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Final Fantaxy X-2

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.
Oh yeah, the rating will go up and down depending on a a few things. I'll rate it 'R' for language and violance, and NC-17 for the lovin'
Notes: <Anything in these are thoughts>

The girls watched the Aurochs kill several fiends as the ship landed, they grabbed on to the rail as the ship shook. Blackish green blood flew into the air in front of the door, causing the girls to jump back. They saw four eyeballs land on the cargo door, before disappearing.

"Woo-hoo! Killed Malboro fiend!" They heard Dawn shout and grinned.

Running toward the village Faith slid to the side of a canine fiend and stabbed it though its head. Tara had begun shooting the bird fiends swooping down to attack.

Willow side-flipped then back flipped avoiding an Iron Man, and cast a Thundaga spell knocking the fiend back. Buffy jumped on to its shoulders and thrust her knives into its neck, and twisted her body cutting the head off.

When they entered the village they saw Anya casting spell after spell, killing three canines, and two Water Flans. She cried out as a bird fiend dug its sharp claws into her back, and cast a Flare spell in anger. Hurrying over Tara cast a healing spell on her wounds as Willow caught her before she could fall to the ground.

"You shouldn't be out here!" Willow spoke as she carried Anya into the hut and put her down on the cot.

"They needed my help!"

"I'm sorry, we should've came here first." Tara quietly said and hugged Anya.

"They just started appearing from the temple and attacking a few minutes ago... anyway Xander and the others split up to kill off the fiends we missed."

"Let's help ‘em!" Buffy said dragging Faith outside as Mizu walked in.

"Yes, the villagers will stay calm if they see all of you here."

"Don't worry, the Gullwings are on the job. Hell, we'll even give you our special bargain price." Mizu said grinning.

"That's nice." Anya spoke sarcastically

"Sorry, Anya." Willow grinned as Tara laughed.

"Don't worry, now go on they may need some help." Anya said as Buffy's terrified scream and Faith's laugh was heard.

Back outside Buffy was latched on to a Behemoth fiend as it tried to buck her off. Faith was laughing as she attacked and thrust her spear into its' heart.

Buffy landed on her butt as the fiend disappeared and glared at Faith. Shaking her head Tara looked to her left and saw Dawn standing guard over Shinra as he placed a small sphere, with a golden circle on the ground.

"What're you doing out here?"

Installing a Commsphere. It will send video signals from here to the ship, and from the ship to here."

"Okay, just be careful." Tara said and shot down a bird fiend.

"Tara! Will! Something's up!" Buffy shouted pointing to a fighting Xander and Beclem near the temple door. Faith had shoved Beclem away from Xander and readied her spear, as the others approached.

"Fuck you!" Faith growled out holding back the urge to swing her spear.

"Come on! We can finish the fiends off right here and now!" Beclem shouted clenching his fists.

"Burning down the temple is going too far!" Faith shouted and ran into the temple.

"We have to do something. What if the fiends keep coming? Then what? Maybe you like putting your family in danger?"

"You're a bastard! We just gotta stop the fiends, ya?'' Xander followed Faith's lead and ran into the temple.

"Praying to those statues never did any good." Beclem said as the girls passed by him. "Going in, are you? I won't wait much longer. I don't care if you're still in there or not."

"You want to see it burn that badly?" Tara sadly asked getting a snort from him.

"You touch this temple, and I'll make damn sure to take you with us!" Willow said and followed Tara and Buffy inside.

As soon as they ran into the Cloister of Trials a Marlboro dropped down in front of them. Back flipping Tara fired a Flare infused round into its head, as Buffy and Willow cut several tentacles and eyes off.

As the fiend disappeared a Dual Horn knocked Willow into the wall, and charged at Tara. Quickly falling to the floor Tara slid under the fiend, and the temple walls shook as it ran into the wall.

Willow stood and doublecast a two Flare spells, as Buffy threw a Soul Stealer mix. The fiend shrieked as it was sucked into the Farplane. The clatter of a fallen weapon caused them to hurry around the corner; they saw Faith fall to the floor next to Xander breathing hard.

"You both okay?"

"Yeah" Faith said and flinched holding her ribs.

"Nothin' to worry about." Xander said as he and Faith felt the warmness of a healing spell wash over their bodies.

Buffy threw a Firestorm mix at a Ice Flan, as Willow cast a Blizzaga spell on a Flame Flan. The fiends disappeared as Faith stood, and helped Xander up.

"Whatever's controlling the fiends must be down there." Xander pointed toward the elevator leading to the Fayth's chamber. "Take that bad boy out..."

"Got that right, Xander stay here." Buffy said and stepped on the elevator with Faith by her side.


