Return to Growth Chapter Five


Author: Willohand
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Willow, Tara, Buffy & any of the other BtVS characters that might pop up belong to Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and mutant Enemy, which they all became by killing off Tara and breaking up everybody's favourite wiccan couple. All original characters are the creation of my own imagination. Oh, & the university really does exist.
Note: For this chapter several readers were invited to offer suggestions. Willohand kindly acknowledged their contributions by including some familiar names in the chapter <g>.

'Okay I'm tired now can we just get to sleep?

Brain to body. Willow needs to rest so everybody calm down.

Oh sure easy for you to say. You didn't have to touch that warm soft body. You all think It's easy being the hands? How can I possibly sleep when I can still feel her? Why should I let any of you sleep?

Brain to hands. Well for one I control you all. If I want I just have to send signals and you will be touching Tara wherever I say.

Hands to brain. You wouldn't dare?

Willow to brain. Stop taunting hands with your power and go to sleep.

Well since we're up. Eyes here, and I had to see that beautiful body. She was more beautiful than anything I've ever seen in my life.

Oh God... stomach here. Please don't remind me. Oh too late. Here come the butterflies. Thanks for getting me all worked up. (Clearing herself)

Well as the mouth I have to say kissing her was the best. She is the best kisser. Her lips are as full as they look. And her back tasted just as wonderful.

Willow to body. That's enough. Stop it.'

Her body kept the debate up and more and more of her joined in.


Willow to brain. Shutdown please.

Okay no more talking or thinking of Tara.'

But as Willow was crossing over into sleep...


It's not known just which body part had the thought but it crossed over with Willow into dream land.

'Mmmmnn... Tara lips. God so pink and soft and the way they feel pressed up against us... No her ass and thighs. Whoa...what an ass. God those strong thighs were wrapped around us, squeezing us and it felt good. Can you imagine when we are down between her legs and we're eating her out? She's going to crush us to death. Yeah but what a way to go. She smelled great. I noticed the more turned on she got the more her scent tickled my senses. Well she was wet and getting wetter by the moment with each touch. I don't know what kind of perfume she wears but it's heavenly. Breasts. Tara's breasts... the way her shirt was clinging to her... oh my they fit in our mouth so perfectly. To be a shirt or a bra and have to cradle them all day and night... Oh and the noises she made as they were sucked... her nipples get so red. She likes them sucked that's for sure. What about that spot we discovered on her back? I can not believe we undressed her and left her naked sexy body upstairs.'

A full visual of Tara naked came in to mind. Willow's body began to respond to all of the thoughts running rampant inside her head. Betrayed by her body her eyes popped open as the sweat and shortness of breath was making her just a bit light-headed. She bolted upright.

Meanwhile upstairs Tara was just waking up. She reached out for Willow and discovered that she's alone. She sat up and also realized that she's naked.

'Whoa... I'm naked. But how? I remember hands on me, undressing me but it wasn't me.' Then a smile slowly came across her face when she knew it was Willow.

'Oh God she undressed me. O-oh God... S-she undressed me.' Her breathing quickened at the thought that Willow had seen her body.

'Okay need to just breathe. Willow undressed me and saw me naked. Okay Maclay think. Oh God I can still feel her hands on my buttons and then the zipper coming down. Then oh my, her f-fingers near my... I mean so close to my... Breathing now. Then they were on my pants pulling... My darling then took off my top. Fingers on the strap pulling it down then over my head. Then I'm cozy and warm but oh my nipples were hard like they are now. She undressed me then left? Oh momma you were right about her. She is special. She's everything. I have to call her.' Just as she was looking through her purse she felt it.

'Music? Who's playing music? Oh God, she's still here. Willow's here. She didn't leave. So wait this means she was on the sofa all night? Oh no.' She looked around for a t-shirt to put on and headed downstairs.

She was stopped by the sight of Willow in a pair of her shorts and just a bra, dripping in sweat.

