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Final Fantaxy X-3

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.

The two Blitzball teams were pushing, pulling, pounding, and scoring -at least that's what Willow thought when she regained consciousness, her head was pounding, and to her it was two rival teams fighting each other. Keeping her eyes closed for the moment she stretched her sences out trying to figure out where she was. She could hear the deep stedy breathing of three others, and knew it was Tara, Buffy, and Faith; the breathing didn't have to tell her that, she could feel them, especially Tara.

Willow could also feel the roughness of wood under her hand, and could smell the salty sea breeze as it gently touched her face. Wherever they were, the floor was gently rocking from side to side, and she knew it was no common spaceship. Willow heard the muted sound of footsteps, and barely cracked her eyes open, and quickly shut them when she saw a pair of black boots.

"Wake up!" A familar voice spoke as the person kicked the bottom of her foot. "Now!"

Growling not only from being kicked, but also from who was waking her. "You're a bitch you know that, right?" Willow glared up at the other person, and grinned when she saw the other's shocked look.

"Well, if I'm a bitch, then so are you. We are after all the same person." Willow's twin growled, picking Willow up by her shirt.

"No, she isn't, but you really are." Buffy said, and stood on shakey legs, "If you were anymore of a bitch, then you'd be the queen."

The dark twin sneered thrusting her hand forward, and sending Buffy back against the wall with her energy, and poured more force into it hoping to crush the smart assed girl. A quick hit to the side of her head from Willow, caused the dark twin to drop both Willow, and her attack on Buffy. "You'll pay for that!" the twin said unsheathing a long sharp looking sword.

"No!" The shout came from Buffy's twin who blocked the blow to Willow's neck with her own sword, "We don't wanna kill them...not yet, anyway."

'There'll be no shenanigans aboard my vessel, girls." Captain Hook held up his left arm, and glared at the girls.

"Fine." Willow's twin huffed sheathing her sword, but not before using the blunt side to crack Willow on the head.

"Where are Donald and Goofy?" Faith asked standing, and helped Tara to stand and make her way over to her fallen lover.

"Are they that important to you?" Buffy's twin asked stairing at her lover's twin, "You should be helping us get our Tara and Faith's hearts back!"

"You're fools!" Tara shouted helping Willow up, "You should know how to get their hearts back! They are your lovers! Don't you love them?"

As quick as lightning a sword tip was pressed against Tara's throat, "Why the hell do you ask that? Of course we do!" Willow's twin glared, "Look, don't ask that again, I won't hurt you, but they will." she said as Heartless shadows, and soldiers appeared.

"Would you really let the Heartless hurt your lover's twin?" Willow asked her twin, receiving no reply.

"Just why in the fuck are you siding with them?" Faith asked shaking her head.

"The Heartless obey us, we have nothing to fear." Buffy's dark twin smirked.

"You're stupid!" Buffy shouted jumping at her twin, and landing a blow on her cheek before she was knocked back. The Al Bhed girl slowly rose with Faith's help and stared at her twin, "Sooner or later they'll swallow your heart."

"Not a chance."

"Our heart's are too strong." Willow's twin spoke sheathing her sword, "And besides, we know who our heart's belong to."

"Then if you know that, then why can you see you're the only one's that can help your lovers?" Tara's soft voice asked, with a hint of sadness.

"Because we don't know how!" Buffy's twin shouted tears shining in her eyes, "Why do you think we need you to tell us?"

"You're them, they're you, so, you should know."

"No, you are wrong." Faith shook her head, "We can't tell you that, only you know how to do that."

"All you have to do is look inside your heart's and find the answer."

Both twins looked from Faith, to Tara, and then to one another, "We don't believe that! You know!" Buffy's twin growled.

"Girls, if they do not want to tell, send them to their friends." Hook laughed, "I'm sure a few weeks in the Hold will make them rethink things."

"You're right." Buffy's twin nodded and turned to leave, "See ya in a few weeks then."

"Wanna see a trick?" Willow's twin asked raising her right hand, making a shadow appear in front of the group, as an invisible hatch opened under their feet, "See ya." she smirked watching the four girls fall into the hold.

"Hook," Buffy's twin turned toward the Captain, "Let's get under way, already." she said and walked out the door.

"Oh, and don't forget," Willow's twin glanced up at him as she walked by, "Keep them away from our lovers until we're ready to land."

Captain Hook's face turned three shades of red from anger as he watched the girl walk through the door, "Those scurvy brats think they can order me around!" He said shaking his hooked hand.

"What shall we do, Captain?" A shorter man asked looking up at his Captain.

"Nothing, Mr. Smee! The hold is crawling with the Heartless. Let them keep an eye on the other brats."

"But, Captain, you-know-who is also down-"

"Shh!" Hook cut the man off looking around, "Did you hear that, Smee? Oh, that dreadful sound!"

Mr. Smee shook his head, "No, Captain."

Captain Hook grabbed Smee's shoulder and hide behind the shorter man, "Are you quite sure? Did I imagine it? Oh, my poor, poor, nerves..." Hook spoke calming down a small amount. "I hate that 'tick-tock' sound!"

In the hold....

The four girls landed on the floor with a 'thud' and groaned, knowing that fall was going to leave a bruise. Willow rose, and helped Tara to stand as she glanced around the surroundings and gasped when she saw Donald and Goofy lying on the floor. Donald's feathers were red from blood, and Goofy had a long gaping wound from his forhead to his chin.

