Return to Growth Chapter Eleven


Author: Willohand
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Willow, Tara, Buffy & any of the other BtVS characters that might pop up belong to Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and mutant Enemy, which they all became by killing off Tara and breaking up everybody's favourite wiccan couple. All original characters are the creation of my own imagination. Oh, & the university really does exist.

Willow was feeling suddenly flushed. She needed to be sitting as she watched her blonde goddess glide around the large dance floor. The dress Tara was wearing was quickly discarded in the car. Now she was wearing a pair of boot cut Levis with a white top that was clinging to her incredible firm breast. They were dancing for nearly half an hour. Tara's shirt was full of sweat, as was Tara's hair. Raven too was dripping in sweat. Finally, after some time, Tara was told of her break. Tara quickly found her way to Willow who was lost in the sight of Tara's presence. Their bodies immediately reached for one another, without realizing how they were in each others arms. Raven and Chris watched from their office. At the same time they said,

"They're in love with one another." Smiling at one another they returned their gaze to Willow and Tara.

By now Willow had pulled Tara outside into the warm summer air.

"Here baby, put this on. Don't want you to get sick. I know its summer and all but what if a strong wind happens? You in this sweaty shirt won't be good" Willow signed with a cute grin on her face. Tara was too lost in those sexy green eyes to be able to refuse Willow anything. She shook her head yes and let Willow put the jacket on her. Tara loved the fact that she had Willow to fuss over her even if it wasn't needed.

Back inside Raven was informing Chris on how Willow spoke to her about surprising Tara by dancing too. Chris thought about it then smiled.

"I'm glad you find it cute because you're the one who's going to be her teacher. I can't, it will interfere with Tara. And what I got from the conversation is how important it is that Tara is surprised."

"Willow wants to surprise Tara by dancing? They really love one another don't they?" Chris asked.

"I know Tara is in love. All the while we were dancing her eyes searched out for Willow. And when she sees her they always seem to turn to another shade of blue. I don't even think she realizes it. It's a great thing to witness. I'm thinking the Flamenco."

Raven thought for a moment. "Okay so the flamenco it is. Oh this is going to be something to see, isn't it?" She was smirking at Chris who was looking at her.

"And with that beautiful long red hair and those green eyes...the outfit has to match one, or perhaps we can find a dress that will bring out both?" Chris suggested.

Raven shook her head in agreement.

As Chris looked out the window he saw Willow and Tara just sitting in the bench looking into one another's eyes while holding hands.

"Rav come look at something for a moment will you?"

Raven looked out the window to see the way sun was reflecting off of Willow's red hair. But that wasn't why Chris called her.

It was Willow and Tara. How they somehow just seemed to be in their own world.

"I have an even better idea for the end of the summer show. It'll be a show stopper for sure" she whispered. Chris gave her a questioning look.

"What do you have in mind?"

"Willow and Tara. Lets go with their wanting Tara dancing with me but we'll add them dancing together too. Only we don't tell them."

Watching the couple they both agreed it was a good idea.

"So about Tara's aura?" Buffy asked, not sure what she herself meant. Dreamlover just smiled at Buffy.

"She's Willow's soul mate. I sense nothing but strength and a good heart. You didn't have to do the background check Buffy."

"Oh I was just... wait a minute. How did you know about that?" she asked surprised, and a little embarrassed.

"I sense things Buffy. I can read people and reading you I can see that Willow is your own friend and you're worried about her. I understand. But Buffy you have to tell Tara it was done. I know that you two will be the close friends you want but if you don't tell her she'll never find out. I think her friendship will be everlasting."

Meanwhile, back at rehearsal, Tara is back dancing with Raven. Willow is taping as much as her phone will allow.

'I cant wait to show Faith and Buffy these. Oh wow look at her... so sexy.'

Just then Chris touches Willow's arm lightly. "Excuse me Willow but can I talk to you?" asking as he points to the office. Willow follows him but continues keeping her eye trained on Tara until Chris closed the door.

"I talked to Raven and we decided that the 'Flamenco' is the dance you'll be doing." Willow's jaw dropped.

