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Final Fantaxy X-3

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.

The reunion between the twins fell short of being happy when they'd seen Willow and Buffy fall through the portal. Willow's twin had grabbed her lover, and held tight, she couldn't help but think, and know, it was her fault that their twins were now gone. Buffy's twin was also holding her lover, and thinking the same as Willow's twin. If they hadn't of fell into the darkness, their twins would be safe, and with their lovers.

But the one thing they didn't know was the fact that it was suppose to happen, they were suppose to fall into darkness, and Willow and Buffy were suppose to save them and their lovers -only to fall into a portal of darkness where they both would undergo another test. A test that could be the end of all the worlds, or perhaps save them.

"No, it can't be!" Tara shouted, hitting the floor with her fist, and could feel Faith's strong arms wrap around her.

"Tara, don't, Willow wouldn't want you hurting yourself, don't worry, we'll get them back."

"I'm sorry," Willow's twin whispered quitely, "It's my fault." she buried her face into Tara's twin's neck.

Buffy's twin nodded as a teardrop fell to the floor, "If we hadn't of turned to the darkness..."

"Don't." Faith said standing, and bringing Tara with her, "Now is not the time to place blame, and for some reason, I don't think it was your fault."

"I feel the same, somehow I know they needed to do what they did."

"What's that?" Goofy stepped in front of the girls with Donald by his side, when they both saw a shimmer, and a form appearing.

The hooded man that had given the twin's their power appeared, pulled the hood back, and gave the group an evil smile, "So, you have awakened at last, I see." D'Hoffryn spoke taking a step forward, "The Keyhold is now complete, you have served your purpose. But now it's over."

"Don't move another step!" Donald shouted raising his glowing staff.

"Do you think we can stop this guy all by ourselves?" Goofy asked readying his shield for a fight.

"I don't know." Donald shrugged, and watched as D'Hoffryn froze in place.


"No! You will not harm anyone here!" Willow's twin shouted, using a magic based in light to stop the man from moving, and felt Buffy's twin's own light based magic join hers.

"We will not allow it!" Buffy's twin shouted, sending a powerful spell D'Hoffryn's way, and backed up when it exploded, causing the man to be thrown back, "We gotta leave!"

"The Heartless are coming!" Willow's twin shouted grabbing her lover, and started toward the stairs with the others behind her. None of them looked back, if they had, they would have seen the small area become crowded with Heartless Shadows in a matter of seconds.

There was no light, only the pitch-black all around, and Willow had to wonder just how could she see Buffy when there was nothing else but black surrounding them. The redhead felt as if something was holding her arms to her sides, seeing as she couldn't move them, and it also seemed as if she couldn't get her voice to work. She figured if Buffy were awake she was in the same condition as Willow, herself, and that frightened her. If neither she, nor Buffy could move, then they were open for any kind of an attack, and would most likely be killed.

"Ah, there you are." A deep voice sliced through the darkness, startling Willow, and Buffy who had been thinking that maybe the choice they'd made was the wrong one, "Do not be afraid, I will not bring harm to either of you."

"Who are you?" Willow tried to speak, but couldn't open her mouth to form the words, and felt like screaming, but she couldn't even do that.

"Who I am need no concern you," The voice said causing Willow's eyes to widen slightly, whoever it was had read her mind, and she didn't like it.

"No, child, I did not read your thoughts, you projected them, and I heard. There is no need for speach in this realm, just think of what you want to say, and I will hear."

"Why won't you tell us your name?"

"Will? I can hear you! Cool!" Buffy giggled inside Willow's head, "But, yeah, what Will said.''

"My name is of no concern, I am only here to offer you great power. A power that will allow you to do as you wish."

"We don't want it!" Willow growled, and heard a deep chuckle, "What? What's so damn funny?"

"You, child, do you really think you can just shrug my offer away as if I never made it?" The voice, Willow could tell, was amused.

"We can, and we will." Buffy thought, and tried to move her arms, but found they were still held to her sides, "Look, whoever you are, let us go, and we won't hurt you."

"You do not understand, if you refuse this great power, your lovers will die."

"Bastard! You'd better not touch them!" Willow, once more tried to struggle free of the invisibe bonds holding her down.

"I swear, I'll kill you if you harm either of them!" Buffy growled, struggling just as much as Willow was.

"Not by my hand, children, by the Heartless." The voice spoke calmly as an image of the group appeared, "As you can see, your lovers, your lovers twins, your own twins, and the king's servants are in a heated battle as we speak."

