a finger typed in the words ‘' and in seconds a page for Britney popped up. Tara was startled. She looked up to see Buffy standing there smiling. She signed "So it's true what they say? Great minds do think alike. Looking for something in particular maybe? Oh I don't know, say some concert information?" Then suddenly Buffy began to look at Tara strangely. "What?" Tara signed. Buffy sat on the edge of her desk. "Imagine Tara... You... you could ask Willow. You know... you could ask her at the concert to marry you." Tara's eyes grew big like saucers. She was shaking her head no and signing "Oh no. In front of all those people? Buffy I-I can't." Buffy just smiled. "Oh yeah you can. And with my help..." Buffy just smirked as she pulled Tara to her feet and out the office.

When they entered the living room again there was Willow and Faith having moved the couch to the side, dancing to Britney's hit 'Slave 4 U', and to their surprise, Willow was the better dancer when it was to a Britney song. She was shaking her hips, grinding her pelvis...

Brain to Tara: Whoa. We have to make sure we get our copy of this Britney cd for the house when Willow is around if she's going to look that sexy dancing.
Tara to Brain: Uh huh. Um I mean yes, making a mental note to get Britney's cd. Got it.
Vixeny Tara has entered the psyche: Oh I'm so going to fuck her to Britney tonight.
Tara to Vixeny Tara: YES WE ARE!
Vixeny Tara to Tara: Oooh I like your attitude. You're learning.
Tara to Vixeny Tara: I've always liked learning. And Willow is my favorite topic. Um give me one hint as to what we have in store for her later.

Vixeny Tara let her thoughts and needs flow into Tara. It was as if the thoughts were now flowing through her blood stream. Tara's eyes fluttered closed only to re-open a dark raging sea blue. Willow noticed and began to move even sexier to the beat. She was looking Tara directly in her eyes as she sang the words to the song. All this didn't go unnoticed by Buffy. Oh god... look at Tara's eye color. Oh boy is Willow in for it later. The doorbell rang and Buffy was more than happy to get out of that heated room, dragging Faith with her, leaving Vixeny Tara with Willow. "Hey?! What are you doing? I was having fun in there!" Faith stated. After paying for the food Buffy quickly ran upstairs grabbing some of her and Faith things in an over night bag. She walked downstairs to find Willow and Vixeny Tara practically making love through their dancing in her living room. Faith looked to Buffy. "Uh baby good idea. They are going to explode and we shouldn't be here. Where to?" she asked as she tried to ignore the sexually charged bodies. "We'll go to Willow's. Here I have my set of keys." Buffy wrote Will a note and they ran out.

Willow's body to Tara's body: GgRRRRRRR!
Tara's body to Willow's body: Oh yeah baby. You know I love it when you're a little rough. You want me? Well come and get me baby. I'm waiting for you lover.

Willow and Vixeny Tara were grinding against one another and getting more heated by the second.

As aggressive Willow took in the sight of an ass-shaking, hips-thrusting and pelvic-pushing Tara, one thought came to mind... Oh hell yeah baby, shake that ass because in a few minutes you're going to be ripped out of those clothes and shoved up against the nearest wall with me burying my face up your ass just the way you like it. No you love that don't you? Well keep teasing me with that tight round ass...

Vixeny Tara was doing just that too, teasing Willow. She was grinding her ass into Willow's very wet center. Vixeny Tara could feel the heat coming from Willow's center and she liked that she was getting the redhead as excited as she was feeling. Vixeny Tara danced her way to Willow's bag and looked for anything else Britney. What she found was the CD with the remixes. She smiled as she waved it at Willow. Willow gulped.

Vixeny Tara was then switching the CD's. She turned it up a little louder. As the beats came pouring out of the speakers, aggressive Willow watched her girlfriend close her eyes and let herself feel the music.

Willow emerged as aggressive Willow went within her. It was now Willow watching, with great fascination, Tara becoming one with the music. It seem to physically begin with her hands first, always. A twitch of the fingers. Something so simple yet so profound. Willow watched in silence, taking a seat on the couch. It was as if Tara was in her own world. Willow didn't want to invade the blonde's space. Soon Tara's hands were running through her hair. Willow loved watching Tara play in her hair. It was one of the sexiest things she'd ever seen. Tara's hands snaked down from her hair touching her neck.