'Gulp! Okay Maclay keep it together. Uh-huh but look at her. She's dripping in sweat. Look at how easy she does those push-ups. She must have been working out for a while to be sweating like that. She has stamina. That comes in handy for making love all night. Shit, did I really just think that? Um yeah you did. Okay back upstairs. We need to put more clothes on.' Tara looked down at herself in a short t-shirt and nothing else.

'You know you're the reason why she's probably working out like that. What? Why me? Okay Maclay think about it. She undresses you and has to see you naked and she then goes to sleep on the sofa... I think just 'cos she's a virgin... Oh god please don't remind me. What? Remind you of what? That she's a virgin. She's never been with another woman... I'm going... I mean I could be her first. The first to lick her ears or to umm... to touch her... places. Gulp. Is it hot in here? I think I keep this house way too hot. Oh sure it's the heat. Duh it's summer and the heating isn't on, well at least not the furnace for the house... Okay back upstairs to change. Oh wait, wait. What? Look, she's going to do sit-ups. Look at that stomach. My shorts look cute on her, baggy, but still cute. I got to get out of here. NOW!'

She turned and ran back to her room before she attacked the sexy redhead.

As Willow finished up her workout she gave her body a strict warning

"The next time I say no thoughts of Tara you're going to listen." In unison her body screamed out 'Alright, alright. We promise. We learned our lesson. We learned it an hour ago.'

Willow headed upstairs to check on Tara. As she got to the door it was partly opened. Willow stuck her hand in to flash the light on and off in order to get Tara's attention, then she walked in. Tara was caught off guard. She turned around surprised. She was now naked and went to cover herself. Willow did the same with her hands. Her hands ended up on top of Tara's covering her breasts. They both looked down at Willow's hands. They looked into one another's eyes. Willow's eyes began to flutter closed.

'Ohmygod she's touching my breasts. Okay, she's holding my hands that are holding my breast. My hands move and hers will be touching me. God I want her so much. But I need to be careful. Virgin. Virgin. VIRGIN!'

Willow wanted so badly to kiss Tara. Her body wanted it as well; it told her so in the way it was reacting. Willow slowly brought her hands down and away from Tara's breast. She closed her eyes first. Once her hands were removed she quickly turned around.

'God she is too cute sometimes.' Tara thought. Then without thinking Tara walked up behind Willow and pulled her into a hug.

Willow felt Tara's breasts pushing into her back and she allowed herself to be pulled back. Tara's hands; one around Willow's shoulders and the other around her waist; held tight to the redhead. They were both enjoying the caress.

'This feels great and we are never going to leave this spot.' Willow's body screamed out. Willow felt movement and looked down at Tara's hands

"Good morning Sweetie " The blonde signed.

Willow just shook her head. Tara could feel the sweat from Willow's workout. Her mind drifted back to seeing Willow working out. Her hands began to slowly rub Willow's stomach.

'Oh god I just need to touch her... feel her... This feels nice. I want to spend the day just snuggling up with her. Shit we're supposed to be going out for coffee. I'm going to ask her if she'd rather make a day of it. We can run out and get the coffee to go, then come back here to have alone time.'

Tara was just about to ask when Willow signed

"Um Tara I want to ask you something. I know we are going to get coffee but how would you feel if we didn't. I mean, we could go and bring it back here. And I can cook us breakfast if you wanted to do that? But if not, I can be ready in a little while."

Tara just smiled to herself as she signed

"I would love to spend the day with you alone. And I'm starving, so let's hurry and get the coffee."

They parted and Willow closed her eyes again as she attempted to walk out. She stumbled out of the room, closing the door behind her. A moment later she popped back in

"Hey while you get the cooking utensils I'm going to get cleaned up. Meet you back here in ten."

Tara put on a pair of sweats with a t-shirt and sneakers.

'Are we in love with her? I think so. Okay brain to Willow. We are in love with Tara Maclay. No If's or but's, we are in love and it feels wonderful.

Willow to brain. It does feel wonderful. Ohmygod all I want to do is hold her close to me. So I think snuggling will be the order of the day. Her breasts felt good touching our bare skin. So is that what it's going to feel like? Her being naked against us? Okay cold shower needed now.'