"Okay this is me, Willow Rosenberg...uh you've seen me walk right? Oh okay. The Flamenco? Me? That dance is so sexy and takes dancing skills. Again I'm Willow Rosenberg... klutz extraordinaire." She was looking out the window watching Tara. Oh how she wanted to surprise Tara. "Then again it's for my wife. And if you think you can teach me... for her I'll try. For her I'll try anything, if it means her smiling. So me dancing the 'Flamenco' huh? You're sure about this? You sure you can pull this off, teaching me something so..." her voice trailed off as she caught a glimpse of Tara dancing and smiling. She knew Tara felt most free when she danced.

Willow looked Chris directly in the face, wearing her resolve face. "Teach me. I want to learn." Chris winked at his pupil.

"Trust me. You're going to be fine. Just need to get you fitted for your dress."

"Fitted for my dress? As in measured and all that? Wow I'm going to be fitted for a dress. That's going to have my baby drooling" she smiled at Chris.

"So Willow how tall are you? And how much do you weigh? "Chris asked as he picked up a pen and a writing pad.

"I'm 5'6' and I weigh 121 pounds" Willow stated with a smile. Chris took a step back as he looked at Willow's body, trying to picture the best outfit for the redhead.

"We'll get you fitted tomorrow so Tara won't know. Oh, and Willow, she's going to love her surprise." Willow gulped.

"I hope so" she says, wincing.

"No time like the present. Let's go to the smaller dance hall" Chris suggested as he pulled a frightened Willow with him.

It was on the second floor of the building. Once inside, Chris walked around Willow in a circle a few times, finally saying "Let me see you glide." Willow eyes went big.

"Uh glide? You want me to what? Glide?" She was looking around the room and at Chris. "Glide huh? Is that anything like a slide?" she asked as she took two big steps. "Um is that what you meant?" she asked.

Chris smiled at the enchanting redhead before him. "Well something like that only like this". Chris did it in one fluid motion. Willow watched him do it a few times before she wanted to try it again.

"Okay so it's this..." she moved in more of a fluid long motion. Looking back at him. "Like that?" Chris shook his head with approval.

Back in the larger dance hall Raven and Tara were taking a small break. Tara looked around and wondered where Willow was. Raven, catching Tara's eyes, came up with the perfect excuse for Willow's disappearance.

"Oh Tara before I forget. Willow asked me to tell you that she wanted to show Chris you dancing on her video phone. She loves showing you off you know." Tara read Raven's lips and just smiled.

'Well that was close. And actually Willow does like showing her off, so it's not a complete lie. Okay, this is really going to be good. Can't wait to see Tara's face as Willow dances. I wonder how Chris is doing anyway.'

Across town, Buffy is having a conversation with Faith about telling Tara of the background check she had done.

"Dreamlover is right you know. Tara will never find out about the file or the background check that was done, unless you yourself tell her. And Dreamlover? Can't I please call her Henny?" Faith asked with a big smile on her face. Buffy sat staring into space, contemplating what she was going to do.

'Of course I have to tell her, because it's the right thing to do. It's that simple.'

Faith comes back into the room just as Buffy is coming out of her thoughts. "I'm going to talk to Tara this evening." Faith just shakes her head as she holds Buffy.

Later that evening...

The flash on Tara's door is blinking. She dances over and opens it.

"Buffy? Um, hi. Willow isn't here. She went to her place. She'll be over later tonight. What's up?" she signed. Buffy hugged her and walked arm in arm with her towards the living room.

"So what's up?" she signed.

Buffy just went into her briefcase and pulled out the file on Tara. Tara took it and was slightly confused until she turned the file over and saw her name. Buffy never looked up. Tara sat there across from Buffy reading her own life story in black and white. She couldn't believe what she found. It was everything about her. Even things her mother never knew. Midway through she looked up from the file to glance at Buffy, her new friend. But now she was re-thinking their friendship.

'I don't believe this! She did a background check on me!' She thought as she watched Buffy.

Then something else caught her eye. It was some information on Carly too. What Tara read about the domestic abuse complaint against Carly in college was something she didn't like. Then she thought of Carly's behavior about Willow... She reached out and grabbed Buffy's hand to get her attention.

"This is very thorough research you have here" she signed.

Buffy started to explain herself. She was babbling and her words were coming out too fast for Tara to read her lips. And her hands were just as busy. Tara concentrated on watching Buffy's lips. She got some of what was said and let it sink in. Then one thing her new friend did say struck Tara. She re-played it in her mind.

