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Happily Ever After

Author: Spellbound
Rating: PG to NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing, except 2 insane cats and lots of fluffy socks. The characters and places belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and all the other people who have a finger in the Buffy pie. All the new people are mine though!

8 days to go....

Melissa, Chris and Chelsea booked into their hotel. They had travelled up hoping to spend sometime with Willow and Tara before the wedding and see the sights that L.A had to offer.

"I can't believe they waited so long." Missy said as she began unpacking their cases. Chris was laying Chelsea gently on the bed; she had fallen asleep in the cab on the way over. "I know, but they'll love married life." he replied in a whisper, indicating Chelsea's still sleeping form.

"We'll have to take them out, show them one final good night of freedom!" he said with a giggle, receiving a stern look from his wife in return.

Willow still couldn't find her organiser and it was driving her crazy. She had always been organised, knew where everything was, hell she even scripted the answering machine message, she was efficient! So why couldn't she find her planner? Tara was stood at the foot of the bed, a huge pile of ironing on the dresser that awaited her attention. "Have you checked the car properly?" she asked, her tone more than a little fraught. Willow slumped down on the bed, "Yes. The car, the office, my office, my bag and the entire house!" she replied, "All at least four times!"

Tara reached over and picked up a sweater, a large and heavy black thing fell from its folds. Bending to pick up the fallen object, Tara's hand went to her hip, and her foot tapping impatiently. "What's this?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh baby, you found it!" Willow beamed, rushing towards her fiancée and wrapping her in a hug before finding her soft lips and kissing her lovingly. "Thank you!" Willow said, her voice dripping with love and melting the stern look that still hung in Tara's eyes.

As Tara returned to the ironing, Willow's cell phone burst into life on the cabinet on her side of the bed. Leaping over the freshly made bed, she answered it brightly. "Willow Rosenberg." A smile crept over her face at the words she was told, causing Tara to look on quizzically. "Really? That's excellent. I'll pick it up, erm, hold on please." she said, flipping eagerly through the diary section of her planner. "Oh, right, of course." Willow continued. "Well, I can do that on Friday?" she asked, nodding as she received some more information. "Ok, well I will see you on Friday then, thank you." she said cheerfully and hung up.

"Who was that sweetie?" Tara asked as she hung up one of Willow's shirts.

"The people who are making my outfit for the wedding." Willow said after careful consideration of her choice of words. Tara nodded, inside she was desperate to ask what Willow had opted to wear but knew that she would never tell her, and so chose to remain silent.

Willow lifted the handset for the landline and thumbed through her planner for Buffy's number. After three long rings, she was about to hang up when a warm, British voice answered the call. "Erm, hello? Summers' residence?" he said. Willow grinned, after so many years; Giles' voice still radiated warmth and knowledge and made her feel safe. "Hi Giles." she said quietly, her stomach doing inexplicable flips.

"Willow?" he asked, mild surprise echoing in his voice. Willow giggled as she swore she could hear him polishing his glasses. "Yeah Giles, its me." she told him, her voice thick with emotion. She suddenly wondered how she had survived all this time without having Giles in her life.

For a long while, neither party spoke, not knowing the words to use to convey how emotional something like a simple phone call could be.

It was Willow who finally broke the silence, her confidence and control making Giles grin. "So, when are you guys coming up to L.A?" she asked, kicking herself mentally for not asking after his well being.

Giles frowned; he honestly had no idea what plans Buffy had made. "I, well, I'm afraid I don't know." he told her and began polishing his glasses once again.

"One day Giles, you'll polish the lenses right out!" Willow told him with a giggle. On the other end of the phone, she heard Giles stop and inhale quickly with surprise. "I, well, how..." he began, eventually giving in to a chortle.