'Did I actually do that? You certainly did. You held Willow while she was just in her bra, and you were naked on top. But more importantly, did you feel how she responded? Her body melted into us. So is that what it's going to feel like? To have her in our arms loving her?'

'Okay where is she? We said 10 minutes and it's like, almost 7 minutes.' Tara looked up and Willow was walking towards her smiling.

"Hey." Willow signed. "Let's go get some chocolate goodness and get back here so I can have you all to myself." She grabbed Tara's hand and they were off.

It was a beautiful summer day as they walked to the Starbucks and Willow suddenly had an idea.

"Tara? I have a better idea then sitting in when it's so nice out. How about a picnic in the park?" She signed. Tara pretended to consider it.

"Well, are you still cooking me my meal fit for a queen?" She signed. Willow stepped closer.

"Well you are my queen." She signed as she leaned in and kissed Tara.

They walked back to Tara's house to get the food and some blankets. When they had everything, they hoped into Tara's car but Tara signed that she had forgotten something in the house. She jumped out and ran back inside.

When she came out the door Willow's jaw dropped. Tara had changed tops and had traded her sweats for a pair of shorts that were... well short. She was now wearing a backless top and Willow had trouble taking her eyes from Tara's back and ears. The blonde simply smiled and drove to the park.

Tara took Willow to her favourite spot under a big old tree that was hidden a bit inside the park. They spread out the cover and Willow sat Tara down as she set things up. Tara watched as this incredible woman went about setting out a picnic for her. 'I can't believe how lucky I am. Look at her fussing, all for me. God I really do love her, and she loves me. She's in love with me.'

"Hey are you ready my queen?" Willow signed as she crawled over to Tara and fed her a grape.

Tara's tongue licked Willow's finger as the redhead slowly pulled her hand away from full lips. Blue met green. Both girls slowly leaned forward and their lips met. The kiss was deep and both girls enjoyed the warmth that came with their every touch.

"Okay let's see what shall I feed you first?" Willow signed. Tara's eyebrow raised as she looked Willow up and down.

'Eeep. Look how she's looking at me. What's that look? All I asked her is what could I... I... Gulp. Oh... OH. She's going to drive me crazy I just feel it. God I love her.' Without realizing, Willow signed what she was thinking.

Tara's eyes grew big then became watery.

"You love me?" She signed.

'I have to tell her what's in my heart.' Willow thought before signing.

"I do. I love you Tara Maclay." She reached out and placed Tara's hand over her heart. "See what you do to me? And I love it. This is the first time I've actually loved another woman. In the past I thought I loved others, but I really didn't. With you, it just feels right. You know what I mean?" When she was done, Willow dropped her head.

"Oh no you don't." Tara starts. "You can't tell me all that then try to hide from me. Now, your queen says fruit please." Tara signed away with a sense of peace within her.

Willow fed Tara most of the contents of the picnic basket. With each bite Tara was making sure to have her lips brush Willow's fingers. The picnic was about Willow getting to know Tara, although Tara's mother had filled her in on Tara's life without saying anything Tara wouldn't say herself.

They were eating, laughing, talking and there was lots of touching. Hand holding. Fingers caressing and lingering eye contact. They talked of their past relationships; their family; childhood trauma's; college.

"So I was told by your mom you were accepted by M.I.T. but you ended up turning it down to go to art school to follow your artistic heart. And that you're a computer geek. Very impressive Ms. Maclay." Wilow signed as she nudged Tara who groaned before asking.

"What else did my mother tell you? Oh wait, she didn't happen to show you any childhood photos did she?" Willow smiled and laughed

"As a matter of fact she did show me some rather cute and some embarrassing ones now that you ask. But, Tara with pigtails is cute. So M.I.T. huh? A natural hacker according to Lanetra, who by the way, told me right out that if I hurt you she can make me disappear." Wilow smiled as she sat closer to her.

