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Author: Stormforce
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.
Notes: <Anything in these are thoughts>

The sound of a whip cracking and the shouts from behind them kept the girls running -for their lives, as Faith like to think. The twins were closing in, as Donald soon found out especially when the whip accidentally hit his tail feathers.

Quacking loudly Donald sped up and passed the girls, with plate-sized eyes. Tara chanced a look back, and saw that a whip had somehow magically appeared in her twins' hand, and was now pulling her hand back.

Willow cried out as the whip hit her ass and suddenly matched Donald's pace almost dragging Tara with her, all the while thinking its what she got for drooling over Tara's twin. Faith having saw Willow bolt by, with Goofy passing a second later, looked back, and sped up when Buffy's whip just missed her. With their newfound speed, the girls put much needed distance between them and their twins -this was when the group came to a bunch of thorn bushes covering the path.

Hearing the shouting getting closer by the second the group took off to the left and ran deeper into the forest, with Willow in the lead. Not having gone ten steps Willow and Tara were suddenly pulled into the bushes, followed by Faith and Buffy, and finally Donald and Goofy.

Hiding in the bushes were two young men, both wearing red and white striped overalls and a beanie cap. The first one looked just like Xander, and the second looked like a young Giles. Willow was about to speak when Xander shook his head, putting a finger to his lips. The group could hear the twins getting closer and saw the two young men look at the ground, along with Donald and Goofy.

The girls watched as their twins stopped not five-foot from their hiding place, and looked around. All four twins were breathing hard; their sweat covered bodies shined in the light of the setting sun.

<Oh wow! She's sweaty and shiny...and I just wanna throw her to the ground and have my way with her! Stop thinking that! I have my own Willow! Yeah, but think what you could do with two Willows! No! Bad thoughts! Just stop thinking!> Tara was trying not to think as her eyes roamed over Willow's sweaty twin.

Willow was watching the way Tara's twins' breasts rose and fell with each breath she took, with a goofy smile on her face. <Right now I don't care, let me get whipped! Look, at that body! Just like Tara's when we're...stop that! You have Tara! Yes, but just think of the possibilities with two Taras! Mmm two Taras... getting sweaty together...stop right there! Dear Shiva! Tara would kill me if she knew what I was thinking!>

"They got away!" Buffy said pouting.

"Don't worry, they won't be getting away next time, and then we can have our fun." Tara said causing Buffy to smile.

Willow squeezed Tara's shoulder and got a nod from her mistress. "What if the two beanie boys got them?" she asked causing both Xander and Giles to flinch.

"If they have them, I'm sure fairy Anya will put Xander in his place." Tara said and smirked. "And I'm sure her sister Jenny would love to get a hold of Giles."

"Did someone call for the great fairies?" asked a voice as two women appeared.

"Hello, Anya, Jenny." Buffy said smiling at the two nude fairy women.

"Are Xander and Giles with you?" Tara asked.

Jenny sighed shaking her head, as Anya rolled her eyes. "No, they ran off again!" Jenny answered.

"Xander's in for it, all I wanted was orgasms all night! And did I get them? No! I didn't!" Anya growled. "Anyway, why are you ladies out here?"

"You'll never believe it! There are four women out here somewhere that are our twins!" Buffy said excitedly.

"Yes, but they ran off before we could have some fun with them."

"Twins? Wow, that would be interesting fun." Anya let a smirk cross her face.

"If you see them, try and catch them for us, please." Tara said getting a nod from the sisters as they disappeared. "Come pet. Let's go have our own fun."

The group in the bushes watched as they left and waited a few minutes before crawling out of the bushes, sighing in relief. Turning the group looked the two men over, and could see the fatigue in both men's faces, and the way they stood with their shoulders lowered.

"Damn, what'd they do to you?" Faith asked in concern.

Xander shook his head. "You don't want to know."

"Why are you ladies out here?" Giles asked.

"We were looking for a young woman named Alice, and ended up meeting our twins." Tara said glancing over her shoulder.

"Yes, the Mistresses are on the scary side with their whips." Xander said nodding. "But we've been out here the whole day, and haven't seen anyone besides your group."

"And if you want to get back where you came from, you'll have to be brave and go through the same entrance you came in through, but it'll lead you to another section besides where you entered.

"No way! Go back there!" Buffy shouted with wide eyes.

"It's the only way since it's the only entrance into this part of the forest."

"Great, I can't believe this!" Willow said shaking her head.

"Sorry we can't be of more help, but we're also being...hunted." Xander sighed.

"Don't worry about it. Thanks for your help." Tara smiled at the two young men.

"No problem, but you'd better get going. If you linger too long the entrance will be sealed." Giles said and hurried away with Xander by his side.