Suddenly remembering she wasn't alone she opened her eyes and looked directly into Willow's eyes. Tara was enjoying Willow's reaction to her dancing. Wow this CD is really good. I wonder who's the person mixing this? Okay I definitely recognize these beats. Um, whats the song? Oh yeah 'Crazy' blended with other songs. Oh I have to borrow this CD from my baby. Oh I know what I'm going to do.

VixenyTara danced her way over to Willow. "Will, can you hold me? Today was exhausting," Tara signed as she pretended to pout. Willow pulled Tara on to her lap. Tara ended up falling to sleep on Willow's lap. Aggressive Willow was hungry and wanted Tara's ass to feast on, among other things.

Aggressive Willow to Willow: I'm hungry! I want my Tara.
Willow to Aggressive Willow: Um she's asleep. We'll let her rest now.
Aggressive Willow to Willow: AGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Look she's right here. Just give me 6 hours. Just to work through all this tension she's fuelling.
Willow to Aggressive Willow: No. She's tired and wants to sleep so not now. Okay? maybe tonight.
Aggressive Willow to Willow: I'm not going to make it to tonight. Please can't we just accidentally wake her on purpose? Then I'll fuck her like an animal and we can all go to sleep happy.
Willow to Aggressive Willow: No. She's already sleeping. We are not about to wake her just so we can f-fuck her. It's not right. Just control yourself until tonight.
Aggressive Willow to Willow: Control myself? Are you kidding. I'm your animalistic side. I have no control. I don't want control. That's what you're here for. I WAS BORN FOR OTHER REASONS AND YOU KNOW I'M DAMN GOOD AT IT. I'm the side of you that is so uninhibited... with me you become the great lover that Tara loves. She loves when you butch out on her. I'm Willow butch, how do you do?

Try as Aggressive Willow did, Willow was not budging on the topic of taking Tara as she slept.

Aggressive Willow to Willow: So that's it? End of topic? We- well, actually, you're going to let her sleep? No taking every inch of her luscious body?
Willow to Aggressive Willow: That's right. No taking Tara while she's not capable of telling us not to. That line shall never be crossed. Do you understand? I asked you a question.
Aggressive Willow to Willow: Okay I heard you. But I don't get it. She likes it when I'm taking her.
Willow to Aggressive Willow: There is a big difference when she gives her okay and she's alright with giving herself in that way. When she's asleep I'ts a whole different disgusting matter. One in which we shall never have to talk about again. One we will never think of again. Look I know you don't understand but believe me it would be wrong for thousands of reasons. And none she will ever understand. So drop it. Okay?
Aggressive Willow to Willow: Alright I better go.

Aggressive Willow has now left the psyche.

Willow watched and listened as Tara slept. Running her hands through blonde locks, Willow can't help but thank whoever is listening for letting her find Tara that fateful day.

Back at Willow's house Buffy and Faith were relaxing on the couch

"It's okay as long as we don't mess up anything. You know how Willow is when it comes to her space being smothered."

Faith smiled. "Yeah I learned early on as her roommate in college. And the only thing that has changed is she's older, but still my brainy smurf with a Tara by her side. And might I add that Tara is a beautiful woman who's stronger than I ever imagined."

Buffy sat up, "Yeah I know. And Willow loves her so much. You should have seen Willow the first time she ever saw Tara. That next morning I was pulling strings to get her in to a sign language class." Faith gave Buffy a look. "Don't look at me like that. Without ever speaking to Tara for more than five minutes Willow was falling in love with Tara. And what's more, I think... no, I now know the feelings coming from Tara were the same."

Faith sat up a she was curious about something. She walked around lightly touching certain things. "I'm really sorry about today. I think I... I was thinking the kids are going to be bullied for being different you know?" Buffy walked over and slowly kissed Faith on the neck.

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