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Geek Love

Author: watson
Rating: PG-13 to R
Disclaimers: BtVS characters and concepts belong to Mutant Enemy, Fox, The WB, UPN and others. Densha Otoko characters and concepts belong to Fuji Television, Toho Ltd and others.

A dream she couldn't remember woke Willow. She had fallen asleep in her street clothes; now they were wrinkly and her mouth felt icky. She was face down on her pillow and half sprawled, half falling off the bed. She stayed in her current position for a few more seconds before slowly pushing herself off the bed, rolling her shoulder to get rid of the stiffness. She dragged herself to the shower, choosing to brush her teeth inside the shower, and changed into pajamas.

She was about to switch the light off when at the corner of her eye she glimpsed the package. It was about half the size of a shoebox, wrapped in plain brown paper and tied up with a thin piece of string. She pulled the string off and ripped the paper clumsily, not caring how where the shreds landed, or that the mailing label was torn in half. All she had in her mind was her miserable day and her inability to better herself. The box was an orange-brown color she had never seen before, she took the lid off and dropped it on the floor.

She lifted the tissue paper lining the inside of the box to reveal its contents. Two tea cups, two saucers of a fine floral design. With a shake of her head and a disappointed sigh she dropped the box on the bed. What was she supposed to do with tea cups? She didn't drink tea, nor was she the sort who used fine china anyway. She was sure that if someone gave her tea leaves she wouldn't know what to do with them. She dismissed it as Faith's idea of a joke or a free gift from a credit card that she didn't need.

She sat at her desk contemplating going back to sleep or switching on her laptop. Normally it would be a no-brainer -- she needed the human interaction with her online friends -- but today she was feeling extra listless, she wasn't sure she'd be good company.

What will the gang be talking about now? If I told them about the tea cups watty will jump up and down in excitement and start telling me how to make tea, I'm sure she'll come up with optimum seeping time or some other statistical analysis. Sally or Cam will make a smartass comment about my lack of culture. Car will tell me to sell them on ebay and she'll give me advice on how much they will bring. They are good people.

She got up from her chair and headed toward her bed; she was careful not to step on the box, but couldn't help tripping over the crumpled pile of wrapping and tissue paper. Her foot almost slipped on an envelope that was buried underneath.

Gingerly she picked it up and ran her fingertips slowly over the thick paper, as if willing it to tell her who it was from, what was inside and the intentions of the sender. It resolutely refused to give up its secret. Her attention turned to the neat female handwriting on the envelope.

Could it be?

To: Ms Willow Rosenberg. From: T. Maclay. She flipped through her mental rolodex, which had very few entries anyway, but couldn't think of any T. Maclays.

She threw herself on her bed and began to read the letter inside.

Please accept this small gift as a token of my appreciation. You were very brave the other day on the train, I hope you have recovered from your injuries.

Willow's eyes grew wider and her mouth dropped. It was the pretty girl! She recalled how the girl had tended to her nosebleed and the soft skin that brushed against her own, fleetingly. It was an image that hadn't left her mind since Sunday.

The package!

She fell off her bed to the floor with a thud, as she quickly retrieved the scattered wrapping paper and tried to smooth out the dent that she had made on the cardboard of the box.

"How could I be so careless?" she chastised herself. "Dammit, Will, you're such a spaz. Something precious like this comes into your life and you dismiss it because you don't know how to appreciate it."

With trembling hands she retrieved the shipping label, which had been torn in half, and saw her own address as well as that of the sender.

"I have to let everyone know!"

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<hiddenred> Big news! I have big news!

<harley> Whoa, Red. Slow down.

<justskippy> Must be something important to get you all worked up like this

<hiddenred> Remember the incident on the train? The pretty girl sent me a thank you present

<smutbunnies> The one who's beautiful like an amazon?

<hiddenred> *swoons* yes

*harley puts bucket underneath Willow to catch the drool

<wattysbrain> lol make sure it's a non drip bucket, cupcake

<justskippy> lol

<smutbunnies> lol

<hiddenred> hey!

<wattysbrain> so, details please Will

*historygeek pulls up a beanbag and joins sleepy cyd and dozy Sally in the kuddly korner

<hiddenred> huh?

<harley> cyd and sally are "resting," ignore them, we're listening

<hiddenred> how much detail?

<justskippy> as much as you think we can bear, which is a lot

<smutbunnies> we'll elaborate and exaggerate as you go along, don't worry about that

<hiddenred> alright, let's see ... it was a hand delivered package and it contained two tea cups and saucers. Very English, like the ones you see on Pride and Prejudice

<wattysbrain> mmmKeira

<historygeek> uh oh, do we need to make space for watty's dreamin'?

<wattysbrain> no, no dreaming ... listening

<hiddenred> anyway at first I'm thinking who is sending me these ... things? Can't they send me something I need instead, like creative suite CS3 when it comes out or a new Mina DVD? but I read the letter inside and wow! the paper is so soft and it smells so nice, mmmmm I'm blushing like an idiot

<harley> you're imagining the scent, what does the letter say?

<hiddenred> it says it's a small token of appreciation for my bravery the other night and she hopes I'm recovered from my nosebleed

<uberqueen> awww how sweet (awake now)

<justskippy> sally's back

*uberqueen stretches, being careful not to reveal too much cleavage

<smutbunnies> nice rack, Sally

<hiddenred> lol

<historygeek> lmao

<harley> stop staring at sally's rack you perverts, Willow needs to continue with her story

<uberqueen> my apologies, my boobs are too big for the room and obscured Willow's story

<hiddenred> I won't, um, mention anything about Sally's rack ... back to the package

<justskippy> yes let's talk more about packages and assets

<shadowfish> did you get her name and contact details?

