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Author: Stormforce
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.
Notes: <Anything in these are thoughts>

After leaving the tree house the group followed Willow and Buffy's twins down the path to the campsite, and saw that Tarzan was no where to be seen. Sighing at the stupidity of a certain hunter the girls entered the tent and told what had happened -after Tara and Faith's twins asked what was wrong with Willow and Buffy.

Jane sat down in a chair as she, Tara, and Faith began fuming, at that very moment Clayton walked inside the tent like nothing had happened. He suddenly found himself surrounded by three very angry young women.

"How could you do such a thing!" Jane shouted.

"As I told them, I was not aiming at the gorilla."

"Even if that is true, it still does not matter!" Faith's twin shouted.

"You are not to go near the gorillas again!" Tara's twin shouted and turned toward Willow's twin, taking her in her arms.

"All because of on mishap? Come, now..."

Faith's twin had taken Buffy's twin in her arms, and glared at the hunter. "Look, just get outta here!"

"Fine." Clayton shook his head and left the tent, taking a pipe out of his front pocket. "What am I doing with these imbeciles? Dammed gorillas! I'll hunt down every last one of them! I'll track them all down, and I'll stake my life on it." he growled raising the pipe to his lips, and quickly turned toward the tall grass after hearing a noise.

Inside the tent Tara and Faith's twins were trying to keep Willow and Buffy's twins calm, seeing as they were still upset. Willow was just about to sit down when she shot up gripping her keyblade, as a gunshot echoed through the jungle. Rushing outside the girls saw a gorilla surrounded by Heartless, and jumped into action.

Willow cast a low-level Fire spell on one of the shadow Heartless and avoided hitting the gorilla. Two large Heartless appeared in the path of Faith's Gravity spell getting caught in the middle, as Tara cast a Holy spell on two more soldiers. Buffy threw a Rolling Thunder mix and watched as the Heartless disappeared, and the gorilla to run off.

"Where'd that creep Clayton go!?" Willow growled right before another gunshot echoed throughout the jungle.

Racing down the path the group was joined by twin Willow and Buffy, and hurried to a small clearing in the middle. Glancing around Faith spotted something on the ground, and crouched down to pick it up. The others stayed on guard as she looked the item over and frowned.

"It's Clayton's pipe." She said and was shoved to the ground by Buffy's twin, as Sabor pounced from a tree.

It really didn't surprise any one that more Heartless appeared at the same time. Sighing Willow cast a Flare spell on a soldier, and dodged right to avoid getting clawed by a shadow. Faith smiled at Buffy and nodded, as she unsheathed her keyblade and blocked an attack from Sabor. Buffy back flipped throwing a Firestorm mix along with a Electroshock, and smirked as the mixes did their jobs.

Faith hit Sabor on the head with her blade, and jumped back as Willow blurred and quickly slid forward -catching the leopard along his side. The large cat staggered once before falling to the ground, as twin Willow and Buffy shouted happily and danced around.

"Sabor gone!" Twin Willow said.

"Danger gone!" Twin Buffy shouted.

The two gorilla-like girls suddenly stopped and turned toward the direction of the campsite, and took off having sensed something. Knowing something was up, the group chased after them worriedly.

Back at the camp...

A young gorilla ran through the camp, overturing anything and everything in her way, before running inside the tent. Tara, Faith, and Jane stood up as the gorilla grabbed on to Jane's hand and whimpered. The three girls watched as the tent flap was raised up, and a large shadow loomed over the girls, as they let out a scream that could be heard by twin Willow and Buffy.

"Danger!" Buffy shouted, and hoped the others would hear her.

It only took them a couple of minutes to reach the campsite and rush into the tent only to find Willow and Buffy's twins and Tarzan.

"Hey, where's the girls?" Buffy asked as they watched the brother and sisters bow their heads.

"Buffy, Willow? What's wrong?" Tara asked kneeling down beside the two girls, as Goofy kneeled beside Tarzan.