"Wouldn't wantcha overdoing it, Daddy!" Willow grinned as the elevator took them down.

Slowly making their way into the chamber they saw Valefor floating over a hole where the statue used to be.

"An Aeon?" Xander said walking up behind them.

"No... Something's wrong." Tara shook her head.

"Xander, stay back! It's not safe!" Buffy shouted diving to the left knocking Faith to the ground, as Valefor attacked.

Valefor turned and sunk her claws into Willow's shoulder, a burning white pain shot through her body as she was pulled into the air. Tara fired pumping rounds into Valefor's chest, and saw Willow go limp.

Faith stood and glowed dark purple, casting her Fire Breath attack. Flames surrounded Valefor's head causing her to drop Willow. Throwing a Rolling Thunder mix, Buffy ran over to the unconscious Willow and pulled her back.

Xander took Willow from Buffy and gasped when he saw her skin was starting to turn gray. He looked up in time to see Faith duck away from the claws and twist her body as she thrust her spear into Valefor's stomach.

"Watch out! Don't let the claws wound you!" Xander shouted just as Tara and Buffy dodged the Aeons claws.

Spotting an opening Valefor swooped down and latched on to Buffy, she screamed in pain before she, too, fell unconscious. Growling Faith jumped into the air and landed on Valefor's back, and thrust her spear into the dead heart.

Tara caught Buffy as she fell from Valefor's claws, and watched the Aeon disappear. Hurrying over to Xander, Tara laid Buffy down and saw her skin turn gray.

"What's wrong with them?" Faith asked running over.

"Zombified." Was the only thing Xander said as he looked at Faith.


Searching through her pouch Tara found two of the eight vials of Holy Water she'd bought in Luca. Handing one to Faith, she lifted Willow's head, pulled the cork out with her teeth, and poured the water into Willow's mouth. Xander watched as Faith did the same with Buffy, and saw their skin turn back to normal after a few moments.

Willow was the first to open her eyes and soon found herself on the receiving end of a very passionate kiss. When Tara leaned back she brought Willow into a fierce hug.

"Though I'd lost you, again."

"Never." Willow whispered and looked over to Buffy and Faith who were at that moment hugging and kissing.

Any fiends left inside the temple and the ones that had made it outside just disappeared after Valefor was defeated. The villagers sighed in relief, Anya watched as Beclem clenched his fist before she walked back in the hut.

"That was my first Aeon." Tara said sadly as they headed for the exit.

"I know, baby... this was where I first saw you... I didn't know it then, but I fell in love with you when you walked out of the chamber."

Tara leaned over kissing the base of Willow's neck. "Hm."

"And you know what? This is our home, and we'll protect it."

"Right on, Will! Spoken like a true Dragon!" Faith grinned then her eyes went wide.

Beclem was walking toward the temple with a torch in his hand. Willow growled drawing her sword, as she ran at him. Swinging her sword around she cut the torch in half, and pressed the blade to his throat.

"You were going to kill us!"

"I told you I wouldn't wait long." He said and grimaced as Willow added more pressure to the blade.

Buffy and Faith grabbed Willow's arms and pulled her back, as Tara stepped in front of Beclem. His head jerked back, as his face met Tara's fist. Holding his bloody broken nose he glared at her.

"What's your problem?"

"How would have we gotten out? We would have burned to death, trapped inside! Now tell me, what my problem is!" Tara shouted as the villagers surrounded them with looks of death on their faces toward Beclem.

Anya was by Xander's side as she raised her hand in the air. A bolt of lightning hit Beclem on his butt, causing him to jump.

"I'm telling you now, if you ever endanger my husband, or family again, you'll get more than that!" Anya shouted angrily as Xander led her away.

"And after she's done with you, it'll be my turn!" Willow growled.

Beclem watched as Willow was led away by Tara and Buffy, when he turned around he fell to the ground and screamed in pain.

Faith glared down at him; "You'll get more than another fist in your face if you touch this temple." she said and walked off.

Back on the ship they found the others surrounding the cactuar spheres, and saw one lightly glowing. Picking it up Willow read the words that had appeared.


Dawn was already slowly piloting the ship around the island, flying over the beach the sphere brightened. Getting a nod from Willow she landed the ship and watched as the girls neared the boat dock.

Willow kneeled down and touched the dock, and the sphere disappeared. The second cactuar appeared holding the sphere, and flipped twice before disappearing.

"I do believe it thanked us." Tara smiled over at Faith who grinned back.

"Hey, Jenny is asking for help. The machina is going haywire on the highroad!" Mizu said as they boarded the ship.

"Okay, then let's go!" Faith said and picked Buffy up and ran off toward the bridge with Willow and Tara following.

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