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Tara Frost

Author: Trista
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

Now the moment Tara Maclay stopped being human, she turned back into Tara Frost. And since their was no reason for Faith and Dawnie to be human, they were lifted back to Giles. Well Tara had kept whistling, and the snow kept coming, and this went on for six whole weeks, by February the whole castle was covered in snow.

Back in town, Kennedy told Willow she would be well again by springtime, "...then we shall be wed."

"Yes," Willow said, "but I can't help thinking where in the world Tara has gone. I only knew her those few weeks, but it felt as if I knew her my whole life."

Suddenly the snow had stopped falling - Tara whistled for more snow, but none came. She flew off to ask Giles what was going on.

"I'm sorry Tara," Giles said. "I take orders from the Powers That Be, when thay give me a sign, then it's my time to leave."

"What sign, sir?" Tara asked.

"The awaking of a tiny animal from its hibernation. I'm taking about a groundhog," Giles said. "At this moment he's starting to wake up, if he stays outside and is not scared of his shadow, that's my sign to move on. If he sees his shadow and is scared, then six more weeks of winter."

Well Tara looked up and saw the clouds hid the sun, there could never have been a shadow that day - at least not a real one, of course it didn't rule out magic shadows.

"Which leads to me, the narrator. My name is pardon me Xander, but everyone just calls me Xander. I've been narrating this story since chapter one, and yes, I'm a groundhog. Well Tara managed to scare Xander all just by saying 'boo!' and Xander went running home. Tara went to tell Giles what the groundhog did.

"More winter," Giles told everyone.

Six weeks later Giles said, "There can be no more winter! Winter will end by noon today."

"Let me be human," Tara said, "you promised me I had until spring."

"Very well," Giles said, "you have until noon to have a house, horse, gold, and a wife."

"But first," Tara said, when she landed back on earth, "I have to stop Spike, and look, the snow's half-melted."

"Look," Spike said to Anya, "the snow's melting, soon I will destroy the town and will have my bride."

"Yippee for you," Anya said.

But the melting snow collapsed the rotting roof, and Spike was knocked out. Tara flew in and told the iron vamps to fight each other to the death.

"Ha," Tara said, "they're so stupid they'll listen to anyone. Cool, now I guess I have a house. Then Clankstomper showed up and neighed, as if to say 'I belong to you now.'

"And a horse," Tara said, "and look at all this gold!"

When Tara rode into town Willow was just about to say 'I do'.

"Thank god," Willow said, "it's Tara I want to marry, not Kennedy."

"Oh joy!" Tara said. "I just love happy endings!"

So Tara and Willow got married and had a boy... Perhaps you've heard of him, his name is Jack Frost?


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