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Final Fantaxy X-2

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.
Oh yeah, the rating will go up and down depending on a a few things. I'll rate it 'R' for language and violance, and NC-17 for the lovin'
Notes: <Anything in these are thoughts>
The song used in this chapter is called Real Emotion, and it is the translation to the original Japanese song. I thought the original song translation would be better than the one Jade sings on the English version. Don't get me wrong, though, I like Jade's version, but I like the original song much more.

The Blitzball stadium in Luca was full of screaming and cheering fans as loud music beings to play. Buffy dragged a guard out of the hall, and hid his unconscious body in a locker room, as Willow ran down the hallway. Turing she waved to Buffy and ran up the stairs leading into the arena.

"Y, R, W, in position. It's showtime, girls." Buffy spoke into a microphone hooked on her bra strap.

The center platform rose into the air, as the band members circled around the center on smaller platforms. Tara appeared in the middle of the platform in her Summoner outfit, and bright light surrounded her. When the light died down, Tara was wearing a tight black sleeveless shirt, a gray skirt with a split up to the waistband on the left, and brown knee-high boots. She proudly walked forward and raised a microphone to her lips.

I pictured myself somewhere far in my heart that day
It becomes dark in the distance, but I can no longer return
The shape I saw in my dream
Is different from anything
I become dizzy from reality

She sang the first verse and spun around. Buffy was watching the performance through her binoculars moving to the beat. Feeling something tap her shoulder, she turned and saw a guard and grinned shrugging her shoulders.

The feeling of sawing in the real world
I don't want to lose
The only thing I can hear from my heart is to run
You are not alone

Buffy punched the guard in the stomach, kneed him, and knocked him out with an uppercut. She took at small machina air-scooter, and flew off to the other side of the stadium laughing.

I won't turn back, I won't rely on you
Because if something happens, you'll come to me quickly
The only thing I can do now
Is to believe...
The truth is in my heart

On the other side of the stadium Willow was watching the concert with a glare. A guard shouted at her pointing his club at her.

The feeling of swaying in the real world
Holds me up
You taught me everything, I know
That is me now
So, I am not alone

Willow jumped into the air performing a roundhouse kick, hitting the guard in the head knocking him out. She sit on the stair rail and slid down to the bottom meeting Buffy, and rode over to the center platform where Tara was singing.

The feeling of swaying in the real world
Even if you feel it
If you close your eyes, I will be there
There is a bond between us
So, you are not alone

he feeling of swaying in the real world
I don't want to lose
The only thing I can hear from my heart is to run
You are not alone

The crowd screamed and cheered as Tara finished the song and bowed. Willow and Buffy jumped down in front of her, as the music continued to play.

"Hey! Give it back already!" Buffy shouted at Tara.

"Boys!" Tara said and grinned as two men in tight fighting suites appeared. "Want in on this number? Then show me your moves!"

"Think you can keep up?" Willow said and brought her sword down cutting Tara's arm. Using her knives Buffy took out the two men, and attacked Tara cutting her shirt open at the bottom. Screaming Tara cast a Thunder spell on Buffy knocking her back a foot. Willow swept her feet out from under her, and pressed her sword blade on Tara's throat.

"Give it back!" Willow growled out glaring.

"I don't think so, love." Tara said and kicked Willow's knee causing her to fall. Tara stood up and ran.

Buffy and Willow followed Tara out of the stadium and chased her into the docks. “Hold still!” Buffy shouted before they lost site of her when a man and two women stepped in front of their path.

"Dammit!" Buffy screamed and kicked the man stomach, and hit the back of his head when he fell forward. Willow dodged a very sharp fan, and used the sword hilt and hit the woman knocking her out, as Buffy shoved the other out of their way. Running further into the docks they stopped.

"Great! We lost her!" Willow said angrily.

"Hey, you run too fast!" Buffy shouted and turned around when a man laughed.

"You're just too slow; little girl." The man holding two guns and wearing a trench coat said.

"The show's over! Bwahaha!" A bulky man said walking forward with a black and silver shield strapped on his back.

"Yeowch!" Buffy said when she saw the two men.

"This way!" Willow called out running down dock three. The two men ran after them and began jumping into the air as bullets hit the ground around their feet. Turning the four saw Tara standing behind them holding her two pistols. She ran forward jumped up and used the bulky man's shoulders to jump higher, flipping over she twisted her body, and fired her guns again. Landing on the dock Tara pointed her guns at the men, as Willow and Buffy ran to her side.

"So the little girls want to fight the great Logos and Ormi, huh?" The man holding the guns asked. "Then, have it your way." He said and fired.

Willow back-flipped dodging the gunfire, as Tara dodged to the right, and Buffy to the left. Willow dodged another round of fire, and jumped into the air, and brought her sword down across Logos face knocking him back. Tara was firing at Ormi, who was hiding behind his shield. Buffy attacked him slicing at the shield twice as Tara reloaded. When she jumped back Ormi threw the shield at her, seeing this Tara fired at it, as Willow hit it with her sword knocking it back at him. The shield hit Ormi in the chest and he fell back beside Logos.