"And Tara, Willow has been my friend since the second grade. I'd do anything to protect her. But it's not like your all aahhhhhhhhh with being in control of the relationship like her last girlfriend who we found in Willow's home cutting up her clothes. Whew, imagine my surprise having to kick her ass and be the one to see the fear in my best friends eyes at the sight of the B I T C H after I beat her unconscious. Oh I have to say that was fun, but that's wrong right? My enjoying beating her to a pulp? So it was wrong but for all the right reasons, just now that I'm telling you, you're like 'oh shit Buffy's this crazy woman digging all around into my life'..."

Tara couldn't believe she actually got all that.

'Yup she is definitely Willow's best friend...look at her babbling. But she did do something wrong. No matter what the reason behind it was. Oh god Buffy. Don't you know how much I like us being friends? From the moment we spoke in my classroom that first time, I knew that we were going to be friends. Then you do this.'

But what all of a sudden came to mind is the fact that if Buffy didn't give her the file she would never have known. If Buffy hadn't of confessed to everything, she could have just kept it to herself.

'I wouldn't even know of any of this if she didn't tell me. Oh shit...'

Tara was brought back by the touch of Buffy's hand on her shoulder.

"Tara I'm sorry that I hurt you and betrayed your trust. I'll just go now. I will explain to Willow why we aren't friends anymore." Buffy got up to leave and headed towards the door.

Tara couldn't believe it. Not only had Buffy confessed when she didn't have to, but now she was going to go tell Willow too. Tara couldn't let Buffy leave. She jumped up and grabbed Buffy's hand just as she was reaching for the door knob. "Buffy Summers what in the hell do you think you're doing?" she signed when Buffy turned to face her. There were tears in Buffy's eyes. "You're not telling Willow anything. You understand me. It's not needed. Willow doesn't have to know everything that happens between me and my friends."

Buffy just stared at Tara. She was about to sign but she was pulled into a big hug by her friend. She started signing again.

"Besides, Willow won't want to hear the goings on with my friends. She's not that way. So how about we keep this between friends. Okay?" Buffy shook her head yes. They hugged again and that's when the light began to flash. Tara and Buffy both opened the door.

They greeted Willow with smiles and a hug.

"This is a good sight to see. My best friend with my wife." She walked past them into the house. Both Tara and Buffy both mouthed the word again. In unison "Wife?" they looked one another.

Tara's eyes were watering. Buffy closed the gap and held Tara. Pulling back she signed

"Wife? Oh Tara you have to hurry and ask that woman to be yours. Although I'm getting the feeling you two are already married where it counts most to Willow. I don't even think she realized what she called you because to her you're already her wife."

"Oh damn Buffy, the file is on the coffee table." Tara signed .They both go running into the house. Willow was in the kitchen cooking. Tara grabbed the file and walked into her office, closing the door behind her.

'I have to get rid of this. No point in Willow ever finding out. It would only make things bad. Buffy loves Willow too much.'

She sits behind her desk and methodically cut up the file until it was nothing but small pieces and she then put it in a bag, taking it to the kitchen and throwing it in the garbage to go out in the morning.

She walks over to Buffy and gives her hand a squeeze without Willow seeing. Just as Tara let go of Buffy's hand Willow turned around and pulled Tara into her kissing her passionately. Pulling back slightly she signs

"Okay you two go talk or watch movies while I cook my wife a meal fit for my queen." Tara was frozen to her spot. Buffy had to pull her out of the kitchen.

"Come on wifey, let's give your personal chef some time to get your meal ready. So Will, if Tara is the Queen, I guess that makes me a peasant huh?" she signed, pouting.

"Yup, that's right. Now out with you both. Oh and sorry that your a peasant" she said with a small smirk.

Half an hour later...

Tara was looking oddly towards the kitchen. Even before Buffy smelled it, Tara's senses kicked in. She was standing and counting with her fingers. When she reached one she pointed to Buffy. Suddenly Buffy smelled it too. Tara smiled. She loved doing that trick to her hearing friends. Buffy's mouth dropped open.

"Tara, how did you do that?" Buffy asked in shock and wonderment. Tara signed,

"Sorry Buffy, it's a secret."

"Hey I'm your friend you have to tell me. There are rules you know." Buffy signed. Tara looked at Buffy.