"Something coming." Willow's twin said glancing toward the tent-flap.

Girls, danger." Buffy's twin said and bolted outside with Willow's twin following.

"Near tree house." Tarzan said before following his sisters.

"Well shit! Let's go!" Faith said and hurried after the siblings with the others following.

They were led into a different section of the jungle and hand to climb up several trees before jumping on to a cliff. After having climbed on to the cliff, Willow and Buffy groaned when they saw more vines, but grabbed onto the closest one and began swinging.

Tarzan waited until the group was on the other side, before jumping down into a small closed off area, and stopped. He listened for a moment before taking off in another direction -knowing with his sisters and their new friends Jane would be safe.

"Girls!" The group heard Tara shout from the bottom of the area and hurried down, only to see Tara and Faith's twins, Jane and the young gorilla in a vine-cage. Willow and Buffy's twins began attacking a strange black fruit, and fell to the ground holding their stomachs.

Narrowing her eyes, Willow cast a Fire spell and watched as the fruit absorbed it, growling she tried a Thunder spell, and saw it bounce off of a sheild. After trying a Blizzard and Water spell on the strange fruit she shook her head. "Magic won't work, we'll have to attack it with our blades!" she said and ran forward.

"Goofy, Donald, keep an eye on them." Buffy said motioning toward the cage, and ran to help the others. Willow struck, and jumped back, grabbing her twin and pulling her away. Faith was next striking twice with her blade and grabbing Buffy's twin, and pulling her back.

Tara nodded toward Buffy and began running toward the black fruit, they crossed paths making an X, jumped into the air, and brought their blades down on each side of the fruit. Willow healed her and Buffy's twin, and watched as the fruit fell to the ground, and hurriedly cast a Protect spell on everyone. She and Faith joined Tara and Buffy and all four thrust their keyblades in the fruit, and watched as it disappeared with a pop.

"Tarzan!" Jane shouted as the gorilla-like man jumped down from the trees.

"Jane, #%&XX!, safe." Tarzan said, as he and Willow and Buffy's twins ripped the vine-cage apart.

"What happened?" Tara asked and smiled, as she watched Willow's twin run her hands over her twin, checking for wounds -she assumed. Buffy's twin was doing the same thing with Faith's twin, and Tarzan was just looking Jane over.

"Tara, fine. Not hurt." Willow's twin said and rubbed her face on twin Tara's right beast, causing her to blush.

"Terk ran into the tent afraid of something." Jane said motioning toward the young gorilla. "Then Clayton stepped inside... That's the last thing I remember."

"Same here, but I can remember he was with someone...or something." Faith's twin said shaking her head.

"I remember seeing something like a shadow rising up out of the ground, then I woke up here." Tara's twin said before Tarzan started jumping up and down speaking in gorilla, causing Willow and Buffy's twins to look horrified.

"Gorillas trapped. Terk ran." Tarzan said before he and his sisters ran off.

"We must help the gorillas!" Jane said trying to follow, but was held back as Willow grabbed her arm.

"No, Donald and Goofy will escort you girls back to the camp. We'll help the gorillas." She said and smiled. "Don't worry, we can take care of ourselves."

Jane nodded. "Okay, just be careful."

"No problem." Willow said and took off with the others following.

Willow jumped up the stones on the far side of the clearing, and hurried down a small overgrown path. Buffy was running beside her with Faith and Tara behind them, ready for anything. Sliding down a steep incline, and again jumping up another set of stones led them to the Cliff area, where they stopped.

There was a group of gorillas along with the twins and Tarzan, both Willow and Buffy were bleeding from a gunshot wound in their right leg, and Tarzan was unconscious. Circling the gorillas was a small group of seven Heartless soldiers, three shadows and four new Heartless that looked like a small version of the gorillas. Clayton was standing beside the soldiers, and smirked as he raised his gun.

"No!" Willow shouted running forward and knocked the gun from his hand. "Clayton, why are you doing this?"