In the background, Willow heard Buffy arrive and Giles momentarily excused himself. The scraping of the handset on the small table announced Giles' return. "Well, it appears that we will be arriving tomorrow. According to Buffy, Dawn still needs to shop for an outfit." the British man actually sounded horrified at the prospect of having to spend a week in L.A shopping with a couple of women. "She says she has made hotel arrangements." he continued on hearing Willow inhale.

"Oh, right, that's great then. We'll have to meet up, maybe have dinner before the wedding?" Willow offered.

"Definitely. We will call you when we are sorted and up there." he told her before saying their farewells and hanging up.

"Right baby." Willow said cheerfully after replacing the handset. "I better go to work!" Crossing from the bed, Willow snuggled up close behind Tara, kissing her neck softly as the blonde ironed. "I'll see you later?" she finished.

Tara turned her head slightly, placing a delicate kiss on the watermelon flavoured lips of her true love. "I'm going down to the vet's to check on Miss Kitty, but I should be here when you get home." Tara told her, the merest hint of excitement in her voice. With one final kiss, Willow disappeared out the door, leaving Tara with her chores.

Tara returned home from the vets, a huge grin plastered over her face. She had been told that she could bring Miss Kitty home in two days and she was thrilled. As she danced up the path, a familiar voice stopped her in her tracks. "T!" Vince and Blaze jogged down the street towards her. "Wait up." Blaze called, breathing heavily as they reached the blonde.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Tara asked cheerfully.

"Nothing, just fancied a video and a pizza style thing." Vince told her.

"Yeah, we figured you guys would need to de-stress, what with the wedding so close and all!" Blaze added, "We brought popcorn!" she giggled as they traipsed up the path.

No sooner had they closed the door, then they heard the unmistakeable sound of Willow giggle-age. The redhead opened the door and to everyone's surprised, she wasn't alone.

"Look what I found!" she cheered, standing aside to reveal Chris, Melissa and their daughter, Chelsea.

Vince, Blaze and Tara all leapt to their feet, rushing to greet the new arrivals.

As Willow, Vince and Melissa headed out to the video store; Tara ordered pizza and listened to Chelsea's tales of school and her friends. The pizza arrived long before Willow and the others returned, so Blaze put one in the oven to keep warm and she, Tara, Chelsea and Chris tucked into the other.

On their return, Vince rescued the pizza from the oven and started a bag of popcorn off in the microwave as they all settled down for the first film. With the arrival of Melissa, Chris and Chelsea, they had had little choice but to start with something more suitable for a minor so had picked a comedy. After sitting through the first hour, Chelsea decided she was tired and helped herself to Willow and Tara's bed.

"Excellent!" Vince exclaimed, waving a new tape at the others. "I give you an old classic..." As one, the group inhaled, Tara created a drum roll on the coffee table as Chris uttered a suspenseful, "Dum dum dum!"

"Child's Play 3!" Vince announced, with some groans from Tara and Blaze.

After fetching popcorn and beers from the kitchen, the group settled down to the movie. Blaze and Vince snuggled up on one couch, Melissa and Chris on the other while Willow and Tara opted for snuggles under a huge blanket on the floor. By the end of the movie, Melissa, Chris and Blaze were all fast asleep, some snoring softly. Vince, trapped under the sleeping form of his girlfriend shifted uncomfortably and received a sympathetic smile from Tara.

Tara stood and stretched, taking the tape from the machine and placing it back in its case while Willow flicked through the channels for something else to watch. Vince had been right, an evening with friends had been just what they had needed to relax and forget the stresses of life.

Finally settling on 'Poltergeist' Willow smiled, as a film, she adored it, although the short psychic women did freak her out. With Tara settled back in her arms, Willow inhaled deeply, the warm aroma of Tara's shampoo and perfume caressing her senses. Under the blanket, her hands danced playfully over Tara's soft stomach, causing the blonde to smile and turn her back to nuzzle Willow's neck.

Vince's eyes had closed and his breath was even and deep, indicating he was asleep. "Wanna be bad?" Willow purred quietly, a sexy giggle tinting each word. Tara kissed the silky smooth expanse of Willow's neck, "Always." she replied, her voice husky with desire.

