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The Game of Love

Author: Shai
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Unfortunately neither Tara nor Willow are mine. Neither's anyone else in this fic for that matter!

Cordelia turned out to be right. An hour and a lot of awful singing later, Tara was adjudged the best singer of the competition("Like duh!!!!", Willow thought as she watched Tara shyly walk upto Greg and recieve a small trophy with a silver microphone on it), and soon the whole table to 25 people or so were crowding the bar, ready to down tequila shots all together.

"To Tara!" Anya announced, saluting Tara with the small glass in her hand, and the others mimiced the gesture and chorused "To Tara!" in the direction of a very red blonde, before downing their drinkis.

That was the first of many few drinks, and by the end of the evening the management was probably regretting the fact that they'd announced that the winners drinks were on the house!

By 1 a.m everyone was trooping out of the Bronze, some rushing out to throw up, and others walking a bit shakily.

Tara's head was slightly spinning, but she managed to walk in a straight enough line out the door.

Once out in the fresh air, she felt slightly better, and turned to give the valet her car slip. As she handed him the paper, Tara's eyes went wide...

Anya and Xander were standing right, kissing eachother as if their lives depended on that kiss.

Turning her head quickly, she looked away from the 'in your face' couple, and smelt Willow's mild perfume before she saw her.

The redhead was standing right beside her, and as Tara looked beyond her she saw Zak and Buffy sharing a kiss that was freakily similiar to the one that Anya and Xander were at! Once again Tara's eyes widened, and she diverted her eyes, looking straight at Willow.

She saw that the smaller girl, too, seemed to have just noticed Xander and Anya, and immediately looked right at her.

Slowly, Willow's face grew into a grin, and Tara couldn't help but reciprocate the completely amused look on the redheads face.

"Wellllll" Willow said, her voice slightly slurring, and Tara remembered that the redhead had downed quite a lot of tequila shots "It looks like they've really hit it off" Willow grinned.

Smiling back, Tara nodded her head, just as the valet came up with her car. Looking at the car and then back at Willow, Tara asked "Would you like me to drop you to the dorm?"

As much as Willow found herself liking that idea, she shook her head 'no'. "Buffy's dropping me off on her way home" she said slowly, her tongue finding it a little hard to pronounce the words right, what with all the alcohol she'd had.

Tara giggled softly at the redheads tone "She sounds so cute..." she thought, before she turned to look at the still kissing Anya and Xander, and said "'s time to go!"

Although it didn't seem like she was listening, Anya pulled back a few moments later, by which time Cordelia was standing beside Tara, ready to get in the car with the blonde. She and Anya were staying the night at Tara's, so, obvoiusly, they would be going together.

Anya whispered something in Xander's ear, before quickly kissing him again, and walking shakily towards Tara, Willow and Cordelia. The valet had now brought Buffy's car as well, and Willow turned to the still kissing couple ehind her, and said "Guys, let's go!"

She turned back to Tara, who was now ready to leave. "Well, good night then..." Tara said slowly, suddenly feeling awkward. "I'll see you on Sunday right? With the kids?"

"Definitely!" Willow said, realizing that she sounded a little too enthusiastic. "11 o'clock right?"

"Yeah..." Tara said, before staring at Willow for another second, and said "Ok then...good night...."

Willow didn't know if it was just the absolute need she felt to do it, or the effect of the alcohol, as she reached over and pulled Tara into a hug, wrapping her arms around the other girl.

Tara just stood there for a second, before her own arms wrapped around the red head, pulling her closer, and holding her tight.

They stood like that for a few moments, holding one another with their eyes closed, Tara overwhelmed by the scent of Willow's perfume, and the redhead taking in the sweet smell of Tara's vanilla scent.

Slowly they pulled back, matching brilliant grins on their faces, and Willow said "Good night" again.

This time Tara simply nodded her head, and looked at Anya, who was back to kissing Xander. "Ok Ahn...this time we're going!"

She pulled the girls arm, and dragged her towards the car, ignoring Anya protests about how she'd made her end the kiss so rudely.

Opening the car door, Tara got in a put on her seat belt. As she waited for Anya to get in the other door, she looked out her own window, to see Willow walking towards Buffy's car.

Willow looked up at that moment, and smiled as she saw Tara's eyes on her. Raising her hand, Tara gave her a small wave, before staring the car, and heading home.

"Well, that was a good night!" Anya said, letting out a sigh.

Tara simply nodded her head "I couldn't agree more" she thought.

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