"Really?" she signed. Buffy answered

"Yes...Well okay no but there should be. How did you smell it before I even registered it at all?" Buffy signed and was bouncing up and down like a child about to receive a new toy. Her body language was that of a 7 year old child. "Tell me, tell me. Aw come on! You have to tell me or..."

Tara laughed at Buffy's temper tantrum.

"Buffy Anne Summers, you stop it this instant!" Tara playfully scolded Buffy.

"Okay I'll stop if you tell me." Tara couldn't help laughing at Buffy's behavior.

"My other senses are extremely heightened, like that of um... a dog I guess. They have great senses. When one sense is lost the others are more I guess" she signed.

Buffy sat looking at Tara for a few minutes. Finally, she smiles and signs "Oh I get it. What's that like? I mean not being able to hear a sound but being able to smell something that well?" she signed.

Tara smiled. "Well, since I've never heard anything I guess for me its normal" she signed and flopped back down and enjoyed all the wonderful scents filling the air. Willow pops her head in and calls Buffy who signs to Tara its time to eat.

Dinner was eaten in silence, something Buffy wasn't used to. Tara and Willow enjoyed their times at dinner. They looked forward to just sitting down to a home cooked meal where the only sound for Willow was the utensils being used. It's not until Willow usually washed dishes and her and Tara met on the couch to talk about their day. Buffy looked between the two women and smiled to herself.

'Willow and Tara really care for one another. God look at them. They haven't said a word but I can tell their connection is as strong as ever.'

As they all moved to the living room, Buffy announced it was time for her to go.

"This was fun and Willow dinner was great. We have to double date soon. Maybe a movie and dinner." Tara and Buffy hugged. Buffy was about to leave when Willow spoke up.

"Hey? You hug my wife but not your best friend?" she pouts jokingly. Buffy stops, turns back and gives Willow a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

"That's better" she says. "Now go home to your girlfriend." Buffy smiles a wicked smile and leaves.

Both Tara and Willow go plop down on the couch and just sigh. Tara signs

"Will dinner was great but, why so much?" Willow leans in, kisses Tara on her forehead, and signs

"I want you to have enough so you don't have to do any cooking for the week." Tara smiles.

"You ready for bed or you want to sit here for a bit?" Willow signs.

Tara pulls Willow closer and kisses her passionately signing "I want to cuddle right here with you for a little while first." Willow moves in closer to Tara, who takes Willow into her arms.

Buffy walks into the house to find Faith sleep on the couch. She locks the doors, kicks off her shoes and kneels next to her girlfriend's face.


"So Faith are you staying? Baby I know back when we first met you wanted me. God I could feel it, but I also know how afraid of your feelings you were. But you're older now and I think you have come to terms with who you are. I let you go. I gave you an out and you took it. And like an ass I let you. But Faith I'm not letting you go so easily this time. I'm willing to fight for you. Just say you want to be with me and I promise you we will make it happen. I'm in love with you Faith. Don't want you to go. Stay. Stay here in Washington with me. Be mine. Be my girlfriend."

End flashback...

Buffy reaches out and gently touches Faith on the cheek. Warm brown eyes stare up at Buffy. Faith sits up and they kiss.

"Come on baby, let's get you in bed." Faith lets Buffy lead her off the couch and upstairs to her bedroom.

They get undressed and into bed. Buffy snuggles up to Faith as they both fall to sleep holding the other.

Back at the Maclay house, soft moans can be heard coming from the master bedroom.

"God Tara you feel so good baby. Oh god, keep touching me please" Willow whispers as Tara hands gently touch Willow's neck, feeling Willow's moans as she reads the lips of her red haired beauty. Tara brings herself up to kiss Willow's neck and suck her pulse point. This action makes Willow moan more and Tara's mouth, her lips, can feel the sounds of her lover. It makes her pause her sucking. She signs to Willow "Will please...need to feel it."

Without having to be asked again, Willow looks Tara in the eyes and growls. Feeling this Tara starts to tremble. Willow's growl grows more intense. Her eyes start to get darker. Her grip on Tara's shoulders become tighter. She guides Tara onto her back as she hovers over her, deciding which body part she wants to devour first.

'Body to Willow: Can we start with her mouth? Look at her full pink lips just begging to be sucked.

