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Drops of Paradise

Author: WTF
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Joss owns the characters... yada yada...

The rest of the plane ride was relativly quiet. Buffy finally put her magazine down but still didn't speak to her girlfriend. Faith had tried small gestures such as touching her lover's arm or holding her hand. She was thankful the blonde didn't pull away but she still didn't get the reaction she wanted. So she gave a little huff and put her headphones on and listened to the music. She knew Buffy would get over it, she always did. She just needed a little time.

Willow, however, had a harder time coming out of her position. After many "I love you's" from Tara and several reassurances that no one was looking at them, the blonde successfully coaxed her from hiding. Tara held the redhead's hand, offering support. She had to admit that her friend's joke was funny, it took a lot for her not to laugh along with Faith when Willow found the offending object. She didn't dare tell that to her girfriend though, she knew she needed to protect the redhead and not upset her anymore than she already was.

As the plane started to land, Tara looked out her window in awe. She had only seen snow on TV and never thought much about it. The snow was white, and it had seemed so bland to her. Now though, as she looked out her window, it was a different story. She almost felt like she was still above the clouds.

Willow saw her girlfriend staring out the window, she leaned over to get a look for herself. "Isn't it pretty?"

" really is." Tara turned and smiled at the redhead.

The plane landed and the girls were thankful to finally be getting off the plane. Once off, they went to the desk where they were told to go to get the keys for the rental car. They were now waiting to get their bags. Willow and Tara were standing separately from Buffy and Faith.

Tara saw Buffy whispering into Faith's ear. The brunette then gave a little whine before getting a nudge from Buffy. Faith rolled her eyes and started towards them.

"I'm sorry for the prank." She said to her friends.

"Somehow I don't believe you." Tara answered with a smirk.

Willow just watched without saying anything.

"Fine." Faith said and turned to walk away. As she turned she saw Buffy giving her a "get your ass back there" look so she turned back to her friends again.

She glared at Tara before turning her attention to Willow. "I really am sorry, it wasn't meant for you."

"It's ok." Willow mumbled. She really didn't want to talk about it as it was still embarrassing for her.

Faith noticed Tara's amused face. "Shut up." She turned and walked back to join her girlfriend. Leaving a laughing Tara in her wake.

"Happy now?" Faith asked her girlfriend.

"Yes," The blonde smiled. "I'm so proud of you." She then kissed a grumpy Faith on the cheek.

After what seemed like forever they finally had their bags, Willow and Buffy put their coats, hats, and gloves on before heading out. They wanted their girlfriends to do the same but instead Tara and Faith just took their coats out of their bags and carried them.

As the group exited the airport both Tara and Faith stopped.

Faith bent over and touched the snow that was beside the cleared sidewalk. She smiled thinking it was great.

Tara inhaled deeply, smelling the air, it smelled a lot different than what she was used to. "This is.....," She began to say, then stopped, her brows creased. "...cold!" She finished, then sat her bag down to put her jacket on.

"What's the matter Tare? Tough girl like you can't take a bit of cold?" Faith laughed as she took two handfuls of snow and started to form a snowball.

Tara didn't answer, she was looking down, in the proccess of zipping her coat when a big snowball hit her on the side of the face. She looked at her friend with a "I can't believe you just did that!" face. She then wiped the cold snow away from her face, shivering a little as some of it found it's way into her coat. "Big mistake!" She said before making her own snowball and throwing it at her friend, causing a big snowball fight to break out.

"Somehow I'm not surprised." Buffy told Willow as she watched her girlfriend. She cringed as Faith got hit dead in the face with a monster snowball.

"Umm...can't this wait till we're at least settled into our cottage?" Willow said to the two girls who were still throwing snowballs at each other.

The girls stopped and looked at the redhead, and then looked at each other, shrugging their shoulders and dropping the snowballs they still held. Tara started walking to her girlfriend, making a fist to warm her hands from the cold snow.

"Tara!" Willow yelled.

"Huh?" Tara asked confused. She saw her girlfriend pointing behind her. She turned and suddenly had Faith's hand partially inside the top of her shirt. She let out a yelp as snow was stuffed inside her shirt.

