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Drops of Paradise

Author: WTF
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Joss owns the characters... yada yada...

The four girls walked into the cottage, all of them tired from their sledding adventure. Of course it was mostly Tara and Faith who were tired. After the blonde pushed her friend in the deep snow, Faith had jumped up and started chasing her. After their little game of tag, they continued on with the sledding. They all took turns riding together. Once done they headed back to the cottage.

After changing their clothes they decided it was time to eat so they got in the car and drove to a nearby bar and grill.

Once seated by a waitress, Faith immediately picked up the beer and liquor menu.

"Hey Tare...looky." Faith held the menu up and wagged her eyebrows at the blonde who sat across from her in the booth.

Tara smiled at her friend before turning her attention to Willow who sat beside her. "You want a drink?" She asked, putting her hand on the redhead's thigh. She could see her lover's hesitation. "We're on vacation...which means we get to have all the fun we want....which means if you want to drink then go for it. If you don't want to, that's okay too." She smiled.

After a moment of thought the redhead answered. "Yeah, I think I will have a drink or two." She smiled as she picked up the drink menu and started looking through it. She then looked at Buffy who sat across from her. "No morning pictures." She said, pointing her finger at her friend.

Buffy laughed. "I make no promises."

Willow glared at her over the menu.

"Can I get you ladies something to eat?" This time it was a waiter who stood near the table.

"Just a salad for me." Tara answered receiving an odd look from Faith. "What?"

"A salad?" Faith said quirking her eyebrows.

"Well yeah, eat heavy and the drinks will take longer to have an effect." Tara answered.

"Ah...ok. But I want a steak." She said as she looked from Tara to the waiter making sure he got what she wanted. She glanced back at the blonde. "I'll just have to drink extra." She grinned.

"And for you miss?" He asked Willow, giving her a flirtatious grin. "Would you like a steak?" He said with a wink.

Tara's eyes narrowed a little, she put her arm around the redhead. "She doesn't eat meat." She smiled before giving her girlfriend a kiss.

"Salad for me too." Willow told the waiter, adverting her eyes.

"I'd like one as well," Buffy added.

"Coming right up." The now blushing waiter replied. He then walked away, leaving the four girls alone.

"You told him Tare," Faith chuckled. "Did you see his face?"

The group ate their meals and ordered drinks. Tara and Faith both decided on Beer. Buffy now having her third Margarita, and Willow a Martini.

As yet another waitress left the table with another round of drink orders, Tara looked at her girlfriend. She was getting a bit worried seeing as how the redhead's eyes were glossy and red.

"You sure you want another baby?" Tara asked the redhead.

"Yes, why wouldn't I? They're good and the olives are yummy." Willow answered, slurring slightly.

"I just want you to be careful, getting too drunk can be bad." Tara said, she didn't want Willow doing anything she'd regret.

"Oh please.." Willow waved her hand at the blonde. "'ve been drinking a lot too you know." She finished, speaking as if Tara was accusing her of something.

"Okay okay...sorry." Tara giggled as she held her hands up surrendering.

The waitress returned, placing drinks and shots on the table.

"Oh goody!" Buffy clapped as Faith put a shot glass in front of her. She tipped the glass up, drinking it's contents, grimacing as the liquid burned her throat. She waved her hand in front of her open mouth before grabbing Faith's beer and guzzling it.

Tara laughed at her friend. "That's the third one and you still can't take it?"

"I can take it, just like a variety." Buffy replied as she held up the beer.

The group looked to the small stage in the corner as a man started talking.

"Hello everyone, we hope you are enjoying yourselves," He gave a pleasant smile before continuing. "It's time for the Karaoke to start. So anyone that feels like singing may do so, and please respect everyone that comes up here." He gave another smile before stepping down from the stage.

Tara looked on as a man took the stage. She made a face as the cracking voice blared from the speakers. "Well isn't this fun?"

"Total buzz kill." Faith replied before drinking her shot.

"I think it's fun." Willow said giddily as she put an olive into her mouth. "We should sing!" She looked at Buffy as if she just won a big sum of money.

"Have you heard Buffy's voice?" Faith said in horror as she leaned into the table.

"Hey! I'm right here!" The blonde said as she swatted Faith's arm. She looked at her friend.

"Yeah, I think we should give it a go....oh...he's done, come on!" She pushed her girlfriend out of the booth so she could get out and stuck her tongue out before heading off towards the stage, which she arrived to only after bumping into a table or two.

"Oh great." Faith looked at her friend with an "Help me" expression.

"Oh no I won' think I want to miss this?" She smirked as Faith dropped her head on the table. Her eyes took in the two girls on stage who seemed to be having a hard time choosing a song. She smiled as the girls approached the microphones. She'd never heard the redhead really sing, sure, Willow would sing along with a song but she always kept her voice low so the blonde couldn't hear it well.

Willow and Buffy looked over the crowd as they waited for the song they chose. Both girls were wearing silly grins, and neither seemed the least bit embarrassed.