Willow to Brain: That's a good place to start.

Aggressive Willow has entered the Psyche: Why don't we just...

Brain to Aggressive Willow: NO! We are not going to do that.

Body to Aggressive Willow: Tonight we are going to make love to Tara.

Aggressive Willow: (grumbling as she leaves. And she's not happy).

Willow to Brain: Why did you do that? I need her to help me be with Tara.

Brain to Willow: No you don't. Not all the time. On certain occasions you do, but this isn't one of them.

Heart to Willow: I'll be with you every touch, every kiss, and every moan... don't worry. We can do this.

Willow to heart: Um...Okay. But, but...

Heart to Willow: Trust me. Trust us. Trust yourself.

Willow's body to Tara's body: Hi.

Tara's body to Willow's body: Oh um hi.

They move closer to one another. Still moving yet closer. Closer still.

Willow's body to Tara's body: Oh god... you always feel so soft.

Tara's body to Willow's body: You smell like strawberries. I love your scent.

Willow's body to Tara's: And you are so curvy and full and I can't not touch you. I always need to be touching you.

Tara's body to Willow's body: Touch me. Touch me everywhere you want. I love your hands learning me. I'm your open book. Read me. Know me.

Willow's body to Tara's body: I love learning you. I open you up and breathe your every word. I read slowly and I open my mind to you.

Willow and Tara are just kissing and enjoying the feel of one another. Tara loves it when Willow is on top. Getting to look into those eyes and when she feels the sounds that Willow makes... She wouldn't trade it in for anything.

"Will?" she signs.

Willow leans off Tara some so they both can sign.

"Will I had a chance to get an operation so I could possibly hear, but I refused." She waited for Willow's response, trying to read her face. Willow thinks about what her wife has just said. Sitting back further as she pulls Tara into a hug. After a few minutes she pulls back looking into Tara's eyes.

"Tara Maclay I respect the decisions you make as to your body. You obviously weighed all the factors involved. It doesn't matter to me that you can't hear. I fell in love with and continue to fall deeper in love with you. You're an amazing woman who I'm lucky to have as my wife" she signed. Tara began to cry, as did Willow.

"It's j-just that people don't understand why I would not get it if it meant my being able to hear". Willow lifts Tara's chin.

"I think if you were meant to hear you would have been born hearing. No one in your entire family is deaf but you. So what. Besides who wants all those doctors messing around in your body on just a possibility? What if they were wrong?" Tara looks deeply into her girlfriends eyes.

"What if I could be a hearing person? What if I could..." Willow cut her off with a kiss.

"You listen to me Tara. What's this about? Do you think I wish you could hear? Have I done or said something to make you believe I want to change you? Baby if I ever have, I'm sorry. I truly love you just the way you are. I don't want a different Tara. Do we need to talk about something?" she signs.

Tara shakes her head no. Willow puts her head forward to Tara's. They sit looking into one another's eyes. Tara can see no doubt in the green eyes. Tara's eyes look down at her hands as do Willow's.

"Make love to me. Please Will." Tara signed.

Willow leans forward and kisses her way to Tara's ears. "How does this feel?" she signed.

No answer. Tara was feeling something.

Whenever Willow's mouth was near her ears, it was usually a total loss of control for Tara. But not this time. What she was feeling was much more than just physical. What she was experiencing tonight was not like any before. After switching ears, Willow signed Tara's name for the second time.

"Tara?" Finally, eye contact. "Are you sure you're alright?" she asked with Tara reading her lips.

"Uh yeah. I'm sorry. I was just thinking..." Tara reaches out to caress Willow's mouth.

"About what?" she signed.

Willow was trying to sign as Tara continued to play with her hands. After taking a few deep breathes Willow was able to collect herself enough to get hold of Tara's hands and gently push the blonde onto her back while holding her hands above her head.

Being in this position was turning Tara on as it usually did. Knowing any second Willow's mouth would be on her ears...

Tara closed her eyes as she felt Willow's body weight shifting. She didn't have to wait at all this time. Willow's mouth was in her ear, going back and forth between the two. Tara herself was breathing heavily and panting as Willow devoured both her ears. Back and forth, left ear, right ear. Tara was in heaven and was about to pass out from the attention being given her ears.