Faith laughed and ran away, she knew Tara would get her if she didn't keep her distance.

Tara quickly unzipped her coat and pulled her shirt up to get the snow that hadn't melted yet out.

"Tara!" Willow said, shocked upon seeing the blonde wasn't wearing a bra and was giving anyone who might be around a show. She quickly ran to her girlfriend, holding her arms out trying to cover her. She looked back at Faith and Buffy who were staring at Tara. Seeing the redhead looking at them, they both diverted their eyes.

Once she had gotten the snow off of herself, Tara pulled her shirt down and zipped her coat back. Then she saw the shocked expression Willow still carried. "What?" She asked, completely oblivious.

"You had your shirt up... and in public...and with no bra!" The redhead said as she waved her hands around showing that they were in public. She was happy to see that no one was around except their friends, but it still upset her.

Tara laughed. "So? It's not like they haven't seen a woman before."

"They haven't seen MY woman before though...and I don't wanna share." Willow said with a pout.

"Awww baby...I'm sorry." Tara hugged her girlfriend.

" guys ready now?" Buffy asked as both her and Faith were trying to hold their giggles.

Tara pulled away from the hug. "Yes." She smiled brightly before taking Willow's hand and heading to where the car was parked.

Once they got to the car, Faith took the wheel. Buffy sat up front while Willow and Tara sat in the back.

"I just don't get it Tare. You pull your shirt up and then are all shy about me walking in on you handcuffed." Faith looked in the rear view mirror as she addressed Tara.

The blonde narrowed her eyes at her friend. "It's a bit different Faith." She said in a tone indicating for her friend to shut her mouth.

Faith took the hint and didn't say anything else about it, but not without a laugh.

"Oh...look! There it is!" Buffy pointed as they came to the driveway that led them to the cottage.

Willow finally decided to smile. The cottage was small but cozy looking. As she felt the car stop she turned and gave her girlfriend a loving smile, it grew bigger as the smile was returned.

They all hopped out of the car and started grabbing their bags. Buffy took a bag and the keys to open the door for everyone. She started down the cleared walkway. Just before getting to the steps, she was bumped in the side by Willow. She huffed as her keys were knocked out of her hands and landed in the snow next to the walkway.

"Sorry Buff." Willow said after bumping into her friend. She continued on and up the steps.

Buffy eyed the hole where the keys had fallen. The snow was really deep, it was pushed from the walkway, plus there was a hill of sorts which also contributed to the depth of the snow there. She glanced at Faith who was still getting bags out of the trunk, she sighed as she turned back, knowing she would have to get the keys herself. Seeing as the keys were knocked too far away for her to get them without stepping in the snow, she easily stepped into the deep snow. The snow came a little above her knees. She then proceeded to reach with one hand where the keys had fallen.

Tara had taken two bags and was now on her way up the walkway. She arched an eyebrow as she saw Buffy in the snow.

Faith had her head in the trunk, trying to find something in her bag. Without looking up she called to Tara. "Hey Tare, do you know where..."

Tara reached the place Buffy was searching for keys when she heard Faith talking to her. She turned around which made her duffle bag swing outwards a little and hit Buffy in the butt.

Buffy's muffled yell caused all three girls to look at her. From the knees down she was in snow, as well as from the top of her stomach to her head. All that could be seen was her butt sticking up from the snow. Tara's eyes widened as she realized what she had done, though she felt bad she couldn't hold her giggles.

"Geez Tare!." Faith said as she came running to help Buffy. She too thought the sight was funny but making sure her lover was alright came first. She pulled Buffy out of the snow. "Damn baby." She said upon seeing her girlfriend's face.

Buffy had snow caked around the top of her coat, in her tightly shut eyes, and a little in her mouth. As she was spitting out the snow she heard laughter. She wiped the snow from her eyes so she could properly glare at the group. "It's not funny!" She whined before looking at Faith. She saw her girlfriend's mouth close abruptly as she looked at her.

