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The Game of Love

Author: Shai
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Unfortunately neither Tara nor Willow are mine. Neither's anyone else in this fic for that matter!

Willow and Buffy walked towards Whitney's car along with Cameron.

"That was some game!" Buffy said, and the others nodded their heads. "Tara really is good huh?"

"Yeah, and that was her playing with no practice really. I mean yesterday's game was her first in months, what with that ankle injury." cameron said.

"How bad was it?" Willow asked, as they all sat down in the car.

"Very" Whitney said, starting the engine. "Tara couldn't walk at all, but the fool that she is, she still tried. By the second day it was so bad she had to get the blood removed from a point in her ankle because all the bad blood had accumulated there."

"And that wasn't the worst part. After the blood was removed with a needle, the ankle had to be kinda moved back in place..." Cameron said.

"JERKED back into place is more like it" Whitney continued, concentrating on the road. "Apparently Tara screamed out with pain, and that's saying a lot, considering she's got the highest pain resistance level I know of".

"How do you guys know all this?" Willow asked, wincing at the thought of a sprained ankle being jerked back into place. Somehow the thought of Tara's sprained ankle being jerked back into place made it seem a lot worse.

"Anya went along. See Tara didn't want anyone to go, but Anya insisted because she didn't want Tara trying to drive there alone, or hobble into a cab by herself. She heard Tara scream while she waited out in the waiting room at the clinic" Whitney said.

"Ouch!" Buffy said, "How long was she in recovery?"

"Three days!" Cameron laughed, looking at the shocked expressons on Buffy and Willow's faces. "Yeah, I know, we all thought she'd take longer too, but we saw her at Uni, walking with the slightest of limps".

"She work ankle support for about a fortnight, and after that started working on it, to get it back in shape" Whitney concluded.

"I was listening to her being interviewed today" Willow said. "She sure has played a lot of big games".

"Yeah," Whitney said. "Tara enjoys the game. I mean apart from the money we get for winning, and the certificates that help with education and stuff, she really lieks playing. Thrives on competition. And she likes winning. Did you guys notice her walk on the field?" When Buffy and Willow shook their heads, she continued "Take a good look at it tomorrow. It's very different from her normal walk. It's a walk that says 'I own this place'. A lot of guys I know say its a turn on, or something" she laughed.

Willow sat back and thought about the girl. There was something that she really liked about Tara. She thought about the girls reactions to questions about her relationship with her mother, and had to admit that she wanted to know what disturbed Tara so. For some reason she wanted to know more about the blonde...

Willow turned her attention back to the other girls, listening as they spoke about Cordelia and Anya. Apparently Anya had played a few state levels herself, and two nationals. Until Tara had come along, Anya had been the best player around, and Tara credited the brunette and Zak for teaching her most of the ways of the game. At the menton of Zak's name, Buffy started asking dozens of questions about the object of her attention, and that went on till they got back to the dorms.

In the other car, Tara had sat inside an sarted the engine, and pulled out of the parking lot. She looked at Whitney, Cameron, Buffy and Willow walking towards Whitney's car once, before turning her concentration back to the road. Anya and Cordelia had spotted them as well, and Cordelia said to Tara "Well, I think you might have Zak off your case now, since he and Buffy seem to have hit it off pretty well."

Tara rolled her eyes and said with a sigh "Thank God!"

"She's nice you know?" Anya said. "Blonde, but nice!"

"Hey!" Tara said, "What's that supposed to mean???"

Cordelia and Anya laughed at the indignation written all over Tara's ffce, before Anya said "I like the red head too. I get good vibes from that one"

Cordelia nodded her agreement, and Tara said "Yeah, me too. I can't out my fingr on it, but there's something I really like about Willow".

"She's in my psychology class you know?" Cordelia said. "One of the smartest kids I know. I've never actually spoken to her before, but I remember having noticed her. I mean with hair that color, how could you NOT see her?!"

"Suits her well though" Anya said, and Cordelia again nodded her head. "She's a pretty girl".

Anya began to look for some music to play, an Cordelia checked a text message she'd just received on her phone. Tara continued to drive. She found herself thinking of Willow. For some reason the girl intrigued her. She had to agree with Anya, the girl was a looker. But more that that there was something about the person that she was that Tara liked. The blonde found herself looking forward to having the redhead help out with the kids that afternoon.

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