Willow took her microphone off the stand only to have it drop and cause a big thump and screech to come from the speakers. She snickered as she clumsily picked it up. She tapped the microphone with a finger before speaking. "This song is for our girlfriends!" She said rather loudly, carrying a huge grin. She pointed to the table where Tara and Faith sat. She saw Tara looking at her with a hesitant smile and waved. She nodded at her friend who stood beside her before they began to sing together.

I thought love was only true in Fairy Tales

Upon hearing the singing start, Faith's head jolted from the table. Her mouth hung open as she heard the very off tune voices. She looked at Tara who was doing her best to keep a supportive smile on her face.

Meant for someone else but not for me

Buffy started to walk down the steps and towards her girlfriend.

Willow, still singing, followed her friend.

Love was out to get me
That's the way it seemed
Disappointment haunted all my dreams

Tara and Faith both felt uneasy as their girlfriends got closer to them. Tara glanced around as some people laughed, and some who were obviously drunk, whistled.

Faith was looking around frantically, hoping there was somewhere she could hide. She grimaced as her girlfriend put her arm out as if on stage at a musical, and pointed at her. It normally wouldn't have bothered Faith to have so much attention on her and her girlfriend, but this was different, Buffy's voice was horrific, of course, she'd never tell her lover that.

Then I saw her face
Now I'm a believer

Tara chuckled as a horrified Faith got up and sprinted to the bathroom, trying to get away from Buffy.

As Buffy saw her girlfriend move to the bathroom, she followed right behind her, still singing, still beaming, not realizing that Faith wanted to be nowhere near her at the moment.

Willow was still standing in front of Tara. She started doing a wobbly type dance, which caused her to almost fall over.

Tara reached out and grabbed Willow as she started to fall. She let go when her girlfriend was steady, smiling and rolling her eyes as Willow continued the comedic dance.

Not a trace of doubt in my mind
I'm in love
I'm a believer
I couldn't leave her if I tried

Faith was getting annoyed as Buffy followed her into the bathroom, still singing, and still pointing at her with certain words in the music. She went into a stall and closed the door, only to have the blonde stand outside the stall. She jumped a little as she looked down and saw Buffy's head poke out from under the door, still singing. She couldn't help but laugh at her girlfriend's cuteness.

Meanwhile, Willow was still dancing, or at least trying to.

Tara was drinking a beer...really fast.

I thought love was more or less a giving thing
Seems the more I gave, the less I got
What's the use in trying
All you get is pain
When I needed sunshine, I got rain

Faith opened the door to the stall and headed out the bathroom with a still singing blonde behind her.

Buffy tripped a couple of times trying to keep up with her lover, but she managed to stay on her tail. As her girlfriend sat at the booth, she stood beside Willow and started dancing beside her friend.

The girls finished the song and received a big applause from the males in the room. They turned and bowed before taking a seat.

Willow looked at her girlfriend. "Wasn't I good?" She grinned from ear to ear.

Tara was in the process of drinking, Willow's question caused her to choke on her drink.

"Uh was very...unique." The blonde said, trying to sound convincing. She let out a breath when the redhead's grin grew bigger.

They stayed at the bar and grill a little while longer before going back to the cottage. Tara and Faith were relieved that their girlfriends didn't sing again. The car came to a stop outside of the cottage.

"Race ya!" Buffy said, looking back at Willow. She laughed as the redhead jumped out of the car and took off. She too leaped from the car and started running.

"This has been one crazy night." Faith said, still sitting in the car.

" least we're not at the bar anymore. I don't think I could have taken much more. You left Buffy...that was so wrong!" Tara playfully criticized her friend.

"Did you see her?!" The brunette laughed before hoping out of the car. She shook her head as her friend fell in beside her. "How do you tell your girlfriend that her singing is worse than watching Barney?"

"You don't....and Barney? You've watched that?" Tara asked with a sideways look at Faith.

"I was switching channels and decided to check it out for a few minutes. Needless to say I turned it." Faith defended herself.

"Uh huh...and you think Buffy has the problem?" Tara snickered.

"Oh shut up! And anyway...did you hear Willow?"

Tara gave Faith a push before going up the steps, and into the house to find her girlfriend. As she neared the room, Willow jumped out.

"Hey!" Willow said, loudly.

"Ummm...hi." Tara smiled at the redhead before looking taking in the sight of her girlfriend's robe.

Willow silently took Tara's hand and led her to the back porch. She stopped right in front of the hot tub and gave the blonde a sexy look. She leaned into Tara, her hot breath caressing the blonde's ear. "Wanna get in?"

Tara shivered as both the sexy voice and hot breath found her ear.

"I want to make love to you all night long, I thought we'd start here." Willow continued before her tongue grazed across the blondes ear.

"I'll just go change." Tara's voice was barely above a whisper. She turned to go change and also check and make sure Faith and Buffy weren't going to spoil it.

Willow gave a satisfied smile, she loved it when she could turn the blonde on. She took a step back, her smile turned to a frown as she tripped over the rim of the sunken hot tub, falling in. She let out a yelp as the splash sounded.

Tara heard something and turned around.

The redhead jumped up almost as soon as she hit the water. She saw Tara turn around. "I'm fine!" She yelled, trying to cover up her mistake. "I didn't want to wait...woooo!" She finished, smiling she made a little splash with her hand. She saw Tara smile and walk away.