"Sorry Buffy." Tara appologized for bumping into her as her laughter subsided.

"Yes cause you're laughter is so convincing." Buffy grumbled before heading up the steps.

"Hey! You got the keys!" Willow chipped in as Buffy came towards her with the keys in hand.

"Yes but I lost my hat," Buffy said with a pout as she pointed to her snow covered hair. She then took the right key and opened the door.

"I'll get it!" Faith called out before taking a jump into the snow.

Willow and Tara followed Buffy inside as Faith went fishing in the snow.

All three smiled as they eyed their surroundings. As they had seen from the outside, it wasn't big but it was welcoming.

Willow was imagining her and Tara cuddled up beside the fire place. She glanced at the blonde who was now beside her and grinned knowing it wouldn't be just cuddling.

Faith came through the doorway covered in snow. "I found the hat!" She beamed at the accomplishment. She then frowned as she looked around, she ran into the other rooms, leaving everyone confused, before coming back out. "No TV?" She asked, more to herself, as if it was the worst thing in the world.

Tara laughed before peeking into one of the two rooms. "We'll take this one." She said as she threw her bags half-hazardly into the room, she then took her jacket off and slung that into the room as well. She walked to Willow and took her hand to pull her in the room with her. "We'll be back." Tara told her two friends who were still standing in the living room.

"Umm...huh?" Willow asked not knowing what was going on.

Tara gave her lover a vixeny look.

"But I wanted to go sledding!" Faith whined. Earlier they had all looked at the brochure and decided on going sledding today and then snowboarding tomorrow.

"We will." Tara answered.

Faith shook her head. " will be in that damn room the rest of the day and night. I know how you are."

Tara glanced at the redhead as she felt a squeeze to her hand. After seeing the cute blush cross Willow's face, she continued talking with her friend. "Faith! We WILL be back shortly, in time to go sledding, I promise!" Tara said sounding a bit frustrated before pulling her girlfriend into the room.

Faith huffed as she saw Willow and Tara disappear.

The door closed and Willow found herself backed against it. "Tar..." She said as she was cut off by her lover's lips on hers.

The blonde pulled back. "Something wrong?"

"You pretty much told them we're gonna have sex!" The redhead said expecting her girlfriend to understand.

"So? I hate to break it to you babe but lots of people have sex." Tara grinned at the cute redhead.

"Well yeah! But they know we're doing it! Then we have to go out there after and face them and they'll look at us knowing what we just did. And know she will have something to say to embarrass me....I've had enough of that lately." Willow stuck out her bottom lip.

Tara hid the smirk that wanted so bad to show. "I'm not gonna force you. It's fine, you don't want to have sex with me....that's cool." Tara said putting her plan into action. She walked away from Willow and towards the bed.

"It's not that I don't want to. I always want's just sometimes when Faith is around the aftermath is kinda hectic, you know?" The redhead tried to explain.

"I know what you mean, I try to be there for you when those things happen." Tara said seriously as she took out a small radio from her duffle bag.

"I know you do...and you do a good job. You're like my anchor, you hold me in reality so my mind doesn't go all kablooey." Willow looked at her girlfriend curiously. "Umm..what are you doing?

"Oh...just unpacking a little." Tara answered as she plugged in the radio. She then turned it on, hearing a song she had never heard before she shrugged and stayed with the plan. Walking to the middle of the room she began to sway softly to the music.

"Tara?" The redhead asked as she watched the sexy blonde.

"Yes?" Tara answered while kicking her shoes and socks off, still swaying.

"Whatcha doin?" Willow asked pretending as if she didn't know.

"Just in the mood to dance." Tara smiled, she could tell by her girlfriend's half dropped jaw that this was going to work. As the beat got a little faster, so did Tara. Her hips rocked a little faster as she pulled the bottom of her shirt up enough to show about two inches of skin. She then un-fastened the button on her jeans and pulled the zipper down halfway.

Willow's breath started to increase as she saw half of Tara's tattoo make an appearance. Her eyes seemed stuck in that area until she noticed the blonde's shirt moving higher.

