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Final Fantaxy X-3

Author: Stormforce
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.
Notes: <Anything in these are thoughts>

Willow awoke to a pounding headache and groaned as she rolled over, and found a warm body lying next to her. Smiling she wrapped her left arm around Tara and felt her headache become a thing of the past, she heard Tara groan and opened her eyes.

The room they were in had two beds, one of which she and Tara were lying in, and the other had Buffy and Faith. Confusion set in until she remembered what happened and shot up looking around the room. Her twin and Buffy's twin was standing near the door; glancing beside them she saw their Keyblade's and frowned.

"Hey, you okay?" Buffy asked approaching the bed.

"Yeah, but what the hell is going on?!"

"I wanna know the answer to that too." Faith asked as she sat up.

"Maybe you over did it, Tara."

"That's Clay, for now." Tara's twin said looking up, as Tara and Buffy both sat up in the beds.

"You were attacked by a dark creature, right? Those creatures were tracking you by the Keyblade. So, that's why we had to take the keyblade from you." Buffy said pointing to the weapons.

"It was the only way we could conceal your heart from them. But it won't work for long." Tara said glancing from the girls to the weapons. "It's still hard to believe that you four are the chosen ones." She picked up the Lady Luck Keyblade only to have it disappear and reappear in front of her twin. "But I suppose beggars can't be choosers."

"Can't you people start making sense?! What the hell is going on here!?" Buffy asked standing up, and eyeing her twin and Clay.

[Next room]

Willow was sitting in a green chair with Faith to her left; Donald and Goofy were sitting on the giving the girls their attention. Willow looked the two guys over and leaned forward.

"Okay, you know that there are many other worlds out there besides your castle and this town, right?"

"Yeah." Donald said slowly.

"But they're suppose to be a secret." Goofy said slightly confused as to why these girls knew about the other worlds.

"They've been secret because they've never been connected."

"Until now." Faith said standing. "When the Heartless came, everything changed."

[Other room]

"The Heartless?" Tara asked looking at her twin.

The other Buffy nodded. "Yeah, the ones who attacked you, you remember?"

"Those without hearts." Tara's twin said leaning against the wall. "The darkness in people's hearts -that's what attracts them. And there is darkness within every heart."

"Hey!" Buffy's twin shouted glancing at each girl. "Have you heard of someone named D'Hoffryn?"

[Donald and Goofy's room]

"D'Hoffryn?" Goofy asked scratching his head in a confused manor.

"Yeah," Faith nodded. "He was studying the Heartless, and recorded all of his findings in a very detailed report."

"Gawrsh, uh, can we see it?"

"Sorry, Goofy, but the pages are scattered everywhere." Willow sighed shaking her head.

"Scattered?" Donald asked looking between the girls.

"To many worlds." Faith said glancing out the window.

"Maybe the king went to find ‘em." Goofy said causing Willow to smile.

"Those were our thoughts exactly."

"Then we've gotta find him quick!"

"Wait Goofy! First we need that ‘Key!'"

"Ah, yes the Keyblade." Willow nodded.

[Other room]

"So...these weapons are the keys?" Buffy asked staring at her Divine Rose Keyblade.

"Exactly!" Her twin said happily.

Clay stepped away from the window and looked at each girl before keeping eye contact with her twin. "The Heartless have great fear of the Keyblade. And that's why they will keep coming after you no matter what."

"We didn't ask for this. I mean, sure, we said we'd help, but we really didn't know what was going on!" Willow said gripping the hilt of the blade so tight her knuckles were turning white.

"Doesn't matter." Buffy said shaking her head. "The Keyblade chooses who wields it. And it chose the four of you!"

"So tough luck." Clay said smirking. "You'd best be prepared. The Heartless will find you sooner or later."

"Clay, let's join Willow and Faith. They should be finished talking with the others by now." Buffy said as a black form began taking shape in the center of the room. "Clay!"

"Dammit! The Heartless! Go, go!" Clay said slamming the door open to the other room, not knowing Donald was standing beside it. The door hit the wall flattening Donald against the wall, arms spread out and mouth open, as he slowly slid to the floor.

"Guys! Let's go, the Heartless are here!" Buffy shouted jumping out a window with the others behind her. They landed in the alleyway behind the inn, as more and more Heartless appeared.

"Don't bother with the small fry. Find the leader!" Clay said cutting through the creatures.