"Let's go." Willow said taking Tara's hand and hoping they didn't run into the twins.

When the group reached the gate leading into the tea garden they quietly slipped through, and could hear loud moans, and screams of passion. Donald and Goofy didn't let the grass grow under their feet, as they hurriedly headed toward the entrance and stepped through.

"Okay, I know we're not that loud!" Willow whispered to Tara right before stepping through the entrance.

Having heard Willow, Buffy smirked. "Right, keep telling yourself that." She said and stepped through the entrance with Faith by her side.

They again appeared in the rabbits' room, but this time they were standing on the ceiling. There were only two things on the ceiling with them, and that was the two lights. Having gotten use to it, they weren't surprised when the Cheshire Cat appeared, again smiling as usual.

"They're hiding somewhere. And the momeraths outgrabe. Want to find the shadows? Try turning on the lights."

Taking the cats advice, Willow hopped onto one of the lights and touched it. "Well?" she asked after hopping down.

"Still too dim. Make it brighter."

"Now what?"

"Turn on one more lamp."

This time it was Faith that jumped onto the second light and touched it, causing the room to grow brighter. "That all?" she asked once she was back on the ceiling.

"Now, all the lights are on. You'll be seeing the shadows soon. They'll arise in this room, but somewhere else. The shadows might go after that doorknob, too." The Cheshire Cat said and disappeared.

"Now what do we do?" Buffy asked confused. "I mean how're we gonna get back to the floor?"

"Look for another door." Tara said as the group split up.

Five minutes later Donald and Goofy found an upside-down door and called the girls over. Not wanting to run into their twins again, Willow poked her head through the door and saw the queens' courtyard.

Nodding to the others she stepped through, and jumped off of the small balcony. Once everyone was on the ground they slipped past the Queen of Hearts and headed into the rabbits' room, and saw the Cheshire Cat appear on the table.

"You'll have a better view from higher up."

Glaring at the cat she was staring to dislike, Willow approached the only chair and helped Tara to climb up, and made the climb with Faith's help. From there they jumped onto the table and approached the cat.

"The shadows should be here soon. Are you prepared for the worst? If not, too bad!" he said and vanished as a ten-foot tall red and black blocked creature appeared. The creature had six arms, two of which had sharp looking swords.

Hoping it would work Willow cast a Scan spell on the Heartless and sighed in relief as it stats appeared in front of her.


Name: Trickmaster
HP: 1000
MP: 300
Weakness: Fire, Thunder, Ice
Repels: Water


Donald began the fight by casting a Thunder spell on the Heartless, as Willow cast a Firaga spell -knocking the creature back. Faith had taken a running jump and brought her blade down on the creature as she landed, slicing off on of the right arms. Goofy had followed her down and began spinning around with his shield held out, and hit the Heartless six times before being knocked back.

Buffy threw a Winter Storm mix as she landed and watched as the storm circled the Heartless knocking it back into the wall. Tara followed the mix with a Holy spell and saw one of the left arms get ripped off. Willow cast a Flare spell as she jumped off the table and was knocked into the large chair as the creature cast a Thunder spell on her. She felt the warmth of a Cure spell cover her body and heal her burns, as she stood and smiled at Tara.

Faith stepped back and cast a Gravity spell, as a Firestorm mix hit the creature at the same time, as another Thunder, and Flare spell hit. Goofy hit the creature right before Tara's Holy spell hit it dead center. The Heartless stood for a moment before falling to the floor, and a hologram of a heart flew out of the body as it disappeared.

"What a racket!" The doorknob said yawning. "How's a doorknob to get any sleep?" he asked yawning again showing a glowing keyhole in his mouth.

Willow's arm began to shake as the Keyblade lifted and pointed to the doorknob, and emitted a red beam from the tip of the blade. The keyhole glowed briefly before fading out.

"What the hell was that?" Faith asked surprised.

"Did you hear that? Sounded like a door closed." Tara said glancing around the room, and saw a small blue and gold Gummi piece dropped to the floor.

"This Gummi ain't like the others. No, sir." Goofy said as Donald picked it up.

"I'll hold on to it." Donald said putting it in the pocket of his blue shirt, and jumped as the Cheshire Cat appeared in front of the group.

"Splendid. You're quite the hero. If you're looking for Alice, she's not here. She's gone! Off with the shadows, into darkness." The cat said and disappeared.

"No..." Tara said sadly lowering her head.

"Let's go back to the ship. We might find her in another world." Donald said and exited the room, the others watched as he grew to normal size outside the door.

"Come on, baby." Willow said wrapping her arms around Tara's waist and leaving a sweet kiss on her lips.

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