Tara slowly lifted her shirt higher, exposing the soft skin of her stomach. She watched, pleased with herself, as Willow's eyes followed her as her shirt went higher. She then slowly pulled the left side of her shirt tightly over her left breast, causing the breast to pop out with a small bounce.

"Oh my..." Willow gasped as she felt her insides get tingly.

Tara then did the same with the right side of her shirt, but this time she held the fabric tighter to her causing more of a bounce.

Okay...I am so gonna pass out! Good god...look at that...who knew they could do that?? Oh are sooooo gorgeous.... The redhead thought, her legs starting to feel weak.

Tara gave a smirk at the redhead's expression before pulling the shirt off completely. She then turned around showing off her smooth, slender back.

Mmmmm....I want to run my tongue up her back. And HELLO ASS! Those jeans are so hot on her....Forget this! Embarrassment be damned! She walked over to the blonde who was still turned around. She dropped to her knees and kissed the small of her lover's back. Her hands took hold of the firm butt in front of her.

Tara jumped a little at the feel of her lover kissing and grabbing her. She stayed still, wanting her lover to do more.

Willow moved her hands up to grip the top of her lover's jeans, she then pulled them down over Tara's butt and onto the floor. She smiled at the sight of her lover's naked backside. After resuming her former position, she poked her tongue out and started to run it up Tara's spine, still with a firm hold of her lover's ass.

The tongue on the blonde's body made her shiver. She faught the urge to throw the redhead on the bed. She felt her girlfriend's tongue and hands leave, she started to turn but was stopped by Willow's hand on her shoulder. After hearing shuffling, she felt her hair being lifted, followed by warm lips on her neck. Then came soft warm breasts pressing into her back, she moaned as she leaned back into them. She couldn't take it anymore, she turned quickly and picked the redhead up. As legs hugged her waist, she walked Willow to a nearby wall, not stopping till she was pressed against it

The harsh bump into the cold wall caused Willow unexpected pleasure. "Oh Tara.." She breathed as she took hold of the blonde's head and guided it to her neck.

Tara greatfully took the skin of her girlfriend's neck into her mouth. She started sucking eagerly, pulling back as she heard the redhead cry in pain.

"Don't stop!" Willow growled before shoving Tara's head back to her neck. The pain from the harsh sucking was driving her mad. Normally pain wouldn't turn her on but this was different. Aside from the soft and passionate love making, this was the best thing she had ever experienced. Tara was taking her on a new adventure. She felt a sharpness as the blonde bit her. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head as the pain turned into pleasure that coursed between her legs. She pushed a confused Tara away before pulling the blonde to the bed. As Tara's back hit the bed, she wasted no time as she took the blonde's nipple into her mouth. She sucked hungrily while pinching the other nipple between her fingers causing a deep moan to escape her lover. The redhead then bit down on her lover's nipple.

"FUCK!" Tara yelled as she was now experiencing the pleasurable pain.

Willow glanced down at her lover's already open legs and smiled. Her mouth never left the blonde's breast as her fingers went straight to their destination. She entered Tara with two fingers and immediately started pumping them in and out.

"Oh fuck...Willoooooow!" Tara half moaned, half yelled as her lover filled her.

With the feel of Tara's wetness and the sound of her own name coming from the blonde's lips, she couldn't control herself and started pumping harder and faster. She withdrew her mouth from Tara's breast and looked at the blonde as she continued to pump. The blonde's head was tilted back and her mouth open. She kissed her lover, entered her mouth and started sucking her tongue. Muffled moans reached the redhead's ears, she could feel Tara reaching climax.

Brightness entered Tara's world as her orgasm came. It was like a drug, like nothing mattered but this moment with Willow. The force that flowed through her body was like none she had ever experienced before she met Willow. She opened her eyes as the dizziness subsided.

"I love you." She said as she searched green eyes.

"I love you too." Willow said, her eyes shining.

"Now." Tara smiled.

"Now?" Willow asked not understanding. Before she knew it she was on her back with a very sexy and very naked Tara on top of her.

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