Willow crouched down next to Goofy and felt his pulse, sighing in relief she looked over to Tara who nodded. At least they were still alive; Willow stepped back and watched Tara cast a healing spell over their unconscious friends.

Faith and Buffy had stood to the side, and watched the healing spell to its job before they begain searching the back wall, hoping to find a way out. Tara looked up and nodded at Willow, silently telling her lover she'd be fine, and saw Willow begin to check the right wall.

When I get my hands on that twin of mine, I'm going to show her how it feels to be beat up on. Willow thought, growing angrier by the second as she glanced over her shoulder at Donald and Goofy. Unknown to her that was exactly what Buffy was thinking at that very moment.

Screw it! I don't care what Faith says, I'm gonna put that twin of mine in a world of hurt when I get my hands on her! Faith heard the deep growl and saw Buffy punch the wall from her thoughts, and sighed. She figured she knew what her lover was thinking about, and if truth were to be told, she was pretty much thinking the same thing.

How could Buffy and Will's twins be that bad? Sure, she knew if something like that were to happen to either of them, she and Tara would go on the warpath, and hurt what, or whoever had hurt their lover's. But that still didn't give them the right to try and kill everone in their path. But that didn't seem to matter to the twins, they'd captured them, and either beat, or had Donald and Goofy beaten within an inch of their lives.

Tara didn't know what to do now, her lover's twin was crazy, that's what it had to be. She had seen what'd had happened, and knew it must have drove both Willow and Buffy's twins insane, and to make matters worse, they had sided with the Heartless. Why couldn't they see they're the only ones who can get their lovers back? It wasn't that hard to figure out, but maybe it was the darkness controlling them, could that be it? Tara gently pushed Goofy back down and shook her head, "Rest." she said quietly.

Now back to the thought at hand. Could it really be the darkness controlling the twins? And if it was, how could they get it out of them? Okay, think, Tara, think. The twins are using dark powers, darker than Willow uses when she's casting black magic.

How do we get that kind of power out of their systems, and back to the way they were? That was something Tara didn't know. Getting dark power from a person's body had never been needed, dark magic wasn't dangerous; it was only used in defence of oneself, so there was no need.

If only Anya were here, she'd most likely know what to do. She only studied that since she was a black mage. But face the facts, Anya isn't here, and we'll have to figure out a way ourselves. Tara sighed once more with her thoughts running through her head at the speed of light, and began growing more frustrated when everything she thought of, she knew wouldn't work.

"Dammit!" Willow's shout startled everyone from their thoughts, causing them to jump and turn toward the redhead. "There's no way out over here!" Willow kicked the wall, and cracked the wood when she punched it with her fist. "Damn! That hurt!" she shook her quickly bruising hand, and let out a growl that would have scared Omega himself away.

"Baby," Tara said softly as she approached, and took Willow's hand in her's as she cast a healing spell, "there, don't need you injured before any fighting." Willow wrapped her arms around Tara's waist, and let out a shakey breath.

"I'm sorry, it's just...frustrating."

"I know, but we'll get out of here. We always get out of things...even though getting out causes more trouble." Tara felt her lover shake before she heard the light giggle, and grinned.

"I love you, Tara." Willow smiled kissing the nape of her neck.

"I love you, too, Will."

Donald groaned thumping his head on the floor, "Oh, please! Enough with the lovey-dovey, you're gonna make my teeth fall out!"

"I didn't know you had teeth." Buffy grinned wanting to get a rise out of the duck, and succeeded when Donald quacked at her.

"Hey, ya looking for a way out?" The group looked around the hold, and became quite confused when they didn't see anyone else. "Up here." everyone jumped back as a young man in green clothing slowly floated down from the rafters.

"Who're you?" Faith asked gripping her blade, as she studied the new guy and waited for one wrong move.

"I'm the answer to your prayers."

Donald crossed his arms, and began tapping his foot, as Faith and Willow snorted, "Yeah, tell us another one." Buffy sneered thinking no one like him was the answer to any of her prayers, now Faith on the other hand, well that was a different story.

"Fine, fine, have it your way."

"But you're stuck in here, too, aren't you?" Tara asked not ready to trust anyone who dressed the way he was just yet.

"No, I'm just waiting for someone."

"Who?" Willow asked, slowly raising her hand to the hilt of her blade, and stepped back as a yellow glowing thing flew around her head, and landed in the boy's hands.

"Tinker Bell, what took so long?" The boy asked and listened to the little fairy, "Great job! So you found Wendy?" again the boy waited, "Wait, there was two more girls there, too?" Tinker Bell nodded, "Are you crazy? There is no way I'm gonna leave Wendy there!"

"Aha. She must be pretty jealous." Donald laughed, and didn't notice Tinker Bell flying his way. The laugh stopped when the fairy kicked him in the mouth. "Why I oughta!" Donald quacked watching her fly away.

"Come on, Tink! Open up the door!"

"Well? Just who the hell are you?" Buffy asked.

"I'm Peter Pan." the boy said sticking his hand out. Willow grabbed his hand introducing everyone and nodded. "Okay, we're in this together, but only 'till we find Wendy."

"Fine with me. Lead the way." Willow said unsheathing her blade knowing there would be Heartless to deal with before they could get the hell out of Dodge.

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