Willow turned casting a Fire spell on the closest Heartless soldier, knocking into the path of her twin's circular blade, and grinned. Both Faiths were taking turns at keeping one of the Heartless in the air, by hitting it with either fists, or the Keyblade. Buffy grinned like a shark to her twin, and said: "Watch this." And threw a Winter Storm mix at three Heartless. Her twin stood back watching the show, and wishing she'd brought popcorn.

Tara had followed Clay and cast a Holy spell on a Heartless soldier as it jumped into the air. Clay turned and brought her Gunblade down cutting a soldier in half, and smirked as Tara used her shield to knock another into the alley wall.

"Let's go! Third district!" Clay shouted and ran for the door leading to the town square with the others following. Donald and Goofy jumped out of the window just in time to see the girls disappear through the door and followed. By the time the guys reached the third district they were breathing hard and opened the door, only to be surrounded by foot-tall Heartless.

"Gawrsh, are these the Heartless guys?" Goofy asked, as he held up a blue and green shield.

Donald raised his staff in the air as the Heartless began moving in. "Let's get ‘em, Goofy!" Donald shouted casting a rather powerful Thunder spell killing the Heartless, but sending him and Goofy flying over the edge, and landing on Willow.

"The key!" Donald and Goofy shouted looking at Willow's Keyblade.

"Get off of me!" Willow grunted trying to get up, but stopped when she saw what exactly was sitting on her back. "Tara! Tell me I'm seeing things!"

"You're not!" Tara shouted blocking a soldier, twisting around and hitting it with her Keyblade.

Two large metal feet hit the ground causing a shockwave that sent everyone to their knees. Next a pair of metal legs and torso dropped from the sky, followed by the arms, hands, and head. The pieces attached together to make a twenty-foot tall purple Heartless machine, with a picture of a black heart surrounded by red barbwire painted on its' chest.

The first thing anyone did was to run back to get some space between them and the machine. Glancing around Willow saw they were short four people, and frowned, a small pebble hit her head causing her to look up. Their twin's were sitting on the edge of the balcony and smirked as they waved. She hit the closest one next to her -which was Faith, and pointed up. Faith narrowed her eyes, flipped their twins off and readied her blade.

The four girls and two guys scattered as the hands and arms flew from the body toward them. Donald and Willow cast a Thunder spell apiece and ducked as the arm flew over their heads. Faith had side flipped to avoid the arm, and rushed the body hitting it with her blade.

A Holy spell exploded ripping the torso from the legs, and fell to the ground. Tara grinned and cast another spell on the torso as it rose into the air, trying to reconnect with the legs. And then there was Buffy -who was still running from one arm trying to get a mix together.

"Stupid heat seeking machina! Why is it me that always gets the bitchy machina?!" She grumbled finally getting the mix she wanted, and saw her twin laughing her ass off. "Watch this! And see who's laughing afterwards!" Buffy shouted as she jumped into the air, letting the arm pass under her, and throwing the mix. The arm froze in mid-turn as the Rolling Thunder mix did its job and destroyed the arm.

"They're actually pretty good." Faith's twin said watching Faith back flip to avoid being stepped on, and swung her blade around catching one of the machine's feet.

"Get back!" Tara shouted as her hands glowed bright white. Faith knocked Buffy to the ground as Willow grabbed Donald and Goofy, and shoved them against the wall. The light shot from Tara's hands and straight to the machine and engulfed it. The Third District lit up like it was daytime, as the Ultima spell exploded.

The twins had been knocked off their perch and on to the ground near the Second District door. Tara poked her head around the small stonewall and watched as the machine burst and disappeared. Clay's head poked up from behind the wall of the balcony and she stood with the others following her lead. Willow had seen first Tara, then Clay and couldn't help but grin, thinking they were so much alike.

"So you're king Mickey's friends." Faith said looking first at Goofy then letting her mind accept Donald.

"Yes, you know the king?" Donald asked slightly surprised.

"Yeah, he asked for our help." Tara said nodded.

Clay and the other twins stepped beside Donald. "They, too, have been seeking the wielder of the Keyblade... or in this case Keyblades." Clay said as Donald and Goofy both looked from her to Tara and back again.

"Anyway, will you come with us? We have a Gummi ship." Goofy smiled.

"Mickey already let us have one of his." Buffy said excitedly. "And I got to fly it!"

"Huh? You have one of the king's ships?" Donald asked worriedly.