The warm feeling that had slowly been spreading since Willow's mouth began kissing her ears was now making its way throughout Tara's body. Reaching her hand up and around she gently placed it on the back of Willow's head, guiding her mouth to her neck. Her hand was sliding in and through wet red hair.

Willow's mouth was setting Tara's every nerve on fire. Tara's kisses were becoming bites on Willow's cheeks, jaw line and neck. She bit down so hard she felt Willow's response. With her breath coming in pants and sobs, the hand holding Willow's hair gripped tighter. Willow, in between switching ears, let Tara mark her. She now belonged to Tara.

'Oh damn that's going to leave a mark.' Tara smirked to herself.

Tara grabbed Willow roughly but also passionately. Her body couldn't take it any longer. It needed its release. Her body stiffened for a moment. Willow continued licking and sucking.

Tara's body began to tremble as the sweat was beginning to wet the sheets. Her hold on Willow became tighter. Willow growled against Tara's hand. That was all that was left to help Tara over the edge to an intense orgasm.

Her body was bucking and Willow held her as tight as she could, kissing Tara's mouth. Willow slipped two fingers into Tara and she exploded again after only a few minutes of Willow's hand thrusting deep inside her wet, hot, creamy core.

Willow screamed out Tara's name over and over again. Tara, feeling every vibration on Willow's neck, had the blonde crying. Tears were rolling down her face as she came back from her trip to Willow-land by willow-hands.

Willow held Tara in her arms. After a long period of crying, Tara's body stopped shaking and her breathing pattern finally evened out. She had fallen to sleep in Willow's arms. Willow was careful not to wake Tara from her slumber as she eased out of bed.

She picked up her cell phone and hit a single digit. Within minutes a groggy voice answered.

"He- hello?" the voice was that of her close friend Faith.

Willow told her what Tara told her of the operation and not wanting to get it done.

"Will? Willow how do you feel about that?" she asked with concern.

"Faith, are you asking if I'm upset that she chose to stay deaf? Of course not. She was born deaf. Everybody probably told her she didn't know what she was missing not being able to hear. Well they are right. She doesn't know because she's never heard a noise a day in her life. So in other words Faith, no I'm not. I love her. I'm in love with her. She is the woman I'm going to marry. She's the woman I want to carry my child or I hers." She ended her sentence crying.

Not turning away from Tara as she made the phone call Tara woke when Willow warm embrace left her. She laid there reading Willow's lips. She didn't mean to but she couldn't turn away or close her eyes back when she read the word operation. She knew it was about her.

Willow could feel that familiar warmth that only came with Tara's attention.

"Faith I have to go. I'll talk to you in the morning. Yeah you too. And thanks for listening." She closed her phone, never taking her eyes off Tara.

"Hey you..." she signed. Tara smiled.

"I was going to the bathroom. I'll be right back" she signed and kissed Willow as she passed her to go to the bathroom. Willow climbed back in bed, waiting for Tara to come back into her arms.

In the bathroom, Tara was shaking.

'Sh- she wants me to have her kids? SHE WANTS ME TO HAVE HER CHILD!

Brain to Tara: You have to calm down.

Tara to brain: But kids? She wants me to have her children.

Brain to Tara: I know. Isn't she wonderful? And you both will make great parents. You're a natural mother Tara.

Tara to Brain: I know but what... what if our kids are deaf too?

Brain to Tara: I know it won't make a difference to Willow. She will love that child all the more. Okay we have been in here long enough. We have to get back to bed and snuggle up to our baby.

Tara to Brain: Oh yeah, right. Kind of forgot Willow was here.

Brain to Tara: Remember to be calm. She doesn't know you know about her phone conversation with Faith.

Tara to Brain: Oh right. Um okay.'

Tara walked back into the room and Willow sat up, threw back the covers and held out her arms. Tara gladly climbed in. Willow pulled Tara into a hug, simply holding her close. They fell to sleep in one another arms thinking of all that was spoke of this night. Willow dreamed of her and Tara's wedding. Tara dreamed of giving birth to a red haired little Willow.