Willow could feel a dark force pushing her body to a standing postion, and could see the same happening to Buffy from the corner of her eye. The redhead let her eyes settle on the image of the battle, and wanted to scream.

The group was fighting just outside the chapel on the balcony; Tara had blood running down the side of her face, and a wound on the left side of her chest. The white mage was getting paler by the second as she lost more blood, and continued to cast Holy, and healing spells. Even Tara's twin looked just as bad, holding her right side, and helping in the battle with her own magic. Willow cut her eyes to her twin, and could see the long, deep wound in her twin's back starting from her left shoulder, and ending just above her pants on her left side.

Buffy's worried eyes landed on Faith, and just by watching the girl fight; Buffy knew she was weakening from the wounds on her back, and chest. The Al Bhed felt a tear roll down her cheek when she saw a shadow leap up, and bring its claws across Faith's cheek, leaving three deep wounds behind. Faith's twin was helping with the healing spells, but couldn't keep up with so many enemies causing wounds every few seconds. Glancing at her twin; Buffy could see she was fighting with all she had, and wasn't going to let up until either she or the Heartless were dead, the blonde looked away from the scene when a magic spell sent her twin flying back into a wall.

Both girls watched as Beast stormed headfirst into another group of Heartless, and began swiping at the small shadows, and now at the soldiers that had just joined the battle. Donald and Goofy were no better off than the others, both had wounds on their faces, chests, and arms, and both were becoming weak from all the fighting.

"Take what I am offering, and you can help them."

"No!" Buffy shouted in her mind, she would not give into the darkness, she couldn't, she didn't want to end up like her twin, and be a slave to it, "You have nothing we want!"

"As you wish, but remember, I tried to help." The voice spoke, and laughed as both Willow, and Buffy broke the hold on their bodies, and screamed.

"No!" The two screams drown out the laughing, as first their twins fell, and then the princesses, followed by Beast, Donald, and Goofy, and finally, both Tara and Faith.

The group did not have the chance to defend against the new Heartless enemy that had appeared. The six foot tall, five foot wide, silver beast with a wolf's head, and a tiger's body, and holding a large golden shield with a black dog's head in the center, had appeared out of nowhere, and threw the shield. The three guys had been knocked off the balcony, where they fell to their deaths. As the large shield turned in mid-air, it hit Willow and Buffy's twins, cutting into their chests, and causing both girls to fall to the stone walkway.

Neither of the four girls left had had time to heal them, as the Heartless monster jumped forward, swinging the shield around, and knocking the four girls into the wall. Tara, Faith, and the princesses hit the wall, cracking it on impact, slid down the wall, and didn't move.

"You could have saved them, it is your fault they are now dead." The voice spoke once more when the screams died down, "But, you could still save them, all you have to do is take the power I am offering you. Come now, children, what do you chose? Do you chose to let them stay dead, or will you chose to save them all?"

Willow stood, tears falling and disappearing into the darkness as she raised her head, with a dead look on her face. Buffy, too, had the same dead look on her face as she also raised her head, both girls stared at the image before them, their broken lovers lying next to their twins, and their lovers. The redhead turned and stared into Buffy's seemingly dead gaze before she looked up, "We chose..." They both spoke in unison, trailing off as they once again stared at the image, "We chose..."

In the machina room with the caged platforms the group stood, or leaned against the wall, catching their breath after running through the last few rooms. The steam rising off the giant metal machina in the center of the room was slowly heating the room, causing the entire group to begin sweating more than they already were. Faith cut her eyes toward her twin, and couldn't figure out just how the princess was wearing a long sleeve dress that nearly touched the floor. She was baking in her leather pants, and shirt, so she just knew the princess, both of them, had to be feeling it more than she was.

"What about the Keyhole?" Goofy suddenly asked lowering his head, and thinking about Willow and Buffy, "What about the girls?"

"Look, Goofy, let's just get outta here first." Donald said causing the six girls to narrow their eyes at him, "Hey! Don't look at me like that! I'm sure Willow and Buffy are just fine, they've been fighting more than any of us." The duck said firmly, but he couldn't help but be worried about them, what if they were trapped with the Heartless? How would they get them back?

"Donnie's right," Buffy's twin said, causing Goofy to chuckle at the name, and Donald to quack, "Our twins can fight, we should know," she motioned towards Willow's twin, who nodded.

"Yeah, I don't think we have to worry about them, I'm sure they can handle anything that's thrown at them." Willow's twin spoke, and narrowed her eyes, "Us, on the other hand, I think we should worry about," she pointed behind the guys at two small shadows that had just appeared, "C'mon, let's go before their friends show up." She grabbed her lover's hand and took off, leading the way through the castle, back to the front hall.