Tara returned to the hot tub, also wearing a robe. She gave her lover a half smile as she dropped the robe, revealing naked flesh.

Willow's jaw dropped at the sight of the blonde. She looked around nervously, hoping no one would see her lover naked before returning her attention to the blonde who was now getting in the hot tub.

Tara laughed at the sight of the redhead. "You gonna take that off anytime soon?"

"Huh?" Willow asked confused before looking down to see she still had her robe on. "Oh! Haha...yeah!" She removed the robe, threw it to the side and sat down.

The blonde ducked under the warm water to get her hair wet. She stood straight up and ran her hands over her hair.

Willow stared in awe as her eyes followed the water that ran down Tara's naked body. The redhead licked her lips at the sight of a bead of water rolling over the blonde's hard nipple. She was disappointed when the drop of water disappeared into the hot tub just below Tara's waist. She watched as her lover walked towards her, her eyes were at about the same level as her lover's glistening breasts.

Once Tara was in front of the redhead, she wasted no time. She got on her knees and leaned into her girlfriend, capturing the redhead's bottom lip, she began sucking and nibbling it.

Willow moaned and pulled the blonde's body closer to her own. She opened her legs as her girlfriend's body slid between them. She ran her hands up Tara's back before cupping the back of her head, entangling her fingers in wet blonde hair.

Tara pulled back enough to kiss her lover. She grazed her tongue across the redhead's upper lip before entering just with the tip of her tongue. She started the kiss with slow, sensual motion. As she felt her lover pull her head a little, she deepened the kiss.

Grateful that her lover gave her more, Willow leaned a little, sliding her hands back down Tara's body, she cupped the firm ass of her lover. She squeezed it tight and pulled her lover up until the blonde was straddling her. They continued to kiss, Willow felt a hand slowly undue her blue bikini top. She let out a moan as her breasts came into contact with Tara's flesh.

Lips parted as Tara started to kiss her way to Willow's ear. She took the lobe into her mouth, biting it gently. She let go of her lover's ear and moved down until she was at the redhead's pulse point where she kissed and sucked before heading down further. She gave lightly freckled skin butterfly kisses until she couldn't go any further due to the water. Upon hearing a whimper, she gave her lover an apologetic look. She took her finger and made big circles around her lover's breast. The circles gradually became smaller until it was just the nipple her finger was circling.

"Tara" Willow moaned, telling her lover she wanted more.

Tara smiled as her finger grazed the nipple before taking it between her fingers.

Willow moaned as her nipple was rolled between her lover's fingers. She grabbed Tara's head and pulled her down to her nipples. Her ache grew stronger as the blonde's mouth engulfed her nipple, while the blonde's hand gave attention to the other breast.

"Tara...." Willow breathed as she took the blonde's hand and moved it between her legs. "...there..."

The blonde let go of Willow's breasts to look up at her. "I want to taste you so bad Willow."

" the room?" The redhead asked as she looked down at the water.

Tara shook her head, gave a smile, then disappeared under the water.

Willow inhaled sharply and closed her eyes as she felt the blonde's tongue slide between her folds. On instinct, she grasped Tara's head with one hand, the side of the hot tub with the other, as if to steady herself. She moaned deeply as she felt the tongue on her clit, encircling it. Her eyes flew open as the tongue left, she saw the blonde's head come out of the water then go right back down. She smiled and resumed her position once the tongue was back in place.

Tara knew she had to make this fast if she was going to have a chance at making her lover orgasm. She went straight for the nerve at her clit where she knew the redhead wouldn't be able to hold off.

Willow shrieked as Tara hit the spot. She grasped the blonde's head harder, moving her other hand onto her lover's head as well. She wanted to push Tara away and pull her closer at the same time. It was too much, yet at the same time, felt so good. She closed her eyes and pulled the blonde harder into her center, uncontrollable moans escaping her mouth.

Tara was frustrated, she knew she was close but couldn't hold her breath any longer. She decided to get up and replace her tongue with her fingers, but her girlfriend's hands kept her in place. She giggled internally at how strong her girlfriend could be. She attempted to really get up this time, but found she couldn't.

Willow was getting close, moans were still escaping her as her arms and hands used all their strength to keep Tara firm on her clit. Her eyes were still shut so she wasn't able to see the hand sticking out of the water waving at her. Her moans grew louder, as the still buzzed Willow held tight to her lover. She didn't even hear the splashing sounds that Tara's hand was making. She suddenly felt a big splash of water hit her face startling her. Her eyes flew open to see Tara's hand waving and splashing frantically above the water. She immediately let go of the blonde's head.

The blonde flew out of the water gasping for air.

"Oh god Tara! I'm sorry! Oh god...I'm sorry!" Willow said, panicked by the vision of Tara trying to breathe.

"Damn...Will....shit..." Was all Tara could seem to say between breaths.

"I almost killed you! I'm a bad bad person!"

Finally the blonde caught most of her breath. "No baby...I'm just really good." She smiled to reassure the redhead. "A bad person would get me all worked up and not let me finish." She grinned as she neared her lover.

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