"Are you kidding? After what I saw with Faith and Carly I should be the one who's worried." Tara signed. They kissed again, then Willow looked around.

"Um can you come stand here? I need to tell you something. But its a secret." She signed to Tara.

Tara stood up and only had to take a few steps. Willow closed her eyes as she slowly and gently unbuttoned Tara's shorts. Tara stood looking down at Willow with complete trust.

"Tara do you trust me? Trust that I will never hurt you. Because what I'm about to do will take your complete trust and if..." Tara stopped her hands and signed

"I trust you Willow." Then she took a deep breath and stepped closer to Willow.

Willow closed her eyes and pulled Tara's shorts to the side and began to kiss the blonde's hips.

'Oh my god... She's kissing my hips. Oh God. Sh-she's kissing and licking my hips.'

"Such strong hips. Sexy, full, strong hips. I love discovering all these delicious hidden treasures about you." Willow signed as she made love to Tara's hips.

Tara grabbed hold of Willow's shoulders and pulled her hair as the redhead lost herself to loving Tara's hips.

'Ears... Back... Now my hips. This feels so hot. I've never had this much attention to such body parts before. Breathe Tara, Breathe before you collapse. I'm trying but it's difficult with her face so close to my... oh god my... I'm... Breathe, breathe, breath.'

After a few minutes Willow crawled to the other hip, kissing her way over Tara's lower back, which she gave some attention to first.

"You have an amazing body Tara and I'm going to love every inch of you if you let me." Willow signed as she started kissing the other hip. She felt Tara's legs shaking and signed

"Are you okay? Do you want me to stop?"

Tara stepped back from Willow's grasp and went to lean against the tree. Willow crawled over and continued her loving. She was gently biting now.

Tara was pulling and grabbing hands full of red hair as she began to moan out loud. She willed her eyes open to watch Willow.

'Look at her down there. She's really good with her mouth. Really good.'

Willow finally came up for air and they were both breathing heavily.

"Tara that was WOW." She signed as she refastened Tara's shorts. Tara pulled Willow in for a hug.

'Oh okay we are definitely going to let her do that anytime she wants. She thought it was wow? My legs are jelly. I can't stand straight. The look on her face when she didn't know I was watching. She looked so dreamy. She really loved kissing me there. Not as much as I loved her doing it. I better sit down before I fall down.'

At the other side of the park the 4th Annual Ballroom Dancing In The Park was being held. This was a way for the community and artists to raise money for the arts in schools in the Washington area. The world famous Raven, who was the top ballroom dancer in the country and holds 5 titles for dancing the Tango. She was going for her 6th straight title in two months but she always took time off from training to participate in this annual event.

Her partner Chris Cook felt that this year's competition was as good as it gets, but was looking forward to defending their title. When asked what he does to stay in shape he spoke of fencing and tennis. And his own taste in music, and I quote, "It could only be Heather Nova."

The mysterious Raven is, as always, a closed book.

As Tara is sat leaning against the tree with Willow's head resting in her lap, she feels it. She closes her eyes and lets her self feel the music.

"Do you feel that? I mean, for you, are you hearing that?" Tara signed. Willow listened for a moment then a smile came over her face

"Baby how did you do that? You can feel that? God you're wonderful. Let's go check it out." She signed as she sat up from Tara's lap. She leaned in and kissed Tara before continuing to sign.

"So um your hips... I hope you don't think me crazy or anything. I just couldn't help myself. Ever since the party I've wanted to touch them, hold them... love them. God they're so firm and full." Her face had a look of lust on it.

'Oh I remember that look.' Tara thought to herself. 'She gets that when she's... oh shit, when she's turned on. Kissing my hips got her this turned on? OHMYGOD! I'm getting wet. Look at her. Eyes all drowsy and dark. They are really dark aren't they? How turned on is she? Is she as turned on as me? Oh this is going to take some control on my part to not pounce on her and just take her. Her being a virgin isn't helping my mind frame any. No other woman has ever... Okay I'm making myself a bit dizzy. We should just go and see what's going on, see where the music is coming from and why.'

