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Final Fantaxy X-3

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.

The group had had to jump over a ravine full of water since the bridge had been raised, and they couldn't find a way to lower if from the side they were standing. Willow was happy for the Float spell both Faith and Buffy knew, seeing as it had helped them jump across the fifteen foot wide gap easily. She and the others, besides Jack, were looking at the manor and was wondering just how tall it was. To Willow it looked like a huge castle tower, but it was wider, and a bit taller.

Jack led the group through the front door, and looked around, neither Oogie Boogie, or the kids were in site, so the group continued up a set of stairs and into the room at the top. The only thing worth seeing in the room was the three theives, and a large lever at the back. Without saying a word Shock ran toward the group throwing a rock, and hitting Willow right between her eyes.

Willow let out a string of curse words that stopped the kids in their tracks long enough for Buffy, Faith, and Jack to grab each child, and hold them in place. Why hadn't she done that eariler? Then they wouldn't have had to come all the way here. The others thought staring at Willow and shaking their heads. Jack looked at each child with a frown shaking his head, "Why? Why did you steal the heart?"

"We were just following orders!" "Shock shouted trying to twist out of Faith's grip.

"Oogie Boogie told us to steal it, and it's all Barrel's fault!" Lock said as Buffy gripped the child's shirt tighter. "It was his idea to tell him in the first place!"

"Yeah!" Shock nodded.

Barrel looked at his friends confused, "B-but you guys said-"

"You should be ashamed!" Lock said as Buffy let her go.

"Well, how do we get to him?" Faith asked shaking Shock.

"The lever! Over there!" he pointed to the lever at the back of the room and ran when Faith let him go.

The group watched the kids leave before Donald pulled the leaver revealing another room behind a bookcase and stepped through carefully. The room they were now in had a large circle in the middle of the room, and smaller circles around it. Oogie Boogie was standing on the far side of the room holding the heart up, taunting the group with it.

"Oogie Boogie, give me back the heart!" Jack shouted

Oogie Boogie laughed, "You want it? Well, then come on over and get it!" He said and swallowed the heart. "Now, let's see if I can get their attention. Oh, Heartless!" he shouted causing the girls and guys to quickly be on guard, and look around the room. Two Heartless soldiers appeared on either side of Oogie Boogie, causing him to frown. "This is it? Nobody disrespects me! Nobody!"

The group raced toward him raising their weapons, and stopped as the floor began to shake and lower. "What the hell?!" Faith shouted as two sharp bloody blades extended from the center and began moving.

"Oh, shit!" Buffy hollered jumping over the blades and caught site of Oogie Boogie, who was jumping from platform to platform.

Donald hit the floor as one of the blades passed over his head, and saw Goofy jumping over it as it passed by him. If these blades were to hit them, any of them, they would be cut in half, and it was pissing Willow off. Tara was in the worst kind of danger now, and she didn't like it one damn bit. A Flare spell flew through the air knocking Oogie Boogie off of the platform he was standing on, causing the blades to slow.

"That's it! Keep him off the platforms!" Tara shouted jumping over a now slower blade, and cast a Holy spell.

"Take the blades out too!" Donald rose casting a Thundaga spell making the machine crackle.

Willow cast another Flare spell on their enemy as she released a Thundaga spell on the machine. Faith jumped over the blade when it came around and brought her blade down cracking the metal and casting a Blizzaga spell. The machine iced over allowing Goofy's hits to break it apart. Another Holy spell from Tara, caused Oogie Boogie to lean against the wall as the floor rose.

The group watched his body go flat as what looked like insects spilt out of a ripped hole in his leg. Faith caught a piece of paper as it floated to the ground.

"So, that heart was a failure after all." Jack picked the heart up with a sigh. "Oh, well, I guess there's nothing we can do. Come on, let's get back to town."

It was easy getting back outside, and the group happily took it as a -hopefully- good sign. When they neared the gate the ground began shaking causing them to turn and watch as the manor merged with Oogie Boogie.

"What the fuck!" Faith shouted with wide eyes.

"How the hell did he get so big?" Willow asked staring at the -what she swore- was a hundred foot tall Oogie Boogie.

"Look!" Jack pointed, "It's brimming with the power of darkness! He's drawing power from those dark globs!" he said.

The other looked up and saw seven dark globes on different sections of the huge enemy and sighed. Looks like their feeling was right, this wasn't going to be an easy fight. "So, all we gotta do is destroy those things, right?" Buffy asked thinking of the easiest way to each globe.

"Yeah, but how're we going to get to them? He keeps moving, so it won't be easy." Tara said watching Oogie Boogie sway from side to side, and then forward and back.

"Just take our time about reaching them." Faith said and took off with Tara right behind her.

Buffy went for the back with Goofy following, Willow nodded, "You guys take the right side, and leave me the left."

"Are you sure?" Donald asked itching to get this over with.

"Yeah, now go." Willow smirked and took of for the left side.

Faith cursed as she lost her balance and had nearly fallen over the edge, and gave Tara a nod when she steadied her. They were just below one of the seven globes, and couldn't find away leading to it. Faith hated to think it, but she was really wanting Willow there so either one of them could be lifted up. She knew just by looking at Tara, she wasn't going to risk her life, and besides, if she risked Tara's then she was surely risking her's if something were to happen to Tara.

She was jerked out of her thoughts when a Holy spell exploded above her, glancing up she caught sight of the globe leaking something, and jumped back as a black liquid hit the wooden path and burned a hole straight through. Faith grinned, if magic was the only way to reach it, then that's exactly how they'd destroy it. Another Holy spell exploded, and was followed by a Flare spell, both girls jumped back as more of the dark liquid burned through the wooden path.