"Not Clayton!" Her twin shouted.

Buffy's twin shook her head, "*&&X%! Not Clayton!"

The girls looked confused just before Clayton slapped Willow, sending her flying in between Buffy and Faith. Standing Willow growled and rubbed her bruised cheek. "Didn't your mama teach you not to hit a girl?" she asked as the Heartless ran forward.

Faith smirked and cast a Gravity spell on two of the soldiers and watched as the spell crushed them. Willow flipped over the shadow that was attacking her and cast a Thundaga spell on Clayton -stopping him from picking his gun up. Tara cut through two shadows, and a soldier, and ran toward Willow and Buffy's twins. Kneeling down she cast a healing spell on the girls, and Tarzan, and watched as they began attacking the Clayton, and Tarzan cut the bonds holding the gorillas.

Faith dodged the jumping attack of two of the gorilla-like Heartless, and side flipped cast a Gravity spell on one and slicing the other in half. Buffy threw a Heat Blaster mix and watched the armor on the last couple of soldiers melt, as they disappeared -the last two gorilla Heartless screamed as they vanished. Faith swung her keyblade around and brought it down, cutting through the last two shadows, and saw the gorillas running into the bushes.

Clayton suddenly began laughing as he rose into the air, surprising everyone present, and causing them to step back. Willow's twin tried a leaping attack and was thrown back, as something invisible hit her -whatever it was also hit Buffy's twin, sending her into the bushes. Acting quickly Willow casted a Flare spell on Clayton, and saw a lizard-like creature appear under him, with green and gray skin.

Buffy smirked and threw a Sunburst mix, and an Ice Fall mix, shouting for everyone to cover their eyes. The lizard stumbled as the Sunburt mix exploded near its legs, and Clayton cried out in pain as four blocks of ice fell on his head. Willow blurred using the Sonic Blade ability, and cut a deep wound down the lizards side, before jumping back, as Tara cast a Holy spell.

Faith cast a Gravity spell right before she jumped into the air and brought her keyblade down and across Clayton's chest. When Faith landed she saw Willow's twin flying -or rather swinging through the air, and kick Clayton in the face knocking him off the lizard. At the same time as he landed on the ground, Buffy's twin and Tarzan swung in and knocked the lizard over. Clayton let out a scream as the giant lizard landed on top of him, Tara turned away as the others flinched hearing his dieing scream.

Seeing the lizard trying to stand Faith and Willow hurried over thrusting their blades into the lizard, and watched as a hologram of a heart flew out of its body, and disappered. Sighing they sheathed their blades, and saw Kerchak and the other gorillas step out of the bushes. Buffy and Tara approached their lovers, as Kerchak approached the group. Willow and Buffy were caught off guard when Kerchak grabbed both of them, and threw them upwards on top of a cliffs edge.

They were grumbling when their twins appeared carrying Tara and Faith over their shoulders, with Tarzan right behind them. "They get to be carried, and we're thrown up here!" Buffy griped as the girls were sat on their feet.

"Like feel Faith." Buffy's twin said causing Buffy to growl and narrow her eyes.

"Faith mine!" Buffy said and for some reason thumped her chest twice with her fists.

Willow's twin was watching Willow as she turned red. "Tara feel good." she said pissing Willow off, and do much like Buffy.

Willow stood just like her twin was, crouching down and using her hands to keep from falling forward. "Tara mine!" she said and leaned back thumping her chest four times. "Mine!"

Tara and Faith were watching all this and trying to stiffle their laughter, keyword trying, but it wasn't working.

"I thought they weren't related." Tara's twin said as she, Faith, Donald and Goofy approached, laughing.

"They aren't...atleast they weren't." Tara said grinning.

"Not until now, anyway." Faith smirked and couldn't help but laugh again, as Willow and Buffy thumped their chests again, before standing.

"Oh shut up." Buffy said shaking her head. "I can't help it if she brings out my inner gorilla."

