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Drops of Paradise

Author: WTF
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Joss owns the characters... yada yada...

Willow and Tara were now laying cuddled next to each other. Both a bit tired from their lovemaking.

"That was great." Willow told her lover.

Tara gave the redhead a nod, at the same time a crash sounded from the other room.

"What the hell was that?" Tara asked as she bolted from the bed. She began pulling her clothes on.

"Sounded like the house fell down." Willow commented as she too was putting on clothes.

"Umm...I think that's highly unlikely." Tara giggled at the cute redhead. She went to the door and opened it with Willow behind her.

They entered the living room where everything looked normal. "I don't see Faith or Buffy. Aliens?" Willow said.

Tara gave her girlfriend a smile before pointing to the second bedroom. She grinned as she headed to the shut door and knocked. She could hear whispering before receiving an answer.

"Yes?" Buffy squeaked.

"Everything okay in there?" Tara asked with raised brows.

"Ow...yeah...everything's fine!" This time it was Faith who answered.

Tara heard a few muffled noises before the door was opened only enough for a head to stick out of it.

"Ready to go sledding?" Faith asked as she held the door tightly against her head.

"Yeah...what was the noise?" Tara asked, doing her best to peek inside the room.

"Noise? Don't know what you're talking about." Faith insisted as she squeezed through the gap and shut the door back.

"Isn't Buffy coming?" Willow asked from her place on the couch.

"Oh...yeah! She just needs a minute." Faith answered the redhead. She looked at Tara who was still standing by the closed door. "Why are you standing there? Lets sit down and wait for Buffy." Faith smiled, doing her best to sound nonchalant.

Tara smirked as she went and sat down beside her girlfriend. She heard the door open and looked up as Buffy was coming out.

"If the radio station paid a deposit, it's gone." Buffy said as she blushed. She figured Willow and Tara already knew the situation.

"What?" Tara asked before jumping out of her seat and running to her friend's bedroom.

"They didn't know?" Buffy asked her girlfriend as the red on her face brightened.

Faith rolled her eyes bracing herself for Tara's teasing.

Tara entered the room and her jaw dropped. She started laughing as she entered the living room. "Deposit and then some."

"What can I two sounded like you were having fun. So we had some fun of our own." Faith said smiling at Willow who now had her head in her hands. If Buffy was going to blush then so was the redhead.

"Yes but your fun is hazardous to your health!" Tara laughed.

"Hazardous?" Willow mumbled to herself. She slipped off the sofa, her curiosity getting the better of her. Thankful that no one had noticed, she approached the doorway to her friend's room and stopped. The bed was in shambles all over the floor. Things from the dresser which stood beside the bed were strewn everywhere. She giggled wondering how it was even possible for a bed to break like that. She could picture a collapsed bed and it looked nothing like that. She walked closer to the bed, her mind trying to put it all together. She bent down to examine the bed further before coming across something she had hoped to never see again. The pink dildo was half under the sheet and half exposed. Okay...ewww....I don't care how it happened! I will just have to let this puzzle go unsolved! She thought before quickly getting up and leaving the room. Her friends stopped and stared at her as she entered the living room.

"Well well Red." Faith teased.

"What is it?" Tara asked, worried about the scared expression the redhead carried.

"Nothing.." Willow answered in a low voice.

"Didn't see Mr. Pinky did ya?" Faith teased before getting a slap to the arm by Buffy. She looked at her girlfriend. "Ow...I was just kidding....and you were the one who gave it that name!" She whispered to Buffy, not realizing her whisper was loud enough for everyone to hear, she then got another slap on the arm.

Willow's face turned the shade of her fiery locks.

Tara put her arm around her girlfriend. She raised an eyebrow at Buffy when she heard Faith. "Mr. Pinky?" She looked at Willow. "I don't think you need to be embarrassed baby." She laughed looking back at her friends.

"Yeah, when I first got it Buffy......ow!" Faith started to explain before being slapped yet again by Buffy. "But I really don't understand the Mr. part." She said as she stood quickly avoiding the next slap. "Sledding anyone?"

"Sledding...yes! I'll go get ready for the much needed sledding!" Willow said, pointing a finger in the air. She then left the room.

Faith raised an eyebrow at Tara.

"She loves sledding." Tara shrugged then followed her girlfriend.

Once everyone was changed they made their way to the lodge to rent the sleds they would need. The group stayed fairly silent. Tara and Faith's silence was mostly due to trying not to fall on their ass. They weren't used to walking in the snow. Once they had the sleds they headed to Joker Hill.

