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Final Fantaxy X-3

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.

Willow glanced at Buffy and nodded before both girls pushed on the double doors, letting Beast enter first as was his wish, before they, too, followed. Tara and Faith kept their guard up as they entered, and looked around the large circular room. Faith let out a whistle as she took in the Entrance Hall.

The room itself was at least forty foot round, with a large ten foot tall fountain built into the far wall that stood out making a five foot half circle. The water was shooting three foot into the air, and made a flower shape at the top, and fell back to the fountain pool at the bottom.

The only other thing on the first floor was a set of spiraling stairs leading to a second floor balcony, and from there was another set leading to the third floor. Tara could see a doorway, and another door on the second floor one on either side of the balcony, and one door on the third floor. A pair of four foot tall dragon statues set on either side of the doorway as if they were guarding it.

The group felt a wave of darkness wash over their bodies, and shivered, not again, Willow thought with a mental groan. The gray mage chanced a glance over her shoulder to see if her lover was doing alright, and felt a wave of relief when Tara didn't show any signs of being sick.

"Be on your guard," Beast looked down at Willow, "They're close, I can feel it."

Willow nodded, "I can feel it too." she said and saw Buffy nod, she also knew that Tara and Faith could also feel it, but it didn't seem to be effecting them, and chanced another glance. Nope, Tara still looked fine, as did Faith. Ever since they'd stepped inside the castle the darkness felt stronger than before. Willow was just glad it wasn't calling to her black magic.

"Belle?" Beast suddenly stood straighter, and turned. A section of the wall slid up revealing Belle; Beast took a step forward, and growled when Belle turned into a Shadow Heartless. Beast roared furiously and lunged forward, getting trapped inside when the wall slid down.

"Dammit!" Faith shot forward with the others right behind her, and tried to get the wall to raise, or at least break it down. Willow cast a Flare spell, as Buffy threw a Pineapple mix. The spell and mix exploded as each came into contact with the door; the girls shook their heads when the dust cleared. There wasn't a scratch on the door.

They could hear Beast growling and the sounds of a heated battle going on behind the wall-door, and were powerless to help. "Quit while you can."

The four girls turned readying their weapons as the dark twins appeared with Donald and Goofy by their sides. Buffy sneered at her twin as she gripped her daggers, "No, I don't think so."

"She's right, we're not going anywhere until we defeat Maleficent." Willow said unsheathing her sword.

The dark twins smirked as a black mist surrounded them, and they began to grow more powerful. The blue body suits changed to purple in the front and back, and black on the sides. There was also a heart shape in the center with three red jagged lines breaking the heart into three seprate pieces.

"The darkness will destroy you." Willow's twin said when the black mist disappeared into her body.

Willow cut her eyes toward Tara, and stepped in front of her just when Buffy stepped in front of Faith, "You're wrong. The darkness may destroy my body, but there's no way in hellfire it'll touch my heart."

The Al Bhed firmly nodded, "Will is right. Even if it does destroy us, our hearts will stay with our lovers and friends."

"Our hearts will never die." Willow stepped forward bringing her sword up, ready to strike if either of the twins even thought about moving toward them, or Tara and Faith.

"Really?" Buffy's twin smirked raising her hand that was now glowing blackish red.

Willow's twin rose her hand as it began glowing purplish red, "We'll just have to see about that!"

A ball of energy shot forward from each twins' hands, and was reflected off Willow's sword, and Buffy's daggers. Neither of the girls saw the energy rebound back until it was too late.

"Don't think about it." Buffy's twin said when she saw Tara and Faith step forward, "You can't help them now." she smirked as another ball of energy hit just a few inches in front of their feet, causing a small forcefield to rise, stopping the girls from advancing any further.

"Bitch!" Faith growled hitting the shimmering energy with her blade.

The twins smirked and shrugged, as they raised their hands and shot another ball of energy at the two immobilized girls. Both dark twins gaped when their energy disappeared right before hitting either girl, and Goofy stepped in front of them with his shield held up.