The two small shadows cocked their heads to the right, as their small yellow eyes watched the group run through the door. The right shadow glanced at its partner and nodded, before it took off, running after the group, and hoping to catch them before they could leave. As the two shadows reached the door with the three heart pieces, it closed, causing the shadow on the left to hop up and down, all the while cursing its luck, and making the other shadow giggle and shake its head. The right shadow waited a moment before tapping the other on its shoulder, and pointed up to a small lever beside the door.

The left shadow nodded, and stood straighter, allowing the other to hop on its shoulders, and pull the lever down, opening the door. The shadows bounced up and down, hugging each other, before slapping the others hand in a 'high five', before they hurried through the door, and after the group.

Goofy had heard the door sliding open again, and sped up, "Girls, hurry!" he called over his shoulder.

"We can't leave them behind!" Faith shouted, just as Tara stopped dead still, she wasn't going any further. They had to get Willow and Buffy before they left the castle, and she didn't care what the others said.

"Well, we can't stay here!" Donald shouted, as he turned toward the girls.

"Watch out!" Goofy pointed behind the six young women, where the two small shadows were slowly approaching.

"I'll take care of them!" Donald raised his staff, and cast a Thundaga spell, "Confounded Heartless! Get lost, will ya?" he shouted when the two shadows dodged the spell.

Tara stared at the shadow on the right, and watched as it cocked its head to the right, and saw the one on the left follow, "Wait! Don't hurt them!" Tara stepped between Donald and the two shadows.

"What are you doing?" Donald nearly screamed, "Those are Heartless, and we kill them."

"You will not touch them!" Faith spoke stepping beside Tara, with her back turned toward the duck, "B? That you?" she stared into the yellow eyes of the shadow on the left, and watched it nod.

"Will? Sweetie? Come here." Tara kneeled down, and smiled as the shadow on the right slowly stepped toward her, and into her arms.

"What the hell?" Buffy's twin's jaw hit the floor, "But, how?"

"What happened to them?" Willow's twin asked stepping forward.

Donald's eyes were the size of plates, how had Willow and Buffy been turned into Heartless shadows? And for what reason? "Look, I'd like to know, too, but now it not the time!" the duck said as more shadows began to appear around the group.

"This time," Tara spoke, holding the shadow-Willow in her arms.

"We'll protect you." Faith finished pulling the shadow-Buffy into an embrace, as the others took their battle positions.

As the two girls held their lovers tightly a bright light surrounded them, and an energy wave shot out from their bodies, eliminating the Heartless. When the light disappeared the twins smiled, Tara was holding Willow in her arms, as Faith held Buffy, "Thank you, love." Willow whispered before her eyes closed.

"Yes, thank you, lover." Buffy also whispered before she, too, closed her eyes.

"Buffy! Willow!" Goofy and Donald shouted worriedly, and closed the gap between them and the girls.

"Don't worry, they're just sleeping." Tara's twin smiled, then looked back as more shadows appeared.

A loud roar filled the room, and Beast appeared jumping in the middle of the Heartless, and slicing them with his claws, knocking a few back, and killing others, "Go! Now!" he shouted, swinging his clawed hand again, and catching two more shadows.

"Come with us!" Faith said tightening her grip on Buffy.

Beast shook his head, and relaxed seeing that there were no more Heartless in the room, "As I told you before, I'm not leaving without Belle." he said and turned away from the group, "Now, go! More Heartless are coming!"

"All right," Willow's twin sighed, taking her lovers hand, and sprinting toward the door, "Come on, we can come back after we've healed!"

"I agree, let's go!" Donald said pushing Faith, and Tara in front of him. The duck was not going to let anything happen to these girls again, even though he wasn't going to show it, he'd come to love the girls like family -featherless, and human-but family nonetheless. And he could see the same kind of love in Goofy's eyes, and he knew when all this was over they would miss them.

Making sure the girls were out of the room, he turned and nodded to Beast, tossed him a couple vials of Potions, and followed Goofy out the door. The girls were waiting inside the large caged platform, and sighed when the two guys hurried over, they were finally going to get some rest -rest they all knew they needed. The platform slowly moved toward the bottom, and stopped, Donald nodded to the girls, and took point, as Goofy followed last, and waited as the girls teleported up to the ship. With one last look around, Donald and Goofy followed, knowing the only place they could go was Traverse Town, and talk with Clay.

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