The next morning Willow was woken by the feel of Tara's warm mouth on her stomach moving ever so slowly south. Willow spread her thighs as Tara got closer to her center. Willow was starting to fully wake as her body responded to Tara's touch. Soon she was thrashing around under Tara's tongue. Willow grabbed a hand full of Tara's hair and pulled just as she was about to come. Tara opened her mouth wide to catch every drop of Willow's juice. Willow stopped all movements then she came in Tara's mouth and on her face. Tara ate it up, licking it off her face. Willow looked down at Tara's wet face and pulled her up to her again. They kissed wildly with Willow wanting to taste herself on her wife's lips and mouth.

"Good morning" Tara signed.

Willow smiled and pulled and held Tara. She glanced at the clock. It read 6:45 AM. They had more time so Tara slowly sat up, swinging teasingly the dildo in her hands. Blue met green.

Tara, with Willow's help, strapped on the dildo. Tara crawled in between Willow's legs, spreading them wider as she climbed higher. When she was positioned where she needed to be, she poured lubricant on the dildo and with Willow's hand they worked the lube up and down the length of it. Easing Willow back down, Tara opened Willow's wet center and entered slowly.

As she did, Willow was gasping for air.

Hovering above, Tara was looking down into a pair of loving green eyes. Willow reached for Tara's ass and Tara, slowly at first, began to thrust in and out of Willow. It didn't take long before Willow was begging Tara for more.

"Oh god Tara. Fuck me deeper please" Willow managed to sign.

Tara did just that. Every time she entered deeper and deeper, going as deep as Willow's pussy would allow. Sweating and panting,

" fucking tight Will. Oh baby you have such a tight pussy a-and it feels..." Tara stopped signing and just lost all control.

She held Willow's shoulders as she was now thrusting a little harder. Willow was wincing some but wouldn't let Tara stop. "GOD!!!! THIS FEELS SOOOOOO..." before Willow could finish, Tara put Willow's hands on her ass.

Willow was squeezing it and slapping it and digging her nails in Tara's ass. This only made Tara give it to Willow more in turn, which made Willow lick her finger and spread Tara's ass and slip it inside.

Soon both Willow and Tara were on the verge of sexual bliss. Willow and Tara both were grabbing and touching and holding one another as they both exploded. Willow's come was all over the sheets and dildo. Tara's come was on the end of the dildo and Willow's thigh.

Tara fell forward onto Willow. They both were dripping in sweat as they held one another. It was time to start their day. Tara's alarm was flashing. The clock read 7:30 AM.

Two hours later...

Tara sat looking at her phone with the pictures Willow sent her a few days earlier. Three sexy photos of the redhead taken around the campus.

Photo number one was of Willow topless covered in just sweat and dirt.

Photo number two was with Willow behind a fence with jut her tight fitting top and a red thong, wearing just her work boots.

But it was the last photo that had Tara unable to work properly. It had Willow on the very desk she was sitting at, and had to be at all year round. Willow had part of herself covered in paint with herself spread out across Tara's desk. The paint was covering her breast and center but barely. Her face was covered in a sky blue as her other assets are barely covered in a red. Her legs are spread with her hand disappearing into paint...

'Brain to Tara: How did she do these and not get caught?

Tara to Brain: I uh...I'm not how. I mean not sure how.

Brain to Tara: Gulp.

Tara to Brain: I second that.'

Tara gets up and goes to the window and spots Willow working. Willow instantly feels warmth. She turns around, looking directly into Tara's beautiful blue eyes. They stare at one another for a minute or two. Then Willow mouthed the words very slowly.

"Tara Rosenberg-Maclay, I'm in love with you."

Tara's eyes go big. Willow smiles, turns back, and starts working again. Tara is trembling, but it's from a good feeling.

'She said Tara Rosenberg-Maclay...'

Tara was brought back to earth by the feel of a hand on her shoulder. She turned to her student, Claire.

"See you next week professor Maclay" she signed and walked out the classroom.

Tara walked around her desk, seeing Willow there. She pulled out her phone and flipped it open. She sent Willow a text message.

Mrs. Willow Maclay-Rosenberg I just wanted to tell you how much I love you. You are so beautiful and kind and let's not forget quirky.

The second text read:

I love you with all that I am. I'm staying late today. You want to stop by my classroom? Oh and Willow...come as you are. Don't clean up or change at all. I want you dirty so I can...

Reading the messages Willow put away her heavy machinery and headed to class. She made sure the school was empty first. The only two cars that were in the parking lot were hers and Tara's. She walked into the classroom and her mouth dropped open. There was Tara and she...

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