Tara felt it first, and pulled Faith back just as a Thundaga spell ripped the globe apart causing the wood to burn away. Looking up they saw Buffy smile down as she waved at them, and they could see Goofy score one last hit on the globe causing it to explode in flames. As far as they knew, there was now five to go, and wondered how the others were coming along as the hurried toward another globe higher up.

Donald quacked loudly as his Thundaga spell bounced off the globe him and Jack were fighting against. Jack jumped up and twisted in the air kicking the globe twice as he landed. Looking around Donald found a broken piece of wood, and grabbed it taking a step back he thrust forward pushing the board through the globe. Instead of it popping like he thought, it just melted into the wood, leaving a burning hole behind.

Willow had been doing good seeing as she was alone, she'd already destroyed one globe and was going for another. She continued toward the top, and could just barely see the others a couple of stories below her, as she reached a larger globe. Happy shouts reached her ears telling her that the others had taken care of the rest, and could only hope the one she was now looking at was the last.

Closing her eyes for a moment, Willow thrust her hands forward releasing a Flare spell, and was surprised to see it bounce off the globe, and disappear into the sky. Narrowing her eyes she grabbed her blade and brought it down on the globe, only to have it bounce off like she was hitting metal. Willow growled and wondered just how was she supposed to get rid of this thing, both magic and weapons bounced off like they were nothing.

"Heya, Wills." Buffy said raising herself up over the edge of the small path, "What's wrong?"

"Magic and weapons bounce off of the damn thing! How're we gonna get rid of it?"

The pink girl stood for a moment thinking it over, and soon smiled, "How about attacking it with both at the same time? You think that would work?"

"Let's give it a try." Willow spoke as Buffy readied a Thundaga spell, "Now!" she shouted bringing her blade down just as the spell hit.

The dark globe shook, but neither attack bounced off; the girls grinned and nodded. Three more strong magic spells, and three strong hits from Willow's blade caused the globe to melt. With all seven globes gone the huge manor began to shake as Oogie Boogie's voice could be heard screaming in rage.

The two girls jumped down to the next level, and hurriedly continued down as the manor began falling apart. The path they were on broke causing the girls to race forward as more of the wood fell away right behind them.

Halfway down it finally caught up to them, causing both girls to fall two stories before Willow caught the edge of a lower path, and grab Buffy's hand at the same time. Willow grunted trying to pull herself and Buffy up, hopefully before the path fell away again. For being so small, why was Buffy so heavy?

Willow grunted again, and found her strength, quickly tossing Buffy onto the path, and was helped up. When both girls stood, they heard the falling wood and knew the path wouldn't be there for long, and bolted.

Just when it was once again catching up to them, Buffy cast a Float spell on herself and Willow, and jumped the three stories, landing on the ground next to the others. The manor fell apart as the group watched and finally disappeared, revealing a shining keyhole. Once again, Tara's Keyblade rose shooting a beam toward the Keyhole, and sealing it.

An hour later the group was back in Dr. Finkelstine's lab resting, and watched amused as the doctor buzzed around in his wheelchair like a maniac. To the right they could see Jack talking to Sally, and watched as she slipped her hand in his.

"Why didn't I listen to you Sally?"

"Don't worry, Jack. We'll have a better Halloween Festival next year."

Buffy was just about to lean her head back when the door opened. For just a moment Buffy stared, not knowing if she should grab her blade, laugh, or just cry.

"Whoa! Cool, we have look-a-like's!" Faith's voice caught the group's attention, cauing them to glance at the doorway, and even they didn't know what to do. Like Buffy, Willow, Tara, and Faith was torn between laughing and crying. Why did they all look so weird?

Faith's twin was dark green and like Faith herself, she looked like she'd crawled out of a grave. Well, at least my hair isn't green. Faith thought eyeing her twin, and noticing her cloths were much the same.

Instead of an ax in her head, Tara's twin had a large butcher knife in the top of hers, and her shirt was just as bloody as Tara's. But where Tara's shirt covered her upper body, her twin only had on a tank top showing a lot of her breasts.

Willow was staring at her half-naked twin, and wondering just why in the hell she had fangs, and a small amount of blood near the corner of he mouth. And just why wasn't she wearing a shirt? Her twin only had on a black leather bra, and Willow really wanted to know where she got it.

As for Buffy's twin, she wasn't pink, and Buffy was happy for that, but she really wanted to cry seeing as her twin was a bright yellow all over. Skin, hair, eyes, and even her cloths were yellow. Why me? What did I ever do to deserve being either pink, or yellow? The Al Bhed girl thought.

"Why do you have fangs?" Was the first thing Willow asked, as she stood and approached her twin.

"Why?" her twin looked confused, "Well, because I'm a vampire, that's why."

"What's that?"

"Well, a vampier drinks blood to live."

"Oh," Willow took a step back, "Well, I think it's time to leave, we've got more work to do." she said and began edging out the door.

After hearing what a vampire does to live the others were already near the door, and only waited for Willow to catch up. Their twins watched amused as the group ran from the room, the last thing the group heard was their twins laughter and the doctor speaking.

"Emotion, memory... We put in all the necessary ingredients. What else do you need to make a heart?" The doctor stopped and thought for a moment, "What is a heart anyway? I can't figure it out."

Jack hurried out the door to catch up to the running group, and smiled. "Thank you for helping with Oogie Boogie. But, visit us any time, girls. Next year's Halloween will be the scariest ever!"

"We'll try to make it." Tara said watching the twins approach.

"Yeah, be sure to make it. We'd like to get to know you better." Tara's twin winked at her and Willow, causing them to take a small step back.

"Umm...sure." Buffy said wanting to get away from the look she was getting from Faith's twin.

"Yeah...gotta go. Bye!" Faith grabbed her lovers hand and took off toward the teleporter light, and disappeared right behind Donald and Goofy, with Tara and Willow following.

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