"I can't believe it! Little girls...beat us!" Logos said holding his bleeding face.

"That's quite enough sniveling, boys." A voice said from their right, looking over they saw another Tara standing there. "Persistent, aren't you?" She asked looking at Tara.

"My grid." Tara said holding her hand out.

"Give us back Tara's Garment Grid right now!" Buffy said holding Willow back.

"Aww, come on. Didn't you girls ever learn to share?"

"Give. It. Back." Tara said getting mad.

"Whatever, it's yours." The other Tara said and raised a fan in front of her face, as a light surrounded her. The gray skirt, and black shirt turned to a pink dress with slits up both sides, and a 'V' down the front leaving nothing to the imagination. And Tara's image changed to that of a woman with short blond hair and green eyes.

"It won't be yours for long, loves!" The woman said and threw her fan at Willow. Holding her sword up the fan turned against it, as sparks flew in every direction. Buffy ran forward and kicked the woman in the head knocking her down, as Tara aimed her guns at her and the men. Willow pushed forward and ducked letting the fan fly over her head.

"You won't be so lucky next time!" The woman said as she, Logos, and Ormi ran off.

"Hey! Get back here!" Buffy shouted as Willow stared at Tara.

"Umm...Buffy... I think you need to see this." Willow said watching Tara.

"What?" Buffy asked turning, "Whoa!" she said with wide eyes.

Tara was now in the same outfit as the other woman was, and she was dancing. She giggled as she turned in circles. An airship flew up beside the dock and hovered over the water. The airship had motorcycle wheels on the front and back covered by metal shields, and it was painted red with black flames.

Willow picked Tara up and carried her on to the airship with Buffy following. Sitting her down, Willow took the Garment Grid away and Tara was back in her regular cloths.

"What happened?" Willow asked checking Tara for wounds.

"I don't know... My body just started dancing by itself. I was scared at first... But something happened and I began to enjoy it."

"Yeah, you looked like you were enjoying it." Buffy said sitting down beside her.

"It felt like another person's excitement just took over."

A young boy wearing a yellow body suite and a full-face gas mask walked over "That can happen when you use the Garment Grid. The emotions of the person recorded in the sphere pass to the user."

"Shinra, isn't that...I dunno, dangerous?" Buffy asked picking up the small sphere.

"I can't really say."

"But you’re the one who studied it!" A young girl said standing up from a computer consol.

"I'm just a kid." Shinra said and walked over to his own computers.

"Mizu, can I ask you something?"

"Yeah, Buffy you can."

"Why the hell did you bring him!?"

"What? He's smart, so I thought we could use him."

"No! Will is smarter than him, and she's a blitz player!"

"Tara not stop dancing? I want to see!" Dawn said standing up from the pilots seat giggling.

"It'll cost you! It may have been fun, but I don't want to put on a show." Tara said smiling.

"One moment..." Dawn said and dug around in her pocket.

"Dawn, you know she's kidding, right?" Willow said looking at the sphere.

"What? No dance?" Dawn asked as an alert sounded. "Ehlusehk tydy! Gullwings, du ouin cdydeuhc!" (Incoming data! Gullwings to your stations!) She said and jumped into her seat.

"She's gotten a lot better, hasn't she?" Willow asked handing Tara the sphere.

"Yes, she has. With you, myself, and Buffy teaching her now, she can speak english better." Tara said sat down on the stairs. "How's it going, Mizu?"

"Still analyzing."

"Duu cmuf!" (Too slow!)

"Crid ib, Dawn!" (Shut up, Dawn!)

"I can't believe they're friends!" Willow said shaking her head. "Come on, let's go to the cabin and rest."

"Okay." Tara said taking Willow's hand and walking to the elevator. Hitting the cabin button the doors closed, and took them up. A blue Hypello was waiting for the elevator, when the doors opened he covered his eyes.

"Mish Tara, Mish Willow." He said causing Tara and Willow to spring apart from their kiss.

"Sorry barkeep, couldn't resist." Willow grinned and walked by holding Tara's hand.

"It's oookay. Shleep tight." He said watching them go into the cabin.



"It's been two months, and we're no closer to finding anything out. I know we hunt spheres now, but what about Glory?" Willow asked lying down on their bed.

"I don't know, Will." Tara sighed and lay beside her. "That one sphere is all Faith found. Hopefully we'll find more."

"Yeah." Willow said and fell asleep, with Tara's head on her shoulder.

An hour later Buffy shook both girls awake "The sphere wave analysis is complete." she said and left for the bridge. A few minutes later Tara walked through the bridge door, with a yawning Willow behind her.

"The waves are coming from the ruins on top of Mt. Gagazet." Mizu said when Willow sat down pulling Tara into her lap.

"I can't believe there were ruins on top of that mountain." Willow said and yawned again.

"No one knew, the clouds around the mountain hid them from view." Buffy shrugged her shoulders.

"Haqu cdub: Gagazet!" (Next stop: Gagazet!) Dawn said and accelerated the airship to full speed.

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