<historygeek> she speaks!!!

<shadowfish> um yes, if it's a courier delivery there will be a phone number on the label

<wattysbrain> cyd you're a genius

<harley> that's why we all have a giant crush on her

<shadowfish> oh no, please

<justskippy> I don't think Car speaks for all of us, we're fond of you, but not everyone has a "giant" "crush"

<uberqueen> or giant turtle/dove mutated villains

<wattysbrain> speaking of, did Willow get swallowed by a giant robot-sized hole?

<uberqueen> may be she got squashed by the gigantic cleavage of the wonder lesbians

<smutbunnies> or Deanna Troi's "assets"

<historygeek> how did we get from Willow's package to Deanna Troi's, um, package?

<smutbunnies> lol

<harley> lol, everything gets to boobies eventually

<uberqueen> we're the paragons of maturity ... BOOBIESBOOBIESBOOBIES

<hiddenred> okay back, how did the convo move so quickly to boobies?

<wattysbrain> wb, did you fall into a giant robot-sized hole?

<hiddenred> no I went to look for the shipping label and ... there *is* a phone no!!!

<justskippy> why don't you give her a call?

<uberqueen> yeah, call her

<hiddenred> nononono, I can't call a woman on the phone, however perfect and sexy she is

<harley> we're at "sexy" now? I thought she was "beautiful" and "perfect" ... when did this get bumped up five notches on the ratings scale? Have you been "having thoughts"?

<harley> and how many more quotation marks can I put in a sentence

<wattysbrain> you love your proper punctuation don't you

<harley> *coughsemicolonfearcough*

<wattysbrain> grrrr

<historygeek> stop bickering you two, we need to get back to Willow calling her perfect woman

<uberqueen> word. call her!

<justskippy> Willow should call the girl to say thank you

<hiddenred> I can't! what do I do?

<harley> I'll make it simple: are you holding the shipping label in your hands?

<hiddenred> yes

<harley> 1) pick up phone; 2) press the buttons corresponding to the numbers on that slip of paper; 3) say "thank you for the tea cups"

<hiddenred> I won't know what to say

<harley> worry about what to say *when* you have her on the phone

<hiddenred> that doesn't work

<justskippy> tell her you wanted to call personally to thank her for the tea cups, then talk about what happened on the train, build some common ground

<hiddenred> I'm too nervous, I don't think I'll be able to speak properly

<historygeek> it's okay if Willow doesn't call *today*, right?

<smutbunnies> how about a letter?

<wattysbrain> yeah it's late, wait till tomorrow

<justskippy> I won't mind if I were her. I'd feel flattered at the attention, and impressed that you took the trouble to call

<hiddenred> it *is* late ... may be I should call tomorrow

<justskippy> nothing like the present, you should act when you can ... she who hesitates is lost etc




<justskippy> did I scare her off? killed chat? come in Willow

<hiddenred> I'm holding my cellphone, my hands are shaking, I can't do it. this takes a lot more courage than the time on the train. that was spontaneous

<historygeek> we're behind you Will

<uberqueen> yes we are, geeks united!

<smutbunnies> remember, the girl is out there on her own, but you have all of us

<hiddenred> *sniffs* I'm so touched. dialing now







<hiddenred> um guys, you sure I can't write her a letter instead?

<justskippy> no!

<harley> no!!

*historygeek falls to floor in despair

<wattysbrain> if you write her a letter, you correspond politely for may be a few exchanges and that's it, no chance of it leading to anything. you do want it to lead to something don't you?

<uberqueen> plus what if she doesn't write back? then ... nothing

<hiddenred> sigh, I can't do the call folks

<smutbunnies> consider this, she sent you a *pair* of tea cups, there must be a meaning behind it

<historygeek> nah, that's reading too much, these gifts come in a set usually don't they? watty?

<wattysbrain> yeah usually even numbers. are they pretty?

<hiddenred> yes, in a English countryside sort of way and we're reading way too much into the fact that there are *two* cups

<uberqueen> oh, this hasn't come up ... what brand?

<hiddenred> well, it's in french, hermes with a funny accent on the second e

<uberqueen> SCORE!!!

<wattysbrain> *gasps*

*historygeek falls to floor again

<justskippy> Hermes, that's the handbag brand? I didn't know they did kitchenware

<wattysbrain> yes they do, but not as big business as their leather (heh, I said leather)

<uberqueen> I'm resisting the temptation to say anything about leather in the interest of the topic of the convo

<harley> life is so hard

<smutbunnies> I think of hermes and I think naked models (sorry) [author's note: NSFW]

<historygeek> she wouldn't choose Hermes just to say thanks, it's way too posh for a simple thank you

<justskippy> more reason to make the call now

<smutbunnies> I agree, call her now

<harley> call her, woman

<wattysbrain> we'll be on standby, advise you as you talk to her, how's that

<historygeek> what do you have to lose?


<hiddenred> omg, cyd

<shadowfish> that's for you, Willow. you know what to do

<hiddenred> thank you thank you. I'll call her now. I'll report tomorrow. Night all.

<historygeek> night!

<harley> night Willow. H&H&S

<smutbunnies> good-night

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