They finally got control of their feelings and packed away the picnic, then walked off hand in hand.

The closer they got, the more Tara could feel the music.

"I don't believe this. Yay ballroom dancing. I love to watch ballroom dancing." She signed to Willow.

There was a crowd gathering and people were volunteering to be taught.

Chris came up to the girls and reached for Tara. She was unsure but Willow jumped in. She explained to the man that Tara is deaf and that he would need to speak directly to her face so she could read his lips. Chris nodded in understanding and whisked Tara off to join the other soon to be tango dancers.

Willow watched with excitement as Tara was whisked around the man made dance floor. As she watched Tara she noticed just how good Tara was. Though only able to feel the music and not hear it, she was fluid in her movements. So much so that the other couples were politely asked to back up some, as Chris and Tara seemed to glide to the music. The crowd was clapping and hooting all kinds of encouragement. Tara of course was so lost to the music, but Chris realized that Tara had the gift for dancing the dance of love.

Willow, like everyone else, watched as Tara effortlessly moved to and with every beat. At one point Chris mouthed something to Tara. It would seem that Raven herself wanted to dance with Tara. When the crowd saw Chris stop they all tried to cheer him to continue. That was, until Raven came onto the floor.

By now Tara was in her own world, it really didn't matter who her partner was. The crowd fell silent as Raven stood in front of Tara smiling at her. Tara had an air of confidence about her as she smiled back. Raven raised her right arm, snapping her fingers. The music was much faster than what Chris had had on. Willow recognized it right away from her favourite late night television commercial with Shakira. Only this was a much faster version.

Raven slipped her arm around Tara's waist, pulling her in tight and close. Like with Chris they stuck to the basic moves. At first, Tango 8-count; basic to courte; Tango Promenade Swivel; Rock to Swivel.

As Raven picked up the pace, Tara was there step for step. Now Raven was best know for her quick feet and her one-of-a-kind foot patterns. Though she's stands at only 5'2" she is extremely strong, which was shown as she dipped Tara time and time again.

At one point, Tara took her hand and let her hair out of the ponytail she was wearing as she whizzed by. The crowd loved it. Even Raven herself smiled at Tara's action.

They danced for about half an hour, non stop. When the class itself was finally over people were rushing up to Tara congratulating her and just telling her how good they thought she was. Willow stood beaming at her girlfriend. Raven herself asked Tara to attend the next few weeks of classes and told her that if she did, she would love to be her partner.

On the way back to Tara's, at Willow's suggestion, they stopped in a music store to get Tara some music. The two women working in the music store had rather interesting personalities, but they seemed to fit their names.

Dream Lover, who talked of being from the sixties, owns a 1967 cherry-red mustang convertible and was complaining about today's cars being not as good as when she was growing up. She also believes she's trapped in this time when she's really a flower child. And at the end of every sentence she would say "I'm the dream of every dream."

The other woman is called Wimpy. It would seem that Wimpy is a nick name given to her by her team-mates. She played back catcher which is one of the hardest positions and she's only 5'2". Her team-mates thought it was cute that at times, as tough as she, was she would be scared of the funniest things, like butterflies.

There is a story of a game they played where Wimpy had a woman at 5'9", who was the winning run for the other team, come flying into home plate and boring into Wimpy at full speed. Now any other catcher might have not been so brave as to completely block the plate with her body but she took the full hit and not only managed to block the plate but still hold on to the ball. Because of her play her team won the softball championship. On the way to celebrate, a butterfly landed on Wimpy and she freaked out. Ever since then she's been called Wimpy.

These two women own the music store together. Willow and Tara thought the two women were very lively. Willow was looking for Shakira's objective Tango. That's one of the songs Raven had been playing as she danced with Tara. Tara signed that she could probably speed it up to as high as 135 bpm as she burned a copy.

Dream Lover had some suggestions that were helpful. Willow was bragging to Wimpy about Tara and showed her the video of it that she'd stored on her video-phone.