Willow's fingers traced a delicate line over her stomach, rising under her top to trace the pattern on Tara's soft lacy bra. Teasing and drawing Tara's nipples to an erect point, Willow leant in, kissing from her earlobe down the milky expanse of her vulnerable neck to the top of her shoulder. Under Willow's touch, Tara moaned softly, trying to remain as quiet as possible so as not to wake the others.

Willow's hands expertly caressed and teased Tara's firm breasts, her nipples hard and screaming for attention. Sitting forward slightly allowed Willow to release Tara's breasts from their material prison. Glancing over towards their sleeping friends, Willow grinned. She knew that the risk of being caught was a catalyst to her arousal, to the growing wetness between her legs.

Sliding one hand gently between Tara's full bosom, Willow's fingers left a trail of burning fire across Tara's skin as her fingers continued their southerly journey. Unbuttoning Tara's jeans slowly, Willow continued her loving caress of Tara's breasts, bringing her nipples to their full glory. With her other hand teasing the top of Tara's ever dampening thong, Willow nipped the muscular shoulder of her lover.

As Willow's fingers slipped under the material, Tara closed her eyes. Willow always seemed to be everywhere at the same time, her lips and fingers seeking out her most sensitive areas and driving her wild with lust.

From behind them, Chris cleared his throat. "We should get moving!" he said, freezing Willow's hands in its motions. They heard Melissa moan with sleep and suddenly she stood, stretching.

Trying to be as discreet as possible, Willow slid her hand from Tara's breast, bringing it to rest on Tara's hip.

"Oh, look at the time." Melissa said, yawning loudly. "You should have woken us!" she said, looking down to Willow and Tara, a deep blush spreading over her face as she realised what they had interrupted.

"No, don't get up." she said, dragging Chris to his feet and indicating the bedroom where their daughter was still sleeping. Willow smiled a 'thank you' as Tara dropped her head, slightly embarrassed at being caught, but too turned on to care.

With their daughter in their arms and having said goodbye, Chris and Melissa disappeared out into the night, leaving Willow and Tara to finish their fun. "Now, where were we?" Tara asked as she settled back into her lovers arms. Willow grinned, "Right about here...." she replied, her fingers slipping back under the material of her panties and causing Tara to inhale sharply.

"Mmm, baby." she purred as Willow's fingers dove into the depths of her wetness, her fingers tracing circles over Tara's clit and making her squirm. Kissing the sensitive flesh of her neck, Willow moved slowly, not wanting to rush the moment.

Tara's breath became shallow as Willow teased and dipped into the wet depths. Moaning louder, Willow's other hand came up to Tara's mouth, trying desperately to muffle the sounds.

As she slide two fingers gently into Tara, the blonde moaned, taking Willow's other fingers into her mouth and biting down softly.

"Fuck yeah!" Vince whispered, he had blearily opened his eyes as Melissa and Chris had left. Willow and Tara had been too engrossed in each other to notice.

"Fucking hell, Vince!" Willow yelled, pulling her fingers roughly from Tara, much to her displeasure. "You're sick!" she told him shortly.

"I ain't the one fucking my girl in public!" he laughed, completely unashamed of watching two of his oldest friends getting it on.

"Public?" Tara asked, looking around. "I'm in my living room, that's not so public!" she told him, her passion rapidly melting into anger. "Go home already?!" she said, not quite a request but still not an exact order.

Nudging Blaze, Vince collected the videos and made his way to the door, his pink haired girlfriend slightly confused and half asleep. "We'll see you tomorrow!" Vince told them as he wrapped his arm around Blazes waist.

"Bye guys." Tara said, slamming the door firmly. As she turned to Willow, her devilish grin settled on Willow. "Let's go to bed!" she said, grabbing Willow's hand and leading her into the bedroom.

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