"They ain't gonna go anywhere!" Goofy lowered his shield, but stayed on guard. He may have had orders to follow the masters of the Keyblades, but there was no way he was gonna allow this. The Keyblade masters shouldn't be evil, they should be like the girls he was currently standing in front of, not like their twins.

Goofy had to wonder just how the twins had called the Keyblades to them, they were covered in darkness -even he could feel it- so why had the blades answered the call? He may not be too smart, at least not like the king, and the others, or even Willow and the girls, but he knew the blades shouldn't have reacted to the twins. Another thing he had to wonder about was if the twins in the other worlds would have called to the blades, would they have answered?

"You'd betray your king?" Willow's twin asked lowering her hand.

Goofy shook his head, "Not on your life!" he said and looked over his shoulder at the girls, and saw the energy surrounding them disappear, and the force field lower, "But I won't betray the girls either, cause they've become my best buddies after all we've been through together!"

Goofy turned and grinned when he saw Tara and Faith checking their lover's over for wounds, "Donald. Could ya tell the king I'm really sorry?" he asked and stepped toward the girls.

"Hold on, Goofy!" Donald shouted catching up with his friend, "We'll tell him together." he smiled as he and Goofy stood in front of the girls, "Well, you know... All for one and one for all."

Goofy grinned once more, "Guess you're stuck with us."

"Thanks guys." Willow and Buffy smiled.

Tara glanced between her wife, and cousin, shouldn't they be angry that the two had left? Hell, she was a little angry at them, but she knew they had to follow the Keyblade matter who they were. But that still didn't explain why they weren't at least a little mad, even if they'd said to let them go. Tara sighed, she really didn't understand a lot of things, and this was giving her a headache. Or was it the darkness? Either way, she decided to let it go...for now.

Faith on the other hand was still pissed that Donald and Goofy had left them, and ran off with the twins. She couldn't believe that her lover, or even Willow wasn't ready to blow their tops. Yes, it was true they had said to let them go, but why? And why didn't they care? Faith clenched her fist, she was going to find out if it killed her, and if it did, well, she'd just have to come back and haunt Buffy.

"And just how will you fight without the Keyblade?" Willow's twin asked cocking her head to the right, and causing Tara to do a doubletake. The twin, at that moment, had looked so much like her own lover, and it caused the ex-summoner to sigh. Why had the Heartless screwed these two young women over?

Willow looked up, and stared straight into her twin's eyes, "I don't need the Keyblade." she said causing Buffy to nod.

"Got that right, we've got better weapons. Our hearts."

"Your hearts?" Willow's twin rolled her eyes. Like that can help.

"What good will that weak little thing do for you?" Buffy's twin sneered and snorted, "You really think that'll work?"

"Although our hearts may be weak, they are not alone." Buffy said, and smiled at Donald and Goofy, "Our hearts have grown with each new experience, and they've found a home with all the friends that we've made."

"Yeah, we've become a part of their hearts just as they've become a part of ours. And if they think of us now and then, if they don't forget about us, then our hearts will be one." Willow readied her sword, "I don't need a weapon."

Glancing at Buffy, the redhead saw that she, too, had readied her daggers; the Al Bhed gave her smile before looking at her twin, "Our friends are our power!" they both said at the same time, and gaped in surprise as the Keyblades disappeared from their twins' hands, and reappeared in theirs.

The twins stared in confusion as their body suits turned back into the blue, and felt the darkness' power in their bodies leaving them. "Dammit!" Buffy's twin shouted before she and Willow's twin turned and ran when the wall slid up allowing the Beast to re-enter the room.

"So, it was your hearts that won this battle." Beast said impressed that these young women had a strong enough heart to repel the darkness. But the one time prince was happy that the girls hadn't lost their hearts, and fell into darkness. No, he thought as proud as he could be of the girls he'd just met, these girls...young women, are special. But there is something there, something that they're hiding from the others, but what could it be?

Grabbing Donald and Goofy, Beast walked toward the stairs as he pulled the guys behind him. Willow and Buffy watched him go, and grinned before they both frowned when they felt their lover's eyes on them.

The gray mage felt like sinking through the floor -or at least disappearing- as Tara's gaze burned into the back of her head. Chancing a glance at Buffy, she saw the blonde trying to ignore Faith's burning gaze, and raised her head toward the ceiling.