Tara looked at Willow and let a slow smile cross her face. "Does she bring that out in you?" she asked before leaning down to whisper in Willow's ear. "'Cause if she does, maybe you should let it out more often, and in our bedroom."

Willow suddenly turned the color of her hair, and looked around. "So, uh, what is this place."

"Home." Tarzan said as Willow and Buffy's twins nodded.

"*&&X%" the three said in unison.

"If this is your home, then that means..."

Tara and Faith's twins and Jane looked around the waterfalls, and saw a large cliff several feet up in the jungle -with a path leading to the water.

"*&&X% means heart, right? Friends in our hearts, that's what Buffy meant when she said friends here." Willow said suddenly remembering what Buffy had said right after meeting her.

"Heart..." Willow, Buffy, and Tarzan echoed.

"#&% friends, same heart." Buffy's twin said as she latched onto Faith's twin.

"Clayton, lose heart." Tarzan said glancing near the edge of the cliff, before turning to a smiling Jane.

"No heart, no see friends." Willow's twin said taking Tara's twins hand.

Thinking back to what had happened on the ship, before they'd landed on this world Willow hung her head, soon followed by Buffy and Donald.

"Sorry about what I said on the ship." Willow said looking at the duck.

"Yeah same here, I'm sorry." Buffy nodded.

"I am too, I should have listened to you." Donald said and smiled as a bright blue keyhole appeared in the cliff wall. Buffy's keyblade rose into the air and shot a beam of blue energy out sealing the door to the world. They watched as a red gummi appeared on the ground under what used to be the keyhole.

"This isn't the king's." Goofy said picking it up and placing it in his pocket, as Terk began rubbing her face against Donald's.

"I think someone has a new admirer." Tara's twin said smiling.

"No, no, no, no! Daisy would kill me!" Donald said causing the group to laugh.


"What drew the Heartless to that world?" Jafar asked watching a hologram of the group laughing.

"The hunter lured them there. It was his lust for power that was the bait. But it seems the bait was too tasty for his own good." Maleficent said as the hologram disappeared.

"Yeah, but it looks like he got chomped instead!" Oogie Boogie laughed.

"A weak-hearted fool like him stood no chance against the Heartless. But those girls is a problem. They found one of the Keyholes." Jafar said unhappily as he narrowed his eyes.

"Fear not. It will take them ages to find the rest." Maleficent said revealing the group again back at the campsite. "Besides, they remains blissfully unaware of our other plan."

Oogie Boogie: Yes, the princesses..." Oogie Boogie nodded as the group once again disappeared.

"They are falling into our hands, one by one." Maleficent moved her hand over the table, and revealed an image of a sleeping Alice. "Speaking of which..." She smiled evilly.

Back at the camp...

"Time to get going." Willow said and stood from her seat on the floor.

"Where is your ship, anyway?" Jane asked as she and the others walked the group outside of the tent.

"Umm...not too far." Donald said not giving anything away.

"We friends." Tarzan said to the girls and watched his sisters hug their twins.

Willow's twin pulled her away from the group, and saw Buffy's twin pulling Buffy away from the others as well. Turning Willow's twin looked at the group, before looking at Willow.

"You love your Tara, I love mine. Take care of her." Willow's twin said and smirked as Willow looked at her stunned, before she smiled.

"So, you know more than you let on, huh? But don't worry about that, I love my Tara with all my heart, and I'll make damn sure to protect her."

"Good." Willow's twin smiled before running at Tara and giving her a hug.

"Willow watched Buffy's twin latch on to Faith, as Buffy approached her. "Hey, did you just happen to find out those girls know more than we think?"

"Buffy too?" Willow asked shaking her head with a smile. "Yeah, Willow said I love my Tara and she loves hers, and to take care of her."

"That's what mine said...looks like our twins here like the others to think they don't understand."

Willow nodded as they rejoined the group and took Tara's hand in hers, and nodded to her twin. "Take care guys." She said as the group walked down the path leading to the light that would take them back to the ship.

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