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Happily Ever After

Author: Spellbound
Rating: PG to NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing, except 2 insane cats and lots of fluffy socks. The characters and places belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and all the other people who have a finger in the Buffy pie. All the new people are mine though!

As the cab pulled up outside of their home, Willow and Tara grinned. Despite neither of them actually wanting a bachelorette party, they had both really enjoyed themselves.

Willow paid the driver and took Tara's hand as they walked slowly up the path.

As they opened the front door, they were surprised to find Miss Kitty waiting for them. The vet had told them that she would probably be tired and lethargic for a number of days but here she was, waiting for their return as she always did. On seeing her mistresses, she jogged across the remaining few feet, meowing and purring as she rubbed up against their legs. Wearing identical smiles, both women crouched down to stroke the lucky feline fondly.

With the cat fed and having returned to her recovery slumber, Tara pulled a high backed chair from the kitchen and set it in the centre of the living room. Willow returned from the bathroom and froze as she saw the chair. "You were serious?!" she exclaimed once she realised what was going on. Tara fixed her with a devilish grin and nodded. "You sit!" she told the redhead, "I'm going to get changed!" and with that, the blonde disappeared into the bedroom.

Obediently, Willow took a seat on the chair that had been left for her, her heart was racing and she stared quizzically at her palm which was sweating slightly. Realising that Tara had not set up the stereo; Willow got to her feet and selected one of her favourite songs. She had seen Tara dancing to it on many occasions, her hips always took on a life of their own and something about the song took control of Tara, made her powerful and animalistic.

"Stereo's ready!!" Willow yelled down the corridor before returning to her seat to wait, almost patiently.

Suddenly, Tara reappeared, her long blonde hair tied loosely on top of her head. Willow gulped loudly as she took in the vision before her. Tara had opted for a plain white shirt that was a little too small, her voluptuous breasts straining against the material. As Willow's eyes trailed over her body, she shifted in her seat. Tara had picked a tight leather skirt that left very little to the imagination. She had purchased it when they had gone to a 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' party and that had been the only time she had worn it, the fishnet hold-ups she had bought at the same time, clung to Tara's legs and disappeared into long, high heeled boots.

Tara grinned as Willow went silent, her mouth working furiously but no words leaving her lips. She strode carefully over to the stereo and pressed the play button, a grin spreading over her face as the song began.

Crossing quickly, Tara leant in close to Willow, kissing her cheek softly.

It's made up of lonely moments
there was always a moment there when I knew
you always gave instalments
always knew you concentrated and grew

Standing astride her lover, Tara found her hips swaying slightly to the song and she suddenly realised why Willow had picked this one. Bending backwards, she shivered as Willow's fingers gently stroked the freshly exposed skin of her stomach.

and I believe in reinvention
do you believe that life is holding the clue?
take away all the lonely moments
give me full communication with you

As she straightened back up, Tara snapped her head forward, her long blonde hair breaking free from its loose restraints and falling over her face. Willow inhaled sharply, licking her lips as Tara stood above her, her cleavage tantalisingly close to her mouth and her hips grinding ever closer to her own.

As the song picked up pace, Tara popped each of the buttons on her shirt slowly, each one revealing more of her ample cleavage. Willow raised her hands, trying to assist her lover in her clothing removal only to find them slapped playfully away.

your smile shine a little light, alright
don't hide, shine a little light
give up on your pride

As Tara flung her shirt across the room, she sat slowly onto Willow's lap, her hips grinding circles into her thighs. As she ran her fingers through the silky red locks of her lover, she felt Willow's hands coming to rest on the small of her back, stroking the skin at the top of her skirt gently. Grinning suggestively, Willow leant in and began laying delicate kisses over Tara's chest causing the blonde to inhale deeply.

Pulling away, Tara got to her feet, her hands working the zipper at the back of her skirt, her misty blue eyes locking on Willow's as her cheeks flushed with arousal.

do you believe in reinvention
do you believe that life is holding the clue
any way to face the silence
any way to face the pain that kills you

Willow sat in stunned amazement, she always knew that Tara was unbelievably sexy, but this, well this was new. The blonde radiated power, passion and confidence. Slipping the short leather garment slowly down her toned legs, Tara strode purposefully towards Willow, folding the skirt lengthways as she went. "You want me baby?" she purred. Willow looked up into the oceanic blue eyes of her angel and grinned, nodding her head.

Flipping the leather over Willow's head, Tara used it to pull her in close as she sat once again on her lap. "Really?" Tara asked, dropping the skirt and allowing her fingers to trace across Willow's neck and down over her breasts. "Always really!" Willow gulped, her voice shaking slightly.

Grinning at the responsiveness of Willow's body, Tara leant in and kissed her, her tongue forcing dominance over the redheads and controlling its movement.

your smile shine a little light, alright
don't hide, shine a little light
give up on your pride

As Tara rose to her feet, Willow tried to follow but found herself being pushed back into the chair. Suddenly, Tara's leg came up to rest on her shoulder, her groin deliciously close to her lips; Willow could smell the musty scent of Tara's arousal. "Boot." Tara told her.

Obediently, Willow unzipped the long boot, her fingers running down the soft thigh before her as she did so.

After removing the other one, Willow was sure that she couldn't take much more, the confidence and sexuality that was oozing from her lover was driving her wild and she was rapidly running out of control.

give up on your pride, the moment's gone
give up on your smile, life is long
so I seen a bad dream, that you were gone
I got bitten on the soul, my blood will run

As Tara reached around to release the hooks on her bra, Willow found herself panting. "Take me to bed!" she gasped.

Tara smiled, grabbing Willow's hand and leading her into the bedroom.

give up on your pride, the moment's gone
give up on your smile, life is long
so I seen a bad dream, you were gone
you're bitter and cold, my blood will run

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