"What kind of name is Joker Hill? What...will it tell us jokes as we sled?" Buffy asked as they approached the hill.

"Heh...yes, a funny hill," Faith replied. "Shit...that's a hill?" She pointed as she saw the huge hill.

"What's the matter Faith, scared?" Tara asked her friend.

"You wish." Faith said still staring at the hill.

"It's not so bad, look, parts of it aren't that big." Willow said smiling.

"You're not scared Red? That's a first!" Faith laughed.

"Hey! Be nice!" Buffy glared at her girlfriend. "We've been sledding before...looks like this time we get to teach you." She said before sticking her tongue out.

"Teach us? Oh please, all you do is sit down and go." Faith grinned.

"You have to know how to..." Buffy started before being cut off by Willow.

"Uh huh...that's right Faith!" The redhead then grabbed Buffy by the hand and started walking to the part of the hill they would sled down.

Tara watched as her girlfriend walked away. She knew something was up but decided to let it go. After all, Faith was right...sit and go. She smiled as she and Faith followed the girls.

Once there, Willow approached her girlfriend. "I thought we'd start at the smallest part of the hill first," She smiled as she took Tara's hand. "I wanted to give you a few pointers."

"Nuh uh Red! You're up to something I just know it, come on Tare." Faith said as she grabbed Tara's hand and started pulling her to the sled.

Willow frowned as Tara gave her an apologetic look as she went with Faith.

Tara looked at her friend as they stood in front of the sled. " want me to ride down with you?"

"Yes...this is our first time sledding, we should do it together." Faith smiled.

"I thought with our girlfriends would be nice." Tara said, clearing her throat.

"What? The great and powerful Tara is scared?!" Faith said in mock disbelief as she sat down on the sled.

"I'm not scared! If you want to go down together, fine! But I'm sitting in front." Tara said as she waved her hand for her friend to scoot back.

"Whatever." Faith said moving back.

"What are you guys doing?" Buffy called out as she saw that Faith and Tara weren't on the small part of the hill anymore.

"Sledding." Faith answered with a "duh" expression.

"That's not the right spot." Buffy said as she pointed to the hill.

Faith laughed. "Yeah...this looks more fun."

Tara giggled at her girlfriend's worried expression. "We'll be fine!" She said, she nudged Faith and took hold of the string on the front of the sled.

"This may not be pretty." Buffy told her friend who sat behind her on their sled. Instead of going, they sat and watched as Faith and Tara pushed off and down the hill.

Faith and Tara were laughing as they sped down the steep hill. They would hit small bumps which caused them to laugh more. As they hit a bigger bump and the sled lifted into the air, their laughter stopped and turned to worry. Then they landed and the laughter continued. As they reached the bottom of the hill they noticed trees. Tara pulled the string a little, and smiled realizing they could dodge the trees. She then noticed some bright orange cones in the distance.

"How do you stop?" Tara leaned back a little to asked her friend.

"I don't know!" Faith answered. "But we better figure it out fast!" She said as the cones grew closer.

" should have let Willow give me those pointers!" The blonde said.

"I don't think this is the time to argue about this!" Faith yelled as they were almost to the cones.

"Fuck!" Tara screamed and on instinct put her foot to the side of the sled to try and stop them.

Faith did the same, she dug her feet in the snow as hard as she could. "We should have done this sooner!"

Both girls were yelling as the sled went through the cones. They felt a drop then they were stopped.

Buffy and Willow were now running as best they could towards the girls. After seeing the girls weren't stopping they went down the smaller part of the hill they were on. They jumped off the sled and took off after Faith and Tara. They made it to the cones that were knocked over and saw the spot the girls had landed. They were buried in snow that looked to be about five feet deep. Four arms and two heads could be seen digging their way out of the snow. Willow was the first to run up and try and help her lover. She stopped just past the cones though, if she had went further, she would also be buried in the snow.

"Will...I think they've got it." Buffy said as she noticed her friend trying to figure out how to help.

Willow looked up and saw the girls were half way out and sort of snow swimming towards her.

"Pointers?" Tara said in a weak voice as she neared the redhead.

Willow gave a sad nod as she reached out to help the blonde. "Are you okay?" She asked her girlfriend, giving a small smile after receiving a nod.

As Tara and Faith stepped back onto safe ground the brunette spoke. "That was fun....again?" She asked Tara as she stood beside her.

The blonde rolled her eyes playfully before giving her friend a push that sent her face first in the deep snow.

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