'I don't believe her. Look at her showing off my dancing. She's adorable.' Tara thought as she watched Willow with Wimpy and Dream lover.

By the time they reached Tara's, it was already evening. Without realizing it they had spent two hours in the music store. They picked up a few CDs all on Tango. Just as they were getting out of the car Tara's neighbour Mallory was just leaving.

"Hey your mother called me looking for you. Something about your dancing and causing a scene in the park today. Okay give. What on earth is she talking about" She signed, then she turned to Willow and smiled. Willow smiled back.

"So what's your name?" She signed to Willow.

"Oh I'm sorry, I was just watching Tara on my video phone. I'm Willow." She signed.

Mallory pulled Tara to the side

"Hey who's the cutie?" She mouthed.

"That's my girlfriend." Tara answered

Willow read Tara hands as she answered.

'Oh did I read her hands right? She said I'm her girlfriend. WOOHOO! She considers me girlfriend material. Okay calm down, calm down. Oh right. Breathe. Just remember to breathe.'

Willow then went into the house and set about preparing her surprise for Tara. 'I hope it isn't too much. I just want to show her I love her.'

Tara walked in the house and was shocked. She walked around looking at and smelling the candles. There was a note on the table that read:

My queen your day was long. You must be out of it. You need to relax so let me take you to a place just for you. No clothing needed.
Meet me in your bedroom. Hurry.

Tara smiled and walked up to her room. She opened the door to find Willow standing there waiting. Willow walked over to her and kissed her.

"You're wearing too much." Closing her eyes Willow undressed Tara then lead her to a hot bubble bath, and helped Tara in. Once in the tub, Willow began to stroke Tara's head.

"Can I do something? Can I wash your hair for you?" Willow asked, then waited nervously for Tara's answer. Tara shook her head yes and Willow kissed her softly.

After pouring a fair amount of shampoo in her hands she began to wash Tara's hair. 'Oh god she's slowly driving me crazy with all this attention to my body. Mmmnn... her hands feel so good. I'm so loved.'

As Willow washed, her hands went lower to Tara's neck and her mouth was quick to follow. Tara turned her head to give Willow more of her neck. Willow found the blonde's pulse point and sucked gently. Tara's eyes closed as she surrendered to Willow's mouth.

"Oh Willow don't stop. Don't ever stop." Tara signed pleadingly. Willow's lips were slowly going lower. Then they made their way back up to Tara's ears.

Willow was on fire. She was losing control. She wanted to have Tara under her. She started to tremble. Tara felt it and opened her eyes. Willow was breathing heavily and there were beads of sweat on her face.

Tara couldn't take it. She signed for Willow to join her in the tub.

Willow stood up and got undressed. As she climbed in Tara met her and pulled her into her. They sat holding one another for a bit. They touched each other; learning each others body. They took their time. kissing and touching.

"So... you're a v-virgin..." Tara signed. Willow looked away from Tara, but Tara turned Willow's head back so she could look in her eyes.

"I think it's wonderful. You're wonderful." Tara signed. Willow just smiled.

"So you know what this means right? I'm going to be the first to... to... you're going to... I mean we..."

Willow was kissing Tara's hands as she tried to sign. The blonde couldn't finish a sentence. They both wanted, needed to be in the others arm. So Willow quickly finished washing, then conditioning Tara's hair.

Soon after they were on Tara's bed. Willow had Tara lay on her stomach with the covers just above her hips. Tara had on a pair of shorts as Willow was, once again, loving her hips.

Tara understood this was about Willow learning her body and not about sex. She enjoyed the fact that Willow wanted to just touch her. She gave her mind and heart to Willow and soon her soul and body would be given, but when it was right.

"Can I look at you? Please Tara." Willow signed.

Tara sat up and pulled off her top. Her hands went to remove the shorts but Willow stopped her. Willow herself took Tara's shorts.

Tara laid back. She could feel Willow's eyes everywhere. Willow's eyes were looking deep inside Tara to her very soul.

The last thing Tara felt before she fell to sleep; was Willow's eyes telling her how beautiful she is.

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