Faith cleared her throat, causing Buffy's eyes to widen, she knew she was in for it, why hadn't they just told them what was going on? Now it was too late, and Buffy knew Faith was most likely pissed off! And if she knew Tara -which she did- Willow was in for it too. And they were in deep.

"Buffy." Faith said and Buffy's eye's went even wider.

"Willow." Tara spoke causing Willow to freeze, she was in trouble.

Buffy grabbed Willow's hand, and tried to ignore their lover's, "Say, Will, how 'bout catching up with the guys?" Her voice was high-pitched, and fast.

Willow nodded quickly, "Yeah, maybe they've found something that needs our attention." she squeeked, and ran off with Buffy right beside her.

"What's their problem?" Faith asked watching the two girls run up the stairs, all she really wanted to know was if Buffy felt alright.

Tara shrugged, "I don't know." she blinked, "I was just going to ask if Will was okay after having that energy wrapped around her body."

"That's all I was going to ask B, but they bolted like they were in...trouble." Faith smirked, and saw the same smirk on Tara's face, "They thought that they were in trouble." she chuckled.

"Well, I hope they know we won't let it go, and by them running away from us, it just gets them deeper into trouble." Tara giggled, as she and Faith followed their lover's lead, and ran up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs Tara saw everyone standing just inside the doorway, and approached, "What's wrong?" she asked and stared at a tall gray door with the same black heart that was on the twins' body suit.

"What's this?" Faith raised her eyebrows, "Don't tell me we have to find the heart to open the door."

Donald nodded, "Looks like it...but if I'm right, there's three pieces we have to find."

"One for each line breaking the heart." Goofy studied it a second longer before turning, "Guess we'd better get moving." he said and could only hope they found the pieces before something bad happened.

The dark twins were running down a long hallway leading to the center of the castle, and couldn't believe what'd just happened, "Why? Why the hell did the Keyblades go back to them?" Willow's twin growled.

"Dunno, but it sucks!" Buffy's twin said and stopped dead in her tracks beside Willow's twin, "What the hell is that?" she asked, and could see Willow's twin shrug as she stared at a shimmering black portal.

"Know this." A hodded man said as he appeared out of the portal, "The heart that is strong and true shall win the Keyblade."

"What?" Buffy's twin shouted, and gave the man a glare.

"You're saying our heart's are weaker then theirs?" Willow's twin crossed her arms as she shook her head, "I don't believe it."

The hooded man nodded, "Yes, just for that instant, you're hearts were weaker. However, you can become stronger."

"How? Tell us!" Buffy's twin stood straighter, and saw Willow's twin uncross her arms giving the man her full attention.

"You showed no fear in stepping through the door to darkness, it held no terror for either of you. Plunge deeper into the darkness, and your hearts will grow even stronger."

The dark twins glanced at one another before turning back to the man, "What do we do?" Willow's twin asked, she was ready for anything, especially if it meant getting her lover back.

"It's really quite simple." The man said taking a step forward, "Open yourselves to the darkness. That is all. Just let you hearts, your being, become darkness itself."

The twins stepped back and stared at the man, trying to catch a glimpse of his face, but could see nothing past the hood. Become darkness? Was that really possible? And if becoming darkness wouldn't they lose everything? But then again, what did they have to lose? Right now their lovers were lying unconscious in the chapel, all because of the damned Heartless. But what if it worked, and they did grow more powerful, they could save their lovers then.

Willow's twin glanced at the girl beside her, and nodded, "Alright, what do we gotta do?"

Even though they couldn't see it, the hooded man smiled an evil smile, "Just take these." He said handing each girl a necklace made of a shiny black stone, "and wear it." the twins watched the man disappear.

Willow's twin ran her finger over the smooth stone and sighed, "Well, here goes nothing." she said and clasped the chain around her neck, at the same time as Buffy's twin did.

Both twins stumbled to the side, and hit the wall before they fell to the floor grabbing their heads in pain. Willow's twin let out a painful groan as a painfilled scream tore through Buffy's twin's throat, before both girls fell face down, unconscious.

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