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Computers, Conferences and Kisses

Author: Spellbound
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: The Buffy the Vampire Slayer series and its characters are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

From: <>
To: <>

Dear Melissa,

Wow, what a couple of years. Tara moved in three days after she painted that stunning portrait. We converted my office upstairs, well not converted exactly but split. I still have my office and Tara has a huge area to paint in. She's doing so well, I'm proud of her. It fills my heart to see her so happy. Her paintings are selling really well, she gave up the hotel after she sold her third piece.

Turns out that the picture hanging downstairs was the first and only piece she had ever sold.... Guess we were meant to be, I got the picture because of the passion it was painted with, Greg didn't understand why I loved it the second I saw it. It's so Tara, couldn't be any more like her if she'd actually painted herself. I think then I may have loved it more.

The company is doing really well, I have to fly out to Paris on Tuesday for a meeting with a bank, they want us to update their software. I hate having to leave Tara but she refuses to come with me, I can't think why she wants to stay, I mean 'free holiday', don't get those falling at your feet everyday! Oh well, I'm sure she has her reasons, I think she's missing Vince. Oh, of course, you don't know! He hooked up with Blaze at my birthday party last year, (can't believe that's coming up again), who'd have thought that they would have hit it off as a couple, cruising around for women we expected but this? It's funny, I never imagined Blaze to be the one to settle down, she'd always scoffed at people in relationships, guess she was just hiding her jealousy.

Tara has a big show coming up soon, a gallery has opened up down in the building she used to live in, how's that for weird!? Anyway, they were offering space to local artists to display their work, I thought Tara would have been thrilled but I have never seen her so crushed when I told her.... I don't ever want to be the cause of Tara poutage again!! Turns out she had heard about the gallery and had already been to look but she said they were ripping people off and refused to let me buy her the space, I could tell she wanted it but she can be a little stubborn.... Look who's talking, uh? I got her a space as a birthday present. The photos are so great, I hope you enjoy them. Isn't she just the most beautiful woman in the world!?!

We are doing so well, I just can't believe it, we even got a cat! I know, the whole stereotype thing, but we were walking past this pet store and this gorgeous little face appeared in the window. We just couldn't resist her, she's lovely. It took three days to come up with a name for her, Tara decided on, you'll love this, Miss Kitty Fantastico!! It suits her, she follows Tara everywhere, although they had a falling out a few months back when Miss Kitty fell in Tara's paints and ran around the loft leaving multi-coloured paw prints behind. I came home and found both of them covered in paint and Tara trying to coax the poor little thing down from the velvet drapes we put up around the bed.

Once she had calmed down, Tara not Miss Kitty, we filled in the broken prints and had the floors re-varnished over them, so now there's a little trail of paw prints around the loft, down the stairs and into the bedroom. Obviously we bathed the cat too... she looked so cute, blue and red paint all over her. I'll find the discs and send you the pictures.

I hope you are all well over there in Chicago, I promise I will fly out as soon as I can, I miss hanging out with you and Chris, how is he, still playing guitar badly?

I miss you guys so much. I will come and see you before the year is out, you can finally meet Tara then, you're going to love her, she's amazing and brilliant and gorgeous and, well, I should shut up now, you'll find out when you eventually meet!!!

Love you guys!
Willow. xxxxxxxxxx

From: <>
To: <>

Hey Tara,

Everything is great, we have our flights booked for Thursday. Willow's back on the Friday, right? I can't believe this is all going to happen, your show and her birthday all at the same time. She's going to be so excited when she knows why we're really coming over. Mom said she'd have little Chelsea for the week, so we can go out and celebrate.

Chris is over-reacting, he's gone and got like, 30 rolls of film for the camera and a couple of new batteries for the camcorder. Men, hey?!

Willow emailed me a couple of days ago, she has no idea at all so you don't have to worry, it's going to be great, I promise. She's a great woman, but hell, I don't need to tell you that!

I'll call you on Wednesday to confirm out flights and stuff, I hope there wont be delays again, I cant wait to finally meet you, feels like I know you already. Willow has never been happier..... yet!!


From: <>
To: <>

Hey Melissa,

I'm looking forward to meeting you too. I feel really guilty about doing all this behind Willow's back but I am desperate to surprise her. She has been a total tower of strength; I cannot tell you how much I love her, even now I still get excited when I know I'm about to see her. She's the best thing in my life. I feel so sick, what if she won't like it? What if I lose my nerve? I'm so glad you're going to be here to help me out.

I think Chris may have the right idea, I'm going to be so scared I'll need all the evidence possible to remember it by.

Gotta go, Willow just came home!

Love Tara. xxxx

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