"Aw, don't worry, she can fly anything...although most of the time you need to stay strapped into your seat." Faith grinned.

"What're your names? Mines Goofy, and his is Donald."

"I'm Willow, and this is my wife Tara."

"Faith, and this is Buffy my girlfriend."

"Nice to meet ya." Goofy said shaking the girls hands.


Six figures were standing in a dark room; all were gathered around a hologram watching the meeting in Traverse Town.

"Who'd thought, those little girls took down that Heartless!" A man with flaming blue hair said angrily.

"Such is the power of the Keyblade, Hades. Those children's powers are not their own."

"Jafar, can't you turn those freaks into a Heartless with your staff? I think that would settle things quick enough."

"Don't forget about the king's lackeys, Ursula. Swoggle me eyes, they're all bilge rats by the look of them."

"You're no prize yourself, Hook." A voice laughed.

"Shut up, Oogie Boogie!"

"Enough!" A voice shouted causing all to freeze and look at the speaker.

"Yes, Maleficent." The five villains spoke in unison.

"The Keyblade has chosen those girls. Will it be they who conquers the darkness? Or will the darkness swallow them? Either way, those girls could be useful..." Maleficent said as an evil smile crossed her face.

[Traverse Town]

The girls were standing near Giles' shop in the First District with Donald and Goofy, and their twins. Clay stepped forward and smiled at the girls as she nodded.

"Make sure you're prepared for the journey ahead. We don't know how far the Heartless have spread...and please, be careful."

"Hey, we've took on big bad enemies before, so don't worry." Faith said but nodded showing she was taking the girl seriously.

"Before you leave check out the shops, they've got some pretty cool stuff!" Buffy twin said before staring into Buffy's eyes. "Dude! Cool, how'd you get those swirls in your eyes?"

Buffy giggled shaking her head. "Where I'm from I am an Al Bhed, and we're all born with swirls in our eyes."

"Cool. Al Bhed? Do ya have your own language?"

"Oab, re E's Buffy, hela du saad oui. I said: Yep, hi I'm Buffy, nice to meet you." Buffy said causing her twin to smile brightly.

"Sweet! After all of this, you've gotta teach me your language!"

While both Buffys were talking the others were watching and laughed, as Buffy's twin got excited about wanting to learn Al Bhed. Clay took her twins hand and gave it a firm shake, and Willow's twin latched onto Willow giving her a hug.

"Good luck." She said pulling back from the hug.

"Thanks." Willow said, and watched their twins head into Giles' shop.

Donald turned and looked the four girls over before giving Buffy and Faith a second look, and shook his head. "This won't do at all. Here this is for you." He said waving his hand in front of Faith, and then Buffy. A dark blue light surrounded Faith, as a bright orange light surrounded Buffy, both girls staggered before getting their balance. "Now, you can cast magic, trust me it will be useful."

"Whoa! What a rush!" Buffy said, feeling lightheaded.

"Tell me about it." Faith replied, causing both Willow and Tara to giggle.

"Now you both know how we felt." Willow said following Tara toward the weapons shop with the others behind them.

The shop wasn't large, but it had two entrances, one on the ground floor, and one at the top of a set of stairs. The counter had an old time register with a young duck in a red shirt sitting near it. Donald shook his head, as the boy jumped down, and was joined by two more young ducks, one wearing a blue shirt and the other in a green shirt.

"Girls I would like you to meet my three trouble-making nephews, Huey the one in red, Dewey the one in blue, and Louie the one in green. Boys this is Willow, Tara, Buffy, and Faith. Be nice!"

"Nice to meet you." The boys said in unison and shook the girls' hands. "We're sorry but if you're here to buy something, we're sort of rearranging at the moment." Huey said, only to have Donald start quacking.

"We have to buy? I'm your uncle, and you're gonna rip me off!?"

"No, uncle Donald, but we have to make money somehow." Dewey said and winked at Buffy causing her to laugh.

"Whatever boys. Just be good, and don't cause any trouble, okay?"

"Sure, uncle Donald, we'll be little angels." The boys said as halos appeared over their heads.

"Now, why don't I believe that?" Donald sighed.

"Come on Donald, lets get goin'" Goofy said pulling the duck out of the shop, with the girls following.

Jiminy smiled to himself as the group exited Traverse Town, and boarded the Gummi ship. <Well, I can see a big adventure coming their way! And it looks like it's up to me to keep track of it all in my journal!>

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